Corbin Bleu - Still There For Me Lyrics

Lately I've been thinking
About the things that we've been through
And I don't know if I'd be here,
If not for you

I had to take a little time
To try to work things out
And you should know that
I have never meant
To let you down

Cause I, I
Wannna tell you that I'm sorry
And I, I
Even when I'm not giving enough
And I'm taking too much
You're still there for me
Even when I got nothing at all
And I'm ready to fall
You're still there for me
There for me
There for me

Even when I can't be there for you
You're always there for me

Sometimes I know I can be
So hard to understand (It's ok)
Even when I'm lost
You show me who I really am
Life with me hasn't always been an easy ride
But because of you I've learned

To lose my selfish pride

Cause I, I
Wannna tell you that I'm sorry
And I, I
Even when I'm not giving enough
And I'm taking too much
You're still there for me
Even when I got nothing at all
And I'm ready to fall
You're still there for me
There for me
There for me

Even when I can't be there for you
Oh you're always there for me yeah

Oh no it's love
Ooooouuhhh (Oooohhh)
It must be love
It's gotta be real love (It's gotta be real love)

Even when I'm not giving enough
And I'm taking too much
You're still there for me
Even when I got nothing at all
And I'm ready to fall
You're still there for me
There for me
There for me

Even when I can't be there for you (When I can't be there)
Even when I can't be there for you
You're always there for me

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Corbin Bleu Still There For Me Comments
  1. Gislana Sousa

    2020 ❤️

  2. Taylor Williams

    bruh i has this cd as a do i NOT remember this song?

  3. Nugraha Rendra

    2019 here???

  4. Mary's Zone

    In this universe is the after story of high-school musical
    Gabriella and Troy broke up in college and after that Chad and Gabriella found each other
    Whoopie XDD

  5. Curt Slone

    2019 love it

  6. Skyla Shaw

    2019 anybody??

  7. Ryan Blackburn

    2019 anyone

  8. Red Love Music Knky


  9. Sinai Rudert

    2019 someone ? 😍

  10. jibootybaby


  11. Izandar Haris

    Still here for me..2019

    Lucas Resende

    Somos 2.

  12. Natasha Ncube

    2018 nd it's December, tym 23:00 nd im listening 2 dis song

  13. Bebaios

    OMG his voiceee is so beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  14. Jeevan Jot

    Lovely 😘😘

  15. Aubrey

    They should do more duets. And I thought her and Zac sounded good! I love Zac and Vanessa together but this is amazing!

  16. D.G

    Who's watching in 2018???

  17. Maria Manoela Cabral Costa

    Someone in 2018?

  18. Nicolette

    Por Dios, mi infancia ;-;

  19. nickrackhead

    This is a cover, but great. Still prefer the original.

  20. nickrackhead

    Nick's version was still my type. Just ignore melissa with it.

  21. Lauryn and Bella Rhett

    Why was this song never aired.

  22. Gabriella Mocking

    They are cute together even though there not dating true friends

  23. Ruobin Hua

    2018 anyone?

    C. Siew Ng

    2019 already !

  24. Nataly Alas

    2018....and I'm listening to this

  25. M. Ishii

    This song made me realize that it's ok to be on someone's side even when they are not always reciprocating.

  26. Sarah Shannon

    i love this song with them i wish they would do another duet!

  27. Marissa Sypek

    2017 tho ❤

  28. Aiman Ansari

    2017?? Who's here?

    Sarah Shannon

    im here i still love it!

  29. vjakamirmirakanewnew

    I still love this song today 😍

  30. Fernanda ED

    This song is beautiful I bought Corbin's album just because of this song but I ended up liking the whole album.

  31. Danielle Musella

    I've seen a cute "Blue Bloods" tribute with this song.

  32. Ian Cahigu

    2013? bitch please I'm listening in 2016

    Mylie Nichols


  33. Jessica Holder

    Vanessa Hudgens high voice tho.

  34. Courtney Neal

    Corbin blue you are so talented you have a great voice and you are also a really good actor😍😀

  35. cayleigh k

    Corbin Bleu has an amazing voice!

  36. Alison Dilaurentis

    It's 2015 and for some unknonw reason I suddenly remembered this song

    Maymun Hashim

    Same! haha


    I just remembered it in October 2019 :D

  37. 신슬기

    This is the music that i like most

  38. Jefferson Brito

    Nick Carter's version is much better

  39. Khaice Eustaquio

    Thumbs up for listening to this in 2013 :)

  40. Marino Cairo

    i love this song its so inspirating love yallme from texas

  41. MissFreakinLOL


  42. Alex Arulf

    apparently you don't have anyone there for you

  43. Quinn City

    I remember back in the 800 BC period when The Odyssey, the Illiad and other myths were the big things. Now, THOSE were the days.

  44. Alex Arulf

    I remember when Lizzie McGuire, That's so Raven, Phil of the Future, and Even Stevens were a big thing. THOSE were the days

  45. Marie Hannon

    who is listening to this in 2013 ha

  46. ookiku

    aaahh brings back memories of my ipod TT_TT

  47. tin1374

    i feel so bad for the kids growing up in this generation of Disney, they have nothing to look up to. We had Raven, Lizzie Mcguire, Suite Life, Proud Family, High school musical 1, 2 & 3! thumbs up for the 90 kids :)

    Sarah Shannon

    thats true!

  48. Jacqueline Condon

    Fuckin gay

    Ryan Blackburn

    So are you

  49. Amy Jaques

    Where is this from?

    Makes me think of the hunger games x_x O.o D:

  50. peacexhanna

    omfg, I haven't heard this in years.

  51. Sairway

    Tumbs up for still listening to this in 2012!!!!! btw, 10 people don't have anyone there for them.

  52. Vania Carreira

    Beautiful Song :O <3

  53. Iolite

    @KH3816 can you please send me the download link?

  54. elle roberts

    i love this song!!!!

  55. TheMafer05

    beautiful song

  56. MarynOxSWA

    @APrymez I totally agree! ♥

  57. genny de candia


  58. Eric Lee

    hsm shud creat a colleg musical o_O lml

  59. Vanessa Martinez

    oh i love vanessa sooo much!

  60. jkbkjhkj


  61. Trestiayna Martin

    im famoses my sister is vanessa hudgens and i like her vidos

  62. laura

    Dude, just because their friends doesn't mean they can't sing a love duet together...
    Like, Miley and Trace Cyrus sang a love duet together and they're brother/sister.
    Like, it's just a song, people.
    Some singers do love duets with just random singers that they know and wanted to sing with.
    It doesn't necessarily mean anything..

  63. gabriela garagorry

    its not love. its friendship!

  64. cashdown1000

    @anchaals It doesn't have to be about love it can be about friendship

  65. Stella Zouridakis

    i hate high school music buh i luve diz sonq

  66. anissa ortiz

    luvv dis song!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Eirene MoonDaisy

    I totally love this song!

  68. Shanon Myers

    "I'm not much of a fan of these guys, but you have, ironically, opened my eyes to something important in my life. I have to thank you."

  69. sarah stein

    love this song but think ashley tisdale would have been a better pair up to sing this with him, her voice its jus weird to me ha well with his

  70. scapegoatwax2001

    Is this Their song or is this a cover?


    scapegoatwax2001 cover

  71. 44leon1

    wow they have a great voice but out of 10 ill give them a 7% because ii know there are better singers out there, they are very practised at their age

  72. Lindsay Mitchell

    I love this song!
    It actually describes what my friend and i are going through right now

  73. itsfelicia

    i love this song <3

  74. Wajd Monai

    LOVE this song!! it is sooo true

  75. Aila Gregorio

    this is a nice song for me very nice i love it^_^

  76. libbylulove

    i love thi9s song

  77. Hanan Afiff

    this song is so beautiful.

  78. Rosenbrot

    this is the first time i hear this song..
    and i´m totally in love with it

  79. LillyyRosee

    this is so new moon

  80. Laura Méndez de Dittrich

    Aaww... cute ♥♥♥

  81. alllicee

    thx. x)

  82. sarab z

    this song is amysing!!!

  83. Avni Chaudhari

    hey ummm....kh3816 yeah i thnk you r way better than zannessagirl5874

  84. maybubbelz

    it's freaken awsom

  85. Jade C

    well, sorry, i do have a brain, i love corbin and vanessa, and i'm sorry if i was harsh, but i didn't mean anythinbg like that, i just i liked vanessa and zac's harmony, but i'm sorry if i made anyone mad, i really am sorry.

  86. Jade C

    can you try to out lyrics for the in croud by mitchel musso? that would be great if you could, if you can't then that's fine, and i loved the song, but i thought zac efron would've been better with vanessa , they have great harmony.

  87. Kim Hicks

    sorry i havn't got bk sooner, been really busy!
    but actually it is Vanessa and Corbin, it is kinda obvious cause Zac and Corbin have completly different voices! but i love the song and HSM aswell!!!

  88. angeltru95

    its only corbin and venessa i dont think zac's there, ZAC'S THERE!?!?!

  89. MusicNotexx46

    i love this song but i hate when people think its Zac and Vanessa

    those people that think its Zac and Vanessa are idiots

  90. Bara Mala

    because it's not from he movie


    why is this song not seen in the movie ??

  92. superya91

    were can i download this on you tube?????????

  93. tiesha shah

    i love this song!!!!!even i love fish,i will always luv this song!!

  94. RawCarrot

    this songs rocks ^-^ but why ar corbin
    and vannesa singing i am not hating this
    i am just wondering

  95. AngeLa Christodoulou

    cool this song rocks ^_^