Corbin Bleu - Deal With It Lyrics

We've been together for too long
And we've been through too much
To have the same conversations
You seem to like so much

So you gotta think I'm cheating
You don't listen well
I don't wanna talk girl (no)
Why don't you just tell me what I,
What I gotta do, girl, to get through to you
So, I can ease your mind
It's all about you girl
If you don't know then you have got to

Deal with it (oh) I ain't telling you no lies
Girl, Deal with it (oh)
Tell me why you roll your eyes
Just, deal with it (oh)
'cause you know, ain't nobody but you (oh)
You should know, ain't nobody but you

I don't really know what's with you
And who's been feedin you lies (lies)
What is with the constant questions (hmm)
Girl you really haven't been acting right

I don't thrive on attention and
I won't lead me to stray
How can I make you see
That doesn't flatter me
All that I wanna know is what I,

What I gotta do, girl
To get through to you so
I can ease your mind
It's all about you girl
If you don't know then you have got to


Look I told you more than once
And you really gotta understand girl
That every time that you wanna front
And you stop to wonder where i am
I wish you would just stop acting this way
I wish you just realize that you push me away (acting the fool)
Nobody, nobody, nobody, but
Nobody, nobody but you girl [repeat]

[chorus x2]

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Corbin Bleu Deal With It Comments
  1. Armani aka hops 90,s jumpman smith

    I know how corbin feels having a jealous girlfriend base off popularity.

  2. Malaki Trop

    I’m here from memories 😭

  3. 이태우

    샤이니 노래도 좋은데 난 이게 더 좋다ㅎ

  4. Bartek 23

    I Love this song

  5. MusicLover_KB

    I don't know why this made me laugh so much. Maybe because even though I heard this first, I suddenly find myself preferring Shinee's Juliette

  6. Riley Livingston

    Me age 20 think he is so hot and sex looking for his shows that he does a lot of every time that he does too.....

  7. wutheringheights01

    Wtf he was actually hotter than Zac Efron

  8. Foolish Desperado

    January 1, 2020
    Yes I’m right here

  9. Camille Coopersmith

    I am over fifty and I love this song I feel so old next you teenagers

  10. Ezabel Nena

    Damn I think I was 10 or 11 last one I saw this lmao I’m 20 now😂

    Alexis S

    Saamee lmao


    What is Shinee and why did they cover this song

    shawol blog

    DIRTYSUSIEJEAN theyre a kpop group and they sampled this for their song ‘juliette’ 😭

  12. Bitch you don’t gotta like me

    Damn Corbin was fine as fuck he still is though 😍

  13. cipheradam1

    Damn i miss the old Disney

  14. Honeyy Hazem

    _Am I only one here _*_Not_*_ from SHINee?_

  15. oy59

    this is originally jay sean's song

  16. Izheejun

    even the high notes in this and in Juliette are the same 😂

  17. Bartek 23

    Disney channel break in 2007 this was playing . thank you old Disney

  18. akabridge

    I will always prefer this version over SHINee’s.

  19. Nyla Iman

    Love me some Corbin. He is freaking Talented. 🙌🏽❤😍

  20. hy G

    춤꾼의 deal



    it's white to day by day

  21. Vylkeer

    My early teen years in a video. Just love it ...

  22. 자넷

    Me gusta esta versión y la de SHINee también 🤩👍

  23. Assma Alamrii

    shinee - juliette 💜💛💚💖💙

  24. donut with sprinkles

    Corbin bleu was fuckin FINE . Looking back on these videos he's still cute to me.

  25. Mana T.

    2019 ? x3

  26. Alexandria Jimmison

    Am I the only one that wants to touch his hair, every time he shook his head??

  27. Dewi

    Idk who this "Shinee" is but can we just take a minute to put out how accurate and confusing the intro to the video is?

  28. Laila Di Lorenzo

    du bist so coooooool😊😊😊😊😋😋😋😜😜😜😜🤩🤩🤩

  29. Isaiah Hines

    Isaiah. -Corbin. Bleu

  30. KZInterruptor

    This song is of Shinee original

  31. My Life, My Hurdles and My survival x

    "Corbin, can you explain it to me?"
    * Corbin about to defend himself *
    "You know what? I don't even wanna hear about it -_-"
    This is literally why us women are complicated af Y___Y

  32. Tatiane Pires

    Algum BR vendo em 2019?

  33. Notorious Saint

    2019 lmao ?? Shit bangs.

  34. Candie Vermeulen

    I used have a huge crush on him

  35. really

    i used to love this song lmao only learned from the comments that shinee had another version 💀

  36. Trilok Shahi

    I can't unhear him saying the trailing "ho" but in context

  37. alejandra rivera

    just my chilhoood <3 <3 he was my biggest HSM crush

  38. Kenneth Coleman

    Im sorry this video was all over the place. First his presumed girl friend, who is dressed as if she's 20 going on 5 years old, gives him 1 second to explain "it" before changing her mind and hastily walking away, ( I mean I would be just as confused as he was). Then he gets out and realizes its because she thinks he's cheating BUT this random guy has to have a dance battle with him first? Then the girlfriend decides to add on a few more accessories including an endless amount of necklaces and beads and starts dancing on his crew while also dancing against him while he's trying to explain that she just has to deal with her insecurities about his loyalty issues meanwhile the entire time it turns out this dance battle is actually a turfwar that they end up winning after he proves to her he's loyal and she helps him win....also they are having this turf war dance battle at an American Muscle car show somewhere at an abandoned Auto shop in Nevada where we see his favorite color is orange and we are forced to believe this despite the fact that there is a random PT Cruiser in the background. All in all her random pose striking helps him get the edge and helps her get over her lack of trust and they leave a victorious biracial couple.

  39. leeminyoung98

    kpop fandom ruined another comment section

  40. Chris J Productionz

    2007 Disney Channel Games brought me back here

  41. Akhila Ajaykumar

    Juliette.... 😂😂💎 sorry a die hard shawol here #shineeis5forever #shawol5ever

  42. Awa Okouangui

    corbin is singing in english: Just deal with it.
    In m head: Juliet

  43. Justin Gunn

    What happened to Corbin Bleu

  44. Cookie

    I’m here reminiscing 😞😒

  45. Heather Learned

    2019 and this song is still a bop!

  46. Who Is Maya


  47. exo 4life

    This was my song back in the days it came out in 2007

  48. Koji Yamada

    tbh i like this as much as i like shinees

  49. Kpop 2021

    I realize this is related to Juliette from shinee

  50. jeniel cross

    Shinee hsm

  51. Khyle Balen

    Omg took me a long time to get the joke in the chorus part lmao haha

  52. Destiny Smith


  53. Miss Art Freak 89

    I used to listen to this song non-stop as a teen. I had a MEGA crush on Corbin Bleu. I would keep looking at this video and see how HOT he is. Damn what a sexy man. Just saying

  54. Payola Ruiz

    This screams my childhood 😭

  55. hendery xd


  56. -I'm the one I should love-

    aw yeah the song that brought me to SHINee and got me into kpop 10 freaking years ago. thanks, corbin - i love both versions

  57. Catalina del Pilar Sanhueza Osorio

    I am here from SHINee.

  58. Luiza Chacom

    My husband

  59. Roman Reigns

    Cringe Bleu.

  60. Amir2005

    I love this song when I was in 3rd grade I blasted this

  61. Multifandom user But SHINee [OT5] is love

    I wanna say our SHINee version is better but i dont wanna spoil orignal singer hard work

  62. Kim SHINee

    SHINee's version is The best

  63. Aya Mostafa

    suddenly remembered this song ! ... and its 11/2/2019 !!

  64. Melike Yağmur ASLAN

    Juliette 😂 I prefer SHINee ❤️

  65. Shashini Jayathilak

    This is shinee's song

  66. Andrea Torres

    Is somebody in 2019?

  67. Daniel

    Such a bop

  68. Blue Door

    my god I love Corbin so much

  69. moon child

    i love juliette and high school musical - i'm so glad that i have 2 versions to listen to XD

  70. sabina

    I love both versions

  71. Linette Neyra

    Julliete ! Shinee 😱😱😱😲😲😲😲ummmm!

  72. tdn

    I fell in love with shinee and kpop after searching this song in 2012😂💜

  73. megan w's

    I just really and still feverishly loved that song . But I just really and still remembered when those things came out on those things for the first time as in Disney etc also... back in 2000s when those thingsd just really and still been those things etc also.?! just plz make sure ya just raise up your like or naht if liked this one comment ....

  74. Sheridan Sanchez

    OMG he’s so hot

  75. lil kitzune

    ok umm dude just said deal with it (hoe)

  76. Lucy Lucy brit

    Kpop fans forever fooled 😂😂😂😂

  77. Donnica Chi-Young

    Hearing this and SHINee’s Juliette feels weird. I know this was first before Juliette. I feel weird now.


    I don’t know who’s is shinee? But I only know Corbin Bleu from jump in and high school musical.

  79. kristin amanda thimas

    Oh my freaking God that right there is truly heaven sent. He is so hot. I adore him so much

  80. princess val

    Omfg I loved this when I was little I loved him .!!! Omfg. 😢😢😢😢

  81. Yo Yo

    I like it, but is so much better SHINee's Julliette

  82. Pau Calderón

    SM Entertainment and the mystery of "buying other artists songs to use it on the first works of the artists they debut."

  83. Avakin Zella Rose

    I was so in to him ayyye

  84. Shouri【K-POP YouTuber】


  85. abigailsingsxxx

    No wonder I feel that I've heard Juliette somewhere back in kindergarten 😩😂❤

  86. Magma Tf2

    This is better that SHINee's

  87. I'm malikfromcleveland

    Sound like HOE 😂😂

  88. Its kenny not jenny

    This song came out in 2007
    Juliette cane out in 2011

    Shinee brought the rights to use this song for their comeback in 2011 so no one copier anybody. this song came out during the first high school musical

    If y'all were real shawols you know SM has to buy the original song from the original author so they can be more comfortable and match their style

  89. ramon degradêr

    Algum BR 🇧🇷 ?

  90. exo bap aoa dean hellovenus got7 monstax seventeen

    is he from high school musical???

  91. exo bap aoa dean hellovenus got7 monstax seventeen

    daqui q nasceu o hino então

  92. Celchyska


  93. Ian Heiqel

    All i heard was "Juliette hoooo"

  94. Jimins Long Lost Jams

    i haven't heard from him since 2012

  95. karis is cool

    i fucking love this song

  96. Jonghyun The Angel