Corbin Bleu - Celebrate You Lyrics

Oo oh, oo oh... aah

Everyday is the right day
It's easy to understand
Cause you get the chance and you take it
Make it the best you can make it
Why should you hold back?

It's the time of your life
You it's
Don't want to miss out.
On right here and now
There's so many reasons why
You don't wanna stop
It's your chance, live it up
And everything you do
Celebrate You (Oo oh)
Celebrate you (Oo oh)

Everytime is the right time
So make every second count
Go for your dream, you can live it
Reach for the skies, no limit
Celebrate what you're all about... Ouuuuh!

It's the time of your life
You don't want him to stop
On right here and now
There's so many reasons why
You don't wanna stop
Heres your chance, live it up
And everything you do
Celebrate you

You, come on, make the party last forever and ever
Have the best time you've ever had
Then go break free, yeah!

Celebrate you

Everyone has a reason (reason)
A reason to celebrate, yeah
Cause you get the chance and you take it
Make it the best you can make it
What you waiting for today?

It's the time of your life
You don't want him to stop
On right here and now
There's so many reasons why
You don't wanna stop
It's your chance, live it up
And everything you do
Celebrate you
Everybody now!
Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate (Ooh)
And everything you do
Celebrate you
Celebrate you
Celebrate you
Celebrate you

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Corbin Bleu Celebrate You Comments
  1. coolydude

    I remember going to Disney world and I was staying at all star music with my family and I was 5 at the time and this song was playing on tv. Now I'm 15 and I'm still listening to this song, good memeories

  2. Crokemitaine

    So many meme inside this video :D :D

  3. NE Patrul

    Who’s here with their PDD??? 😭😭😭

  4. Myanna Gibbs

    Happy birthday to me!!!!!

  5. Rose Kazmerski

    I have been to Florida with my family here in wisconsin and I had a wonderful enjoyable great fun time with them but we didn't get to Disney World for a long time so ot will be a great idea probably we be able to go when summer starts this year, I also like to go shopping and spend enjoying hanging out with my sister and I don't know when.

  6. Sheridan Sanchez

    I wanna kiss him in my dreams

  7. Rynne Rawrsome

    Who do you think you are Michael Jackson?!?!?!!!???? What the hell is THIS


    Rynne Rawrsome it's Disney and it's a song about having a good time

  8. BoutzeroDJ

    2018! 💞

  9. Endiah Harrison

    I love this song. I miss my childhood memories. I was eight years old.

  10. Celine Miyah

    2018 ❤️


    Miyah Rose 2019

  11. Nia Wright

    Corbin Bleu i love this song Celebrate you

  12. Nia Wright

    Corbin Bleu i love this song Celebrate you

  13. the cup RM throws in the Run MV

    The memories

  14. VenomousGhosts

    Who Else Remembers They used to play this on the Tv’s all the time at Disney World..😭......Good Times

  15. Kaden Overstreet

    he's father now last I heard, congrats to him.

  16. Joey mantin the j man Man

    yo yo yo i really love this video corbin bleu is a good guy and you are really cool keep it up keep the channel and videos like this up as will even keep being you and thats a good thing

  17. Mani Nedoow

    Remember when Disney played this.

    This gives me an MJ vibe!

  18. Sarah Shannon

    I'm watching in. 2017!

  19. Dylan Christie

    Wow. I was sitting in my room humming lots of tunes and somehow this started popping up in my mind for no reason. I was like 8 when I heard this first. Now I'm here. Wow. Memories

  20. Munchiezxx

    thsi is the funniest thing ive seen in my entire life

  21. Mason The 2nd

    This song gives me Disney World vibes

  22. Osata McDaniel

    Corbin Bleu is a freaking angel 😍😍😍😍💞💞💞💞 He will forever be one of my Disney favs! I love this guy so much, who else is watching in 2017?

  23. Vanessa Marchese


  24. Farzana F.


  25. Felipe Hermosilla Sotomayor


  26. Bianca Lopez

    I miss my childhood ☹️

  27. Nygell Patrice Charles Arnoux

    yo this song makes me feel like New years.

  28. melanie jones

    i love u corbin

  29. mariyah Davis

    I remember in 2014 I was 19 I love to celebrate me in that year

  30. Jaypee Durand

    this is the time of I went to jump zone

  31. Jaypee Durand

    he love that girl

  32. Jaypee Durand

    this is my moment I went to sky zone

  33. monster. krumping


  34. Ms FoxyQueenNinja

    IDC how long it been he still my childhood bae lol

  35. Kyylaa JByran

    The beauty of music is the New and the Old.... Just makes you feel good

  36. monster. krumping

    You are my favorite

  37. Kevin Disney

    This song is amazing. It captures the perfect tone of Disney, having fun, making memories, and celebrating you! I remember when this was once used as the song for that show that you watch when you walk into your guest room at Disney world. The show about must do Disney, it was the good old day, and today is great to, that is why I love this song and why I think of Disney every time I hear it.

  38. Brian

    You know you're watching an old video when there are comments that say "I'm watching this in 2013"

  39. VenomousGhosts

    I remember waking up and it was on the channel with the girl and rides and hearing this song everyday I was at Disney

  40. Butterfly Eyes

    this brings me back to my teen years---which i hated but it reminds me of the nice moments. 😪😥

  41. Jonathan Emens

    I Need To Get This Song because it helped me and mom when we were at all four theme parks of walt Disney world I would always here this song over the speakers at the parks and celebrating my dad's passing back in 2008 there.

  42. Brer Bobbyt

    this was 7 years ago wtf?

  43. b4sicallyhailey

    I remember my first time going to Disney would when I was 9, and when I walked into the Coronado springs resort hotel room, this was playing on the TV. Memories. Now I'm 16!

    Kevin Disney

    I KNOW OMG I remember it on the TV!

    Blizzard Wolf 25

    Same here my god time flies

  44. Tanya Roberts

    Listening too this song makes me want too go too Disney world


    When I went they were playing this song EVERYWHERE


    But that was like 5 years ago

  45. MusicLover_KB

    I've always liked this song. Much better than most of what comes out of Radio Disney these days.

  46. Jordan Williams

    Yes @cutelisa00 I went to Epcot and they played this when park opened I loved it but they stopped

  47. smakkaroll


  48. xKemo

    this makes me miss high school musical

  49. Cutelisa00

    I remember when they played this in 2009 in Epcot Disney World when I was with my friend and family,I don't see her anymore man I miss those times :(

    Butterfly Eyes

    i feel you

  50. Shiny Wilde

    I love this. I'm downloading this and playing it on my way to Disney World on December 5th. I'll be listening to it during a 4 hour car ride xD


    Well it’s been 5 years... how was it?

  51. Nira Esper

    damn he look old

    Katita Bormey

    Well he is 25 right now

  52. Keyshawn Johnson

    I like this guy too he is sexy


    +Keyshawn Johnson i think he is nice looking to

  53. Rose Chadwick

    omg this guy from school looks like corbin blue

  54. Josh Robertson

    I like this guy!!!!!

  55. Bê Lima

    What about 2013?

  56. Corey Jackson

    Isnt this one of Disney's many theme songs?????????

  57. Nicoletta Parodo

    Che bella!!!

  58. nehaxoneha

    i no ur secret corbin bleu

  59. lovleysistagal123

    thumbs up if your watching this in 2013!! MUAHAHAHAHHAA!!! XD

  60. Anderson Cambises

    Quem está assistindo esse video clipe em 2013 dá joinha! O Brasil te admira SR. Bleu. (:

  61. octavia anthony

    love his voice

  62. Vanderley Ferreira

    This music will mark my victory at the end of the English course .

  63. NickJensan

    God I miss this, even this Disney is better than what it's become now!

  64. Allerleix3

    Watching in 2013... and now ?

  65. Amelia F

    Omfg I'm laughing i

  66. Marine Renard

    Tes trop beau

  67. Katrina Murillo

    well wen he was younger lik in da video

  68. Katrina Murillo

    i wish he can chase me lik he was chassen dat girl!!! ;D


    i love it

  70. Deniya Thompson

    matter of opinion

  71. Deniya Thompson

    i came here and listened to it after returning from disney world

  72. pcworld88

    He looks different from high school musical but he has the same dance moves

  73. TheShrimplover

    corbin bleu is ugly

  74. Lavender Blossom

    I'm only watching this because Corbin looks like my man.

  75. pcworld88

    i like his hair

  76. Kayla

    i'm not too crazy about him!

  77. alex123ophone

    I thought i was the only one who remembered this. <3

  78. courtney desper

    ya it is cool

  79. Nicki Jay

    i met him and OMG he is fiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee

  80. Sarah Gayda

    I LOVE THIS SONG. for some reason it reminds me of "Time of my life" but i dont care. THIS IS BETTER!!! *dances to addicting beat*

  81. Senaida Soto

    screammmmmmmmmmmmmm i love corbin sexy ass

  82. Ziggy Dolce

    @butterflynaseberry cuase he aint u

  83. butterflynaseberry

    Why is he so DAMN SEXY???

  84. Nache Brown

    i luv this dude

  85. Shaun Monis

    omg this is my best ever cool song ever.

  86. IskraTommo

    My favouritue song of Corbin

  87. Emma Kavanagh

    I so love this song.

  88. Evan Long

    they alter his voice too much... its not real stuff

  89. Daniela Quintero Alfonso

    ohhh,pretty song i (L) corbin bleu

  90. Marni I

    great song
    great voice
    go corbin!!!!!!!!!

  91. grace phelan

    unce unce.

  92. Anthony Hersey

    great song. it was really good in the disney parades

  93. Lucia Hojski

    I think his singles always sound better than other songs from the album... others are just... too techno...

  94. anda cris

    Just luv it:)

  95. Miren Nagle

    @TheShrimplover Shut up !!!

  96. TheShrimplover

    @justinbieberlov1010 your pissing me off leave me alone u bitch

  97. Miren Nagle

    @TheShrimplover then y r u watching it baby !!!!!! hes talented and i guess u arent u fuckin idiot

  98. TheShrimplover

    @sexxiixsoccerxstarr hes ugly