Copeland - You Are My Sunshine Lyrics

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You never know, dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away

The other night, dear, as I lay sleeping
I dreamt I held you in my arms
When I awoke, dear, I was mistaken
So I hung my head, and I cried

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You never know, dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away

I'll always love you and make you happy
If you will only say the same
But if you leave me to love another
You'll regret it all one day

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You never know, dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away

Please don't take my sunshine away

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Copeland You Are My Sunshine Comments
  1. Kenneth Lewis

    This. And a cup of Coffee.

  2. Sippavich Namuangrak

    Dec 2019?

  3. Danny V

    mental shit

  4. babygirl

    Sad nostalgia

  5. Ray Laminack

    This was the first song I heard from Copeland years ago and was immediately a fan, still probably my favorite song by them, never gets old coming back and listening to this or any of their songs the rabbit hole brings me to after this

  6. David Rodriguez

    First Copeland song I ever heard. Oh what an introduction

    Tri casp

    should you return....

    David Rodriguez

    I'd return to you if I knew you, trista.

    Tri casp

    Lol so witty

    David Rodriguez

    You're supposed to say "that can be arranged."

    Tri casp

    lol, i have no idea who, what you look like funny guy

  7. islapusillybitach

    my cousin lost her v-card to this tune

    Andrew Seiler

    +islapusillybitach nice lol


    +islapusillybitach kinda feels like you took it


    I took 2 girls v cards back when this first came out 😂

  8. Deric Dury

    still love this soo much 7 years later

  9. Leigh

    This song never gets old

  10. Aisles Music

    Beautiful. @CopelandVEVO 

  11. SunsetHaste

    This is amazing, I just discovered this band. Does someone have more suggestions of music like this?


    You should check out Let Love Bleed Red by Sleeping With Sirens. Aaron Marsh (the lead singer of Copeland) appears on it. :)


    I know this comment is old, but you should check out Sleeping at Last!


    +sunsethaste Well as Hanna mentioned, listen to Lydia. only the first two albums, This december and illumnate,, they are out of this world.. Also I would recommend Finnish alt rock, listen to Poets of the Fall.. im giving you music 
    gold right there


    +Poetslover You guys should look up CHON,

    Kenny Anderson

    Woah, CHON is a pretty small band. Surprised to see another fan! CHON is a great band.

  12. Fernando Matias

    this song will be played at door of heavens, haha

  13. micah stewart

    So happy they're back together

  14. Will Frederickson

    So glad they're getting back together! Fucking amazing band.

  15. Bela Vilarouca

    Back Copeland Please 
    Peoples From Brazil Love Copeland 
    Very !!!!!

    Allan Fontes

    Amamos D+

  16. Bela Vilarouca

    Great Song

  17. Gustavo Weber

    such a beautiful song. Such a great album.

  18. Alex Tyler

    This band broke up a while back. :/ They have some awesome songs dude

  19. Zacuree

    This should be played at like a dance or something

  20. prithzilla

    This song reminds me of my childhood crush... I miss you Troy.. R.I.P...

  21. He Medeiros

    was a girl, with who I was married for 4 years, who traveled from Portugal to Brazil to live with me the happiest days of my life. And now she's gone ... now it's all over. Dreams, plans and projects of a love story. It is painful to see the person who seemed perfect for your life, go away and never come back. So my comments are sad. And this song is the soundtrack to the end of this story. Only that, but excuse me melancholy.

    The Rocinante

    What ended up happening? It's six years later... Who are you now?

  22. R Oci

    only on depressing days? :D

  23. R Oci

    dont cry bro, its just a song :D

  24. R Oci

    haha, soo what is love of your life?

  25. He Medeiros

    Both are melancholy.
    And that is what has been for me, after the love of my life went through this door.

  26. R Oci

    Grays are better than blues, fellas

  27. He Medeiros

    Rlly, rlly deep...but perfect to broken hearts...
    For when my days are so grays...

  28. AuthorOfficial

    You like bands that sound like Copeland? Check us out. We recorded our album with Aaron Marsh of Copeland

  29. Aaron Cochran

    really? wow thanks for letting me know.... if they sound anything close to copeland then they will be my fav band ever... besides copeland. lol

  30. Tristan Coyote

    They're still pretty much together, aren't they? I mean.. STATES is basically just Copeland with Mindy White, right?

  31. Jordan Rosales

    same here.

  32. Nataly Charlotte

    I wish things would've worked out. Copeland is my med.

  33. musikbrainiac

    great band, great song, thanks for the upload...

  34. imaem0guy

    I miss Her TOO

  35. Mason Bilbrey

    Ugh.. I miss you beautiful girl..

  36. MyDarkMuse983

    This song is amazing!! Always listen to it on depressing days.

  37. Synclare

    that joke would be funny if this were actually a Christian band... too bad they're not.

  38. lockstock

    3rd Favourite song of the band, What Do I Know and She Changes My Mind only songs which can compare.

  39. Jazz Banan

    666 likes? Thought this was a christian band..

  40. Nikko Tan

    story of my lifeee

  41. Sara Wolfe

    so freaking beautiful.....

  42. Miguel Castillo

    What a shame they're not active anymore :C

  43. Cas jade

    This song reminds me of the girl from Imogen Heap.

  44. christian warnock

    This song is brilliant.

  45. yowillnevergetme

    i totally don't like the idea of some good band release theire awesome and meaningful songs for year and then just separated. D;

  46. Ruben Dario Toribio

    My favorite Copeland song. I was in a bad mood and was looking for some new music when I first heard this song. Very rarely do you find a song you've never heard before that totally describes how you're feeling so perfectly. For that reason, this song will always have a special place in my heart.

  47. Sara Campbell

    and if you're just sinking down, i will be pulling on your line.

  48. Daniel Discar

    I think the title should be: You Should Return. Copeland. :<

  49. reelee2

    I agree about not giving other songs a chance to be favorites!!! Love them!!! When did they split?? :( so sad! And why? Did the band just run it's course?? I downloaded some of their songs without really listening to them originally and I'm so happy I did! I love their music!!!!!!!!!

  50. Trey Hopkins

    i hate when i like one song so much i dont have enough time to give another one of their songs a chance.

  51. Destini Fultz

    @shippudenfanatic I felt the same way.

  52. MickyBradfordJ

    @honeyvibe310 aw,but yes it's amazingly gorgeous! my twitter is @abovethunivers if you want to chat there.

  53. 'Drea Jeanine


    ikr! i swear i get down whenever i listen to this, bu the song is gorgeous..

  54. MickyBradfordJ

    cry cry cry cry cry like crazy through the whole song. amazing song

  55. blonker

    not gonna cry...

    okay maybe a little

  56. Chris Noonan

    @swimmerfly88 awwwh, no "fuck you"? and you promised so much..

  57. swimmerfly88

    @ChrisN94 shit. rebel. watch out.

  58. Slick Lee

    I love this band..they have that weird feeling about them^-^

  59. Chris Noonan

    @swimmerfly88 I disliked the video just because of that comment

  60. Nikko Tan

    @swimmerfly88 AMEN.

  61. swimmerfly88

    if you disliked this:

    fuck you.

  62. o0dballu

    "And if you're unhappy still, I will be hanging on your line
    Should you return..."

    Absolutely love this song to pieces ^_^

  63. June Bug

    how the hell is this not on top 20? oh yeah, cause its good!!!

  64. Aeon Flux Pavilion

    @joeydoit1423 lol not to mention this is coming from some kid with 2 favorite videos: One in particular being a crappy highschool football game with an even crappier 80's band (38 special) as the backround music.

    Yeah you just seem like the connoisseur of music yeah yeah. LOLolOloL

    Your not doing this band any favors...

  65. Aeon Flux Pavilion

    @joeydoit1423 hah some doosh has this video in a music playlist thats specific for a specific band. Not emo wanna be whatevers....Anyways I eat progressives and piss 7ths so i doubt you can even blink an eye at something you have no idea about. If you want to start something maybe you should GTFO or better yet go be a roadie for Brittiny Spears. If the comments are "amusing" to you maybe you should not take personal jabs at people expressing their thoughts who you have no idea about

  66. Aeon Flux Pavilion

    I think you just ruined the Lydia playlist with this crap..prince wanna be much?

  67. layray210

    @x3fallinlovex3 I didn't bash him? I said what I needed to say in a simple sentence, not intended for 'bashing'.

  68. Felecia Helms

    you can't bash people over disliking someone's voice.
    Calm down. damn.

  69. Alexande Burlingame

    you guys need to calm down. i just said i don't like his voice. i'm sorry if you think that's a sin.

  70. layray210

    @Aaalxndr All I have to say to you is appreciate more.

  71. Miles Curtis

    @Aaalxndr he has a lot of control over his voice, much more than you have over your emotion. if you don't like him, piss off. that's your opinion, i respect that but you're obviously just trying to get a reaction out of people. commenting maliciously on a video that copelands fans are going to be watching really is just rude.

  72. Lisa L

    woah this is my first time hearing them and i thought the singer was a girl...? but i guess its a guy, but that's okay, the song's still dope :)

  73. Annaissmiles

    Beautiful. Copeland really knows how to openyour heart.(:

  74. anoceanbetween

    @Aaalxndr His voice is "high" because he chose to use his falsetto, idiot. His chest voice doesn't sound like that. Every man can sing "high" like that if they chose, but most don't because men are retarded and think they sound like a woman. Hence, the reason you probably chose to make such a "repulsive" comment.

  75. Evelyn476

    @Aaalxndr uh i love copeland but thats mainstream too so i wouldnt be bashing mainstreem bands if thats what youre going for.

  76. Jonathan Trevino

    @Aaalxndr it's called falsetto jack ass.

  77. Alexande Burlingame

    @xNeverShoutNadinex okay Ms. nevershoutnadine. I personally don't like his voice and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm glad you research and find out the singers name so you sound smart here. You clearly don't know good music if you listen to nevershoutnever and other sell-out bands. What other mainstream "alternative" bands to you listen to?

  78. Kelsey Williams

    @Aaalxndr ur repulsive

  79. Alexande Burlingame

    i don't get why his voice is so high. it's repulsive.

  80. xarkin

    with that comment it surprises me you can even comprehend the words in a song.

  81. ctomgenovich

    I listen to this song win a girl gets me down

  82. One Fine Day

    so sad that such incredible talent will be no more...I AM going to their final performance in NYC in March

  83. Micah McDade

    listened to this when my gf broke up with me
    Cried afterwards
    I miss her
    I still love her
    I want her back
    She was an angel
    She was my angel
    I can't believe she left me

  84. lissahxox

    makes me want to cry.
    they are so amazing.

  85. Snuggleumpakis

    Oh man I never thought of it that way. If they do stay together after all then that is proof that there is a god.

  86. browilliams

    Seriously, I think this is one of their best songs ever. It gets stuck in my head all the time.

  87. musicroom77

    Jack's Mannequin

  88. l.e.u.m.

    tour in the spring, check their myspace

  89. hambrother

    hey i think all of you should chill out about copeland breaking up. they're not officially broken up. they still have one last tour. and who knows. maybe at the last minute they will decide to not break up
    "in all things it's better to hope than to despair"

  90. anna de quiroz

    my fav . ♥ ♥ ♥

    wished copeland never have to breakup :[

  91. Phil D

    That is exactly what i thought when i first herd this song.

  92. emery222

    This entire CD is awesome.