Copeland - I Can Make You Feel Young Again Lyrics

Take me now;
take me anywhere you’re going.
Cause I can’t stay here;
I won’t make it long.
And this piece of my soul you’re controlling,
in this time and this space where we belong, it’s worsening.
It’s breaking down,
as a reel of thread unwinding.
You’re surfacing
just to take me down.
When I feel like I’m dead,
you’re reviving me.
A billion stars and here we are,
the same bit of dirt holding our weight.
And before it drags us under,
I can make you feel young again.
I can make you feel nothing at all for the years
that lead you here.
Now all your tears that have fallen will never show.
I can make you feel young again.
Your breathing is quickening.
Take my lungs; I owe you.
Lost and cold now,
there’s a place in my arms I can keep you.
A billion stars and here we are,
the same bit of dirt holding our weight.
And before it drags us under,
I can make you feel young again.
I can make you feel nothing at all for the years
that lead you here.
Now all your tears that have fallen will never show.
I can make you feel young again.

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Copeland I Can Make You Feel Young Again Comments
  1. tedi setiadi

    at 2019

  2. nibblers89

    Can someone correct me if I’m wrong, but is this version very different to the one on Spotify?

    Puma Thurman

    it's the same song

  3. Joe Strik

    Come to Brazil

  4. Justin saju

    I come here often for this song.

  5. carooolineem

    Take me anywhere you’re going...

  6. Snartzera

    Messy mondays?

  7. Dylan Gibbs

    i’m not Brazilian but i would appreciate it if you came to Brazil

  8. Andy Ruiz

    Come to TEXAS

  9. frozen dope

    Cale Glendening made me believe in mermaids again

  10. Skinny Leg Pocket

    Has anyone made this video with the twin version?

    Puma Thurman

    yeah but it's not perfectly in sync, uploader didn't quite get it right and it's a shame

  11. Haily Young

    I miss my ex boyfriend so much 😭😭 I love him too much..... fuck everything man

  12. Caio Prado Gaspar


  13. Timothy J. Roberts

    Was Brazil just hearing about Copeland? I'm currently on a nostalgia kick. Some day they'll feel it to i guess.

  14. Gloria Garcia

    K 99.99% of these comments have Brazil somewhere in them including mine now😂 great song btw

  15. Sherif Ashraf

    This song is so underrated😔

  16. kross714

    Does anyone know why this version isn’t on spotify??

  17. Tayr

    how to save my life: play copeland anywhere.

  18. Leticia Vanzellotti

    this version is so much better than spotify's. I'm obsessed

  19. Isadora Secol

    Como to Brazil

  20. Miss Mimi

    Come to Brazil

  21. giovs anna

    que orgulho ver esse bando de emo brasileiro comentando ❤️🇧🇷 COME TO BRAZIL PORRAAAA

    Vitor Alves

    E ate hj... nada 😢

    Marcio Giuseppe Fortunato

    sua mãe que é emo

  22. Stefanie Delaere


  23. Anoniem Anoniem

    Its all fake About the Braziliaans

  24. lorenzo whop

    Even leren zodat we lie kunne fixen

  25. Dj Gatlyngun

    James Franco's older brother?

  26. Alexander Herbst

    Come to Butthead

  27. Jady Gabrielle

    come to brazil, nunca te pedi nada

  28. mike herrington

    lyrics can't get better than this.

  29. Bruno Costa Moreira


  30. Binar Gema

    Why this version is different than the one in Spotify?

    Mauricio Junior

    exist three version of this music. on spotify is of album Ixora Twin, second version.

  31. Vlad the Inhaler

    Apparently you have a large fan base in Brazil.

  32. Diana Ambrosio

    It has been 2 years since this video has been released and it still holds a special place in my heart.

  33. Jayvee Estarez

    Its been 2 yrs come to brazil hahahahaha

  34. Marisol Aviles

    I like this version better than the one on spotify

  35. Felipe Barros

    Amazing video!
    Please, come to Brazil!

  36. Elise de Paula

    OH my god!! <3

  37. Liz

    I'm from Mexico but everyone wants you to go to Brazil, so... GO TO BRAZIL

  38. pooding

    Just go to Brazil damn.

  39. Francie


  40. Bruno Costa Moreira

    Come To Brazil!!!!!!

  41. Vitor Russell

    Come to Brazil !

  42. Christopher Putvinski

    BY FAR, one of the most underrated bands

  43. maayugirl

    eisley's video looks so similar to this wthhh

  44. Ovelha Produções Ovelha

    c o m e t o b r a z i l i c a n m a k e u g u y s e a t f e i j o a d a

  45. Karitza Yanez

    Come to Sioux City, IA. Hah. Hah. Ha.

  46. Carlos Prado

    Come to Brazil!

  47. Tori Garcia


  48. Victor Augusto

    Copeland tem uma abrangência de sentimentos internos meus
    Que de certa forma ele até mesmo as personifica
    Nostálgico, coerente e avassalador !
    Trilha sonora da minha vida desde de 2005 !
    Vocês são extremamente significativos para mim quanto um órgão
    Me remetem a alguém e a sentimentos que nunca mais vou ter
    Apenas ! Nas suas canções <3

  49. Ameera Walterson

    so beautiful, still beautiful

  50. Elora *Official*

    Love this song.

  51. Kah Mabbitt

    Um amorzinho essa música 💜❤

  52. Carlos Corona

    So beautiful

  53. Dami Dam


  54. Quade Carter

    Ixora is such an amazing album

  55. Edivandro Lima

    pq eu amo tanto esta musica, todos os dias venho aqui contempla esta maravilha!!


    Edivandro Lima somos dois, esta música tem melodias que remete bem estar.

    Edivandro Lima


  56. Wannabe Bonsai

    Didnt yall just play at the Curtain Club in Dallas? Im the dude that gave yall a bucket of ice for the road. Thanks again! Yall are the real deal! hope you blow up


    lol..copeland's already blown up, theyve been around for a while. i recommend you get all their albums asap.

    Wannabe Bonsai

    PleaseQuitTrying I see, I thought it was odd when I saw a huge tour bus outside. Bands usually load in n out with their cars over here.

  57. Andres A

    I miss Copeland. I haven't to them since syringed apple.

  58. Cynthia Rosa

    cant wait to see you guys for the 3rd time in december #vip 💘

  59. MrCrailstail

    ahhh a siren!

  60. Pr!nce

    what a song!! nice!!

  61. Juliana Lima

    Esteban :')

  62. Marni

    my second name is copeland

  63. Tai Carolins

    Não encontro mais "the gray man" versão estúdio. Por que retiraram???😢

    Marco Antonio Gomes


    Vitor Alves

    Tai Carolins o YouTube restringiu pras Américas

    Leandro Silva

    The gray man é perfeita haha :)

  64. Anjas Yudis

    I've met many Brazilians at two things, this music video and RF Online.

  65. Filipe Fil

    o didnt knew they were back , always nice...

  66. Sam and Kari Bruce

    If Pirates of the Caribbean taught us anything it's DON'T GO IN THE WATER!

  67. Katelyn Lenhart

    Just discovered you guys three seconds ago... I'm highly impressed. Your music reminds me of a mix between Kodaline and Bon Iver but in a unique way. You've definitely gained a fan here.

    Timothy J. Roberts

    Sad since Copeland probably influenced both of those bands, I'm praying that you've listened to all the other Copeland records from before those bands were even a thought! So good! (those bands ARE good too though, don't get me wrong. Love some Bon Iver)

  68. Cunha Thiago

    Vim pelo #EstebanTavares.

  69. Brunnnno30 Moreira

    come to Brazil!!!!

  70. Agun Wiriadisasra

    See you tonight.

  71. Raihan Mahajana

    watch copeland at the 8th international Kampoeng jazz In Bandung, Indonesia at 30th april 2016

  72. Luana

    come to Brasil please!

  73. Arthur Carvalho

    come to Brazil!!!!!!

  74. Rafael Ramos De Azevedo

    Aprendi a gostar dessa banda através do Lucas e do Tavares

  75. Makr

    See you in April 28! Manila!

  76. jelita 666

    come to malaysia !

    jelita 666

    LOL, nice jk anyway. Hahaha you pun have a nice day . Tolong pm copeland suruh datang sini hahaha

    Epy Ivan

    jelita 666 hahaha copeland can wait. Tlg pm while she sleeps, nortlane, a day to remember mai msia lekaihh!

    jelita 666

    Epy Ivan Okay lah nanti i pm kan mereka mereka ye suruh datang khas untuk you. 😂

    Epy Ivan

    jelita 666 now pls! Macehh! Hahaha

    jelita 666

    dalam mimpi bye hahaha

  77. Dzikri Fityah

    See you in Bandung, Indonesia, April 30th 2016!!

    Lazmana Hawali

    gila copeland mau ke bandung?

    Dzikri Fityah

    +Lazmana Hawali iya bro di acara kampoeng jazz, cek aja ig nya @kampoeng_jazz

    Lazmana Hawali

    +Dzikri Fityah oke makasi mas informasi nya :)

    warman M Santosa

    +Dzikri Fityah kampoeng jazz d DU bukan...

    Aji Wiradharma

    waduw kelewat..

  78. Regi Rivaldi

    see you in april bruh in Bandung, Indonesia!!

  79. Ruben Garcia

    can someone please tell me what this song is about?

    O Quarto Imaginário

    +Ruben Garcia mermaids i think

    Ruben Garcia

    +O Quarto Imaginário -___-

    O Quarto Imaginário

    look the mermaid legend tells that she could control our souls and stuff think about it. 

  80. Hasnizam Mohamed

    Come to Terengganu, brekmok!

    Epy Ivan

    Hasnizam Mohamed mimpi la mung

  81. Milsted

    O fato de ter tantos brasileiros no comentários é tudo culpa da família fresno e Tavares.


    Marcelo Estevão

    eu conheci através do switchfoot.


    Milsted eu vim pela banda: Sleeping With Sirens - Let Love Bleed Red (Feat: Aaron Marsh)

    Mateus Uchôas

    totalmente hasuhuas

    YuriCoimbra 88

    Milsted conheci pela Anberlin oh época boa

    Guilherme Simon


  82. SnippleSnapple

    lol who the heck swims with jeans on?!

  83. Gabriel Jansen


  84. Aksel Coe

    Bome to Crazil!!!

  85. Jessica Myslinski

    love this song

  86. brenda

    Amazing. Come to Brazil! <3

  87. Hafsa Salman

    what's with all these Brazilians on here???

    Lauro Gabriel

    nós Brasileiros estamos em tudo,nos dominando o mundo

    Carmen Elena

    Southamerican people also like Copeland. Nos fascina!!! La música es hechizante y cautivadora. :)


    Lauro Gabriel stfu

    Marcio Giuseppe Fortunato

    @Carmen Elena brazilians dont get along with Spanish speakers,don't try to mix everything its a lie.

  88. Juliana Lima

    Why have so many Brazilian People hir?

    O Quarto Imaginário

    +Juliana Lima a band called fresno played some of their songs on a tv show here and basically showed us copeland

    O Quarto Imaginário

    why? good music must be shared!!

  89. Roush Hawley

    GO back in my air conditioner condenser where you belong!!!!

  90. Vitor Alves


  91. Supra2JZ

    this video; the feelsss

  92. bornflippy1

    Hey Copeland..I am thinking maybe some people want you to go visit Brazil..can't be completely certain...but I am guessing it is true.

  93. Suru ocean



    Come to Brazil!

  95. the Shameless Pursuit

    So... when are you guys coming to Kansas City?

  96. Samara Pacheco

    come to Brazil!

  97. Ryan Myer

    Stay away from Brazil. It's a trap.


    +Ryan Myer fuck you?

    Giovanny Fernando

    +Ryan Myer It's a trap Bino! ... run for the hills !

    b. mchd

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk é uma cilada Bino

    Dyemis Junior


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    come to Brazil : )