Copeland - Erase Lyrics

Sweetest, taste your armor
I can never mold.
Feel it. Hold your honor, bright as fallen snow.
Now your heaven keeps me honest, but you can see my grey has faded, and you can’t erase it.
Never know you’re waiting, listening to your heart.
No one seems to notice
that all my broken parts get mended, but I feel alone,
and you can’t erase it again.
And from my words your will was broken, knowing I’ll never get it back.
Feeling all your worries, I can never know.
Bleeding for your kindness,
but I cannot control heaven
or your hell, when I have nothing
to offer you now,
and you feel alone,
and you can’t erase it again.
You’re still a breeze upon my skin, close my eyes, breathe you in.
I’m still the shadows in your night, taking over, until I fade into your light.
But you won’t erase me.
Heaven or hell will have to wait.
You won’t erase me.
So you just color me from grey.
“Hello” through the crowd
when I thought I saw your face.
Ever I was searching, endless all these days, but you didn’t know my name, now I...
I can’t help this awful feeling
that I can’t erase you.

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