Cooper, Alice - Return Of The Spiders Lyrics

Well stop look and listen there are ants that are gathered here
With my hands raised to speak but you all won't hear no you all won't hear we all won't hear
Let me in your living door let me in knock knock I said is there
Well it's me they're reaching in and I'm coming after you I'm coming after you coming after you
Well I'm tired yes I'm weary from my long journey but I'm not yet all ready to rest
For you can come along with me we go searching for rest yes
Come on and search with me oh search with me woah search with me
Come on and search with me wo woah come on and search with me aah

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Cooper, Alice Return Of The Spiders Comments
  1. william leyva

    The dou!ble Gibson SG guitar band, M. Bruce and G. Buxton, I wanted an SG because of this family was poor, but my savy mom go me that guitar and had faith that I would go far...I did this band formed the backbone for me to get my master's degree in music...they are sadly under rated and deserve more. Vote: I want to be elected...better candidate

  2. Tim Prescott

    NOW we’re talkin’!

  3. Fabien L'amour

    I think only Dennis was able to play at this point.😁😁😁😁

  4. James Short

    Punk before it had a name. Nobody was buying this stuff back on the day. It was so far ahead of its time. This and Pretties for You, The MC5, Stooges, etc. were in every cut out bin in America.

  5. Tony Cona

    I would love to see Alice's current band pull this one out and bring it back to life. With the guitarists he has in his band right now they could really tare this one up live.

  6. Theafor Mentioned

    I bought my still mint vinyl copies of this classic and Pretties for You at The Van Buren Drive In swap meet for 10cents each back in like '72, this song ripped my brain a new one, felt good...

  7. A Blast From Your Past

    Kick Azz Tune

  8. P R

    A lot of people, including the new CBGB ' s early New York Punk scene felt a strange sense of betrayal by Alice when he went Vegas and a more conventional route,
    dismissing guitarist Buxton and the band.
    This was a band that was touting themselves as "Gay" ( really a publicity stunt) back in 1971. Unheard of.

    Without Alice Cooper a lot of androgynous rock never would've happened including Marilyn Manson who was just Alice for another generation.

    Rick Oursler

    P R Buxton due to his alcohol and substance abuse could barely play. That’s why

    Gary Williams

    @Rick Oursler Alice Cooper gave up drinking and probably couldn't be around his drinking buddies as well.

    Rick Oursler

    Gary Williams True


    I agree with all you said, except the band didn’t “tout themselves as gay“. GREAT band, anyhow.

  9. Robert Murphy

    Easy Action , they let Alice out of His cage for this one !

  10. Brian Bingham

    First album I bought by this band in 1970!

  11. Glyn Hannaford

    Superb early material

  12. Johann Kloos

    I'm definitely a fan of the first two albums. They were very experimental and had loads of great new sounds on them that would later become familiar. I'm glad they were released, so we could hear how they developed their sound. They were a prototype art rock group, proto Punk freak rock..anarchic, Da-Daist. It helps to get into the corners of their music, to seek out the stuff that made your ears tingle. That's why I like these records.

  13. everett binder

    Who knows where it would have ended for this band if only aghh.

    Felipe Hones

    @rememberthecoop1 that's the key thing right there in my opinion...that the "guys" (Michael mainly)...didn't want to work with Ezrin on "Muscle of love" which to me was big mistake and was a key factor in the group breaking apart...damn shame , we (the fans) should've had 5 years more w/the original line up w/or w/o Buxton (who was my the way) but can you imagine if they replaced him w/ Wagner ? What kind of colaborations Bruce, Cooper, Dunaway, Smith and Ezrin would have come up with Wagner contributions would have been something extraordinary to say the least........oh i should wake up now ...out of my daily 46 years of Alice Cooper Group fantasies ...


    @Felipe Hones Yep I hear you. Or even Rockin Reggie Vinson who co-wrote Billion Dollar Babies and played on se cnb real Coop band records.

    Felipe Hones

    @rememberthecoop1 i heard Rockin Reggie was a great friend of Glen's and played some parts on maybe "Luney tune" and some others i'm not so sure of...i made a dedication to Glen Buxton on the last "The Nothings" album "Lovely" he meant so much to me !...Phil Holmes of "The Nothings"


    @Felipe Hones Wow an honor to meet you. I became friends with Reggie on Facebook actually. Great dude.


    Very big Zappa influence in the first two albums. Yes, the next four were "killer" albums, but I like listening to Pretties For You and Easy Action to get an appreciation of Alice's roots.

  15. themopedmetallist

    THIS is what happens when the future Godfathers of American shock/theatrical/glam/art rockers get their hands on a couple of sunburst Rickenbackers and a Gibson EB-3 bass rattle-canned green from a pawnshop in Phoenix AZ :thumbup:

  16. DAVID MATHEWS/The Minerals

    This early shit wasn't too good.Much better by the time they recorded Killer.Disjointed and all over the place here.From Killer to Billion dollar babies is the prime cuts.

    DAVID MATHEWS/The Minerals

    My mistake,I thought Killer was before Love it to death.The four core are the only great Cooper albums worth buying in my opinion.Love it to death, Killer,Schools out and Billion Dollar babies.


    i love it all over to death easy action killer pretties for you

    Kevin M

    Same here. I liked muscle of love too though. Although I do like some stuff off of this. Shoe Salesman in particular but yes you could see different types of stuff attempted. When I first got this I was disappointed but it's grown a bit.


    DAVID MATHEWS/The Minerals I don't agree that they're the only four great Alice albums or the only ones worth buying, but I do consider all four among the greatest albums of all time, while I don't feel the same about any other of the band's albums or Alice's solo albums. But I would call DaDa, Welcome to My Nightmare, and Alice Cooper Goes to Hell all great albums worth listening to as well as Easy Action and Muscle of Love. The only Alice Cooper album I truly can't stand is Trash. What was he thinking? There are a few albums of his that are pretty bad, but Trash, to me, has no redeeming qualities.


    Pretties for You will always be their best record - this is pretty good though, ^oo^

  17. maynardmoleman

    The second lp,the seeds of what was to become a rock and roll monster...

  18. ieronimo18

    Neal $mith was the best drummer of that era.


    he was total crap! and I'm his biggest fan!

    John Goodenberger

    Him and Keith Moon in a way had a very similar style. Very unique to everyone else.

    Lawrence Aransas Pass TX

    John Goodenberger-Neal Smith and Keith Moon had a friendly rivalry over who would have the biggest drum kit. I guess Neal won by default. RIP Keith Moon.

    Ricardo Roman

    Neil Smith was good but John Bonham was the best in that era

    A.J. Reynolds

    @Ricardo Roman Carl Palmer was a lot better than Bonham.

  19. Theafor Mentioned

    Coop and the boys are rockin' on this one...

  20. Shawn Fairholm

    killer the energy and can feel its influence on under my wheels...wish he dusted off this one and did it live!!!

    Electron John

    This was the last song Alice Cooper played from an album before Love it to Death on the Love it to Death tour.

  21. red nx

    this song is hyper rock at full volume