Cooper, Alice - Refrigerator Heaven Lyrics

I'm freezing I'm freezing I'm icicle blue so low low cool
Cyber neurotic technicians imbue so low low cool
I've been admitted to refrigerator heaven until they discover a cure for cancer I'm low
Refrigerator heaven so low refrigerator heaven
I'm ice packed I'm hand stashed I'm waiting for you I'm older and younger preserved in a tomb
I've been admitted to refrigerator heaven I feel like I told you on my heart
I won't get back 'till the sun sets down on the moon
Won't get back 'till the sun sets down on the moon

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Cooper, Alice Refrigerator Heaven Comments
  1. R Richards

    Great music. Can hear a lot of Beatles influence in their early recordings.

  2. MrLive2win

    No one can do weird/bizarre rock like early AC. Great stuff!!!!!

  3. Simple Dreaming. Soñando Fácil. TTYL

    So this song is about NECROPHILIA ?
    ..and He says he is Christian?
    Can anybody please explain. Thanks.

    Kelly Blackmon

    This song is about cryogenics. It is also a long time in Alice's career before he became born again.

    Kelly Blackmon

    @Headphone Man Welcome to my Nightmare album is the nightmares of Steven, a young boy.


    @Kelly Blackmon Born again? Like, the Christian death-cult? Yuck.

    Kelly Blackmon

    @scowell perhaps you should watch some of his recent interviews. He is very devout today.


    @Kelly Blackmon Perhaps you don't understand... I regard this as negative. Religion is food for suckers, and creates mindless drones to do the bidding of demagogues. Perhaps you've seen this at work in the USA or Saudi Arabia today.

  4. Marcus Speidel

    A very beautiful track...😊

  5. Marcel LAZZER

    That Band was incredibly HUGE!!

  6. YHWH revength

    Walt Disney

    Creepy Skulldini

    Aristotle Onassis too.

  7. Tony Taylor

    This is Alice at their conceptoin. Almost. Love this raw track

  8. stuart irvin

    Refrigerator Heaven /Cold Ethyl

    Jack Meoff

    When I was a kid, I heard of Refrigerator Heaven before I actually heard it. And I figured it was Cold Ethyl part 1, and assumed it was about necrophilia :D

  9. Ms. Felony Strutter

    This album...OMG Frank Zappa took ALL THE BALLS out of a great band, this is fucking embarrassing..


    i can't wait until the STDs finally take their toll on felony strutter.

    Henry Krinkle

    Zappa didn't take the balls out of anything. This is how they sounded in the beginning. They were first and foremost an "art" band back then -- they liked to experiment with unusual song structures. And if it weren't for Zappa giving them some recognition, they probably would never have been signed to Warner Bros. and all that great later Alice Cooper music would probably have never happened, Felony. You complain about Zappa but really you should be thanking him. He's the main reason we even HAVE an Alice Cooper.

    And I'll take anything from Easy Action over anything from Contrictor. If your idea of "balls" is Alice's 80s hair metal period (and I have a feeling it is) then thanks but no thanks.

  10. Steve J

    Here's an uplifting ditty about cryogenics!