Cooper, Alice - Only My Hart Talkin' Lyrics

Anybody's dream can fall apart
Anybody's mask can break
Couldn't tell you how I wanted you
Enough to make you want to stay
I never said the words out loud
I guess I couldn't get'em straight
Baby, give me one more chance
Before you walk away
It's only, only, only my heart talkin'
Yeah, it's only, only, only my heart talkin'
Saying things I never thought I'd say
Can't you hear me knocking
Tried to fool you but it wouldn't play
Cuz my heart it's talkin', it's talkin'
Baby, it's talkin'
Talkin'to you
Every time I take it to the edge
Every time I'm so afraid
Don't you know I cry my eyes out, babe
Every time you look away
Oh, I almost dropped a tear
But I caught it just in time
I'd say the things you want to hear
If you'd help me, help me, help me try
It's only, only, only my heart talkin'
Yeah, it's only, only, only my heart talkin'
Saying things I never thought I'd say
Can't you hear me knockin'
Tried to fool you but it wouldn't play
Cuz my heart it's talkin', it's talkin'
Baby, it's talkin'
Talkin'to you
Well, I don't want to hide away
Hide away without you, baby
Don't you go and run away
Come on and help me, baby
Just a little help, baby
Oh, my little baby

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Cooper, Alice Only My Hart Talkin' Comments
  1. diana rozslay

    THE BEST SONG 4ever4me ...............................

  2. paolo rossi

    the n80ìs girls...ahhh what a beautiful times

  3. paolo rossi

    all the song is a duet with the great Steven Tyler! unbeatable in rock ballads

  4. Grand Dental

    yes it is victor tallerico

  5. lfxciii

    lekker outydse vuil rock!

  6. marjuk

    In 2020

  7. Tanya Scott

    Love this song it reminds me of my male friend he makes me feel better because my heart talking to him

  8. Rodrigo Duarte RetroGamer

    Steven kkk


    Dec 2019 ..?

  10. Pepito Abdominales

    Que buen tema

  11. thee4thdoctor

    Yes, that's Steven Tyler. The guys have been friends since back in the 1970's.

  12. John M

    1,503,736 XO

  13. Felipe Ramirez


  14. geothon

    Trash '89 is the album that changed my life.

  15. X X

    Glam metal Alice Cooper = best Alice Cooper.

  16. barbara r

    Greetings from Cleveland ohio2019

  17. Vilma Araújo de souza

    Linda música tanto quanto l never Clay e Poison esse cara é fera!!!

  18. Moisés Castro

    Steven Tyler with Alice. ImI.

  19. Candy Cain Churchwell

    Coop I grew up on your songs. I love them all. Feed my Frankenstein is my favorite

  20. Petra Girl86

    This video likes to make me feel sad XD


    He is still the King of Shock Rock

  22. sofakingdrunk66

    Up there with some of the best love rock ballads ever..

  23. Nando GC

    Terrific ballad !!! 10/10 !!! Alice's a Rock Master !!!
    ...and the model girl is really beautiful !

  24. Vintage Music, Action Figures, and More

    I like how Steven Tyler screams in the background. It’s funny cause I just got the two cassettes for permanent vacation and trash and I hear this I’m like how ironic

  25. Paula Hobbs

    Alice coopers music isvthe best

  26. Sylvain Philys

    💙💙💙 tu as eu Salvador Dali comme maitre 🍄🍄🍄 quelle chance ❤️

  27. Shakina Frink


  28. Bilbo Baggins

    4:16 Steven Tyler reference on the car. He is singing guest vocals on this great song. It's really hard not to recognize that singing.

  29. Paula Hobbs

    I love the song its only my heart talkin by alice cooper

  30. Paula Hobbs

    I love alice coopers trick or treat video!

  31. Sonya Belmont Farenheght

    It's funny that this incredible album named Trash...

  32. algundiaveras

    Ese Alice es un Loquillo 😁

  33. diana rozslay

    MY FAVORIT SONG ---- 4ever ----- my heart beat...... :))) Thx. Dear Alice Cooper = my cure

  34. junglejim junk

    I shocked about how Steven Tyler stole Alice's gal

  35. destROYer T

    Steven has left the building.

  36. Jason Barbush

    Alice can be an idol to fanatics but that wasn't his intention.

  37. seto sama

    First Alice Cooper then Ozzy Osbourne and last is Marilyn Manson.

  38. seto sama

    Alice Cooper forever!!!

  39. Jason Barbush

    i bought this cassette when it first came out for 7.99 and my Sony player still works with tape covering the battery compartment. back in those days there was a bargain for new releases at Wall to Wall.

  40. ricardo salazar


  41. DethOfDrgnz

    Yes that was Steven Tyler in the background. By the late 80s Coopers popularity started to drop a bit but Trash and Hey Stoopid had a more 80s metal sound and had a number of guest appearances on it. Both albums did well and give Coopers career a boost.

  42. Jomppe Jompesteri

    Two masters. They sing that end so wonderfully together!

  43. Jeff Kells

    Alice cooper still awesome after all this time still rockin,good on him,but I miss the original band

  44. Jordi Crivillés

    Pure feelings!!!!Alice Cooper its rock And heavyyyy metaal

  45. volcanicus vs abominus

    The car of the end is from steven tyler

  46. OnTheRunSinceBirth

    Bobby Chouinard What A Swag This Guy Had. As A Kid Loved The Tyler Contribution And Still Do.

  47. diana rozslay

    My favorit song ever ---- yeeah ----My heart beat (y) talkin'... :)))

  48. Guido Emanuele Dott Galasso

    Alice, unrepairable hurts😱

  49. Shawn Rose

    Not even Alice Cooper could escape singing a ballad in the 80s

  50. Noah McIver

    another ballad that seems to have been over looked.

  51. Cléa Nasc

    Alice Cooper você fez e faz parte da minha música com suas lindas canções, muito obrigado. A💗L💗I💗C💗E👏🏾C💗O💗O💗P💗E💗R.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🇧🇷

  52. Timo Rekonen

    Timo Rekonen (+358) 045- 80 671 54

  53. Sean Morrison

    Shouldve been a bigger hit

  54. Amy Korpal

    Damn too bad I couldn’t sing this to my ex b4 he died to tell him how I felt 😢😢 man how life is the crazy part is I could’ve but I didn’t cuz I didn’t have the guts and now no closure cuz I didn’t know he was dead until 2 months after man sucks to b me lol.

  55. Flowers finale10 F

    2018...........yep it's Steven Tyler haajajhaja

  56. 30032003ful

    ахуенный музон бля заебись !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Scott Oswald

    One 🤔 of my favorite 🤔 Alice Cooper 🤔 songs 🤔!!!!

  58. Χριστόφορος Ζερβάκης

    Alice Cooper is a devoted christian anymore.

    Brendalee Lydon

    he's been a born again christian for decades now, since he got clean & sober lol

  59. Scott Oswald

    Alice Cooper the greatest shock rocker evere

  60. Dorian Hawckmoon

    One of the best power ballads of all times

  61. Barbara Hernandez Pacheco

    He has always been here and I love his music xx

  62. Bret Michaels Fanpage

    Steven Tyler, my other idol, on background vocals

  63. Brandon Lee Vellozo

    I'm so glad they used Al Pitrelli's tone from Trashes The World in this song. I've always thought it was one of the best guitar sounds I've heard in my whole life, and I listen to rock and metal since I was born

  64. Andre reis

    Ate minha tia ama esse cara ate hoje

  65. Miss U

    "Baby, give me one more chance
    Before you walk away " I never want Alice to walk away! :) Stupid girl in the video! :) I would never leave him! Never! :) :) Alice is better guy than Steven :)

  66. Pamela Witcher

    Dam Alice cooper. I love that song. Sounds good

  67. david rosa

    una obra de arte musical la mejor cancion de alice cooper con una buena lirica y sinfonia agradable al oido y al corazon,

  68. Anna Em-Em


  69. Seth Schiller

    Good song but you can hear steven Tyler voice in it this record trash was produced by Desmond child who produced many aerosmith records unfortunately this song was rarely heard or seen on MTV

  70. Ignacio Zetina

    Grande Aliceee !!!

  71. Karlos Reyes

    El papa de kiss

  72. C Oliveira

    Yes! It's Steven Tyler on the backing vocals.

  73. Scott O.

    One 🤔 fucking-good song

  74. GODrules555


  75. JD McD

    Great ballad. Alice is the greatest ever.

  76. Scott O.

    Also 🤔 for Spanish-speaking🤔 bye gamboa🤔!!!!

  77. Джо Джонсон

    Отличная вещь. SUPER !

  78. BzzKll2k15

    steven tyler said Fck it for the last 15 seconds I won't even sing real words."

  79. johnathon Adams

    If you dummies listen you can hear Steven Tyler in the background. Just open your ears. And listen maybe you should not give stupid questions like that

  80. Jasper Onyx

    I met him, he was so humble and kind. one of the sweetest human beings ive ever met. :)

  81. poison.berry

    wonderful Song

  82. Just Hannah


  83. JuggaLuggaLocoroni Weirdo

    He’s hot in this video too....😍

  84. Rob Foam

    I'm old enough to be a HUGE Alice fan since Love It To Death. I HATE this whole Trash album. The songs, the commercialism and especially the way he pronounces some of the actual words in the lyrics. I am revisiting the Trash album to try to like it but I really hate every song. Especially following up Raise Your Fist and Yell... which is pure Alice. Thank God Hey Stoopid came after this stuff and saved me. Yes and I even liked his pop albums like Lace and Whiskey or his weird ones like Special Forces and DaDa.

    Rhett Kraljevic

    I love Trash. Even though almost every song is about sex, it's a great album in my opinion. I especially love Poison, Bed Of Nails and Spark In The Dark. I like Raise Your Fist And Yell, Constrictor and Hey Stoopid as well. But I see why a long time Alice fan would dislike Trash.

  85. Michael Makridis


  86. Chantal Descheneaux


  87. krombergbf

    Alice Cooper is a genius of rock music. But this piece (and all the trash album) is just bullshit. The worst AC ever (and i like aerosmith...)

  88. Marcia Luiz

    Amo Alice cooper.

  89. Laurence Schaufelberger

    Laurence schaufelberger. J adore !

  90. ConStance Steele

    we all have hearts but not everyone uses theirs....

  91. ConStance Steele

    we all have hearts but not everyone uses theirs....

  92. MegaJetJaguar

    Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Alice? ;]

  93. iek yr

    Algún mexicano aquí ? 😁

  94. Scott Oswald

    Also,🤔 available on gamboa-for Spanish-people 🤔!!!!

  95. gustavo algusto do nascimento

    1990 eu tinha 20 anos de idade curtindo muito essa música saudades dessa época

    Leonardo Jiménez Escobar

    Esta musica me acompaño tanto tiempo, todo tiempo pasado fue mejor

  96. Scott Oswald

    Stop 🤔 putting labels on me because I 🤔 don't follow the way you 🤔 live your life 🤔!!!!

  97. Chantal Descheneaux

    Talking to you someone you reconnize you my heart ❤️🤟🏽❤️🤟🏽🔥🔥💋💋🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

  98. Dan Chartrand

    SOmething changed in this video over time... Steven Tyler's backstage pass said "PUMP" if I remember correctly... and the license plate said "Tyler" which ALice says at the end, if you can lip-read... why was there a change? Rights? Trademarks?