Cooper, Alice - Mr And Misdemeanor Lyrics

Mister and misdemeanor middle of the roaders set beside the ocean
Landscapes an' laws agoshin' who put all of this in motion
Lucky Luciano Kenneth Pasarelli you take the modern mosquito to every big city
I sit beside misdemeanor here's new pretties for you
Nobody likes me but we adore you da da d da da yeah yeah yeah yeah
Nasty misdemeanor kickin' in the windows parked beside the ocean
Landscapes an' laws agoshin' who put all of this in motion
Da da d da da yeah yeah yeah yeah da da d da da yeah yeah yeah yeah

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Cooper, Alice Mr And Misdemeanor Comments
  1. Canal dos cara

    The Doors

  2. Gary Clark

    nobody likes me .but we adore you.

  3. Gary Clark

    always loved the outro

  4. Doran Jensen

    When this came out I was 16, this rocked my world. Still does!

  5. Jonathan Hands

    I saw them when this album came out, at the Rose Palace in Pasadena. Took a little too much orange sunshine. But I still remember. Great song

  6. striker2479

    Alices classic snarling vocals make their first appearance.

  7. Kim Jong Un

    Definitely slightly better quality recording than Pretties For You. The songwriting is starting to sound like the Alice Cooper we know. I was 12 or 13 when these two albums were reissued in 90, or 91. I remember popping in the Pretties For You cassette for a rather large crowd of potheads. We all thought the tape was broke somehow.

  8. Creepy Skulldini

    THIS song is where the CLASSIC SIGNATURE Alice Cooper VOCAL STYLE made it's debut, so THAT makes it significant. I also like how it has that weird fusion of psychedelic rock and vaudeville show tune.

  9. ieronimo18

    I don't know why but I've been singing this song every morning for years and years as I make the coffee.

  10. chris binckes

    this here got more sparkle and clout than a lotta contemporary stuff back then 1970 thanks alice you came along at the right time

  11. 420 Express

    great album please check out Essential Classic Rock Vinyl
    including Alice Coopers album Welcome to My Nightmare
    and many more videos

  12. johnny zell

    Mr and Misdemeanor
    Middle of the roaders
    Set beside the ocean
    Landscapes alive agoshin'
    Who put all of this in motion
    Lucky Luciano
    Kenneth Pasarelli
    You take the modern mosquito
    To every big city
    I sit beside Misdemeanor
    Here's new pretties for you
    Nobody likes me, but we adore you
    Da da d-da da, yeah yeah yeah yeah
    Nasty Misdemeanor
    Kickin' in the windows
    Parked beside the ocean
    Landscapes alive agoshin'
    Who put all of this in motion
    Da da d-da da, yeah yeah yeah yeah

  13. hoegis

    It's a common practice to name songs and albums as "underrated" but this might be the most underrated LP of all-time. Fecking Lucky Luciano.


    hoegis Kenny Paserelli! Good bass player. Barnstorm and others.

  14. Gio Gionist

    Much Heavier than ozzys or Ian gillans voice!

  15. Marcel LAZZER

    Love that song! That Creepy sound!!

  16. ieronimo18

    Neal Smith started to advance his skills on this LP, helping to establish the band's rhythm. This LP was a huge leap from Pretties For You.

  17. Lawrence Aransas Pass TX

    I bought 'Easy Action' and ' 'Pretties For You' in 1971,after I had gotten 'Love It To Death'. I remember how I was, at 13 or 14, kind of disappointed, because I expected a harder sound, but the more I listened to these two albums, the more I liked them. This song became one of my favorites.

  18. themopedmetallist

    In a way, early Coop lyrics read like Q crumbs/drops/etc. WHAT WE HAVE NOW BEGUN TO LEARN should serve as to undestand WHY so many of our musical inspirations Opted Out, whether from The Business or from life altogether. Those with a shred of morality IN jail or fighting life as they say In The Rooms. Shitty yet: must wait out alco-relapse-trigger Miller ads, just to see benign content here.

  19. kayfabe 58

    A better clan mix would help this immensely

  20. kayfabe 58

    Who produced this mess?

    Evan Rommel

    It wasn't David Briggs actually; apparently it was "Alice" (Vince). And he did pretty well for a beginner.

  21. kayfabe 58

    The Doors influence is so obvious

    Sherry Caldwell

    Cunt face

    kayfabe 58

    Wow..look at your history....AC was influenced by The Doors its a known fact...they were a great band with no discipline..Bob Ezrin was the reason they became commercially viable...stop with the angry, uneducated bullshit seem like an angry undereducated troll

    Marcel LAZZER

    kayfabe 58 Agreed! "Desperado" on "Killer" is dedicated to Jim Morrison.....'nuff said!!😉

  22. Wombat Care Bundanoon

    My sister bought me this album when I was 9 years old.....I played it over and over, memorized it well and truly. So many memories associated with it too. I Still love this sonic trip to the long lost past.

  23. Alan Lloyd

    after 3 listens this album is REALLY good

  24. Joe Rivera

    I Fucking Love This Album and Song

  25. Henry Krinkle

    I'm liking this entire album more and more as time goes by. I didn't get it at first, but it's growing on me. Beautiful Flyaway especially. That one's amazing.

  26. Alec Bilicki

    Lots of Frank Zappa influence

  27. Sugaree Wazoo

    I just love the sound of all instruments on this album - just grabbed me from the start; I was only 6 years old. I had the vinyl and bought the cd in a fabulous record store in Berkeley, Ca (Amoeba) exactly 9 years ago. This is rare and hard to find; originally released on Straight Records.

    jeffrey biscoe

    Jonny Simon, You can definitely hear them finding the sound that would take them on to huge success later with Alice Cooper . I don't like the whole lp but I definitely like some of the songs .A important album worth owning for a true fan.

    mark horton

    Sugaree Wazoo Maybe my favorite AC album

    Scorpius Balthazar

    Wayne's World is what got me hooked at age 8.

  28. Only Ed and The Almost

    Alice on the cusp of stardom.