Cooper, Alice - Below Your Means Lyrics

Come with me and we'll play you've got a lot I want like to stay so good so far
I see you playing right along sometimes it's better to belong ooh
I'll sing you my all night song you know it's better to belong
Under the cover of a midnight scene I got the sheets below your means ooh

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Cooper, Alice Below Your Means Comments
  1. Jimmy Mack

    That Dennis Dunaway can play that bass

  2. Andrew Oliver

    This is a great tune.

  3. Surfs Up

    Early Coop's the best.

  4. djharp51

    Loved all their exploratory stuff from the earliest days! Sad to think all went to hell with their final rise to fame ! Sheesh!

  5. Jb Addams

    R.I.P. Glen Buxton


    just before 3: 40 just awesome awesome guitars

  7. hoegis

    Got the record 73. Love Alice Cooper 1969-73. PFY and EA are insanely underrated.

  8. fly one

    Trippy Song

  9. Snake-Eyes 82

    I don't understand why most people credit Bob Ezrin with making Alice Cooper sound great. These guys are incredible in this song and the entire album. You can hear the basic threads of what's to come in right here!


    Bob Ezrin did the next album, Frank Zappa and Ian Underwood worked on the previous one, idk who did this one hehe


    @PappyWappy43 This was still under the Zappa Straight label I think, ^oo^


    @PappyWappy43 This was produced by David Briggs who often worked with Neil Young.


    @ChromeDestiny And Spirit. Who were brilliant.

  10. Jb Addams

    i think this is Alice'Cooper's best!
    Come with me and we'll play
    You've got a lot, I'd like to stay
    (So good, so far)
    I see you playing right along
    Sometimes it's better to belong
    I'll sing, you feel my all night song
    You know it's better to belong
    Under the cover of a midnight scene
    I got the sheets below your means

  11. Robert Murphy

    Below Your Means has some cool studio fade out effects !

  12. Miles Neil

    So rock hard, you said you were looking well , I’ve got em

  13. Miles Neil

    They’re rare especially unopened

  14. Miles Neil

    I’ve got pretties for you on 5 different labels all on straight labels and one of them is unopened promotional label and I’ve got easy action unopened as well. Email me at. [email protected] if interested

  15. Rick Oursler

    One of my favorite AC albums

  16. Brendan Wiant

    goddamn brilliant. Period.

  17. Scott Allsebrooke

    this album was probably one of the least played in my collection.

  18. Ted Ozdowski

    The guitar work on this is INSANE! Who taught them those chords? The devil?

    Michael D. Bauer

    You are correct. Insane. Their individual contributions are what made them what they were. They were all great musicians and wanted/needed to be given their props. They had Alice as the front man, but they wanted to be noticed as well. What better way to do it than to show off their abilities. Starting at :43 through 1:00, they have a tapestry of notes that culminate into a beautiful minor chord. At 1:36 - 2:00, they do an amazing trade off. Alice had some good songs after he left the original guys, but the original guys were the ones with the charisma. I'm just finishing a book by Dennis Dunaway called "Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!: My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group". I'm loving every minute of it. It's worth a look.

    Ted Ozdowski

    Damn! I'm listening to it again!

    Michael D. Bauer

    Headphones make all of the difference to hear their work spread out to reveal their individuality. Enjoy.

    Ted Ozdowski

    That's how I experienced it way back when, and did it right now in 2018. #brilliant

  19. professorpsoop

    wonderful. this band was the original prog rock band

    Shane Smith

    professorpsoop And punk and glam and shock


    @Shane Smith And glitter, since nobody used the term glam way back then.

  20. WeAreAllOne ExceptForThatGuy

    Thank you for providing this. Please correct the description: Michael Bruce sings the vocals on this, not Vince/(Alice). Michael has a great voice - what a talented guy - composer, lyricist, singer, multi-instrumentalist (guitarist, keyboards), and oh so handsome. Everyone in the original Alice Cooper group was excellent.

    Troy Jarvis

    WeAreAllOne ExceptForThatGuy it's the Alice cooper band you pleb he's not saying it's Alice himself. Singing

    Ronnie TalktoRussia

    I love the Alice Cooper band, but sex symbols they were not.

    John B

    And how.a fan since 68!!

    Vicky Winters

    @Ronnie TalktoRussia Thinking someone is handsome does not equate to one being a sex symbol. Hyperbole much?

  21. Even Spot

    Guitarist Michael Bruce sings lead on 'Below Your Mean' and 'Beautiful Flyaway'

    Maere Dab Tsog

    Michael sings lead on a lot more ACG songs than many people are aware of.

    Ronnie TalktoRussia

    I knew about Beautiful Flyaway, but always thought this was Alice singing.

    Maere Dab Tsog

    He also sings the first two verses on Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio.

    scott Pettigrew

    I did not know that

  22. Anthony Graham

    Been one of my favs since I saw them at Grand Haven roller rink in 69.