Cool Kids, The - Checkout Lyrics

[Sir Michael Rocks:]
Whoa, hey, hey, ayy, ayy
Ayy, ayy, diamonds
[?], huh, call 'em up
I need all the yuh
Get the girls, put 'em in line
I need eight or nine

Call me up, whip a rock
Tater tot, breakfast spot
Every day, that's all I
Got to kill
I count my blessings with an abacus
Abracadabra, I got the magic wrist
I got a squad out assemblin', you're tremblin'
Suck my dictionary, Marriani on the emblem
Knew I was the GOAT from my zodiac symbol
Four by four trucks pullin' up to the window
I roll the window down from the tint
When I send 'em
No sticks, no seeds
Good weed, gluten-free
Back again, coconut water
You, not that baby father

[Sir Michael Rocks & Chuck Inglish:]
Uh oh, where it's at?
Want money, need check
Uh oh, where it's at?
Want money, need check
Want money, need check
Want money, need check
Want money, need check
Want money, need check

[Chuck Inglish (Sir Michael Rocks):]
Money fill it out, yeah it's gettin' wild
Nigga look at me, I'm the captain now
Get yo' cap and gown, oh you droppin' now?
Oh you rappin' now? What you rap about?
These ain't just words to a verse
I ain't talkin' you to death, I'm just takin' you to work
I can make the bands dance, bandana on the handle
Handstand for a grand, that shit jammin' like a hammer
You niggas prayin', you ain't got my shit together
My beats got better, and my bars got heavy
Triple strap forces in the sold out club telly
We them guys like Teddy, black street no diggity
(Let's get to it, I'm ready)
I said the wire's comin' through, let him know when I get it
Ayo, we comin' up a level
The Rollies lose value when you icin' out the bezzle

[Sir Michael Rocks & Chuck Inglish:]
Uh oh, where it's at?
Want money, need check
Uh oh, where it's at?
Want money, need check
Want money, need check
Want money, need check
Want money, need check
Want money, need check

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Cool Kids, The Checkout Comments
  1. Nero Sol TV

    Yooo Cardi B just bit Mikey Rocks' flow from this track on that "YES" song she did with Fat Joe... SMFH!

    Listen to the last bar of her verse and tell me she didn't bite Mikey...

  2. Brock. Landers.

    From beavis and butthead to this mike judge amazing

  3. Rare Dzzz

    Soon to be continued. In the heap of the morning . The chick gave out multiple answers I filled her up with da No. 1 pencil call that a scantron

  4. Matthew Wilson

    Name a better duo, I'll wait.

  5. Deana Foster

    They on Madison and keeler westside of Chicago in the beginning

  6. prod by F.O.N.

    I promise ya!!

  7. Wish I was sleeping

    Why dude sound like he puttin fake bass in his voice tho? 😂😂😂

  8. Owen Weiss

    back at it with tha fire beatz

  9. alienmahar

    Actually came back here to see how its doin' and it's at 98k views :( got me fuckedup

  10. AJx408x

    Jin yang pullin up to this lol

  11. Christoffer Howard

    Bro it’s 2018 and this the dopest shit I ever heard🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. DracoTheBlkGodGamer

    welcome fucking back instant sub

  13. Koko

    ' I'm not the papi!' LOL

  14. Tobias Trust

    Greetings from Silicon Valley (Jian Yang)

  15. Ghassan

    richard. hallo. this iza jian yang. youuu are a shitty CAEO

  16. Aye Leeze

    Mikey look like J Cole

  17. Bryn Whitehead

    Value[ ]Able

  18. MrUtuber2012


  19. Phil Schultz

    mannnnn this not getting the attention it deserve. shame what people think is good these days. hope these guys keep pumpin out beats

  20. Melissa Ami

    Why did you change your style? Love your music but this song is wack

  21. Mike's Night

    Get money need CHECK

  22. CampCartel

    Yaw need more shine, been listening to you guys for almost 10 years

  23. Brendan M

    Man these fools sold out!! Thought I'd check em out again cuz their old shit use to be good. This shit just sounding like all the other new rap crap nowadays. Smh

  24. A Jo.

    when is the last time y'all heard the word 'abacus' used by a 21st century MC?

  25. Nero Sol TV

    I was disappointed in the album but this track I rocks with heavy + a few other tracks. I love The Cool Kids forever mane!

  26. Chan W

    This beat is cold as mother fucking fuck...Nothing less from Chuck Inglish

  27. illy love

    so good

  28. Alex Silgalis

    YESSSS!!!! So glad I got some new Cool Kids to bang in the '95 4 Runner. Hopefully I can still find this album on wax.

  29. Sean Simpson

    looking for th lp now!

  30. Sean Simpson

    hey know this but their shit hits so hard. I like how they came back though. out of no where now I'm bumpin the special edition grandmaster deluxe and keep going back

  31. 1,000,000 subscribers for no reason?

    *K I D S N O T H O T*

  32. 1,000,000 subscribers for no reason?


  33. Bruva Cap

    This shit hard

  34. froladee

    I LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!!

  35. josh B

    drop some more new. solid verses still beat kinda dope

  36. Dani

    chuck for delivery, mikey for bars.


    Ay this lit

  38. LeviDaManJabroni

    abracadabra i got the magic wrist

  39. Rocket Killy

    Welcome back 🚀

  40. Rocket Killy

    The Most underrated Duo🔥🔥 to Ever do it, lets argue 😎

  41. DJ Vadim

    album is sick. video and whole album . you shelled it big time. omg. runnin it

  42. Will Wy

    Chuck spazzed. Verse of the year.

  43. imdatruth1

    The originators

  44. thepretenda

    Is there a parody of this yet? This sounds like the BLM anthem!

  45. Khalif Williams

    So they did breakup I knew I wasn't tripping

  46. benjamin jones

    1st vocal breakbeat mirrors "Everybody Get Your Roll On' 2nd sounds like 'The Lox'

  47. DopeDecibel

    Dopeness 🙏

  48. Daniel Brown

    That's RIGHT!!!!

  49. Kay Real

    cool kids

  50. Marez Walker

    I knew they'd b back. The game needed this shit! 💩

  51. J Applonie

    No Kidz in the Hall


    From the same city, and both came out around the same time. So its easy to confuse the two.

  52. J Applonie

    Are these the dudes that had the music video at a car dealership or some shit?

  53. Ike Royal

    so how can u youth $50 into $50,000 lol

  54. NoMargins Media

    Love the cool kids and I'm super excited about the new album but this video is kind of whack

  55. Shayne Abrahams

    need to switch they style up nobody feeling this shit anymore they makin the same damn songgs they was making 10 years ago lol this hurts bu sry yall


    Mikey Rocks solo shit is classic in the last 7 years, and with the Populair and Populair part 2 EPs, he definitely experimented with switching his style--and all the the old school Cool Kids fans wanted him to go back to the old style, which he did on the new album.
    Can't impress everybody...half niggas want him to go back to the style 10 years ago, and the other half want him to switch his style up. Motherfuckas always going to complain!! But if someone isn't feeling any of Mikey Rocks solo shit, subjective or not, I feel they don't have good taste in music. He had something for everybody on The Rocks Report, Premier Politics, Premier Politics 1.5, Lap of Lux, While You Wait, Banco, Populair, and Populair 2-----if you can't find AT LEAST 1 song that you like from one of those projects, then maybe your taste in music is just shit LOL ...IMO, Chuck and Mikey Rocks solo shit has been better than their group stuff, but the new album is thumpin' in the ride!

  56. Shayne Abrahams

    I'm sorry these niggas missed they time and fell off I used to be a HUGE fan they missed they window the game passed them over really AND they didn't sign with diplo lol wtf over it

  57. DxLeadShow

    fucked track ,,, I'm hooked ¡¡

  58. Kana Beats

    I'm ready for the comeback!!

  59. Peter White

    This dude chuck flow is crazy now

  60. The Common Sense Hour

    Welcome Back!!!!

  61. Nick Cooper

    Cool kids will go down as this generations tribe called quest. Underrated hip hop classics .

  62. LeGawwd James

    I hope they keep killing it..

  63. Peter White

    New song featuring Jerimih

    Cool kids - 9:15 pm ft jerimih

  64. ezell I very

    The cool kids is dope

  65. Jacob Timonen

    Just saw these guys drop unreleased tracks at north coast music festival off the hook!!

  66. RealRudeReid

    The Cool Kids still rap!? I remember you guys from Myspace

  67. Raimy Winter


  68. Raimy Winter

    welcome back yo. this is going to be grand

  69. Walking Classic


  70. Patrick Caya

    Can't wait to check you out at northcoast sunday

  71. Ryan Smith

    Tigers hat, cubs jersey? Maybe I'm oldschool, or just old

  72. Monteeair Bailey


  73. Johnathan Rasean

    Chuck and Mike!!!!



  75. S Nolan

    so glad to see them back!!

  76. Horselamp Deity

    Chuck inglish God damn verse trash

  77. Johnathan Rasean

    ahh snap! cool kids back in effect!!

  78. Aaron D

    Can someone inform me? How did they fall off in the first place. This is my first introduction to them and I think they're dope. Kinda remind me of Injury Reserve!

    Jarrick Williams

    Aaron D These guys influenced groups like Injury Reserve and Odd Future.

    Aaron D

    Oh okay cool. So how and why did they fall off so to speak?

  79. The Flexxer


  80. venusinscorpihoe

    omg i love this

  81. jay kj

    Good to see Mikey Rocks on some more positive hi-energy sht. Was a lil worried he was gonna get too stuck in his feels after listening to Populair


    Fox means 666 lol XxX means 30 silver coins


    Chi Town Pilsen. Youngmike312. Cool kids are going to the tire shop

  84. Sabahko Ualreadyknow

    Super Flames comeback track !

  85. THrow Away

    Fuck I was n high school when I used to listen to this duo

  86. t curtis

    they should've put this on Worldstar so the young kids could see it. the only people here are already fans

  87. 08bourquem


  88. Manchester Is Blue

    welcome back to the game

  89. Harry Rudd

    "good weed, gluten free" terrific.

  90. Julian Nitsch


  91. Real Nigga Yamcha

    They Back!