Cooke, Sam - Unchained Melody Lyrics

O, my love, my darling
I've hungered for your touch
A long lonely time
Times goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?
I need your love, I need your love
God speed your love to me

Lonely rivers flow to the sea, to the sea
To the open arms of the sea
Lonely rivers sigh
Wait for me, wait for me
I'll be coming home, wait for me

O, my love, my darling
I've hungered for your touch
A long lonely time
Times goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?
I need your love, I need your love
God speed your love to me

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Cooke, Sam Unchained Melody Comments
  1. Rachael Nowlin

    How many balladeers exist today? Sam was one of the greatest

  2. Brennen Lancashire

    Still listening in 2020 👍🏻 his voice is so pure and soulful 💖 he was the KING OF SOUL 🎤 😎👍🏻

  3. Thelma Pompey

    This man know he Look Good To me Thelma

  4. Thelma Pompey

    Sam cook know he can sing I just Love his music thelma sterling

  5. dswaggda

    Here in 2020 and Beyond

  6. Kapil Kale

    what a beautiful voice...

  7. Boris B

    bumblebee brought me here... i think i will stay for a while :)

  8. Queenofthegoofballs74

    My God this is 100 times better than the Righteous Brothers!

  9. Terry Chandler

    Sam Cooke what a voice just think if he were white all the thumbs would be up, but who cares we still have Sam and all they have is hate and envy.

  10. Nunu Loser

    Nobody sung this like Mike Yung sorry Sam I still love u rest up

  11. The Piano man

    This song actually made me cry


    Listening IN 2019 wyd ? 💯😎

  13. Dominique Descottes

    Quand c'est authentique ,comme ici,c'est encore plus beaux
    (pourtant SCOTT WALKER des Walkers Brothers savait donner du sien)

  14. John Steele

    Just the best singer ever.

  15. michael george

    Sam sings this song like he does with all of his songs with great passion.

  16. Lyn Procopio

    beautiful. so beautiful.

  17. kacenoroyal

    A wonderful rendition from this genius, I thoroughly enjoyed his take. Bobby Hatfield's version is still my favorite but his version gives a new perspective & feeling of this most beautiful song. Both died tragically.. May they Rest in Peace 💔💔

  18. Terry Chandler

    The great Sam Cooke touched this song like no other his vocals made it possible for all of us to travel on his journey and once again I am transformed into a passenger on a trip and the pilot is God's messenger the one and only Sam Cooke the shooting star. I thank you!

  19. LoveH 123

    Bumblebee movie brought me here

  20. Jenni Duc

    Wow 💙

  21. Sheryl Iheanachor

    rest my dear...we miss you

  22. Nicholas Grayson

    His voice inspires and touches your soul to this day. There's been little notoriety, no big Hollywood films, no reinvestigation of his murder.... Truly an injustice and tragic end to such an iconic figure in music, and more importantly his stance for equality. Things have improved since then but we still have so much hatred in this world. One day people will realize we don't "have" a soul, we have a body... We ARE that soul. When you consider the title "King of Soul" there is no greater title.

  23. Lois Prince

    Delicates to the one that I Love 💚💛❤️😉😍🥰😘XOXO 💋💋💋💋

  24. Sweet Memories

    The voice of an Angel. Always give me chills. God Bless you Sam, wherever you are.....

  25. Kiara Fox

    Now and days the music artists are doing are about violence,drugs,sex an disrespect I prefer old skoo music I’m talkin bout these kinds of music❤️🏆they are simple but yet so beautiful!! GOD bless each an everyone of you🙏🏼

  26. X Tubeit

    Beautiful Poetry! Feels like a beautiful love story!

  27. Carl Beeson

    What a lovely voice and a great song

  28. 007 716

    They killed him so sad!

  29. Dominic Samuel

    Sam can heal the dead with his voice

  30. ReBel1US

    Nothing better, anyone who thinks other can kiss my ass :)


    My favorite version.

  32. Glen McGregor

    This recording came out the same year I started high school. I remember hearing it. Always felt it was strange that the only version was the one from the Righteous Bros. True they own it, but Sam did a wonderful job.

  33. Cathy Woods

    what a wonderful interpretation of a fabulous song. rest peacefully Sam.

  34. conchi dominguez

    Maravilloso!! Maravilloso!! Me encanta 🤗

  35. Doris Letendrine Larsson

    A very sweet and nice version. .beautiful. ..


    la température vocale énergiquement parlant de ce chanteur est comme une eau douce, tiède parfaite pour la détente.

  37. Victor Shavers

    Y is Sam not considered tha king of rnb

  38. Don Diego Vega

    This man's voice, his way of using, just so amazing, a gift, such a talent....!

  39. Sean McGuire

    Love Sam but righteous bros killed it

  40. Chelsea Beere

    Played this song at my wedding and it was beautiful.❤️

  41. clarence fender

    I love sam Cook's voice but I love this song by Roy Hamilton.

  42. michael george

    SO SAD he was Murdered by a Black piece of trash who got away with it. SAM is singing this song close to how it was originaly recorded.and your right in 2019 535 thumbs down feel sorry for them.

  43. RodCornholio

    All we have is the art we leave behind.

  44. Lynne Clarke

    the late great Sam what a voice. Thank god we can still listen to it...thank you Sam

  45. Lilia Mkrn

    Are you still mine 😌🎶

  46. Kota Kidd

    Dude! Still can't believe Bumblebee like's Sam Cooke

  47. Amateur Workout

    Gordon Ramsay would love this song by Cooke

  48. JohnBoehners

    I remember Sam Cook like it was yesterday. Wonderful singer. Smart guy too!

  49. Judith Stith

    Song From my youth!❤️❤️❤️

  50. Betty Drake

    Tthis is so beautiful when u are in lovethis song going out todj/dj before your time listing to it

  51. Tanisha Robinson

    Who sung it first.. Sam, Elvis or Righteous Bros...

  52. michael george

    THIS A SONG that has been sung by every man and his dog but here the GREAT SAM COOKE sings it with total feeling.

  53. Veego von DOOM- Reviews!

    Sam kinda butchered this one.

  54. Mickey Hodge

    Only one Sam ,Thanks for the fine music.


    Its make me mad when you do search in Google and iTunes who is the original singer or first singer OF this music its always says THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHER THE ELVIS ETC... but they never mention SAM COOKE there, well I guess these people are good on stealing shit OF others! This is the problem here in the U.S.A if you are not white they gonna treat you shit! In my opinion if you want to be the AMERICA WHITE AGAIN? I think you guys should keep it in your mind that maybe YOU SHOULD GO BACK TO EUROPE because thats where you belong thats your COUNTRY way way way back then before your ancestors kills these native Indian American and steal the U.S.A to them same what your ancestors did in Hawaii kill most OF people there and change their language.. and also same to the other countries like Philippines .
    To those people doesnt know about the history OF America do the Research first before you talk shit about minority because you guys are same like US “IMMIGRANTS”, “MINORITY”
    Pakyu kayo sampu mga putang ina ninyong mga racist kayo!
    We are all human , we eat a same shit, you poop ,you pees, we drink a same water, we get sick and dies and we are all equal in this planet !
    Spread the Love whatever your colors .

  56. James West

    Sam could lay down a track.

  57. ron freeman

    A more subdued version..but one thats done with style and grace....

  58. Barbie Soli

    MY kind of music, such a great voice to be put out by who knows who or what :(

  59. Carol Taylor

    Sam Cooke's voice.......perfection!

  60. Dave Orange

    Wonderful! 💔💔💔What a tragic death for such a fabulously talented man.

  61. aida ok

    Im confused who does this song belong to? Him or the righteous brothers

  62. Meladisinné

    His beautiful gentle soulful voice on this timeless classic is so endearing to my heart💗💙

  63. Galaxie1967 Ford


  64. Catherine Tillery

    2019still listening

  65. kittylemeu


  66. Matthew Poskonka


  67. mohd hasdi hasdi

    Wonderful voice... very dip in my heart..I like it

  68. 2 Spirit

    A voice from Heaven.

  69. Shae50

    True story, Sam Cooke was friends with my aunt. My aunt took my mother to see him in concert, he sang to my mother during the show. After that he came to our house for some downtime with my family. Word got out that he was at our place and he could barely get out of the neighborhood! Where did this happen-Baltimore!!

  70. me responde corno viado

    quem ta aki por causa do filme Bumbeblee caramba? kkkkkkkkkkkk

  71. Mar

    One of the best songs ever...... and the Righteous Bros ruled......UNTIL I HEARD SAM COOK!

  72. Tiffany Waldon

    Sam sang this so tenderly. Love it!

  73. EDaniel Smith

    One of the greatest voices ever,still can bring tears of joy to your eyes to know his my beloved brother,your music lives in real fans hearts..sam cooke 2019

  74. Laurie Martin


  75. Jhonny V.P.

    Maravilloso tema... Silvanita...

  76. Irene Mccann

    I agree, I bet most of them are fifty onwards, no taste for decent music, they are brainwashed, with rubbish.

  77. Terry Chandler

    This beautiful song is searching for a new heart to live in as time has passed on just listen and you will be forever touched. The young may never know how great Sam Cooke really was but if you listen you will so please just listen. Thanks

  78. Terry Chandler

    life is so short and the special moments have to be captured and given to us by someone special like the great Sam Cooke, he touched me with this song in ways I could never imagine and will forever grateful for his blessing! Thanks, Sam

  79. Ambia Khamaly

    Unchained melody =
    1)Righteous brothers
    2)Sam cooke

  80. Jane Woods

    I always loved Sam Cooke.

  81. Michael Deane

    So gentle and sublime. The best version....


    Nice cover

  83. graworth

    The range of Sam's voice is chilling. Not in my generation, but remember my older brothers listening. His voice is amazing!

  84. finansingh

    Superb. I also like Righteous Bros. Can't really compare

  85. F Tremblay


  86. Rosannasfriend

    I didn't know he sang this until I clicked into this video a couple of minutes Is definitely a different take on the song and then I'm used to or I was expecting. I like it.

  87. twh che

    Rest in Peace Sam Cooke with your Ancestors

  88. Karen Lee

    Love my Sam!! ❤️


    “I spin worlds where we could be together. I dream you. For me, imagination and desire are very close.” ― Jeanette Winterson
    .It would have to be, for me to survive.
    Boop, Thank You for loving this dreaming caveman, Will

  90. Mary Killion

    So beautiful RIP Sam Cooke

  91. Mike Schneider

    That song will live eternally like truth.

  92. Ayman Ashley

    Classically beautiful


    “Time is too swift for those who fear, too long for those who wait, too short for those who finally find peace, but for those who love, time is eternal. For nothing is ever lost that God wants you to find.” ― Shannon L. Alder
    Boop, Thank You for loving me, Will

  94. Very Rancid


  95. Pepi Mateo

    magistral que voz👌👌👌

  96. Double J

    Sam Cooke Bio on Nexfex Heavey and Sad...

  97. Patti Thomas

    I'd love to dance to this at my wedding.

  98. Ernie Gervacio

    Great great vocals, just had some goosebumps. If only someone can "clone" his voice but I doubt it. I put this on my greatest list.

  99. 113 DmG

    They should make video and mimic scene from movie, but have Sam Cooke lookalike play the ghost. That would be cool!

    113 DmG

    Make video as if it were in the same time period as right before he died.