Cooke, Sam - That's Heaven To Me Lyrics

The things that I see
As I walk along the streets
That's heaven to me

A little flower that blooms in May
A lovely sunset at the end of a day
Someone helping a stranger along the way
(That's heaven to me)
That's heaven to me

The feeling I have when I hear a touching prayer
It makes me know, the Lord is somewhere
Even the birds flying around in the air
(That's heaven to me)
That's heaven to me, no

It doesn't have to be a miracle
In order for me to see, I know
The goodness of my, my Savior
Is everywhere to me, woah, woah, woah

Even the children playing in the street
Sing a friendly hello to everyone that they meet
Even the leaves blowing out, blowing out
Blowing out, blowing out on the tree
(That's heaven to me)
That's heaven to me, woah, woah

Woah woah, woah woah, woah Lord

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Cooke, Sam That's Heaven To Me Comments
  1. Sharon McDaniel


  2. Dr. killpatient

    Unfortunately, Sam was the living embodiment of a Jekel & Hyde. And, one tawdry, twisted night he paid for it with his life. Let's just pray, for those of us who continue to love him, & how much he means to our lives; that he didn't pay with his soul.

  3. Doll Baby

    This may b a satanuc earth, but the Almighty is always protecting me. All be blessed.

  4. Wacky WondeR

    Love this man's voice.  Favourite singer of all time for me.  My mother and I usually argue, as she is an Otis Redding fan.  I do love Otis, as you feel his songs to the bone, but for me, Sam takes it.  He has that gut wrenching soulful voice that can take you to church or that smooth captivating voice that can belongs on any radio station or music hall.  Also love Farewell My Darling, Jesus Wash Away My Troubles and A Change Is Gonna Come.                                                                                                                                                     Some other positive songs if interested : Al Green - God Is Standing By / Emeli Sande - Next To Me / Mr. Vegas - Nobody Greater                                                              Bless you all.

  5. Stephanie Moore

    I love Mr. Sam!

  6. Ben Hardwick

    that heaven fo me tha tha yes

  7. Adrian Sturdivant

    The most wonderful voice I have ever heard LORD HAVE MERCY!

    Lynda Martinez

    from heaven!

  8. Rica Yohan

    My Grandmother Annie Love 💘 to hear her Sam Cooke- Now I understand why!

  9. Temper-Mental MissElayneous

    "The goodness of my saviour is everywhere to me."

  10. Catherine Tillery

    2019 loving this man always

    Lynda Martinez

    always and forever

  11. Kristal Price

    My papa would play these alot when I was little

  12. chaniqua smith

    Sam Cooke voice is heaven too me.

  13. Jerry Weems

    Sam Cooke's music is the soundtrack of my life in growing up in rural Mississippi. I discovered Sam Cooke as a child through my mother who introduced me to him when I was six years old. She loved him. I have never heard such a beautiful, melodious, and dulcet voice in all of my life. Today, I am still inspired by his timeless music. His voice takes me back to the days of my childhood. I will always love Sam Cooke.

  14. Carolyn Patton

    I love this song!

  15. Marioñ Turner

    He is the best of all and the greatest of all

    Lynda Martinez


  16. Delores Brown

    Delores Brown 5/3/2019. I was just 14 years of age when we lost you. I am now 70 years old and still pissed off

  17. Merilyn Phillips

    Saw his photo in a record store, as a young girl and fell head over heels in love. He was so beautiful. ❤

    Lynda Martinez

    so gorgeous was his face,his smile,his voice and his heart!!

  18. Brazen Hammer

    Touched by god

  19. Emma l vittatoe

    Show you right there never be another like sam cooke.

  20. Cynthia Anderson

    Amen. 2/5/2019

  21. Doll Baby

    This is HEAVEN. To hear Sam sing after his death is so wonderful. Will always be listening.

  22. Sheila Davis

    KCT It would be a waste of time ,strength & effort to even make an attempt to try to copy Sam Cooke I don't think it can be done GOD created Sam Cooke the one & only Sam Cooke no copies & not even trying to copy GOD gave Sam a very unique voice when Sam Cooke sung a song it touches a person soul there are not to many singing artist past or present that can do that exactly the way GOD intended Sam Cooke to sing 🎵🎶🎼and yes * A CHANGE IS GONNA COME Thank you JESUS 🙏Amen February 14, 2019

  23. Will O'Neil

    I'm in tears right now my grandfather was friend's with the soul stirrers and Sam that's all he talked about I miss him terribly.

  24. Hannatu Adaw Yarkasuwa

    Playing this song is really heaven to me.
    Wish I'd seen Sam cooke this side of eternity.

  25. DRT, Prime Syde World Wide Productions

    My all time favorite from Sam,he painted a good picture here,Prime!!!

  26. Tyrone norfleet Norfleet


  27. Unikitty

    Im 8 and i love him and my 59 year old grandma mmmmmmm

  28. bluenote824 jones




    Jean Macey


  30. Debbie Nobbs

    The one and only Sam

  31. karen denise

    Look at this handsome man. god bless u Sam Cooke.

  32. Lucinda Simms

    My father loved Sam Cooke nd so did I. .....grew up on this. I wish I had a tape recorder back then father had a Beautiful Voice

  33. candy candy

    Beautiful song recommend to me by a person so dear to me!

  34. ch0701 da

    What a voice! Simply Heavenly!

  35. blacktree

    his phasing was always on point.

  36. gethighonlife11

    Sam Cooke -The Man & His Music: one of the best compilations of all time if you ask me!

  37. Elissa Schornstein

    Sam had the most beautiful voice. An incredibly talented song writer.
    Miss you very much Sam. I wish things could have been different and we could change history and make things right.

  38. Elissa Schornstein

    Sam Cooke was a truly brilliant singer / songwriter. The very best. A gorgeous voice and a lovely looking man.

    Jean Macey

    Elissa Schornstein .

    Akimbo Slice

    He made all of the white girls hot and bothered 😆 Joking aside Sam was one of the greatest singers of all time IMO!

  39. Olan Moorer

    GOD is in us.Heaven is here within us

    Lynda Martinez

    the ultimate truth and reality!! may thousands of generations yet unborn thrill to the heavenly voice of Samuel dale Cook aka Sam Cooke1

  40. Elissa Schornstein

    Beautiful Sam Cooke a perfect voice.

  41. Sharon Mcfarlane

    Rip !! sorry u had to go so early ! love your golden voice your songs are perfect for this generation !! hope they learn how to write and sing a good song !

  42. Sam Cooke

    Feels like coming home, Sam the man. The best their ever was and 53 years later no one can top him!

    Jesse James

    why cant music be like this now. What happened most music now i cant listen to on radio it consists of hate

    Akimbo Slice

    Agreed, No one can touch Sam Cookes soulful singing! ❤

  43. Johnnie Dixon

    A great great singer and songwriter period

  44. Jill

    these years of trevail...I choose my lyrics? ok....nearer my god to thee

  45. muller ethio

    love Sam Cooke, I have been listening to him since I was a kid and I still do

  46. Dean Baker

    it's true

  47. Pauline Stanley


    Roosevelt Farmer

    Pauline Stanley Sam cook

    Barbara Brown

    Pauline Stanley. You so right Pauline, nobody sing like Sam Cooke , he was one of the best. sents shivers over me now. R.I.P. Mr. Sam Cooke

    Sheila Davis

    @Barbara Brown I couldn't had said it better ☺ November 6, 2019

  48. Damon Flowers

    That's heaven to me"

  49. Cleveland Thompson

    One of the most soulful singers that I have heard.

  50. Melanated Seoul

    uncle sang this at my Grandmother's 80th birthday celebration... that was about 14 years ago..she passed on this morning..knowing you were guided through by the mercy of the Most High..that's Heaven to Me.


    sorry for your lose sam will bring u back though just listen god bless u

    Melanated Seoul

    +hawk0187ify thank you and God Bless

  51. hermon bitsuamlak

    listening to such breathtaking song..... that's heaven to me. Much love Sam Cooke

  52. Angela M

    Love this man's music, have loved it my whole life.

  53. Freeman Burgess

    My brother loved Sam Cooke's voice, and I began to appreciate it at an early age too. His talent was unique and is still elite. He could go from a soothing and mellow tone to a powerful controlled crescendo like the waves on a beach.

    Stephen Miholick

    +Freeman Burgess I agree Freeman, his voice was Angelic to me. Give's me chills every time I listen to him sing. The only problem with his music was his songs were only 2 minutes long.

    Cynthia Franklin

    what a gift! Sam Cooke I Love hear his music I tell you the true that's real music

    Barbara Brown

    My God Freeman, how well you put that comment. love it won't never forget it. Sam Cooke Spirit live forever

  54. Saundra Canada

    I love me some Sam cook any and everything he makes

  55. Stella Bell

    I loved this mans music.He could really"SANG"!!!! lol

    Mae Barnes

    Sam Cooke is the best that ever did this song.

  56. Coy Stokes

    A Masterpiece...

  57. Marvin Thomas

    Where two or more are gathered the Lord is present so it doesn't matter that Only ten people have commented, we are the Lucky ones...GOD forgive us All our trespasses...


    @Marvin Thomas Amen brother.

  58. alicejs

    Very beautiful song...

    Ricky J.C. Robinson Jr.

    It is.......

  59. Benjamin Pritchett

    Wow only us like 10 people have commented on this beautiful and for me very calming/soothing song

    CocoaFemme 1015

    Benjamin Pritchett: It's just been in recent months that I have known Sam Cooke even sang Gospel!! The only songs I knew from him before were: Twistin' The Night Away, Cha, Cha, Cha, Chain Gang & I'm In A Sad Mood!! Upon discovering his Gospel Collection, MANY of them move me to TEARS, which RARELY happens!!

  60. Mimi Dudley

    I'm absolutely loving this song. My favorite spiritual song.

    Akimbo Slice


    Akimbo Slice

    Someone stopping to help a stranger along the way, thats heaven to me!

  61. Alpha XXL

    My dad raised me right. Sam Cooke is all he listens to from the time I was little til now as we speak. Its a tragedy what happened to Sam Cooke. I just wish he was here to get these no singers in line.

  62. KCT

    What a sublime singing voice. Perfect. Oh, I wish people would listen to this style and copy IT, instead of some of the divas.
    I never tired of this singing voice.

    Sheila Davis

    KCT.It most certainly would be a waste of time ,strength & effort to even try to copy Sam Cooke & there would be no need of trying not even for 1 second 🎶 & 🎶

  63. Author Christopher Ware

    It's been years since I have heard this song!!! It reminds me of my loving late mother Gussie B. Odom. RIP my love!!!

  64. developmentalism

    this is a great song! only on one album if im not mistaken

    barbara Lowe

    eddie long