Cook, David - Fade Into Me Lyrics

All I feel now is the weight of the day
I need you with me to push it away
When we disappear into each other
Our colors appear and bleed into one

Fade into me, fade into you
The two of us melting together
Until we become something new
And we can escape
And watch the world chasing to find us
Both of us hidden from view
If you fade into me
Fade into me

When I'm broken you're the one thing I need
Like an ocean I feel you crash over me
When we disappear into each other
Our colors appear and bleed into one

Fade into me, fade into you
The two of us melting together
Until we become something new
And we can escape
And watch the world chasing to find us
Both of us hidden from view
If you fade into me

Let go, fall in
Drown in the moment with me
Sinking 'til we start to break

Fade into me, fade into you
The two of us melting together
Until we become something new
And we can escape
And watch the world chasing to find us

Oh fade into me, fade into you
The two of us melting together
Until we become something new
And we can escape
And watch the world chasing to find us
Both of us hidden from view
If you fade into me
Fade into me
Fade into me

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Cook, David Fade Into Me Comments
  1. Atash Hudson

    This is real music without any nudity to sell !
    Keep on rockin Dave💜

  2. Viviane A. Martins

    All I feel now,
    Is the weight of the day,
    I need you with me,
    To push it away,
    We disappeared into each other,
    Colors appeared and bleed into one,
    Fade into me, fade into you,
    Two of us melting together until we become something new,
    We can't escape,
    And watch the world chasing to find us,
    Both of us hidden from view,
    If you, fade into me, fade into me.

    When I'm broken,
    You're the one thing I need,
    Like an ocean,
    Feel you crash over me,
    We disappeared into each other,
    Colors appeared and bleed into one,
    Fade into me, fade into you,
    Two of us melting together until we become something new,
    We can't escape,
    And watch the world chasing to find us,
    Both of us hidden from view,
    If you, fade into me
    Not gonna fall in,
    Drown in the moment with me,
    Sinking till we start to breathe,
    Fade into me, fade into you,
    Two of us melting together until we become something new,
    We can't escape,
    And watch the world chasing to find us,
    Fade into me, fade into you,
    Two of us melting together until we become something new,
    We can't escape,
    And watch the world chasing to find us,
    Both of us hidden from view,
    If you, fade into me.
    Fade into me.
    Fade into me.

  3. claudine alvarez

    I love this song 😭

  4. Seidr and Incense

    I danced to this song with my husband at our wedding ❤️

  5. Netty Fullwood

    Amazing voice❤

  6. Gandhi Yuda

    02 / 06 / 2019

  7. Ashutosh Chakravarty

    Amazing song !!!

  8. Tana Burgard

    I ABSOLUTELY couldn't love everything about THIS, "more..." Such a PEEK, into a wonderful Man! 💝🎶🙌 I HAVE been following Dave, SINCE the "moment," I knew who he was... 💗😘💞 Go Dave, YOU can DO "anything," you put your beautiful mind to. ('FAITHFULLY,' standing by... ;) to see, where YOU go!

  9. Netty Fullwood

    Amazing voice

  10. dino Pacana

    My idol american rocker...his voice is so amazing..!!

  11. Debonie Baguio

    IT'S 2019 AND I'M STILL INTO YOU!! <3

  12. Im idiot zzz

    Finally i found this song for how many years 😭

  13. Ireene Lee

    It's 2019 and I'm still love your voice.

  14. Maharani Fajria

    I just knew this song from my gym playlist. I can't get it out of my head. Now become my favourite! Love it so much 😍

  15. LavenderOcean MaryAnn

    David is really good..... I think he was leaning too alternative and the labels wanted him to make more pop songs. He has a very unique voice.

  16. Dini Jesant

    March 2019

  17. pablo castaneda

    Efffff Bas Ass 2019

  18. Sothia Chhoeum

    Beautiful song! I love you David Cook ❤️🥰🎶🎵🎸

  19. Natalia Rica Ch

    Dec 2018

    Aldona Pranckevicius

    Natalia Rica Ch

  20. Danielle Rickel

    i like to David cook a lot

  21. Benjamin Sather

    i love this song

    Aldona Pranckevicius

    Benjamin Sather
    l love too!!!!

  22. Tiesiog Ieva

    I still love this song. Many artist songs come and go from my playlist, but this one is here to stay for years in future.

  23. Anne Hofer

    I had a friend once. Literally crossed paths. Had he stayed, I would have remained with him forever. was not to be. Sorry, love. Forgive me. I’m so sorry.

  24. nng4263

    He is the best idol that rock :-)

  25. 03pattie1972

    For anyone interested check out his new EP Chromance. He also made his Broadway Debut in April this year in KINKY BOOTS! He'll be back for another run July 17th until Sept 9th. He's incredible in this role, both vocally and acting. His British accent in this musical plus his interaction with the cast members is amazing. The whole show is a must see! You won't regret it!

  26. Jennifer Perez


    Aldona Pranckevicius

    Jennifer Perez
    Love Him too!!!!

  27. cookdenmark

    Loooove this song - still my fave. Very gratefull I got to hear this one live 👌🙂

  28. Erick Victorino

    One of the icons of AI. This man is a musical genius.

  29. Kyra Fugate

    Where's this music video filmed at?

  30. deborah skyrim

    I sooooooooo love this song !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very beautiful

  31. Julia Utari

    My high school memories. I miss it dang much. Seven years gone and I dearly love this song

  32. EL10

    His voice 😍👌🏻

  33. bloodYred daisy

    Listening from Philippines Year 2018. Who's with me?

  34. Karl Jose Buena

    Still one of the best vocals in the industry, I hope he gets the recognition he deserves! :)

  35. Toni Whitt

    David Cook is one of a few treasures that came from American Idol. He is seriously underrated as vocalist, his voice is phenomenal

  36. sandra wunderlich

    I would fade into you any day-beautiful song and a v. waltz

  37. Kelly Peters

    My favorite person ❤️ I could listen to him talk/sing all day!! A decade later and not one regret!!

  38. MLarracuente

    2018....another year watching this underrated gem. Love it!!!!

  39. susan wallace

    I miss you David bring back that heart n soul rock!

  40. RoundJava Tour and Travel

    David...I like ur voice .verry nice song

  41. Sf M

    2018 and I still listening to this song

  42. jessica Fagundes


  43. dina miiiee

    He has a new song out on Spotify. Listen to it guys!

  44. Black Widow 244

    Watching in 2018😍 amazing voice

  45. leandro carvalho

    Amo suas músicas

  46. Neyama Alladin

    David Cook: the perfect combination of talent and looks.. but he remains underrated :/ Sad.

  47. leboong

    Really miss you ...

  48. dcfanjane S.

    579 dislikes!WTF!!! open your ears people!!! Such a great album!

  49. neonia hazelwood

    Great song and video.

  50. 64mbarreto


  51. NyCArole426

    David Cook ....just listen ....AMAZING!

  52. NyCArole426

    David Cook yOur VOICE is a Gift!!

  53. Monarquia do interior paulista por Monique

    I like to listen to this song while remembering about my Japanese Grandfather Mr. Michisuke Furuta.
    He died before I was even born in the country he was burried. Thank you 4 the sound, David.

  54. mrprojoe1

    i wish david cook wasnt underrated cause he is very amazin just like daughtry who is also underrated

  55. mrprojoe1

    i wish david cook isnt an underrated singer cause he is an amazin singer

  56. Edma Pacanor

    Just stopping by to say I love you.

  57. Aiyana Jordynne

    10 years after being introduced to you I still have your music on repeat. I adore you Mr.Cook

  58. STFU Gaming!

    2017 here

  59. kalusovsky

    R Palmer...

  60. Greys

    this reminds me of the time when life was harder than now

  61. Jamyra Herriott

    nice video

  62. Thainara Pinheiro

    Sou fã, como ele canta bem meu Deus.
    David Cook Apaixonadaaa

  63. Thainara Pinheiro

    amo muito

  64. NyCArole426

    Happy 5 years of Awesomeness!

  65. tainah Brandão

    love song

  66. clare keegan

    what a beautiful song

  67. Grace Lee

    Love it

  68. Javier Sinclair

    i love David cook that's it

  69. abc

    David Archuleta is the best American singer i've ever found....being from india...

  70. Jenny Phillips

    Have faith, David. You are amazing and so faithful. You have been blessed with incredible gifts and talents. I've always believed in you.

  71. tom lorance

    only beautiful memories

  72. Godwin Mushi

    Love david cook and his songs

  73. Alice Gheorghiu

    The best American Idol💐

  74. Jennilhennan

    Love, its so beautiful!!!!!

  75. kunanod kaskasame


  76. Ðämøŋ Kristoff D. Sàłvätørĕ

    that heart shape on his hand is a real tatoo? :D

  77. Brianna Huber

    To any other Steven Universe fans out there: is it just me, or does this song make you think of gem fusion? Or specifically Ruby and Sapphire? I mean, listen to the chorus and think about it. :)


    +Brianna Huber It's just you. :)

    Natalie Ortega

    I hear it to

    Brenda Mona

    completely :)

  78. deza pradana

    one of my favorite song :) i lke your voice very much

  79. susan wallace

    I believe he could be amazing and rock the world of heartfelt and sincere music....but he needs a punch! A big old rock solid outlet and let him pour his heart and soul................His voice is truly remarkable!!!!!!! love him to this day. woot!

  80. just a random kid

    I read this as "David cock - fall into me"

  81. CookieBabe

    One of my favorite songs by David!! After watching this video, I knew I had to see him in concert!!!

  82. Lacy Lacy

    love pretty.

  83. Gabby Romano

    Easily one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard and definitely one of my favorites by him <3

  84. a james

    Why wasn't this song ever on the radio? I am so sick of the radio stations playing the same dozen songs over and over. This is as commercial, marketable, and catchy as any pop song out there.

  85. cougar40n

    Hey, David Cook fans! His new album is available for pre-order, along with great album packages and insider sneak peeks at . Check it out!

  86. Anotheryou21

    To this day, I don't think he really knows how good his voice is. That's part of his charm, but he needs some serious marketing and managing by people who do know. I think he views himself principally as a songwriter, and his songs are fine. They just don't generally rise to the level of his vocal gift. I'm not sure great voices (especially male voices) are even valued in the marketplace like they once were. One wonders whether Nat Cole or Frank Sinatra, or even Joe Cocker, who didn't write songs, would have been successful at all in today's music market.


    @Felipe Valdés
    I wish hm success, admittedly because I just love his voice and success would mean I get to hear more of it. Agree he needs to do something different, but I don't think he would do lousy songs just to be marketable, nor would I want to hear them. There must be a better way that will keep him working and showcase his superb talent. His work with Axium was amazing. but I don't think he wants to go back to rock. Perhaps he needs to collaborate with a really great songwriter like Elton John did. Maybe I'm off base but I'm wondering what would happen if he knew how really rare his talent is, what listening to his voice does to people. There are actually many moments on record where it seems clear that he does, but just as many where he seems to shy away from delivering the goods. Maybe I'm just greedy.

    Brianna Huber

    The way today's music market works is probably why all of my top 4 favorite artists are at that level of fame where a good handful of people have heard of them, and they'll pop up on the radio every once in a while maybe, or poke their heads into the mainstream here or there, and they're popular enough that I can find their albums in stores like Best Buy or Barnes & Noble, but overall, they have a loyal following just below the mainstream level. The artists/bands I speak of are: Anberlin, David Cook, Adam Lambert, and Jack Johnson. All male vocalists with unique, wonderful voices, but who don't fully play into the 'mainstream'/Top-40 game. Adam probably comes closest to mainstream pop with his music, and he has had success in that he toured with Queen as a stand-in for Freddy Mercury. I'm convinced that all of my favorite artists are amazing enough that people with good musical taste appreciate their talent and greatness, but not commercial enough for TPTB to promote them into mainstream visibility. I've been doing thesis research on fandom culture, and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that TPTB ("The Powers That Be" a.k.a. network, studio, and record execs) are notoriously out of touch with the creative folks in their industry (musicians, actors, production folks, crew) and the fans they are supposed to be marketing to. I'm not saying there aren't any great mainstream artists, but I am saying there are a lot of people who are famous who probably shouldn't be and a lot of really talented people who should be. I definitely agree that David would benefit from a better marketing team to get word out about what he's up to and promote his albums and shows. I only found out he was coming to Eugene, OR on his Digital Vein Tour because the little strip on his Spotify page that says when an artist is touring told me. I hoped to find promo posters for his show around downtown or the UO campus so I could steal one for my wall, but I never did. He's been working with Pledge Music, which allows for fan involvement. I don't know much about how that works, but I feel like he could totally rally a street team or something. A lot of people loved him on Idol, obviously, given that he won, so I'm pretty sure it's a matter of casual fans not knowing what he's up to these days rather than him not having many fans, and casual fans don't seek info out like the die-hards. Someone has to put it in front of them. *sigh* I wish I single-handedly had the capability of a full marketing team, or at least more social media clout as an opinion leader.


    @Brianna Huber

    What a thoughtful reply. I come from a musical family; my dad was a singer with an amazing voice roughly comparable with Andrea Bocelli, but with less vibrato. From the beginning I developed a keen awareness of vocal ability and I know that is only one of many factors that go into success in the music business today. I tend to focus on that one aspect and it's rare to have everything line up for an artist where they attract a really huge audience.When I do hear a really extraordinary voice l just want to hear more of it so of course I want them to be successful so they can keep recording. I think the vocals Mr. Cook did with Axium were the best I have heard from him so far, and that sort of music really showcased his talent much better than his current pop song efforts, but that is just my taste, perhaps. It may also be that his current music just fails to emphasize the vocal element, which is sad because that is far and away the best element he has to offer. Other male voices that I have particularly responded to in the pop/rock genre have been Steve Perry, Greg Allman, Chris Cornell, John Ondrasik, and a few others. Elton John, of course. And some of the talent contest  participants such as Jeff Gutt, Josh Krajic and Caleb Johnson. You are right, there is magnificent talent out there that all too often is ignored by the mainstream, while some less gifted artists achieve success far beyond their talent. Go figure.

    Brianna Huber

    I think YouTube cut your last comment off before the end. I haven't gotten to listening to David's Axium stuff. I'll have to dig into that. I also love songs that showcase David's amazing voice, like "Light On," but I also like when he mixes things up and does power ballads and stuff other than his rock sound. He's one of those people who could sing the phone book and I'd buy the album. I love his falsetto almost as much as when he belts out power notes like at the end of "Wicked Game" (that always gets me). David's voice is well-suited for rock, but I don't want him to be pigeonholed into that if he'd rather be doing other things as an artist. I feel like his voice does shine through on most of his songs, just to varying degrees, and he's got the full package imo, in that he has his voice, he writes or co-writes most of his own songs, he can play guitar, and he produced Digital Vein himself. It's one thing if an artist changes their sound and does pop because it's a commercial thing to do and it clearly doesn't do their talent justice. I view that more as "selling out" as they say. If they do a certain kind of music because it's what they want to do though, I'm more likely to support that. Having a killer voice doesn't mean you have to use it full force on every song you put on an album. I respect David as an artist, so I'm also reluctant to say he should or shouldn't do certain kinds of music. His voice shines through enough for me that I'm not worried as long as he's happy and has enough success to keep making music. I'm more concerned about Adam Lambert being too pop-y and not using his voice to its full potential. He and David are my two favorite Idols of all time. I can't exactly pin down what I think Adam should be doing that he isn't doing since I don't have a formal musical background. Maybe I just hate hearing amazing voices wasted on vacuous lyrics, which pop songs can have sometimes, so I get nervous if Adam dances in that direction. I'm a writer, so I have a great appreciation for good writing. Someone can sing amazingly, but if their lyrics suck or don't resonate with or grab me enough, it rubs me the wrong way a bit. They have to really showcase their voice to make up for it. I'm rambling. I'm trying to figure out why I'm okay with David being pop-y but hesitant with Adam. I don't think I really consider David's music pop. I think I attach a certain negative connotation to the label "pop" in that it denotes a certain emptiness or manufactured quality, and I don't want that label anywhere near my faves because they deserve better. I dunno, I'll have to reflect on this more. I do know though, that after I heard Lady Gaga sing "The Sound of Music" at the Oscars, I thought, 'Why the hell are you doing pop when you can sing like that?!' I'm pretty sure she writes her own stuff though. And maybe Adam does and I'm mistaken in my judgements. I'm trying to figure out if I'm being a judgmental or biased elitist in all of this.


    people only search for Justin's voice -_-

  87. Kelly Mihalaki


    karen dennard

    Kelly Mihalaki

  88. Shi OvO

    His voice. This song. Beautiful.

  89. Nova Tanya


  90. Johan Sharffe

    Me gusta tu video, más nó tu música (Y)

  91. Nathan Houle

    2015 and it couldn't even be any more relevant love this guy

  92. Raymond Tang

    One of the most beautiful songs ever. Love.

  93. Phutthimet Lophithak

    phutthimet lophithak - fade lnto me

  94. H1X2N4

    Great song--loved it.