Cook, Amanda - We All Cry Lyrics

The front door closed behind her
She let out a sigh
She leaned her head against it
And slowly closed her eyes
Was it worth the trouble?
She felt betrayed again
Then she saw the little note
A letter from a friend

We all cry sometimes
We all need someone who cares
We all cry sometimes
We all need someone who'll be there

Another day had ended
She headed for her bed
When she saw the little Book
With all His words in red
"I will never leave you"
She wanted to believe
That He'd always be there
And that's exactly what she needs

We all cry sometimes
We all need someone who cares
We all cry sometimes
We all need someone who'll be there

We all cry sometimes
We all need someone who cares
We all cry sometimes
We all need someone who'll be there

We all cry
It's okay to cry
So let the tears you have inside
You have inside fall, fall

'Cause we all cry, she cries, I cry, he cries, we all cry sometimes
We all cry sometimes
She cries, I cry, he cries, we all cry, we all cry sometimes
We all cry

The front door closed behind her
She let out a sigh
She knew that she could make it
With Someone by her side

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Cook, Amanda We All Cry Comments
  1. Maria Mdluli

    Oh my God

  2. laanmac1

    My God! Wow...

  3. Kingjames Nigeria

    This is good and am so blessed

  4. Wecome xaM

    He's more real than all around of me, i love Him!

  5. M m T


  6. M m T

    Gospel spreads today all over

  7. M m T

    Sooner rapture

  8. M m T

    In ohio

  9. M m T


  10. M m T

    Please pray for me healing health back deliverance from devil possesed

  11. Breezy B

    Hallelujah! Praise be to God ! Hallelujah ! Praise be to the King of Kings ! The Lord of Lords . The Alpha and Omega ! The Beginning and the End . The GREAT I AM ! Hallelujah. Yahweh ! Great you are . Thank you Jesus there will be a day ! That every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord . Oh what GLORIOUS DAY ! 🙌🏾🙏🏾✝️

  12. The Seeker
    Various comments made me share the link of the song which pleads with God to never give up on us despite the shit that encounter daily in our lives. Be revived and stand for your true destiny.

  13. F C

    PRAISE JESUS!! I just came across Bethel Music on YouTube yesterday and I’m so glad I did. WOW!! Everyone on stage is truly amazing and blessed. How can I download this song?? Thank you for your amazing loving music! Thank you Jesus!!

  14. Samuel Ochieng


  15. felix salinas

    I really need to here this song

  16. M m T


    Sheena Critipaul

    M m T Jesus loves you, are you OK?

    M m T

    Yes i need healing

    M m T

    Deliverance from devil possesed in ohio a family that helps me amen

    M m T


  17. M m T


  18. M m T

    No wonder why no beliefs love Christian's seee

  19. M m T

    Get my crazy so called Christian'parentsss s hurting me made my life hell meds I ask fo in Jesus name I 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️

  20. M m T

    🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️ please pray for me healing cash car .. parents get meds nutward meds they r devil possessed amen

  21. R. Adams

    Some think it'll "mess-up the show" if they don't quench the Holy Ghost & not be 'deep'; NOT a good practice.

  22. antonnette turner


  23. Sebastiana Coutinho

    Psalms 50:22 consider this. You who forget God. Or i will tear you to pieces with none to rescue. He who sacrifices thank offerings honours me. And he prepares the way so that i may show him the Salvation of God. Please excuse my commas. Aposterphe. Etc in haste please. Claret fernandes. Corrections all accepted.

  24. Sebastiana Coutinho

    Yehwah. For me. Other way round it is yeahway. Yeah +way=yehway. God is my revelation. He reveals to me in a new and fresh way. All knowledge and wisdom belongs to Jesus Christ our lord. Yeahway. He is the way. Truth. And life no one comes to the abba father but by only one living son of the most high God who is. Who was. Who is to come. Lord God almighty. Amen and amen. Claret here once again with crying out yahweh. He is in the intake. Right in my heart. Right now....

  25. Sebastiana Coutinho

    Yes. You are yahweh. Thats one of your name lord. Yahweh......

  26. Sebastiana Coutinho

    Hi there. Its not so early hours of morning here. Its like stepping your first foot. Past six here. Stef. Amanda. How is life there at bethel. Oh. Love crying out yahweh. Yea its my intake in this ever beautiful song. Love to know the current pastor of bethel. Need to honor the head. As the body is dead without its head. Thank you in short at all in bethel. Loveeeee. Claret fernandes. Great are you lord. He is right here. Right now. Why the delay. He is ever present and ever alive God. Jesus Christ no longer in the grave. He is alive forever more..........

  27. syria mokoena

    Thank u for bringing real worshipping to us

  28. syria mokoena

    Thank u.Jesus for sending the holy spirit to us through this song as u have promised

  29. syria mokoena

    When the holy spirit is in your midst , that's what u feel n I can feel the presence if the holy spirit in this worshipping thank u spirit of God

  30. esther jacob

    I was currently going some rough patch feeling like a sinner and far away from God came across this song at 3am in the morning as I was praying. I feel new,blessed and at peace with some new energyin me. Felt like I was talking to God face to face. 🇰🇪

  31. Abstract VP

    From 4:41 it gets real! Phew!! The expression of liberty in the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah!! Let us all be this free in worship and praise.

  32. Sebastiana Coutinho

    Yea. Yea yea. Our hearts will cry and these bones with sing. Only one name jesus christ. Amen. So be it. Thank yoy father for your one son jesus christ whom you freely gave to mankind for remission of our sins our souls etc. Forever grateful God. Claret.

  33. Sebastiana Coutinho

    Stef. Amanda. Beautiful explosion. O o o oh. Love to hear crying out yahweh. The three in one God. Come on girls fight it out in songs and singing. Get closer to God is so unthinkable. Claret here.

  34. Rafael Mieses

    Yahweh let ur presence speak for us today in Jesus name Amen

  35. Sebastiana Coutinho

    Wow. Steffy and amanda. Never seen two woman go wild for Jesus Christ. What a sound in yoyr voice. The sound of music is so clear. Its like the the calling for the bridegroom feast which Jesus Christ spoke in new testament. Also the woman who were headed with their lamps and oil. Oil got over. The door also getting shut by God at a particular time. Etc. Calling of all on the streets etc. Big bridegroom feast. Come lord jesus christ. Come come come... Please. God hear me. Claret.

  36. will meyers

    people often wonder why this music is so simple sounds like droning and only a few words. I can tell you why this is so powerful. This is a unified body going after the heart of God and in that there is power. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom and through the Spirit the Power of God is shown and nothing is done without his Spirit. You have to shed every thought every distraction and focus on one thing Him. We need Him! We don't need a message, a preacher, a singer we need Him. We cried out send us a king for far too long! When the Spirit of God invades there is no need to minister no needs he is all and in all and we need him to come down and dwell with us.

  37. Sherwin September

    Heaven's perspective!!!😇

  38. Victor Hugo

    Meu Deus 🙏🏽🦁🔥❤😭😭

  39. Prosper Chidozie

    We need God in our life I need God in my life....... I hope he is not far from me


    he's in side call, be still ,be silent ,wait! Wait on the Lord be still I wait psalm 27. God bless you & listen to your heart and read the Book. Humanity has an ego so PRAY xxx Happy Christmas

    Prosper Chidozie

    Thanks a lot

  40. M m T

    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏lost find Jesus Christ amen

  41. Krystal Lampkin

    My favorite worship song right now!

  42. Kevin McCutcheon

    As I listen to this, I see running in freedom. Nothing holding us back in the light of Father Gods love, and Him watching over us smiling as we cannot stand still. Our feet as hinds feet! As we jump, run and dance like David danced!!!

  43. MsAggie73

    I have no words...I have NO words. I can only drop to my knees in awe before Him. Oh Abba, I need You....right now!


    Good xxx keep at it! Happy Christmas

  44. Eriene Oliveira

    Eu amo vcs

  45. Vencedores Ministry Diane & Lupe Zamora

    This is so amazing such an annointing... beautiful vessels chosen by the Most High God 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✝️✝️✝️✝️⚔⚔⚔⚔

  46. Joel Estevez

    Jesús 😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭👐👐👐👐🙌🙌❤

  47. Albright woeme

    I love your presence lord! 🙌

  48. regina wallace

    This song brings the Holy Spirit out of me quickly and it helps me to flow in the spirit. It me to pray.🙌🏽

  49. Prophetess Shavon Foster

    This is what it sounds like in’s like I’ve heard this before and I’ve never listened to it until now.....there was a sensation to hit my whole body that I never felt before....the sounds of and angelic encounter Glory to the lamb of God God you are worthy to be praised 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  50. Floribert Muhungusa

    For sure God is the greatest one

  51. Kary Meneses

    Yahweh💕🌹💕🌹🇨🇱. Shalom💕🌹💕

  52. Sheena Critipaul

    Those Tongues…

  53. Sheena Critipaul

    God is good


    This took me to another dimension🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 listening at work and a co-worker says “what’s that it scares me??”James 2:19 Demons believe and tremble

  55. Marquisha Jerry

    I needed this worship because I am going through it😭, but God is good still. Bringing me through it all amen.


    musica maravilhosa !!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 este louvor me fez fechar os olhos,,relaxar e sentir Deus,,,, Glorias a Deus !!!!!!!!!!

  57. Chiara Santoro


  58. Angel Eyes33

    I permanently have chill bumps.

  59. Exquisite843

    How am I just finding this OMG 😭 better late than never 🙌🏾

  60. Oghorodje Onoriode

    Sincerely, this is the act of bringing heaven down...

  61. Sheena Critipaul

    You are my Lord

  62. Sheena Critipaul

    I love the tongues scattered throughout. Jesus!!! You are so wonderful.

  63. claret Fernandes

    I love you anyways

  64. claret Fernandes

    I was in my sleep you display a page to enter what's that all about.

  65. claret Fernandes

    You created an YouTube channel what's that about.

  66. claret Fernandes

    Henry I want to come to Jesus Christ again keep the unwanted stuff behind. Wait for so long that Jesus was in me. I can't sing here loudly with full strength. Henry what is life in Nashville.

  67. Kalina Torres

    First time listening to this and just by listening to just the first half of them just singing melodies i was convinced that this is what heaven sounds like😍😍😍😍😍

  68. claret Fernandes

    Hi Steffi love the hat you wore. Also I love the length of your hair also love your fringe. I recently saw you made your hair short. Can you grow that. Love you more before it suited you. I love. In the end it's your decision. I accept it because I love. I am made by God who is love. Love from me to you wherever you are right now. Thank you Amanda and whole bethel let be connected to the head of Christ after all we are one body. No matter where the other members are scattered. God will unite us to the head of Christ. As Jesus Christ is the head of the church. Ephesians.

  69. claret Fernandes

    Any one who has eyes please help Henry to get me out.

  70. Ace-Man

    Let's Appreciate the anointed hands on the instruments. They are all a part of worship with their rhythmic strikes. They take us through the journey with no words expressed but the words of the anointed singers turns the melody into a symphony of reasoning. They let us know its about Jesus and its bout God

  71. Tito Smith

    What amazing and awesome god we have

  72. Amanda Karen

    This, this is worship

  73. Diana Nalubega

    i love the cry out....causes to worship or pray......God bless u

  74. Easy Life Styles


  75. Tamia Ciccone`


  76. Vee Y


  77. PJS

    I wish they would do an acapella song. Their voices are so anointed

  78. Anjhey Ngan

    Oh Awesome Father, open our spiritual eyes and give us a greater depth of understanding of Your glorious and matchless worth! ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  79. Nicole Coldren

    I was in worship all day. Morning noon and night listening to this! Thank you!

  80. Dieudeline Jean Baptiste

    We put out your praise to you only
    Receive it 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  81. Abdul Kareem

    U guys are great

  82. freehandkilla

    Anybody know what album this is on?? I need this on repeat!!

  83. Galaxy Etchy Sketch

    People don’t believe in God but any time someone is filled with the Holy Spirit that’s the proof He’s real because Hes in them

  84. Mage Sage

    “I am Yahweh. That is my name. I will not give my glory to another, nor my praise to engraved images.”
    ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭42:8‬

  85. Reginna Christina

    Great are You Lord 🙌 matter what🙏🙏🙏

  86. Samuel Avanuer


  87. MorePrecious ThanRubies

    Fresh wind brought me here

  88. Vish Appadoo

    The way they create the atmosphere of prayer and worshiped is amazing❤️

  89. The Anointed Soldiers Official

    Amen amen amen!
    I wanna share with you one worshiper, who performed dance on This music. This is the link

  90. J Cs

    I don't speak English, but I like watch this video. I feel Holy Spirit in me when I listen to them. Amanda Cook and Steffany sing with all their soul.

  91. Art from Wonderland

    What a blessing this worship is... takes you to higher realms. 🔥🙏🏼🔥

  92. Darryl Thompson

    Something like this I like to here at 3:30am when everything quite and still to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and feel Jesus Christ warmth ABBA FATHER THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR UNLIMITED BLESSINGS IT IS DONE BY YOUR BELOVED SON BLOOD JESUS CHRIST SHALOM ELI ELI AMEN AMEN AMEN

  93. April Stevens


  94. squeak

    Yahweh bless You Lord, I'm crying!!

  95. Moïse Ayaba

    Jesus-Christ is Lord. May God almighty give rest to those in need.

  96. francia sanchez

    Waooo aleluyaaaa fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  97. Khim K.

    OmG! I love your presence!

  98. Logan Btw Hill I'm a girl

    Amanda’s touches are dangerous woo🙏🏾🔥

  99. Carla M Andrus

    WOW! Mind blowing to smithereens, I’m laying here floating out into eternity by the Spirit. My insides are burning in passion with the the Love of God once again.