Cook, Amanda - Beautiful Lyrics

You got my attention
I wasn't really looking, but somehow
You got me
What is it you're selling?
'Cause I can't figure out just how your jeans
Will make me happy

Something's missing in the message that I'm hearing
If beauty's what you're selling, I'll never hear you say

You're beautiful the way you are
And you don't have to look too far
To find your worth, it's a simple truth
Your real beauty starts inside of you

I got your attention
I wasn't really trying, but I can see
Your eye on me
I don't get the impression
With the comments that you're making
That you care to know the real me

Something's missing in the definition
If beauty is attraction, I'll never hear you say

You're beautiful the way you are
And you don't have to look too far
To find your worth, it's a simple truth
Your real beauty starts inside

You don't have to look too far
Finding out what beautiful is
Don't let anybody else
Tell you anything less

'Cause you're beautiful the way you are
No, you don't have to try

You're beautiful the way you are
And you don't have to look too far
To find your worth, believe it's true
Your real beauty starts inside of you

You're beautiful the way you are
And you don't have to look too far
To find your worth, believe it's true
Your real beauty starts inside of you

You're beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
Can't you see you're beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

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Cook, Amanda Beautiful Comments
  1. crispy

    they changed the thumbnail and i thought it's a new amanda cook video and i lost my mind.

  2. Dirk Hoekstra

    A very philosophical interpretation on music and art. Music is the only thing on Earth that existed before the existence of the Earth.

  3. TheWanderer

    She is the enlightenment the church needs so desperately. LOVE ANYWAY. there is a lot of wrong in the world. LOVE ANYWAY.

  4. Oh yeah

    There needs to be clarity and accuracy in future on that homosexuality area. Its dangerous how one articulates. And indeed Love always wins. And we received mercy from Yahweh. And also still homosexuality and even fornication is sin as lieng killing lust hate pride jealousy envy e.t.c are sins. So we all must repent. I too turned from almost being in a deep trap of bisexuality by God's grace in Jesus Christ's name

  5. Mibian k

    Who are the authors of War of Heart? :)

    Thank you, Amanda. And thank you to the people, who filmed her and uploaded this Video.

    Kate Hurley

    I think it's the War of Art by Stephen Pressfield. It is such a good of the best on creativity.

  6. Angie CJ

    Love this even after 3 years

  7. Sabina Dawson

    "Is that make sense?" (c) Amanda

  8. leah c

    does anyone know which book was she talking about in 7:17?

  9. Christina D.

    I'm only 5 minutes in, and this is so edifying. As a songwriter, I really needed this. The Holy Spirit is so strong in her words!

  10. Van Golliaz

    The Joni Mitchel performance mentioned by her (at 20:10):

  11. Lance Coyle

    What a wonderful and spot on description of the purpose of music and how it relates and transforms us all as God’s creations. What an encouraging talk. I come from being a musician for about 49 years, and it’s great to hear this beautiful light of a message from Amanda that shines through the darkness of the world. It has restored me from my extreme disappointment with ‘ministry’ and all that that has become ( having been in the ministry for 37 years). Thank you, Amanda, and God bless your every moment and continue to empower you in your divine call 🙏🏻

  12. Sweet clouds

    ugh can we stop saying "religion" like it's a bad thing 😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧

  13. Emily Grace

    I've listened to this video at least 3 times now. It's what inspired me to write songs, and now it's what's keeping me motivated to continue writing. Thank you so much for this.

  14. Leigh Lee

    AMAZING! This speaks to me so vividly! Thank you, Amanda!

  15. Billie FairyPrincess


  16. Julie Thomas

    LOVE WINS OUT!! Amen In Jesus Name - Mahalo from Maui - so clear Sister

  17. officedemon

    Even now the one who reaps draws a wage and harvests a crop for eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together.

  18. Precious Amor Piscador

    I don't think that she meant homosexuality is okay to God. "Love wins" means love can transform them and that the gay community will arrive to clarity and healing because love (God) always wins. And mercy triumphs over judgement.

  19. Abdelkader Bakhti

    The video that has changed my life. Thank you.

  20. Billie Richardson

    This is exactly how I found music and worship!!!

  21. و النور يجهر الظلمة

    After this my life as a a worship leader and song writer is changed forever. Grateful!

  22. ArabellaRios

    Honestly people are completely overlooking what she said about homosexuality, she clearly stated that they don't realize what they're prophetizing when they say "love wins" of course it does. Love covers a multitude of sins, when people understand Gods love upon their lives, there is a transformation, there is change. I've never seen someone who has experienced Gods love remain the same so a homosexual that realizes this will not keep walking in their old ways but will seek to live for God meaning they will seek his commands.. at least that's my take on what she said and I agree. Love wins not for homosexuals to think that what they are doing is okay, but the day will come when they will be touched by Gods grace and their eyes will be opened... Gods love always wins!!!

    Kapua Kuheana

    ArabellaRios || you said it, sister. “When people understand Gods love upon their lives, there is transformation, there is change.”

  23. Fatoye Seyi

    Amanda God really bless YOU!! all the way from Nigeria.
    Also, I understand the misunderstanding that can arise from the homosexuality bit, but it was almost like a prophecy/ word for the now and beyond of the Father waiting with arms open for everyone in sin who may even feel so far gone to come back, that at the end of the day, over our lives, His mercy wins over judgment forever and ever. It is not taking advantage of the Father but what is available in Jesus, His never-ending love.

  24. Journey

    So true.

  25. Journey


  26. Jack Narloch

    This is sooo good and so affirming! I just started leading worship and writing songs, and most of them are just prayers and deep authentic wrestles straight from my heart a lot of times out of trial and brokenness

  27. Kingdom Songwriting

    Needed this.

  28. Sonia Bhattacharya


  29. Ricky Valentine

    the singer from star light i love amanda cook

  30. Bec Taylor

    Wow! I'm listening in from the UK! found this by 'accident' today Thank you Lord!! Great words Amanda! I love the advice and can't wait to put it into practice! :) yay!!

  31. Katelyn Dawn

    hehe... she is from Niverville Manitoba which is super close to my hometown Steinbach!

  32. Brittany Hauf

    I wish I understood what she was trying to communicate with mercy, I hope its the obvious that she wants mercy on the people around us and isn't pro, but if were being honest. Pro sin is pro any kind of sin, homosexuality or what the Bible says is sin. Judgement is not for us to give out I mean the Bible is clear on what sin is and so they already stand convicted by Christ through his word. We don't need to beat over the head in judgement about it, because the Bible even references people who do that as well. So, we love, discipline out of love, and build each other up(fellow christians) in love. And hopefully those who haven't accepted Christ or have chosen to follow Him will see Gods mercy in our lives and see that when we make a mistake there is grace and that grace helps us not make it again because when we truly love God, John 14:15" if you love me you will obey what I command" So mercy is apart of Christ life, judgement is not our responsibility and I think that as obvious as that is, we often mistake bluntness for truth, love and constructive criticism. Where as when were being honest, it is judgement and you stand convicted through your own words. So for everything, even this comment I suppose, we allow God to lead us and stand upon His word and strength.

  33. SniperSpy

    Would you please pray for me. Helene

    Kate Gowan


  34. Megan Hallie Weber

    This is so good.

  35. La musica de victoria

    amanda is so pretty

  36. Chatty Kathie

    this is true about all areas of life not just worship, playing, singing etc but being a mother, daughter, etc good stuff

  37. Chatty Kathie

    now I know why her songs are so moving and changing. she is deep and so insightful.

  38. Patty Fisher

    I just love hearing Amanda talk and sing about God. I think she should write a book on worship. i would totally run for it

  39. oh snap itz joy

    this woman is incredibly wise . my God this is a woman filled with Gods wisdom

  40. Chiqui Maravillas

    This is just so beautiful. Thank you, Amanda.

  41. Jonas Käsch

    Sorry for not getting it but now what´s her Statement to homosexuality and the bill? English is not my mother´s language so I din´t quite get everything:-)


    +Jocash Felder She didn't really make a statement about homosexuality.... She just said "Love wins". (So I guess she is PRO homosexuality). Later she said that she don't want to talk/sing about this topic

    Jonas Käsch

    @mmmkay Well I guess she meant God´s love that will win but thanks:-)

    Chelsea Appiah

    Jocash Felder She meant that she was asking for mercy for the individuals struggling with their sexuality, and asking that God have mercy on the homosexual community...

  42. Shalom Chipepera

    Thanks Amanda you truly inspire me to write honest heartfelt songs to God. i.e Pieces

  43. Karen Wise

    wow there were so many things she said that lined up exactly with what's happening with me lately. The way she articulates ideas is so amazing- i really appreciate her intellect!! I'm not even an artist/musician, but this wrecked me beautifullly- just last night I wrote in my journal that my biggest desire is to sit at a dinner table and talk with people, and Ifelt guilty because it sounded selfish. But God brought me to this, when she went in and talked about dinner table at 25:05 . How dinner music sets the environment, hearts, and for people to get to know God. This whole thing just affirms that bc we have the Holy Spirit, our life naturally portrays God, even when we feel like we are disconnected or not following the Spirit, we are A LIGHT. thank you so much, Amanda. God is so crazy.......He loves to bless us <3 - love from Florida!!

    Julie Ryan

    Karen Wise that is just incredible!! Confirmation. Praise God!!

  44. Poetic Prayers

    God's heart is what is going to draw others to Him. In the presence of His love everything that is not of His Kingdom melts away. He is focused on the root and end result of a process. Many times we get stuck in the actual process and how it is going to happen where we should leave that to Him to complete. Thank you for shining a different perspective and also reminding us of the childlike quality of the Kingdom. It is that purity and fruits of the Spirit which will lead others into His Kingdom.~'Heaven rides in on a melody' ♡

  45. Prisca H

    what gay marriage has to do with the mercy of God? So because God is merciful, He is ok with homosexualty and same-sex marriage? what message does she want to pass on here? if she is for homosexuality does it make it right in the eyes of God? What Amanda saying is so deceitful.

    Prisca H

     do you know God says about homosexuality? so, if youlive in impudicity, do not want to repent but instead choise to even claim your sin has a right, then when you will die God will accept you in heaven because of His mercy? do you know what Godsays about homosexuality? 


    I think what she's saying is in the face of homosexuality there is SO MUCH judgement and at the end of the day for every single human being on this planet, His mercy triumphs over that judgement completely into an unconditional everlasting love for His children. #LoveWins because HE is victorious and the very definition of HIM is LOVE.

    Jeremiah Haywood

    I believe that God calls us back too his heart daily. No matter who you're he brings us all back. No matter if you're gay or straight or whatever you classify yourself as God bring us back to remembrance. He calls us too go out but not to judge. (James 2:8-10) he clearly state no matter what your sin is if you commit some form of sin you're still guilty for the whole law.


    Prisca H She's saying have mercy on this nation and the many people who are lost in their identity and living in homosexuality. She does not condone it. Listen to the tone of her voice. Come on.

    Matthew Holding

    Yes, I agree with all of your comments brothers and sisters. God is Love (this is in John and demonstrated numerous times), however, God hates sin too. True, he does love everyone, and his grace is powerful to bring them back. But don’t deceive people saying that they can still remain in their mindsets. They need to change or at least try! I’m interested to hear your responses.

  46. I Love You

    Akiane Kramarick said that after she went to heaven, classical music sounded horrible.

  47. Nile Whent

    As an actor, song writing has many similar layers. They are both beautiful forms of Art! ;)
    Thanks for uploading this!

  48. Thiago Vicente

    Would you guys please post the last Sneek Peek (2014, 2015) ? It would be useful and outreach the ones who's interested in learning more about worship... God bless ya! Come to Brazil! 😉

  49. The Life of Phi

    You know what's so fun is that a rainbow IS a symbol of God's mercy. His throne is surrounded by a rainbow of mercy ❤


    That's beautiful!


    What do mean by all that?

    Felicia Lally

    Wow. It totally is. Amen.

  50. reyna wipiripi

    me encantaría que tuvieran subtítulos :(


    +reyna wipiripi tiene subtitulos solo tienes que hacer click en la ventanita de sust y luego poner español

    reyna wipiripi

    +carlos javier rossi
    gracias, Ya lo intenté pero no se activa :(


    tienes que hacer click en la ventana de subtitulos luego en la ruedita de configuraciones y buscar español , mira que funciona!!

  51. Just In Time Ministries

    Wow, no wonder Amanda Cook from Bethel Music​ is one of the most revolutionary song writers and singers Ive ever heard.

  52. Rafá Lima

    Como queria saber Inglês :'(

    Diana Gómez

    +Rafá Rossi Rossini Rafá puedo subirla en español :)

  53. Victor Willian

    My dream has been to participate one day

  54. Neliya Ange

    what book is that on the desk?

    Jubilee Reed

    +Timothia darling It's called "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield. She starts talking about the book at 32:32. :)