Cooder, Ry - One Cat, One Vote, One Beer Lyrics

Hey bartender, what you say
I'm gonna get drunk on election day!
Want one glass of bourbon, one glass rye
Come on, set me up, Joe, don't pas me by
My money's alright, but my feets got sore
See, I've been tryin' to vote, now 'bout an hour or more
I tried, but I didn't get nowhere
Joe, you know I just don't think they are doing this voting fair and square

Better make it one cat, one vote, and one beer
Bartender, one cat, one vote, and one beer

See, I went downtown to the votin' room
'Cause I wanted to get my voting done soon
Man said, "Now we're gonna have to do a little checkin' on you"
Come back a little later on and said,
"Well, Buddy, you know your vote just can't go through
Says you've been dead, ten years back. We're sure not gonna take a vote off a, a dead red cat"
"What you say?"
"Step aside now, you're interfering with the election process, that's a crime"
"The crime is you!"
"Well, Buddy, votin' is just something I don't think you're going to do"

One cat, one vote, and one beer
Ain't that a shame
One cat, one vote, and one beer

I'm gonna drink a little gin and some mellow wine
Then I'm gonna try that voting machine out just one more time
'Cause democracy is in our hands, but it's slipping through our fingers just like sand
Now I'm worried for you, sure worried for me, watching the election comin' round on the T.V.
Voting's closed, we already lost the race
Might as well meet me down to Little Joe's Place

Make it one cat, one vote, and one beer
Dog my cats you know
I guess just make it one cat, one vote, and one beer
One cat, and one vote, and one beer

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Cooder, Ry One Cat, One Vote, One Beer Comments
  1. Bern K

    +1 si viniste x el kdete

    Grmn Gomez

    Presente compañero

  2. Ronald L. & Angela M. Vaught

    look at bag it has letters on it looks like a Indian & buddish Sticka swa

  3. Robert Walker

  4. Gaia Piracci

    I bought this magnificent masterpiece album in Amsterdam when living there the year that my daughter was born! Beautiful music, Ry Cooder is great

  5. Timothy Barr

    Love this CD, and the artwork especially

  6. Donal Callum

    Where is the rest of this fine album?!?!?!?


    man I wish some voters listened to ry cooder

    Crystal Longdon

    +joshpoe Indeed!