Cooder, Ry - I Can't Win Lyrics

I've been trying so hard to find a way to your heart
I can't win, I can't win, I can't win, I can't win
Win your love, win your love
I gave you my love, I gave you my heart
Instead of taking it, keeping it, baby, you tore it apart
But I can't win, I can't win, I can't win, no, I can't win
Win your love, win your love

I go to church every Sunday (And there ain't nothing wrong with that)
I stand work on time, every Monday (I do the best I can)
I can't win, I can't win, I can't win, oh, no, I can't win
Win your love
Can't seem to win your love, baby
Win your love
No matter how hard I try
Win your love, can't win your love, baby
Win your love, oh-hoo, I can't win
I just can't win, baby
I can't win
I try hard enough, girl
I can't win, I still can't win
I work eight days a week, baby
What more, what more you want me to do?
I'm down on my knees, baby, I do that
I can't win, please, please, please
Just can't seem to win your love
Come on, and bring it to me, girl
Win your love, win your love

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Cooder, Ry I Can't Win Comments
  1. Jesus Blackness

    The best.

  2. Leonard Dobson

    Audio nectar

  3. Jonathan Horwitz

    Outrageous gospel vocals and superlative backing! How can it be so many years have gone by since I listened to this! <3 Thank You! Life is good!

  4. tom johnston

    this one sets my inner self on fire just the soul r and b gospel with a touch of doo wop with the helpless Lover praying his lover might change and be true and good to him but no it wont work out feeling of sadness. IT kind of feels so sad sad good

  5. Landry Prichard

    First ever album recorded digitally. 1979.

  6. Reverend Harper

    Love this

  7. Oddvar Olsen

    Makes me feel..........

  8. Steve Ross

    Check out Joey Landreths cover of this beautiful fact, just check out Joey period....another level artist!

    Mark Hammer

    We went to see him last night, and this tune was the encore. Good choice for that purpose, too, because it calms people down and makes them content with the show as is. Somewhere, locked in that Winnipeg boy, is a voice perfect for blue-eyed soul. Met up at the soundcheck earlier and he let me try his guitars. Fuggedaboudit. I might use that gauge of string to hold down a circus tent. On my guitars, not so much. I can't bench press quite that much with just my fingers!

  9. Declan o'donoghue

    Totally agree wonderful album this track is a pure gem just outstanding singing Declan

  10. Norman Dorough

    The hamiltones😄

    Leonard Dobson

    It isn't the Hamiltone's my friend ,much too early it's Bobby king n co

  11. R watkins

    Seeing this legend in concert later this year, I have loved his music for years but will be my first time seeing him live, can't wait!

  12. Phoivos Syros

    is it me or does he look like a young Trump

    Leonard Dobson

    Specsavers probably looks like a pieshop to you doughnut.

  13. Rebecca McMillion

    I don't always win but I don't stop fighting

  14. George Douglas

    got this classic when it was first published on vinyl and cassette ,wore them both out pure class .

    Landry Prichard

    First ever album recorded digitally! It souunds amazing.

  15. monkeyshark100

    Beautiful. Really gorgeous. Haven't heard this in ages. Thank you.

  16. lphiro

    こんなに心にくる音楽はないね。最初にきいた時ry のゴスペルもいいなぁと思いました。

  17. A Englund

    Have been listening to this amazing music since the 70's. A true classic artist that survives age no matter what - !!!

  18. Judith Langston

    Seriously good vocal mixing

  19. Lizzanze

    Great vocals

  20. Ian Butler

    Another level here..truly a masterpiece...this album and Borderline are Soul. Thank you Ry.x

  21. Carrie Judd

    Bobby King has the voice of an angel.

  22. Katia MTA

    l'une des chansons préférées de mon papa <3

  23. Drybrook Warbler

    Just one gem after another on this Lp

  24. Michael Ivers

    An absolute Gem of a song, listening to the radio all morning and nothing but trash on it then this comes on, talk about a Diamond in the rough.

  25. Sylvia Lee

    fantastic memories

  26. marco albai


  27. A Englund

    Well we can't always win -but there is always new music - take "juliette and the dream travellers".

  28. Boviss1

    Does anyone have a copy of Ry with Gabby Pahinui's Hawai'ian orchestra?
    That album is a total blast. Its as weird in its own way as The Good Captain (beefheart) with the original magic band.
    Lost it and a load of other stuff to gf vengeance an age ago. Never found it anywhere since.

    The Power Of Two

    Boviss1 “Ipo lei manu 1974” you tube

  29. Mimi Falk

    Faithful to this particular song since the "album" first came out. Love all the songs.

  30. James Duffy


  31. Declan o'donoghue

    Oh God I'm having such a wonderful night listening to great music. This is definitely up there with my all time favourites. What fantastic singing, guitar playing, lyrics and music. Thank you Ry Cooder and all who were involved in producing this beautiful song. Declan

  32. Carlos.C

    So beautyfull!

  33. kerumble

    stunning ry

  34. john pedersen

    I was evicted from my rented Edmonton home for playing this album on a really big stereo in 1979. My English Quad amps wouldn't clip and the quality was so good that I really felt compelled to entertain the neighbours!

    Leonard Dobson

    I used to do the same but it would appear that my neighborhood was cooler than yours cos no one ever complained 💕💕💕💕👌

    Leonard Dobson

    It was bermondsey incidentally .

  35. john pedersen

    First DDD album -

  36. Kenny Bell

    One of the best live acts I've seen. Vocals excellent.

  37. Dakfreak

    Pure classic. BTW, if i remember right, this record was one of the first digitally recorded in the days when vinyl and tape still dominated.

    jake spivey

    The first digital recording by a major label and it was a really good album too.


    Anyone know what the bit rate of the master was?

    Ramiro Chavez

    billybassman21 I have the LP and the backside of the album cover says it was recorded on "3M multi-track digital equipment"..."samples sound at a rate of 50,000 times a second"..."not treated with any equalizing or limiting during final transfer to disc." So there.

    Weeb Destroyah

    @billybassman21 The bit rate itself would be 1600 kbps. But if you're asking about bit depth, that would be 16 bits, recorded using a combination of 12-bit and 8-bit converters.

  38. Charlie carpentieri

    Cooder e il primo disco dell'era digitale edito dalla Warner Bros! ENJOY!!

  39. koro287

    20yrs since i owned this and havent heard it since,tears of joy,sun,surf and love to you all.

  40. MojoWorkinBut

    Thank you. One of the greatest recordings ever made, and all but unknown.

  41. Maddyg0223

    I love this whole album, but this song is the best!

  42. It's a Beautiful Day

    Those close harmony vocals hmmmmm ... close to heaven

  43. billieredsocks

    Love the whole album! Thanks for posting.

  44. Joana Freire

    I WAITING SO LONG TIME FOR THIS SONG ! thanks for upload my friend ...diamond, hymn +++++

  45. TOSHT2011

    love this,my old man use to sing this aswell,great album