Conway Twitty - When The Final Change Is Made Lyrics

Lately, I watched strange changes overcome you
Destroying the loving part of you, I knew
You're letting someone turn you into a stranger
And when the final change is made, I won't have you.

When the final change is made, I won't have you
Someone's got you chasing rainbows, in your mind
He already owns your conscience, but he's not true
'Cause when the final change is made, he'll have you.

When the final change is made, he'll have you
But he'll never own the part of you, I love
And I'll turn to that loving part of you, I knew
'Cause when the final change is made, I'll still want you.

Yes, when the final change is made, I'll still love you...

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Conway Twitty When The Final Change Is Made Comments
  1. Doris Night

    Great song Mr. Johnson. By a great singer.

  2. Doris Night

    R. M. My Mr. V. I love you so much. I want you so much.

  3. Mary Mossow

    great song he is such an awesome singer

  4. Teresa McClanahan

    Love, Love, Love Conway Twitty & everything he’s ever sung!😍♥️🎶 R.I.P. Conway Twitty “Harold Lloyd Jenkins” you’re Dearly Loved & Missed by one of your biggest fans. 🙏🏻😘😢♥️
    Thanks so much for sharing 😊

  5. Deborah Blades


  6. Sunday Osullivan

    This beautiful song ❤️😎

  7. Darlene W

    Conway still makes me catch my breath!

  8. Joyce Sydenstricker

    I don't remember ever hearing this song. Don't think I have ever heard a Conway song I didn't like! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Allen Bond

    what a song you done alot this song of Conway. twitty we can still here them thank you again.

    Richard B. Johnson

    Thank you for listening . Glad you enjoyed it. Love Conway also.

    Allen Bond

    Yes i been listening. To for 40 i was 5 years. Old. All his song.

    Allen Bond

    I was 5 years. Old i been. LIstening. To him 40 years. My best singer nobody. Can sing. A song. Like him

    Richard B. Johnson

    That's true Only one Conway. But one of his sons sounds pretty much like him.

  10. Allen Bond

    I love this song thank you

    Richard B. Johnson

    Welcome Allen. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for listening.

  11. Linda Osborne

    Conway is the best and always will be. Love this song. Crackling on the album ,like that too. Thank you for sharing.

    Richard B. Johnson

    +Linda Osborne Must be a true vinyl lover . Thanks for listening. Glad you enjoyed it.

  12. lindalovesal

    Thank you for posting Conway is my favorite singer will always love him.Beautiful song.

    Richard B. Johnson

    Thanks so much for listening .Sure do appreciate it .

  13. graham bull

    One of my favourite Twitties. I was hoping to get a clean cut of this track,but the vinyl on this recording's got more snap,crackle and pop than my LP....shame,as I love to pump up the volume on John Hughey's steep dip in the "kickoff"

  14. Linda Osborne

    I love this song.  Conway is the greatest. Thank you for sharing.  I had never heard this song  until I found it on here.

  15. Linda Osborne

    Another  great song. Conway is the greatest.  Thank you for sharing.

  16. winedrop1

    Love it! Keep posting. Conway is one of the greatest. I love all of his songs. This pulls at my heart strings.

  17. val cook

    this is a new one to me but very good conway sounds great as always rip conway