Conway Twitty - Tight Fittin' Jeans Lyrics

She tried to hide it by the faded denim clothes she wore
But I knew she'd never been inside a bar before
And I felt like a peasant who just had met a queen
And she knew I saw right through her tight fittin' jeans

I ask her what's a woman like you doin' here
I see you're use to champagne but I'll buy you a beer
She said you've got me figured out but I'm not what I seem
And for a dance I'll tell you 'bout these tight fittin' jeans

She said I married money, I'm use to wearin' pearls
But I've always dreamed of bein' just a good ol' boys girl
So tonight I left those crystal candle lights to live a dream
And partner, there's a tiger in these tight fittin' jeans

We danced every dance and Lord the beer that we went through
I'm satisfied I did my best to make her dream come true
As she played out her fantasy before my eyes it seemed
A cowgirl came alive inside those tight fittin' jeans

In my mind she's still a lady that's all I'm gonna say
I knew that I'd been broken by the time we parted way
And I know I held more woman than most eyes have ever seen
That night I knew a lady wearin' tight fittin' jeans

Well now she's back in her world and I'm still stuck in mine
But I know she'll always remember the time
A cowboy once had a millionaire's dream
And Lord I love that lady wearin' tight fittin' jeans

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Conway Twitty Tight Fittin' Jeans Comments
  1. vanessa babineau

    yup there is i married her

  2. Rickey Gee TV

    " There's a tiger in those tight fittin jeans."

  3. Bonnie Mcneil


  4. Alejandro Jones

    2019 replace jeans with leggings

  5. Alejandro Jones


  6. Pauline Sanders

    My other half sang this to me when we first meet and the rest is history as they say.

  7. T E Wboswell

    lucid am I you see`md so much like we ... more than an glance your tuxedos literature pasted kiss these lips with your smile ... lunge towards me on top me all around me your personality ... your take me now to another moth party with butterflies tickling your eyes ... sculpted out of beautiful.

  8. South Texas Brush Country Boy

    Genuine and True 💯 Real Old School 👌 School Country 💪 Miss you Conway ☹️ An American legend and Hero 💪📻 God bless you 🇺🇸 RIP

  9. Isaac Locke

    OK boomer

  10. Joann Pflug

    joann has demithia also listen to coway stacy lynn frost her hair if she dont fight me lol

  11. Coop1913


  12. Jeffrey Turnell

    Still some of the absolute best music I have ever heard. We all miss you conway

  13. Jessica Jones

    I love Conway and Loretta my whole family does we grew up listening to bit still do it today

  14. Lillian bird

    Love old country songs

  15. Tina Varble

    This is when they still made real music and I love Conway

  16. Darrel Harder

    He’s singing a song that most guys dream about

  17. Lisa Taylor

    Another one of the best. Gone way to soon

  18. billyluck1

    I love this song and a girl with tight fitting jeans i love the old days. Lol

  19. Dairy inc.

    George is in love lol

  20. John Gannon

    hice song

  21. Jennifer Delay

    Goodluck jackass ill teach u

  22. Mysti Lucas

    Tight fittin jeans😥

  23. Janice Becker

    That’s my favorite song

  24. Magnanimous

    Tight fittin jeans still in trend!

  25. Amber Hanshel

    My mom likes thers a tiger in my tite white jeans

  26. Lisa Durham

    Come and enjoy my playlist

  27. Dennis VanPelt

    Free beard

  28. Janice Moritz

    Oh yes love this

  29. The most randomest of random Names

    Conway and loretta forever!!:)

  30. Larry Hackleman

    Today he'd have to be equal and say , Lord I love that fella wearing tight fitten jeans.

  31. krissy


  32. Roger Bowen

    Conway twitty will always be # 1 in the world. He and a lot of them will never be replaced

  33. James Davis

    My paw paw loved this

  34. Kay Warren

    Love my country múic

  35. Diane Sharp

    My earliest memories include my grandma dancing to this with me in her dining room. I will be late to wherever I'm headed to listen to it all the way through when it comes on the radio!

  36. Moisty Lemon

    Guys if you herd of Mel McDaniel lousiana Saturday night he’s the best country singer

  37. Mike Owczarzak

    This is such complete and utter shit

  38. Caleb dabeast

    Well, each to their own opinion. And you know this for a fact how? Even so that didn’t interfere with his amazing talent. Is your slate pure or are you just a blow gut. Sallie

  39. Jake McKay


    R.R. Thompson

    Those days are history.

  40. Trucker TYME2007


  41. TOM PREE


  42. Caleb dabeast

    Conway was a remarkable and magnificent man, that new how to sing! His voice was to die for, and his music was beyond awesome. Love this man. Sallie Dodds😘😘😘

    R.R. Thompson

    He was a drunk, a druggy, and an adulterer.

    Not remarkable at all.
    Very common as a matter of fact.

  43. Priscilla Van Wyk

    Tight fitted jeans Conway Twitty

  44. Pam Voge

    I sure fill out them tight fittin jeans guys lol

  45. joshua deason

    Conway put his whole heart in his music

  46. 123davlin

    I grew up on these songs. And I'm only 40. But these songs are timeless classics

    Joshua Ells

    I'm 24 an I was to. He was my dads favorite singer. This was his favorite song by him. He sadly passed away tho 7 years ago

  47. Todd Ryan

    He was the man

  48. Randall e moore Moore

    This is my dad.earl ray moore.may he he live for ever.l love you pop.

  49. Troyestella Justice

    One of my favorite songs ever he was the best

  50. John Suits

    Worst country song of all time.

  51. Dean Cerny

    Conway Twitty is the only man who could sing a woman out of her panties and into a delivery room. Droppin panties since 1976.

    Rosalie T

    Chuckling here.............But what a way to go!! huh?

  52. Dean Cerny

    Conway Twitty is the only man who could sing a woman out of her panties and into a delivery room. Droppin panties since 1976.

  53. Ruby Burton

    Always have, always will, luv this guy!!!!

  54. Dale M

    What a of the all time late mother’s favorite singer in the whole she’s dancing with my father who were married till she died in 1981 in heaven with Conway Twitty singing to them....

  55. Southern Born

    I seen through her tight fitting jeans  , She got pregnant  ! Been with her 33 years and she still looks damn  good in her tight fitting jeans .

  56. Terry Chavis

    I just love count music

  57. Mary Thies

    Conway Twitty great singer

  58. Austin Davis


  59. Velvet Woods

    I saw him and Loretta Lynn in Vancouver, BC and opening for them was Randy Travis, it was an awesome concert. I know I'll never forget it, or him.

  60. Valerie Hoeller

    Such awesome talent, it never gets old listening to these oldies.

  61. Judith Daley

    Oh yes , one moment in time.. Memories. Dreams

  62. Lynn Barnes

    Randy Traci

  63. Suzi Wil

    Darlin, you shouldn't have made that bet on me in my tight fittin jeans.. OH you got me, lol, but you also threw me away, and lost your bet. I wish you were as sorry as I am. You will haunt me for the rest of my life.. Wish I had never met you.

  64. Joseph Simmons

    Brought here courtesy of 105.7 The Fan, Baltimore, MD.

  65. Mark Placker

    Conway picked up where Elvis left off...he gave us a great early eighties style and sound that Elvis may have done. Conway is a great music asset.

  66. Ben Meaney

    One day as a child asked my father what's one of your favorite song's he said tight fitting jeans then smiled ☺💚

  67. Connie Lott

    The best of the best!! 2019 anybody??

  68. Maya Sutphin

    I may be young but this song is one of my favorites! If I need some country, this song is my go to! ❤️❤️

  69. bluedream428

    Written by my good friend Mike Huffman. Worst fisherman in the world but a great songwriter.

  70. ford fairlane

    country is not country today   Of course nothing is the  same the whole world is messed up


    There’s a tiger in those tight fittin jeans ready to devour u

  72. Cecil Simpson

    this guy is just great great

  73. loveIsraelnow

    a most joyful song and I dont listen to country

  74. Denise Gentle

    I love his songs

  75. ben Sandoval

    I saw him in Branson .He was great!

    ben Sandoval

    I saw him in Branson back in the early 90's. Great show!

    ben Sandoval

    This was back in the 90's. Great show.

  76. Madelene Ardiente

    all the panties drop to the floor when i sing im a country legend im the pussy king!

  77. Josh Taylor

    I used to watch he haw with my grandparents. Always played the good old country. .TRUE COUNTY not the shit they play now days. .

  78. BRD

    One sensational musical talent, bar none!

  79. Paul Price

    I remember the night Conway died he was doing a show in Branson he had a heart attack he died before they got him to the hosp

  80. sanic bum

    1:20 that face tho

  81. Meagan Lamartiniere

    So many songs about women and their jeans

  82. Not Bill Gates

    Greatest country musicians ever :
    1. George Jones
    1.1 Conway Twitty

  83. Chanel Cooper

    dis beat is everything tho

  84. Tracy Brownawell

    my mother's favorite singer. LOVE YOU MOM. RIP

  85. Daniel Butler

    Love them

  86. Cynthia maze

    Conway titty is great

  87. Jack Watters

    This is the only correct version on youtube.

  88. Janet Davis

    Hello Darlin'

  89. Gail Messerschmidt

    One of the Best of Conway ‘s Sexy Songs!💜

  90. Logan Outlaw

    Its a stupid song in principle . No "tiger" of a girl isnt basically molested by all the guys at a bar. I like the song. Just.....come on....

  91. Larry Baumer

    I was telling my Dad, it's been 40 years ago I seen him for free, and he was blessed with so much talent that we're still talking about him today. A friend of mine by the name of Pam still is his #1 Fan & I know exactly why....."Hello Darli'n"! Conway, R.I.P. for there never will be "another you!" ❤❤❤

  92. Daniel Wilson

    Great song damn skippy

  93. Darren Hacker

    Tight fittin yoga pants on my wife ! With a bun in the oven ! God I love this woman wearing tight fittin yoga ! 😍😘😋

  94. Pam Stewart

    I not much into country music but I like Conway

  95. Roberta Elder

    I love all conway twitty songs there is millions of us who are the real fans enjoy them with me I don't get why there's 728 with thumbs down find what yous do like then we will not see thumbs down there is good words in the songs and also the word truth in them

  96. Patricia O'Donnell

    Always loved them two.