Conway Twitty - Third Man Lyrics

Last night I dreamed I took a walk up Calvary's lonely hill
The things I saw with my own eyes could not have been more real

I saw upon three crosses three men in agony
Two cried out for mercy and the third man he looked at me
And oh the hurt in this man's eyes that just broke my heart in two
It seemed I could hear him say son I'm doing this for you
I knelt beneath the third mean's cross and slowly bowed my head
I reached out to touch his feet and it stained my hand's with red
And when I heard him cry in pain I raised my eyes to see
The blood spilled from the third man's side and some of it spilled on me
The third man wore a crown of thorns spikes held him to the tree
And I heard him say oh my God my God why hast Thou forsaken me
And there within a mighty crowd the ones who mocked him cried
King save Thyself if thou art King and then the third man died

Suddenly I heard the thunder roll I saw the lightening pierce the sky
The third man was still hanging there and I began to cry
I saw the boulders fall and heard the breaking of the ground
Then I awoke and though I dreamed I touched my cheek and found

My eyes were wet where I had cried a dream I wished I knew
I still can hear the third man say I'm doing this for you

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Conway Twitty Third Man Comments
  1. Meryl Mcmeekin

    Lovely photo

  2. m Malone

    God bless

  3. Kay McClain

    Oh lord I ask you to touch me come into heart
    . Teach me. Show me lead me. For lord I ask you tokeep me

    Tammy lora susan Fussner

    Your always in my prayers. Love You Kay.

    Kay McClain

    @Tammy lora susan Fussner love you sue. I sent Jackie. She texed today.

  4. John Petty

    Thank you for giving your life for me, if you can die for me, then i should live for you, if there were no cross my sole would still be lost, and jesus i owe my life to you.

  5. Country boys In white oak

    Some people don’t understand that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins so they need to listen to this song and they will understand (mostly to the people who do shootings and murders)

  6. John Petty

    Thank you for giving you life for me, and being my lord and savior.

  7. Peggy C

    T Graham brown

  8. John Petty

    To my loving wife, who has been with our savior for 7 years, I'll get to see both of you some day.

  9. renea seigrist

    love it

  10. Billy Mcmillin

    Love this song😎🌹

  11. Betty Echols

    The credits say it's by Carroll Roberson

  12. Jackie Mcgee

    very touching song by Conway

  13. Reyna Perez

    and the people who don't like it it is ok because you will notice your mistake

  14. Reyna Perez

    while listening to it

  15. Reyna Perez

    I can just sit here and cry

  16. Renee Sullivan

    Oh what an awesome Share, Many thanks for this, it brought tears to my eyes, Thanks Gary- SusanAshley Nelson

  17. Mary Maness

    This song is beautiful. It made me cry. How can anybody not believe in him.

    joe Roberts

    Mary Maness because Satan is the Prince of this world. He has blinders on people. He deceives people by using worldly explanations to how the world was created, such as science and the big bang.

  18. Richie Power

    This is Conway at his best, thank God for Conway R. i. P.

  19. john ruark

    Heart felt Tearful great song

    Angie Martin

    heart music

  20. Karen Dowling

    This song brought back so many memories!! This was one of my daddy's favorite songs. He would play it over and over!! RIP DADDY!!!

  21. Renee Petty

    touching song..

    Angie Martin

    broken chains

  22. Alan Cofer

    Written by Teddy Wilburn and Loretta Lynn

  23. Wanda Brown

    I keep playing this so beautiful.

  24. Stella Whitlow

    So beautiful are you saved Jesus died just for you Amen

    Reyna Perez

    amen sister

    Kay McClain

    I have lissioned to this song

    7 times. Tears fill my eyes. .

  25. Betty Ball

    Beautiful Song.  Makes me cry.

  26. Lonnie Brewster

    love this song it really touched me

  27. Deborah Bear

    awesome song-Jesus died for me

  28. Debbie Wetzig

    Copyright 1965  by Sure-Fire Music Co., Inc.   "Nashville Gospel" Publications:  words and music were written by Frances Heighton, Don Helms and Teddy Wilburn  taken right off the sheet music in my hand, Yeah, real authentic sheet music 

    Glenda Smith

    Debbie Wetzig - how can I get piano sheet music to The Third Man

  29. Glenn7780


    Michael White

    Glenn7780 Godspeed

  30. Archie Followill

    Nobody can sing this song like Conway Twitty and Jesus did die for us

    joe Roberts

    Archie Followill I can sing it pretty good. thanx to God bestowing me with a great voice.

  31. Youggle-It ....... if-n ya can't fix-it.



    I love this song !!!

  33. Misty Chaffins


    Alan Cofer

    and Teddy Wilburn

    Jean Parker

    Never knew that

  34. Mark N.

    In memory of my Dad,  I thank you..

  35. scratchankle1

    I heard this today for the first time on my way home and couldn't help but tear up.

  36. conditionofanonymit1

    I couldn't find this song no where on Y/T a few years ago, so i ask a few up-loaders to find if-n they could, well one did and he's in Japan, @Tsukikage726 and he up loaded it for me. but Y/T took it down for about a year. but i see he up loaded again, and then I guess you up loaded next, so thank you. i had this album so many decade ago, plus i have the Cassete Tape still. this will of course bring tears to your very soul to know that our Lord our God laid down his life for all... COA ...

  37. rosemarie1314

    I cried through this whole video. Thank you God for Conway Twitty and for singing this song. It touched my spirit and soul. I know God has blessed Conway and I know he dwells in His Kingdom. May God look after all of Conways children and his loved ones!!! Walkin peace and many blessings!!