Conway Twitty - Play Guitar Play Lyrics

Play, guitar play
Take me back to yesterday
Let me see, cotton growing, in the fields
Let me hear, my momma calling
Look a-yonder ya'll who's coming
Down the road, he's a coming home
But they know I never will.

I left them living with that awful thing I done
I didn't tell them I just packed my clothes and run.

Play, guitar play
Help me through another day
Help me make another dollar, before I go
We got time, for one more song
Then we'll have to move along
Another town, another crowd
Lord, I wonder if they know.

Can they read between the lines in my song
As I sing about a good boy that's went wrong
Guitar we got years to kill
We got to climb that distant hill
I wonder if they think of me.
(Guitar play)...

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Conway Twitty Play Guitar Play Comments
  1. Darryl Humphrey

    i grew up on Conway and Hee Haw and country music, and i will always love these old time tunes and singers! this is country music......

  2. Ewald Brunus

    Ol' Twitty bird!

  3. Noel Pope

    Always thinking of You Conway still playing and listening to your music . Can't Forget .

  4. Mike Nobles

    Real Country Gold

  5. Lorna Lawrence

    Harold Lloyd Jenkins. Friars Point, Mississippi

  6. kg cross

    When I put my head set in,and play this song it makes my whole day.

  7. Wilma curley

    C king of classic 🕊

  8. Roger Bowen

    One of the best ever Conway twitty & Loretta Lynn the best country I've ever heard growing up in the 1970s

  9. Ray Cline

    Don't call him a cowboy until you see him ride.

  10. Henry Elchingon

    nice songs by Conway { RIP }

  11. Roger Bowen

    Conway was the very best he could sing to the lady's like nobody could

  12. Mike AuBuchon

    Just 1 of many of my favorite Conway Twitty songs .
    Country as most of us know it is gone . But as long as we have access to artists like Conway Twitty , Merle Haggard , Hank Williams Sr . It will live on forever.

  13. Roger Bowen

    One of the best in the world Conway twitty They are a lot more and they are great two but Conway set the bar high

  14. Ciaran Peadar

    Conway Twitty, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson were the best country singers ever to sing and play this kind of music. R.I.P Waylon and Conway and long may Willie live on.

  15. Brian Johnson

    Young man learns of the evils in the world still learning myself

  16. Theron Harris

    Conway, was the best!!! He was a very sweet person. Not fake at all!!! Pure, and down to earth!!🤩🤣👍❤

  17. Deborah Moosomin

    I wonder if they think of me...
    Guitar play...

  18. Douglas Adcock

    Let it play

  19. Marilee Dent

    My favorite

  20. Roger Bowen

    Conway twitty could sang he was the best in country music

  21. Wilma Curley

    Rip in paradise🌹 C Twitty

  22. Mike AuBuchon

    Sometimes you get gifts from your parents and never realize it until your much older .
    The gift my parents gave me was a appreciation for great music .
    My dad with the legendary country singers of Hank Sr. Johnny Cash , George Jones , Stone wall Jackson , Merle Haggard etc.
    My mom with the legendary rock n roll artists of the 50's & 60's .
    Buddy Holly , Elvis , Jerry Lee Lewis , Fats Domino , Little Richard , the Big Bopper etc.
    And you combine those great eras of music and those legendary artists with my era of great 80's rock and I have no shortage of great music to listen to.
    Sometimes the greatest gifts are those that you didn't even realize that you got until later in life .

  23. Wilma Curley

    Rip Conway T legend 🌏🌹🌏

  24. De AIVD kijkt met u mee.

    I discovered Conway Twitty through Fanily Guy.

  25. Randy Jones

    I bought this 8 track in 76 when I was stationed at Fairbanks. What a hell of a song.

  26. Justin Martin

    Harold Jenkins wrote that one by his self.... bad ass..

  27. carl johnson

    does anyone know what this song is about, i guess i can not read between the lines of this song, as he state's singing it... please help?

  28. Edward W

    A true legend in the business. RIP.

  29. kevin jone

    Always wondered what that "awful thing" was he did?

  30. Raider Nation

    yes !!!!!!take me home ..but I don't know if they'll forgive me..but take me home before I go..

  31. Tim Bartley

    Cant be replaced in my book!

  32. Tracy Trapp

    I wish I could go back to yesterday

  33. Debbie Atchison

    I always wondered whatwas that awful thing he did

  34. Debbie Atchison

    I have heard this song in awhile, i almost forgot.

  35. david potter

    Great song may they never get old,,,

  36. JayrichoCarter

    I can’t stop listening to this reminds me of growing up my dad listening to Conway Twitty. I love all his songs. RIP to dad and Conway

  37. Brett Patton

    At every little country bar in Texas and there are not hardly any left Conway is still the best Country signer there is.
    God bless Conway Twitty.

  38. Leeanne Cosier

    One more song,play guitar play

  39. Jeff Norris

    Respect all I gotta say!

  40. Terry Cate

    One of the greatest shows I ever saw Conway and George Jones

  41. Destiny Grider

    take me back to yesterday.......

  42. wayne skinner

    On of my favorites great singer.

  43. Candy Mcgee

    Love his music

  44. robert ross

    our radio play classic country only

  45. robert ross

    some body made a video of this song

  46. Gene Speece



    fuck you ass holes

  48. Christopher Wilson

    Ear candy ! Thank you 🙏🏻

  49. James Smith jr songs do mean something in my life.maybe it's time to get time to have a big come back

  50. musicloverb1

    Makes me miss home

  51. Travis Nunnally

    This man removes my smartass , it is just good music the only way it should happen.

  52. skintmule

    As the lyrics of this song where written by Conway. Anyone know the true meaning or message of this song ?



  53. Joyce Joyea

    Only the best!

  54. Travis Nunnally

    Mr. Conway Twitty, thank you for this song

  55. Dorothy Page

    That what you. Call real country i love old country. Music

  56. Ted Small

    help me make a another dollar, iron worker/welder

  57. setdrift

    "but they know I'll never will..."

  58. Brett Patton

    Said it before will say it again, the world is a better place for Conway havin been in it.

  59. Jeanette Houser

    He never had one song that I didn't love

  60. Jason Adams

    Roy Clark

  61. Dana Wandschneider

    I can say," I was country when country wasn't cool ".  Grew up listening to the real deal. Amazing voice!

  62. 맹peter

    Conway best song good song beautiful song yes!yes ! Song thank you conway country song ~~

  63. Mary Terry

    My favorite song

    Christopher Wilson

    Mary Terry , mine too ! 😀

  64. Ted Small

    play this song when playing pool at any bar I go to play pool. don't drink

  65. KoolGrannie Nance

    {{ ♫♪ (Sept.1.1933 - June.5.1993) ; R.I.P. 'Conway Twitty', Harold Lloyd Jenkins ♫♪}}

  66. Isaac Malcolm

    Great music it’s awesome to hear true country music it’s best form , yesterday music is far better than today’s music it’s far better

    Dee Edding


  67. mowm88

    A great great song I had not heard in decades til I got a greatest hits a couple years ago...o my lord. He was everywheres in the 70s. Yes I still love his stuff.

  68. Nicky Pippin

    A legend in his own mind, no not really we truly lost a great one when we lost Conway Twitty

    George Moore

    he was a legend in his spare time.

  69. Tommy Matney

    Rip grandma Worley

  70. Mona Good, Ackaret-Whitson

    Dam it boy makes me want to hammer on down the midway foo shoo......

  71. Jeff Lucas

    I just wanted to know what he done so bad that he had to leave town come on conway what did u do boy?

    K Roper

    He didn't do a damn thing but sing the songs that spoke about the lives and the past of the people he was singing to

  72. Joyce Joyea

    Just one of thee best! 💝💝💝

  73. Curtis Duran


  74. betty boudreaux

    I love all his music dearly missed

  75. Terry Crews

    That’s country and if u don’t like well u can kiss my a.. country a..

  76. David Guilbreath

    One of the greatest songs in country music love it

  77. Lori DAVIS

    Soooo cool😀😀😀😀😀

  78. northsyde Gee

    My mom always played this she said it reminded her of my grandpa Lionel when I miss her I play this r.i.p mom r.i.p grandpa love yous always

  79. Roberta Elder

    I love all conway.twittys songs and I am very pleased with the best music keep them coming for me thank you you tube and country collection and most of all tom

    Jlee Cheechoo

    He was the best

    Jlee Cheechoo

    No doubt

    Roberta Elder

    Jlee Cheechoo thank you for your reply

    Rusty Whitehead

    New county music sucks.

    Roberta Elder

    Rusty Whitehead I know it sucks but we have you tube and country collection I am very pleased with the best music keep the real fans enjoy them from roberta

  80. Kimberly Martin

    My Father loved Conway, we played Hello Darling at his funeral.

  81. midwaymonster30

    They broke the mold with Conway. We'll never have a talent as good as his again.


    Spot on!!

  82. Greg Swafford

    My mom and sister scene him at freedom hill in Michigan back in the 70s , lol they managed to get back stage , the guards notta , but my mom said Conway yelled hey, smashed out his cigarette and said no no let them in and he posed with them and talked , he was a cool dude

  83. Jeffrey Reedy

    I feel like I'm living the words of this song. If he did what I think he did. What I feel at times I need to do.

  84. Roger Bowen


  85. Chris Bowers

    Wade w Smith

  86. Melly Fayant

    Play guitar play takes me back 👍👍👍

  87. KjunHoosier

    One of the greatest! We miss you Conway. R.I.P.

  88. Dan Wolf

    Anybody who hears this song and isn't moved by it has no soul. R.I.P Conway.


    Dan Wolf gets you right in the hart <3


    Guitar,we got years to kill...

    Elmer Walker

    Dan Wolf

    Janitor Bill

    This might be my favorite Conway, this or i dont know a thing about love....which i will listen to next

  89. Greg Couch

    Always been my favorite by Conway...great talented singer!

  90. David Dewey

    This song plays over and over again in my mind,it's hard for me to unwrap my brain from Conway's music.

  91. Steve Nortje

    A small boy in South Africa. My Dad used to Play Conway.. Now he passed it on to me. 35 years later.

  92. Tracy Garner

    Love Conway, I remember listening to him when I was a kid with my daddy and his box of 8 track tapes.

  93. knight hash

    My granddads favorite singer he died way before I was even alive...I guess I got my love for Conway twitty from him

  94. mark z

    I can still remember back in the mid 70's, my parents would take me to the bowling alley a couple times a week so they could bowl in their leagues. The bowling alley had a jukebox and Conway Twitty was played almost every other song...

  95. DeathAngels a

    Amazing song when your driving to go fishing at 2 in the morning moon shining so bright love it

  96. Greg Banks

    Best singer in Country Music

  97. Daany Rushman

    Conway's gooder than bettet

    Nicole Jurgens Clark

    Daany Rushman damn gooder

  98. Ben S Hammonds

    big love for this one

  99. Bill Cleveland

    Actually Country used to be really "Cool" before it was turned into "Urban Crap" the Mainstream after the 1970s thinks is labelled "Cool". When Male Country Singers sounded like Real Men not 12 years boys or girls.


    Bill Bass This shit industry calls country now , is a joke...

    Gloria Monroe

    So called country singers now just sing, The Late Great Conway sang from his 💗

    Betty Potts

    Bill Cleveland conway is the best