Conway Twitty - Living Together Alone Lyrics

I can't believe the life we live
Or the love that we can't give to each other
I only know my dreams are gone
And that you've been carrying on with another.

That won't let us stop it
We're too blind to drop it
So we still go on
Living together alone.

Oh, I don't know how long we'll survive
Living here where love has died it's a wonder
Loneliness surrounds this house now
We'll get by, I don't how we're together.

A house that's dividing will tumble to the ground
And yet we still go on living together alone
And yet we still go on living together alone...

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Conway Twitty Living Together Alone Comments
  1. Doris Night

    That's pure made up crap!!!! Stop it!!!

  2. Doris Night


  3. Madilynn Kirkland

    Greatest ever

  4. Esther lehr

    it hard

  5. Elaine Smith

    Love this song

  6. lindalovesal

    Goosebumps love Conway and Loretta singing thanks for sharing

  7. Carolyn Walker

    Rip conway for those who doesnt like conway and Loretta they were and still are best there is was or every will be (duo) i grew up on OLD country music todays music is a disgrace to the oldies

  8. Vicki Dampier

    It's hard living alone

  9. Kathy Green

    Best country duo ever!

  10. Alton Stone

    Can't argue with your choice of the best duet - Loretta & Conway. But George & Tammy, and Porter & Dolly are right there in the mix for the best.


    @Alton Stone ...Spot on there Alton

    Michael De Ponte

    loretta and conway where the best Duet Partners in country western this is facts they won more awards then george and tammy and dolly and porter

    mervin gustave

    Alton Stone

    James Brown

    @Michael De PonteGeorge Jones said the Best Duo in Country Music History

    Michael De Ponte

    @James Brown yes George stated this in a interview and he's right

  11. Karen Vidra

    They were the best duet in country music EVER!!

  12. sparrowhawk72

    I want that dress she is wearing!!