Conway Twitty - Clinging To A Saving Hand Lyrics

Sing me a song of praise and glory
Help this wandering child to understand.
That when I close my eyes in sleep eternal
I'll be clinging to a saving hand.

I want you to sing to me about the rock of ages,
And sing about eternity so sweet.
So that when I take my last breath of life
I'll awaken at my saviour's feet.

I want you to tell me about Paul and Matthew
And sing about my dear saviour's birth
And tell about his trials and tribulations.
While he walked upon his heathen Earth.

Come on and sing me a song of praise and glory
Help this wandering child to understand.
That when I close my eyes in sleep eternal
I'll be clinging to a saving hand.

I'll be clinging to a saving hand...

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Conway Twitty Clinging To A Saving Hand Comments
  1. Mary Betz

    BEAUTIFUL. LOVE ❤️ IT. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Danny Barnard

    Connie smith did a good job on this. One but conway is the best of all

  3. Betty Echols

    Conway can "sang" anything

  4. Karaoke Time

    This is beautiful

  5. lindalovesal

    Wow nice song thanks for sharing.

  6. Sherri Kirkwood

    Still LOVE his velvet voice!!

  7. Mary Mossow

    great gospel song he could sing anything well

  8. Ron Burgess

    God I Love this song

  9. Sherri Kirkwood

    Played this at my father's memorial service. Grew up on Conway and other greats from the 50s and 60s. And I'm only 43.

  10. Youggle-It ....... if-n ya can't fix-it.

    love Conway, and love this song. thanks for sharing these songs.

  11. Miss Kitty 1944

    Love Conway twitty my husbands favorite he passed in mar 2018 love all his songs God bless you Conway keep singing up in heaven RIP

  12. kathy whitener

    love this song conway sings it the best

  13. Lori Birt

    Love that man

  14. Lillie Farris

    He is absolutely gorgeous with a great voice. Love you always conway

  15. Hillbilly62

    My favorite singer of them all.

  16. garry oden

    this man can sang anything,

  17. Jay Where

    Conway Twitty is great iam great singer to people say iam better than Conway but iam not I have great voice I sing justin like Conway Twitty no baddy sing better then Conway they can came up to him that it

  18. Jay Where

    thank to Conway Twitty he have great voice know he is resting he is in heaven

  19. Rhonda Bush

    that was a great song that Conway. Twitty. did.I love it.

  20. Pamela LaBrake

    Miss Conway so much, Love this song, God Bless

  21. Frankie Brown

    didn't know Conway sang gospel, but I love anything he sang.  This is one of my favorite gospel song

    Tyler Jackson

    Frankie Brown

    Jeffrey Morgan

    This song was from his 1973 album Who Will Pray For Me. I believe it was originally recorded by Connie Smith. Bill Mack wrote it and would end his Midnight Cowboy radio show everyday on WBAP 820 with her version of the song.

  22. Delbert Fuller

    Conway does as good as any body on this song. Great job!

    Josie Ortega

    Delbert Fuller tarot card reading with Ana azaura

  23. Mary Saiz

    I love this song

    Freddie Warrick

    The best

    Celestine Saiz

    Are you Mary Saiz from Pocatello, ID and Fort Hall, ID.
    You worked with my husband, Jeremy Saiz. He passed away August 3, 2011.
    I am Jeremy's Widow.

  24. Davie Key

    king Jesus Christ is my next of kin

    Lawrence Moore

    A friend that is closer than a brother...

  25. Thomas Peter

    I try to hear this song on my mobile but YouTube says the video is no longer available. However, I can watch it on my Lap Top. Jeff can you upload it again under a different user name?


    I'm listening to it on my phone.

  26. Lisa Osburn

    the good old day

  27. Gordon Wilson

    My favorite version of this Bill Mack song. Thank you for posting.

  28. Jacob Paradise

    absolutely the best


    Johnny Cash is the best.

    St. Chase

    No, Conway is ... hands down.

    judy morgan

    jinx21fan he

  29. t eresa muldoon

    lovely song love conway twitty rip