Conor Oberst - Zigzagging Toward The Light Lyrics

I'm blessed with a heart that doesn't stop
My mind is a weather vane it spins around just like a top
Knows what the winds of fortune bring in the season of the witch
Home is a perjury, a parlor trick, an urban myth

Oh how the circumstances change (ooooohhhhhh)
This world is smoke and steel and compromise and meter maids
I'm going to leave here for too long
Zigzagging toward the light I'm off to sing my bounder song

True love it hides like city stars
Nothing to gaze upon or contemplate how near or far
If it comes it comes quite unannounced, a momentary glance
Lit up by sun or moon by bonfire or ambulance

Then how the circumstances change (ooooohhhhhh)
Feels unmistakable with no idea from where it came
But you will know it when it's gone
Zigzagging through the night half dead you sing your bounder song

Save for the bounder whose word is never kept
A bandeau of flowers to stave his mind and bloom when he forgets

It's true that shadows tell the time
On sunny afternoons, on crowded sidewalks passersby
I'm in a queue that stretches out far as the eye can see
It forms a figure eight and goes on for eternity

Oh how the circumstances change (ooooohhhhhh)
I fly by interstate across a purple mountain range
I'll find a place to come undone
Zigzagging toward you now I sing out loud my bounder song

[Conor Oberst - Voice, guitar]
[Jonathon Wilson - Guitars, bass, percussion, keyboards, voice]

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Conor Oberst Zigzagging Toward The Light Comments
  1. Kevin K.

    Does anyone know of the mural from four winds he mentions. Mural of a Mexican girl standing in the ashes at the end of the world. I just saw the graffiti 3:29 and it reminded of it. I been wanting to find the actual mural to get tattooed. If anyone has any clue where it might be or a picture that’d be the coolest thing ever. I know it’s a long shot. Thanks :)

  2. It wasn’t meant To be

    You are the ballsiest artist in the industry today. MG


    D Conor Oberst D

  3. Mr. Sixth


  4. MagickSlowdive

    Still amazing.

  5. daydrmnation

    Oh by the way, i think Israel may be under attack as we speak. God save us all.

  6. daydrmnation


  7. Brook DeVries

    better than the first time i watched it ;D

  8. ophilia fox

    This reminds me of a Bo Burnham skit haha

  9. pelyphin0

    I am obsessed with that note Conor hits in each verse: heart that doesn't stop / winds of fortune bring / like city stars / quite *unannounced* ...

    I've never heard that before. The whole song is good, but that part is why I come back to it.

  10. aiyn zyqurith

    Wtf... wow. What an ending.

  11. Tvdinner Enjoi

    Happy birthday conor

  12. Jasmine G

    Every song for so many years

  13. Jasmine G

    You mean so much to me

  14. Anjalina R mL

    Lol. Damn. Hes such a heavily placed aquarius. In multitudes as well. Its like hes a voice for the bots. Or, a human connection to the Ai of the future. Because surely they'll,want to,integrate deep human emotions.& listening to his music, how,could you not. Especially if thats what you were intending. He gets it. I love you forever Conor. Always XX

  15. Dan Thompson

    "You don't have to zigzag. Just walk.",dan'

  16. BretBaber

    I wonder how many fans he walked by that had no idea he was there.

  17. SlowDown101

    Conor it has been a while since I saw you at The COG Factory so seeing you 600+ miles from Omaha here in San Antonio where I live was nice. I am glad you sold The Paper Tiger out. It gives me more validity to convince people here in San Antonio to have faith in their music and their ability to tour and be successful. Thanks, yes I was the one who screamed "Commander Venus" that night. I kind of wanted to talk with you after the show but the woman I was with needed to get home early b/c she had work in the morning. Oh well I am glad you had a good experience here in San Antonio. To me it's quite different from where I lived in Omaha but San Antonio has taught me many good lessons as well. Peace to you and of course much success to you. I hope The Stage was better than when I played on it b/c I didn't really like The Paper Tigers Stage from the many time's I've played on it when it was still The White Rabbit.

  18. mathew richwalski

    with automated and computer-based modules of conversation these are certainly fun times ahead, ahead of schedule by better for fulfilling all those surveys detailing a crippling loneliness of desirability amongst people, when the world truly ends, at least we'll be left with that, unless right, you may have your end table on that side of the bed - i liked my similar-type hat in two thousand ten, so many years after it's inception as a stylized accessory showing signs of rebellion, i was mostly warm in it, even if the rest of me was chilly and cold

    mathew richwalski

    also, does anyone of a certain age think that ending is culminating on dial-up internet - "you've got mail" and now there is no remembrance to human tones, except colouer, it seems we'll always be on about something regarding that and the idea that people everywhere were now having meetings with random men or dicks, that's also a used-word of definition

  19. enaira

    still wonder what's the real meaning of the videoclip..what event..and what are the voice and conor talking about?

  20. Dina Peone

    Hi, I am the brunette with white buttons who appears in the center from 5:05-5:07. What a pleasant surprise to show up in Conor's video after seeing that show live at Gigstock in the Greene Space! Truly a dream come true to be immortalized inside this man's art.

    Holly Sorensen

    That's awesome!! You're so lucky! ❤❤

    Melanie Jones

    Yeah. That's rad! good on ya!

    ophilia fox

    ohhh lucky! Thats so awesome!!!


    nice! love the song. you didnt even knew they were filming? check out my singalong. <3

  21. Austin Lyle

    I get an elliot smith vibe from this song.

  22. Lisa Purrne

    Tryna figure out this video, what's up with the computer voice?

  23. Gamecube 1985

    I love this song.

  24. Deena Haddad

    He's honestly a really good actor

  25. Boondock Betty

    I prefer people of ADAPTATION...

  26. Edward Cullen

    Fresh bleughrd

  27. Fred Piumelli

    3:08 - note the sign.

  28. Mark Alkire

    is that elliott smith?


    looks and sounds

  29. Evolve Now

    In the intro to this song on the album anyone catch Terrance McKenna's voice? If so it may shed some light on this song as Terrance had fascinating views on the upcoming singularity.

  30. spencerr2323

    Singularity ; )

  31. Ryan Espersen

    Is it just me, or could he be mistaken for a young Michael Moore with the hair, glasses, and hat?

    Andrew Flick

    it's just you

  32. Rosie L

    Upside Down Mountain is one of so few albums where every single song is absolutely perfect

    Melanie Jones

    Ruminations as well and I'm wide awake and it's morning! Love it when that happens. Almost never does!

    Dan Crawford

    agree 100 %

  33. Michael Graves

    what up joaguin phoenix

  34. LetitBe

    Your songs and videos are like puzzles and codes. I love trying to interpret. This felt prophetic and futuristic.


    Star Dust it's not hard to interpret. Especially if you've been listening to his music from day one.

  35. Derek Frey

    Modest mouse hat?

    Zack Mcleod Videos

    +Derek Frey no, but i see what you thought it was, the anchored down balloon. i wonder if Conor likes modest mouse

  36. SlowDown101

    Conor it's been a while since I've seen you live. I moved to San Antonio, Tejas from Omaha. I wish you'd make an extra leap down to an original town rather than the generic town of Austin. You might get a great surprise compared to the typical Austin crowd. Thanks and have nothing but a great career.

    celina garcia

    Yessss!! I feel the same

    Liam Duff

    I believe a Desert Hot Springs, Ca show is in-order now. Thank you- Liam

  37. Omar Little

    conor oberst looks like casey neistat

  38. Jesse Millis

    He's clearly hinting at an oncoming grid shutdown in this video, endless war, and martial law. Surprised no one caught that. Great song though. 

    Flinch Fu

    That's kinda what goes through his head on a regular basis...

    Jesse Millis

    @Flinch Fu yeah I'm sure it is.

    Chandler Scott

    +Jesse Millis I see it differently. I think it's more of not having something that keeps everything going. Happiness, contentment, peace, whatever it is

  39. myron

    he did a great job, great music

  40. Jennifer Marie & Dylan Joseph Welch

    Again, amazing job Conor. I LOVE YOU.

  41. God-Mecha Gemini Anubis


  42. giuseppe


  43. Jude Eckenrode

    I like it

  44. Maxwellius

    What does he say?
    "A lot of people value spontaneity. I'm a '...' myself" ???

    wake up

    I'm fairly sure he said " I'm a creature if habit myself".

    ward hiney

    creature of habit

  45. Cody Red Beard

    Great album!! Will he ever let us down? Nnaww.

  46. earthfairy

    in the beginning when the computer voice was like "happy birthday, Connor" i was expecting her to go "we love you very very very very very much!"

    An Humble Messenger of the Law of One

    yeah. that's called an anchor (in writing)

    TryToMakeMe Laugh

    +earthfairy lol 100% thought the same

    Tom Hoisington


    Eldrad Ulthran

    @Maya Vasquez now I've got that in my mind

    vermale deit

    ...and then it starts humming this little song and it goes like:

  47. NKoegs

    Seems like a steak bowl, with no idea from where it caaaame. 

  48. Paola Gutierrez Roldan

    Me encanto esta cancion , tienes una nueva fan conor !

  49. Samantha Rae

    great new record. typical 

  50. Something Better88


  51. Biverix

    such postmodern wow

  52. 4000Wiggins

    I've had Artifact #1 on rotation for several months now. God damn that is a beautiful song. Love this record. Thank u!!

  53. Erline Andrews

    The Tom Petty influence is strong in this one. :)

  54. Kara Dunlap

    2:36 For replaying

  55. MissAberdean

    Conor, are you gonna start acting already?  I've always thought you'd be a great actor...  You're just so interesting to watch!  I heard some rumors about it...any truth to them?  

  56. Mark Nelson

    What an amazing video/song!

  57. Friar Tuck

    Amazing.  Conor has a spiritual approach, and a longing to reach out, a passion that you won't see in pop culture.  Systematically, his music is kept out of the herd's ears.   His song ''Cape Canaveral'' is basically (to me) gospel music without all dogmatic repetition...  ZigZagging follows that same approach.  Logic and nonsense combined and revealed.  

    We can't explain everything, and why should we try?  Love is freely given.

  58. Bethanie Boots

    This sounds like it is pulled right out of the 90's and I am loving every second!

  59. James Martin

    You never cease to amaze Connor! Love the new album and I can't wait to see the second half!

  60. Aurora Vicente Sànchez

    I would love if somebody put subtitles...I can't understand the beginning :(

  61. Latasha James

    Love love love.

  62. rejoinslanuit

    Anyone else notice the future clip date is his birthday?

    Justin Yoho

    Hence why she said "happy birthday conor" lmfao!!

  63. kenneth Ian Husband

    "home is a perjury a parlor trick a urban myth"... that's shiner then gold

  64. Laura Kamienski

    I think this is my favorite music video just because of reasons.

  65. HissingDaisies

    this is just so stunning and i'm a little in love with it frankly <3

  66. ShaariSue

    It's a bittersweet symphony....

  67. Dustin Hull

    Love this! Love you as well Conor, you're brilliant. A great inspiration...

  68. Tyler N

    Anyone notice the sign at 3:08 "Conor Lives Here."

  69. Sanda Flegar

    Beautiful! Thanks Conor, I really needed your album to pick up where I left off some few years back. 

  70. zxcvnmtgb

    Well done! Great video!

  71. Phillip-Michael Scales

    I think Conor singing into his recorder might be one of the most brilliant things ever. That's how I write too. Trying not to draw too much attention to the fact I'm singing into something. 

  72. frankc32

    please note that my previous comment was in NO WAY meant to disparage the vid.


  73. Mark Michaels

    What the fuck is this?

    Kyle Transue

    good music.

    conor obese

    a vibeo of Conor Obeast eating sasage pizzas nonstop for 11 minutts

    Keith Geddes

    a true artist. I wish nothing but the best for you

    DJ Kangaroo

    Darude - Sandstorm

  74. leniboda

    This is making crazy emotional,i can't explain it..

  75. frankc32

    video aside, these lyrics are fucking redonkulous, even for Oberst.


  76. Nicolas

    Music runs through my heart & soul, it makes my motor purr...its my drug of choice.

    "I dunno about good or bad. It's sort of up to the individual. But A lot of people also value spontaneity. Yuh know?"

    "show us whats inside your head :)"

    'true love hides like city stars'

    I am so grateful to be able to enjoy such music.
    Thank you world...for all we have been blessed with.

  77. Vicente Martinez


  78. Vicente Martinez


  79. Elisabeth S

    Saw him @ First Ave in Minneapolis a few weeks ago, he looked like he was having so much fun on stage!

  80. Elisabeth S

    Saw him @ First Ave in Minneapolis a few weeks ago, he looked like he was having so much fun on stage!

  81. Chad B

    Anyone else notice that at 3:08 the blackboard on the left says "Conor lives here"

    Mr. Mister

    I was just going to leave this exact same comment. Had to go back and pause the video just to make sure that's what it said. Wonder what it means?

  82. grape- dark246

    Love him, love this video, I love this album in its entirety! I was blessed to see him live recently, and he performed a lot off this album!!:D

  83. x sadsappysuckr

    Is it me or does he look kind of like Isaac Brock?

  84. conor obese

    conor oberst plesse stop eating so mamy sausage pizzas.

    Reid Morrison

    How can you even see your hair is just sausage grease.

    Reid Morrison

    You're actually Conor Obese

    Chrissy Pribish

    Thank you 😂

  85. Isabel Appleton

    Shaving razor ad before the fitting

  86. 100% MUSIClove VEVO


  87. Elizabeth Southerland

    Song starts at like 2:40 -_-

  88. Joey Otero

    Only the ones unlisted...

    Directors of Photography - David Altobelli, Dan Kennedy
    Executive Producer - Sue Yeon Ahn
    Producer -  Blake Ashman 
    Production Designer - Bina Santos
    Sound Recordist - Tom Tierney
    Sound Mixer - Eric Hoehn
    Hair and Make Up Artist - Allison Brooke  
    Visual Effects (VFX) - Alex Amoling

    Voice - Jessica Collins

  89. Joey Otero

    Jessica Collins is the Voice for anybody who's wondering.  Incredible video, the vimeo lists the whole cast.  Another of other sources do as well.

  90. Mark

    Fuck yeah. Saw him at Hangout Fest. Going to see him in Houston and Austin back to back in September. Already got the tickets. Fuck yeah, and fuck off if you can't figure out what he's talking about.

    Omar Little

    you are so fucking cool

  91. Ray Bruneau

    Upside Down Mountain wins for best album of the year in my books.  I loved the images of destruction over-laying the video.  That sounds demented, but you know what I'm talking about.  A good video, and even better song.


    Fucking amazing. Cant wait to see you in Portland man! Hit you up everytime! 

  93. L' Karlos

    Didi you guys noticed at 3:08 the sign reads "Conor Lives here" 

    Maja Fenikowska

    Oh, yeah. haha. Wow, I didn't notice it before.

  94. Paco delp

    Amazing video ! (from a guy who isn't fond of music videos)


    Paco delp beauty

  95. yoletsee

    Classic conor!

  96. Luis Godoy

    Show us what's inside your the video. Great concept.