Conor Oberst - Breezy Lyrics

Move your slender fingers,
Help me play this song.
Spend another night inside this rented mansion.
I love you now,
I know that doesn't matter.
I love you now,
I know that doesn't matter.

Kissing me full of beer, tequila, weed and candy.
Walking down the boardwalk,
Act like we were married.
You always made it easy,
Then I'd want you more.
You always kept it easy,
Then I'd want you more.

Too smart for your own good,
Too sweet, too logical.
Statistics round your head,
Tried to teach me about baseball.
My favourite was the part when they make it home.
I like it when they steal, and when they make it home.

You left us with a sorrow too unreal to help.
Heard the birds sound broadcasts speakers at the Phoenix hotel.
All your friends are standing, crying, on the sidewalk.
All your boyfriends, they were standing crying on the sidewalk.

Breezy, I feel dizzy.
Can you help me up?
It's crowded at the backdoor,
How we getting to the burbs?
I'd like to help you find it if there's something better.
Yeah, I'll try and help you find it if there's something better.

Move your slender fingers,
Help me play this song.
Spend another night inside this practice mansion.
I love you now,
I know that's all that matters.
I love you now
And I know that's all that matters.

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Conor Oberst Breezy Comments
  1. Kayley

    Never forget. Dylan 💙 without him I wouldn't know these songs.

  2. José Aguilera

    This might sound stupid, but it is something I like thinking. When I'm feeling sad and all, I pretend to be missing someone I've never met. This song makes me miss people. If you don't wanna miss anybody, don't talk to anybody. Otherwise, you start missing everybody.

  3. Darrin Davis

    anyone know where to find the picture? I love it

  4. Brittany D. Van Ness

    Conor has a way of taking pain and making it beautiful.

  5. Randy Herrera


  6. Ryan Smith

    Ow, my heart.

  7. Jersey Blue

    RIP Dylan Rieder

    Kezia Swanepoel

    That playlist x

    Kth Smln

    First thing i did after reading about his death was playing this song and yes that playlist was A+

    ooddyy 21

    Is it from his jenkem mix?



  8. Rob in a box

    I really admire this one.

  9. Kaleb Mulder

    This isn't about death or life.. love or hate.. pain or strife. It's about darkness peering into the light.

    Flinch Fu

    +Kaleb Mulder Physically, darkness is usually safer than light. When staring out of the dark, you can see everything, but you can't see well into the dark from the light. Spiritually and philosophically, the opposite seems to be true.

    Kaleb Mulder

    I love you too.

    Maxime Lelièvre

    +Flinch Fu I believe that there it is impossible to qualify light and darkness since you require both to observe one. One could say that they are one single thing seperated later on by the human mind.

  10. Flinch Fu

    That's an awesome fucking picture.

  11. Championette

    RIP to my sweetheart who took his own life 1 year ago today. I miss you so much and will love you always. ♡ ♡ ♡


    +sam0var f - Yes, it was the 2nd anniversary yesterday and it hurts just as much now as it did then.

    cole udall

    God bless you. I hope you have found peace and comfort in your pain


    cole udall
    Thank you, kindly. It's now over 3 years yet I take no comfort and have found no peace. I think the most I can hope for is acceptance... and I work toward this every day. Such a horrific death and the most awful scene I've ever witnessed as he killed himself in our home as I lay sleeping in the next room. Waking to the the sound of a shotgun blast and finding him that way... the last time I laid my eyes upon my love, in the most terrifying condition... I don't know that anyone could find peace with something so brutal. Oh how I wish that it wasn't the last image I have of him but unfortunately it's burned into my psyche forever. Grief like this is eternal, not a linear event as society dictates. But with time I hope to carry it better. I also strive to support and educate others about suicide. Only when the conversation is held openly and freely among society as a whole will the stigma associated with suicide abate and more lives can and will be saved. Thank you for listening. I love you, Al... for all time. 🖤


    @Championette so sad for you, hope you can soon find more in life to love and bring you forward.


    Thank you kindly. I continue to hope as well though it hasn’t happened yet. Love to you friend. 💜

  12. Allan Brown

    When Sabrina Duim (Breezy)died in 2007, from complications involving medication during her senior year at Stanford University, she was already an accomplished harpist. She toured as part of Conor Oberst’s band; recorded parts for several songs on Digital Ash In A Digital Urn; and played with Rilo Kiley, Feist, and Johnathan Rice, among others. Oberst dedicated his 2007 album, Cassadaga, to her memory, but in the run-up to his solo recordings in 2008, he wrote “Breezy,” titled after Sabrina’s nickname, that appeared both on the Gentleman’s Pact EP and attached to subsequent Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band releases


    Thanks for sharing this. Are you a friend or family member of the musicians?

  13. Melissa Rose

    Has been a huge part of me for so long.

  14. Akemy Aoyama

    I fucking love you, Conor.

  15. hhotknivess

    R.I.P <3

  16. Amethyst Barron

    I miss you, baby brother.

  17. Josue Viana

    I Like Turtles

    Ashley Feawen

    Josue Viana that's all that matters

  18. 001mrgrim

    This is such an amazing song

  19. SidelongSuggestive

    pretty sure this song is about Sabrina Duim.

  20. sugarray300

    Every time I listen to a Conor song I haven't heard before it becomes my new favorite

  21. Ⓥegan Ⓥampire 2

    Sabrina Duim

  22. KILL me

    I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you at this point in time lol.
    Almost 4 years ago, holy crap! Can't believe it hahaha

    Daniel S.

    and now it's been 4 years since you posted this comment

    KILL me

    @Beyond3r z wooooowwwwwzers indeed. also check the brighteyes youtube for a new snippet #brighteyes2020

  23. uhh wolfgang

    Had a good friend kill himself today. This song. Doesnt help. But makes the sadness into beauty.

    Brian Bohman

    Sorry for that buy I always say this song is like butter on a burn.

  24. Matt

    ...assuming that what you're saying makes sense, what's the point?

  25. landlockedlyne

    omg, you reminded me of breakfast club!

  26. Trip Hammond

    ok. who cares?

  27. The Majestic Eagle Caws "CAW CAW CAW CAW"

    i met him today at newport folk festival :D

  28. Jake Parkington

    the most amazing thing about conor/bright eyes, is that every month i find another beautiful song ive never heard before. true genius.

  29. Zsolto66

    Hey, thank you for this upload, I liked it a lot.

  30. Morgan Webb

    The dude's a genius.

  31. Corey Colling

    Gentlemen's Pact EP, by Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band

  32. Catty Kat

    this song fucks me up. but i love it.

  33. fetxoven

    I can never forget you! never!
    Move your slender fingers.. help me

  34. littleschlemiel

    is this on any album?

    J B

    Conor Oberst and the mystic valley band, album "one of my kind"

  35. 3Narziss3

    Are we making this into a crying contest now?

  36. DamnedBeautiful

    @yeahrob100 its pretty :)

  37. Masteryre

    Love this song. Love this man. His music is so consistently stunning.

  38. sophiebro

    i love and miss him so much.

  39. jackiern

    @lowbattery34 lol nobody cares

  40. bb3840

    4 people suck mayn!

  41. freakostar13

    wow that made me cry wth

  42. JinxedOut

    Such a beautiful tribute.

  43. KILL me

    @whomeverthisconcerns Oh me? THX! loool.

  44. Jacy

    This song always makes me think of you. <3

  45. Dandieelionn

    how did she die? : [

  46. John Morisi

    Thanks a bunch!

  47. Ray Martin

    another boring tune from oberst. snooooozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  48. atomickiwi

    Just heard this for the first time... took my breath away!

  49. John Morisi

    Is this on any album? or EP... cause i thought I had every song by conor. such a touching song. Would you know where I could get this song?

    Ian Megee

    John Morisi it’s on One Of My Kind, I believe

  50. yourlipsarerubyred colorofmyblood

    greatest voice ever...greatest singer ever...conor's music is pure heart...pure soul...pure love, not to mention he is the greatest songwriter ever. not to mention i just heard this song for the first two times right now (this one is really special) i wont go into it anymore than that...but if you feel this song like me you know. oh, and not to mention the three evil, love hating, robots from the darkest depths of the underworld who disliked this.

  51. Tyler Patel

    This song just blew my mind

  52. KimberlyAnn Rose

    The big swell of noise at the end sounds like it's straight from heaven...

  53. Kim Tatchell

    almost cried?
    fuck, i bawled like a newborn baby the entire way through.

  54. Big E

    @splreid23 Fuck you for trying to get a thumbs up

  55. Cat Monahan

    probably one of the greatest songs lyrically ever written

  56. Cat Monahan

    fabulous song

  57. Valtari

    download bit torent and pirate bay.. can download entire albums usually

  58. 1.618

    the chords are

    Move your slender fingers,
    help me play this song.
    Spend another night inside this rented mansion.
    I love you now,
    I know that doesn't matter.
    I love you now,
    I know that doesn't matter.

  59. VandaB

    i bet it was.. that sounds kinda heartbreaking :(

  60. VandaB

    conor, oh, conor.. <3

  61. marmaladeskies172

    if your talking about the pic. i believe that its maria taylor with conor =]

  62. Anna M

    Conor has a timeless quality--not just his voice but his style and lyrics.

  63. KILL me

    That's the way it is straight from the EP.

  64. Graeme Mullen

    there sounds like there's a weird recurting glitch in the recording. it's the same on the version i have. sort of a squeak that sounds like a crappy mp3 clipping - does anyone have a better version of this?

  65. Levi Boitelle

    no problem :)

  66. Dracula

    i didn't say it was.

  67. Dracula

    oh wow, this is so beautiful. really pulled some heart strings. i wish i had a copy of this ep :[

  68. Levi Boitelle

    This is so beautiful. Almost made me cry.

  69. KILL me

    I know.
    It's a very beautiful and meaningful song.

  70. Khristina

    Yea, I didn't realize that :p

  71. KILL me

    Haha, thanks hun! :]]
    But I find it funny because the song is played in piano, and they're holding guitars..
    aha, oh well! ;p

  72. Khristina

    I love this song!
    And that picture is beautiful :]]