Conor Maynard - Pillowtalk Lyrics

Climb on board
We'll go slow in high tempo
Light and dark
Hold me hard and mellow

I'm seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure
Nobody but you, 'body but me, 'body but us
Bodies together
I love to hold you close, tonight and always
I love to wake up next to you
I love to hold you close, tonight and always
I love to wake up next to you

So we'll piss off the neighbors
In the place that feels the tears
The place you lose your fears now
Reckless behavior
A place that is so pure, so dirty and so raw
In the bed all day, bed all day, bed all day
Fucking in, fighting on
It's a paradise and it's a war zone
It's a paradise

We'll piss off the neighbors, baby
In the place that feels the tears
Oh, the place you lose your fears now
Reckless behavior
A place that is so pure, so dirty and so raw
In the bed all day, bed all day
Fucking in, fighting on
It's a paradise and it's a war zone
It's a paradise and it's a war zone

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Conor Maynard Pillowtalk Comments
  1. Mimi22126


  2. lugano clan

    I wish one day too meat conor

  3. niljuw zedlav

    Mr auto tune

  4. Ayush Kumar Verma

    Congo for 10 Million Subscribers...
    Love from India 🇮🇳

  5. Meera Easa

    i wish he stopped using autotune when he’s that good

  6. Mr Qiudi

    2 Prozent stimme 98 Prozent Bearbeitung................würde bei dsds oder egal bei welcher Gesangsshow versagen

  7. Edward Zuber

    You're dope at song making it better good jop man

  8. Amira Aytour

    2020 👆🏽

  9. اسراء بريك

    Bts OK 👌 👌 OK I'm love

  10. Lelo Shirley

    Ur so smart an brave to many lyrics

  11. shannon Walsh


  12. R P

    can u cover imagine by John Lennon? the beginning just made me think of it!

  13. Kristina Johansen


  14. Yazmin Trejo


  15. G.E.S

    His voice is completely false, he is auto tuned

  16. xXx xXx

    Your voice have full of emotions .. All of your song/cover is so full of emotion


  17. snu Yoo

    곡해석이 말도 안된다 진짜;; SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!❤️

  18. Minniefrickers

    2019 anyone ??

  19. Lara Livingstone

    One of the very best covers on Youtube - Conor's voice is epic and I like the rapper !!!!!

  20. Benjie Sublino

    Conor song have a lot of swnse,and very meaningful,not those singer who sang like demon....i mean,hes phenomenal,and its sad to findout tht hhis song are still underrated

  21. Benjie Sublino

    im a guy,but damn hes make me gay

  22. Edwin Rodríguez

    Me gusta

  23. Rajveer Rautela

    Auto tune hardkour

  24. Amar Sookoo

    I juss love him so muchh

  25. Mohammad zasan

    Very nice voice

  26. Iva vaa

    December 2019?

  27. FayceL Faycel


  28. Shae Bellingham

    autotune: How much autotune...
    Conner: YES

  29. muyendekwa mulonda

    Woooow the voice...
    Wh is happy..

  30. Sayon Dey

    I dont like high notes converted to low ones

  31. Nasma Sabrine

    عن جد واااااااو اجمل صوت أسمعتو بحياتي انا بموت بصوتو هل من جزائريين أو عرب هون

  32. Dantethebest Sparda

    Make Common Of Zayn!!
    Like to see him

  33. Jenet Makdoh

    I would like you to cover flames by zayn please 😢😢😢

  34. Terror PlanetGames

    Todo dia eu vou nesse video e vejo essa obra de arte! Puta merda que voz

  35. Salam Kh

    Fabulous 😮💟

  36. tamlyn duplessis

    this man is my ultimate crush

  37. Govinda Giri

    Mero daju from Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  38. Kbrix Irving


  39. شرف محمود

    That is very good

  40. Nadya Issa

    Omg!!!! The rapppppppp 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 how comes I’m seeing this after years 😭

  41. Nadya Issa

    Who’s here because its on Z’s liked videos?

  42. Kyle Salo

    That other dude takes away from every song

  43. ppp ppp


  44. hailey marvin

    So who’s rapping? Can we also give him some credit and is it wrong that I prefer this version over the original? 😊🙊

    Akash Joanne

    Its a cool one tho zayn is a legend

  45. zayn malik

    Legend lyricly

  46. Sara sweet

    🖤🖤🖤still love this song 2019

  47. Sun Flower

    Love this song! Check out Davina Michelle's cover of this song!!! Magic!!!

  48. LeTaco Tuesday

    Trash, let us hear your real un edited voice

  49. Akash Shrestha

    No outdoor noise?

  50. Mxze

    "It's in Zayn's liked videos", yea the money from this vid goes to him they copyright striked conor.

  51. Azee Fghh

    Just me !😞

  52. Music Is My Life

    Who listen in 2019 !!!!

  53. Jeremias Santiago hernandez

    Pinche rapero la caga siempre nmms ya que se calle alv

  54. Nikki du Toit

    I'm Totally hooked on your talent. So blessed to be able to sit an listen to your music.

  55. epicVlogs


  56. DoingMyBest X

    Still better than Sophia

  57. Leslie Nail

    Little dude just got better in a year or two

  58. Eka Noviana Wulandari

    play at many times 🎧

  59. Siska Nurhalizah


  60. Monicavianca Lucas

    Love you Conor ❤

  61. Hari M


  62. DoingMyBest X

    Idk you or roomie who did it better maybe u idk th

  63. Keifer Aleta

    Nice vocals but you need a little more then you can be like be zayn

  64. Vaprlite

    Yo Anth nailed that piece.. Holy gawww daaaaa

  65. Marley Daniel

    The "I hate sleeping alone" line hit home
    Love the cover

  66. Izzuddin Azhar

    that high notes! damn😍🔥

  67. Flores Arthur

    Auto tune is on point🔥

  68. Muhammad AIMAL

    Zayn liked this video

  69. Kalmesh Vyaparagi

    I don't know if you need to hear this but Conor, you're one of the best out there. You have an amazing voice.

  70. darkwolf2066

    Why did he pretend to play the piano instead of recording him recording this because he’s lip syncing to what he already recorded

  71. Holly Nicoll

    You have an amazing voice, i just wish i had a singing voice like you

  72. dream team

    ✌😎 ✌

  73. Yung Tun

    nice am loving this

  74. William Oliveira


  75. Cadence Winter

    Holy fucking shit your voice.

  76. Ashleigh Rudkin

    Conor actually sings this song better than zayn conor CAN sing zayn CANT sorry but don't like zayn

  77. Anyiah Moon

    He makes this song so much better

  78. Lara Cristina

    2019 alguém?? 😍🎶

  79. Charlie LIVE Pubg Stream

    Sometimes it's Justin

  80. Omar Bekhti

    1:02 💔💎💎

  81. Chanell Celik

    Coole muziek gaat niet ver in muggenbeet

  82. Liam Robertson

    Its autotune Bc at the start of the vid u can hear wind then it all of a sudden disappears

  83. Sirena Clark Carter

    im in love...

    Sukhwinder Singh


  84. Rüzgar Menda

    Ich finde es sehr gut, mach weiter so

  85. princess MGR

    Ita Awesome! !!!!!!
    Love your voice

  86. Sanjoy Mahato

    This guy is so talented....... You e awesome bro 😍😍😍😍

  87. Flower Direction

    Zayn liked tho

  88. Lesedi Rathai

    Who still listens I’m 2019?

  89. Rubul Barman

    Gggggggrrreeeaaaat ssssooooonnnnnggggggg

  90. Leotis Hayes

    That was amazing

  91. TheLifeOfMason Tv

    KING !!

  92. Mina

    you’re so crazy talented