Connor, Sarah - Better Man Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Once upon a time you were in your prime well you act so cool and looked so fine well didn't ya.
Looking back at you and the things you do staying oh so true saying I loved you I loved ya.

Remember the night when you held me tight I said its love you said alright yeah baby.
The very next day you changed your mind you can be so cruel and so unkind yeah baby.

I'm gonna find a better man, the kinda man who takes me by the hand and understands, how I feel.
Here's the deal. I'm gonna take my love to the hands to the heart off a better man.

[Verse 2]
Your talk was fast and you talk was flash never drove your car or spend your cash no baby.
And I weren't impressed by the way you dress and I must confess that I'm fine with less now baby.

When I first met you I'd die for you I was so naive but I still believed you baby.
Its a jagged edge she was in your bed now I'm seeing red for the lies you fed me baby.

[Chorus x2]

[Middle 8]
A better man the kind of man who understands me.
I better man a man who really wants to love me.


[Repeat chorus to end]

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