Connor Duermit - Never Letting Go Lyrics

We lie underwater
And my heart is beating slow
In light of the other
All my fears are letting go

Open eyes, but it feels like dreaming
Captivated by this feeling
As I hold you close
This is more than my heart can measure
Swept away and then throw us some pleasure, oh

And you, hold my heart in the depths of your eyes
You make me feel something more than life
In this ocean I find my soul and mind
I'm never letting go

Every breath of, revelation
Just the thought of, your creation
Like a raven, pure relation
Let this be love

And you, hold my heart in the depths of your eyes
You make me feel something more than life
In this ocean I find my soul and mind
I'm never letting go, I'm never letting go

Oh, oh, oh... never letting go...

And you, hold my heart in the depths of your eyes
You make me feel something more than life
In this ocean I find my soul and mind
I'm never letting go, I'm never letting go

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Connor Duermit Never Letting Go Comments
  1. Tom Richens

    Your going to be HUGE!!!!

  2. Kelsang Ongmu Tamang

    Was watching the Bachelor today almost after a year and it brought me here. Amaaaazing song and a big applaud to both the artist.

  3. Emmy Krzmarzick

    have a lyrical dance to this. amazing song

  4. Ferdinard Chris


  5. Thom White

    Amazing song for my beautiful wife. Thank you

    Official KS

    Hi Thom! We're glad you enjoy the song. Check out Connor's EP if you haven't already. Hopefully you'll like it just as much!

  6. daniyel h

    thanks to my cycling instructor.. this song had me crying during the cool down. and I guess. I had my ugly. crying face on Cuz then. he yelling" this girl was gave it that all the spin class today huh?" I yell. hell yea my legs. are burning"Lol
    and because I I am terrible at lion I told him at the end of class that I was really crying cuz of the song and he laughed at me😀

    Connor Duermit

    daniyel h hopefully they were good tears. 😊

    daniyel h

    +Connor Duermit yes they were

  7. Nonya Bizness

    The piano piece won me over. I would just love to hear the instrumental. The keys are touching my soul. Thanks Batch.

  8. Gia

    Thank you Mather dance company for sending me here ❤️

    Official KS

    Definitely! Check out Connor's debut EP if you haven't already!


    Totally!!!i really love the choreography♡

  9. Liliana

    I only know Connor now, he should be on da bachelor

  10. Liliana

    Lol who is Arie 😂

  11. All Things Luis

    Great voice!

  12. Shaunie Firstlady928

    My oh my! This song! Absolutely beautiful!

  13. Michele Marie

    I’m in love with this song!! It’s been on repeat the entire day! ♥️I’m newly engaged and this has to be my wedding song!

    Official KS

    Congrats on your recent engagement, and we’re glsd you enjoy the song!

  14. Baritu Gebre

    What the actual hell... This song moved me so much that I cried. The lyrics are beautiful and the voice, oh my goodness that voice! You can hear the flow of good emotions, they were perfectly delivered. The singer is also ridiculously good looking, It's chill. Hands down, this is a spectacular song. Shoutout to the bachelor!

    Connor Duermit

    Baritu Gebre I'm sorry it took me this long to see this. Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm really glad you love the song. I hope more of my music to come moves you the same way this has. 🙂

  15. Kiersten P

    I have been looking for a wedding song, and heard this on The Bachelor! I can't wait for my fiancé to listen to this song, and to dance to it at our June 16th wedding!

    Connor Duermit

    Kiersten Furnish June 16th as in a few months from now!!! Congratulations!! Send me a video. So glad you love the song.

  16. Tema Nwana

    The Bachelor brought me here

  17. Jacob Garcia

    Does anyone have the chords for this song?

  18. Andrew Mwakibolwa

    The bachelor brought me here...

    Official KS

    Thanks for checking out the video!

  19. hoskari 1

    Me encanto , saludos
    Pura Vida

  20. Madi Nelson

    Can’t stop listening to this song 😍

    Official KS

    Thank you for your support! Continue to enjoy Connor's music and we encourage you to share with others who may also enjoy it :)

  21. Amanda Jedele

    AMAZING!!!!!! such a beautiful song :)

    Connor Duermit

    Thank you!


    Those lips tho...

  23. Clarisse Day

    Thank God for the Bachelor!! Amazing voice and accompanist!!

    Connor Duermit

    Thank you so much! Troy is definitely amazing, I agree!

    Official KS

    Absolutely, Clarisse! Connor and Troy make beautiful music together - Troy will be joining Connor for his upcoming tour!

  24. Ebony Blockton

    Is he single? 😩😍 brought here by the bachelor and fell so hard💕

  25. Ashley Ussery

    Oh my gosh he has the voice of an angel! I also found out about him on The Bachelor and now I am totally hooked! Gorgeous song too!

  26. Yeah Nah


    Connor Duermit

    We should be able to get those up here. ;)

    Connor Duermit

    Brian Gaudet I'm so sorry I forgot to post them. You got it though. Only thing is a word in the second verse.

    "Every breath, a revelation"

  27. Madison Woodard

    So happy the bachelor brought me here it's my new favorite song!!!

    Official KS

    We're glad you like Connor and his music! If you haven't already, check out Connor's Debut EP here:

    Connor Duermit

    Ayye that's big! Thank you!

  28. Kyla Presley

    Definitely want this as my wedding song! So beautiful

    Official KS

    That means so much to know that this song has touched you in such a way. Very beautiful. Thanks for commenting!

    Connor Duermit

    This is one of my favorite things to hear. I would be honored! Thank you.

  29. TheBigHairChick

    Here thanks to The Bachelor. Happy the show has helped him gain new fans. I'm def one!

    Kate Lundo-Nielsen

    Same hahah

    Connor Duermit

    Thank you, both, for the support. Glad to have two new fans! Where are you from?


    Connor Duermit I live in Nashville! 😊 You have to visit soon now that you have a fan who lives

    GabbynDanielnKids Mareno

    Love it

  30. Em Ar

    I'm here because of The Bachelor

    Cerise Gan

    Chubby Daw Me same haha

    Official KS

    On behalf of Connor and our team, we greatly appreciate your support!


    Me too!! lol.

    Connor Duermit

    I'm glad you saw it. :)

  31. Nicole Jenrette

    Have listened to this on repeat ! Love Love Love !!!!! Need at my wedding ❤️❤️ amazing and so talented ! Can’t wait to hear more !!!!

    Official KS

    Thank you for listening and we’re so glad you enjoy the song! Connor is an incredible artist and has so many amazing songs on the way... stay tuned!

    Connor Duermit

    It would be an honor to have you play this at your wedding! :) Thank you!

  32. Krystal Mansour

    gorgeous voice.... so glad I watched the bachelor tonight so that I found out about you!

    Official KS

    We’re so glad you watched the episode, as well. Stay tuned for Connor’s upcoming releases!

    Connor Duermit

    I'm glad you did as well! Thank you :)