Connick, Jr., Harry - When My Heart Finds Christmas Lyrics

In my eyes are valentines
And Easter eggs and New Year's wine
But when my heart finds Christmas
My eyes will shine like new

All the days are kind to me
But fall too far behind to see
But when my heart finds Christmas
I hope it finds you too

Let the angels sing around us
Christmas time is here
Let our children's love surround us
Laughing and filled with cheer

My heart told me once before
To find my dream and search no more
And when my heart finds Christmas
I hope it finds you too

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Connick, Jr., Harry When My Heart Finds Christmas Comments
  1. Beta Lantun

    I hav this christmas album. I think its the best chrismas album in the 90s. he should win Grammy awards for this album. Harry, thank you for your brilliant music

  2. gary persaud

    Christmas in our house is not complete without Harry Connick and Boney M.

  3. manon amiel

    Thank you once more Brendon (Urie) for making me discover amazing songs ❤

  4. Lucia C.

    Holy crap he's incredible looking! And ofc his voice is beautiful 😍 This is one of my favorite Christmas songs & it always brings tears to my eyes when he sings the grand finale (orchestra/choir)

  5. j butler

    The live Harry Connick Christmas special has a live Gospel choir singing on the special and also a performance with Carol Burnett . We watch this DVD every Christmas

  6. Stan Godbey

    I absolutely love his voice.

  7. Megan Bacon

    Looks so much like Brendan Fraser /George of the jungle! 🤯

  8. Tina Heifort

    Great great song!!!!

  9. Bob Kotoff

    Boy thanks harry

  10. jamiegrifter

    A Christmas song that’s so good that I can’t help listening to it in September!

  11. azombiehousewife

    Listening to this on the last day in April. Feeling extremely nostalgic

  12. Jeffrey Stewart

    "When my heart finds CHRISTMAS
    I hope it finds you too"
    Sublime sentiment...

  13. Daniel Williamson

    Happy Christmas, Harry.

  14. gayjay34

    I cannot believe I never hear this beautiful song in anybody's playlists on the radio or in Christmas charts of best songs ??? This should be in the top 5 and radios should be playing it more

  15. Daniel Williamson

    What a beautiful song by the great Harry Connick, Jr.

  16. simplemanplan

    U don’t ever hear this song being played this one is a personal favorite of mine

  17. Vicki Bryson

    He sounds Great!!!! 🎅❤❤🎅❤🤶
    Merry Christmas Everybody!!

  18. Christian Scott Thomas

    He...his eyes...that voice...This Song...gets me each and every time...

  19. JTCPingas

    Glad I'm not the only one who gets Frank Sinatra vibes from this man. :)

  20. Cher Ann

    Still one of the best Christmas songs

  21. The Black Fence Cat

    This puts me in the spirit. Anyone else?

  22. Christopher Diaz

    I was able to listen to this song through radio online last Oct 2018. I became a fan right away because of its beautiful melody. I was surprised that it is Mr. Harry Connick, Jr. ...I thought this as a recorded song by legendary Frank Sinatra...hehe......Bravo, Mr. Connick!!! Thanks for this song......

  23. Lalee Biscarro-Urban

    I love Harry. He's awesome. He can act,sing and play the piano......he melts my heart. ❤💓💕💓❤

  24. c jordan

    Christmas 93...I fell in love with this song. Still loving it!

  25. Michael Bodine

    Connick better than most ACES in any "fox count" and helps to run Hospital systems near BATON Rouge, he may speak English bttr than most son, but plays bttr than
    most ALSO. > compositions in Aluminum Townes;

  26. Mad Hatter

    He is much too hot, gosh! A perfect combination of looks and soul!

  27. Brad Burbach

    I LOVE Christmas, a fun, happy time!!

  28. x _beebo_breadbin_ x

    I'm here because of Brendon urie....go check him out !!!


    x _beebo_breadbin_ x same ❤

    Daphne Ko

    came here for a comment about brendon urie. was not dissapointed

    J BOB

    Absolutely useless

    manon amiel

    I was looking for that comment lmao thank you


    Take all your Sinatra impersinators and throw them in the garbage listen @ 2:35 enough said

    muhammed dabo

    Spot on

  30. Jim Ruda

    This song rules

  31. Monica Yosick

    Loved him in Independence Day

  32. jamiegrifter

    Wouldn't mind finding him in my stocking!

  33. Lionel Thomas

    One of the most beautiful Christmas songs ever made.

  34. Miriam Ortiz

    Hermosa canción en esta maravillosa voz....un canto angelical!!! mis favoritos cantantes!!!!

  35. Sam Davey

    I wish he was a larger artist, more people should listen to his music.

  36. Carol Henry

    Wow it's march and this is still great Harry

  37. Bentom86

    I had heard this song in Christmases past, but it hit me like a ton of bricks last night how great it was. I spent today searching through Paul Anka's whole history, only to find it was Harry! Very angry that I never knew, but so thankful to find it now. An amazing song & video for the world to hear and see.

  38. Shawn Swickard

    amazing as usual.

  39. BigMark2.0

    As of right now, I'm wondering why, but not surprised, that there are 38 idiots who ''dislike'' this. You humanoids were born without a soul.

  40. Eugene Forbes

    Great video. Thanks for posting.

  41. Pinky The Unicorn

    The Frank Sinatra of our generation.


    Pinky The Unicorn, nope

  42. dancenshout2002

    they just played this on Friday 8:40am WARM 101.3 and I knew it wasn't M.B. How'd I not ever hear this before??? gonna make a great addition to the holiday soundtrack... It's a throwback to a new-ie! Sending Holiday Hugz and wishes that your entire house is filled with laughter throughout the NEW YEAR!!!!!

  43. Tirzahbeloved Joyrose

    So handsome.

  44. Jim Atkins

    My favorite Christmas song that I have come familiar with in at least the last five years. Just lovely, and complete with an arrangement back from the days of the "Crooners" (Bing, Frank, Dino, Perry, Nat, etc.). Just lovely!!!

  45. Augustine Munobe

    Harry this song is from 90's

    edy babich

    Augustine Munobe ,go back a long time way before that,original song, the singer and writer, before I was born and when my mom was younger, she's 79 years old.. Song had been around for a long run..

    Augustine Munobe


  46. Augustine Munobe

    from 1993 but still beautiful ♡

  47. Ank Chet

    Oh My God....Petit Papa Noël, reviens !!!

  48. mary parker

    Fabulous song when I hear that song I know Christmas has come l just love that song it makes me smile and it makes me feel like Christmas ❤❤😊

  49. Servenet

    Great song. Gotta love the diversity, the wonderful politically correct, racial socialism theme in the video. Load up the scene with 90% non-whites and make sure you don't seat a little white girl on your lap. You're secure in the USSA, Harry. You should put in your bid for "Shill-of-the Year." You can't miss!

    Chris Forsyth

    +Harry Savannah Well you're a little sprinkle of Christmas cheer, aren't you? What brought you down from Mount Crumpet?

    Ally Rathernotsay

    +Harry Savannah If you know anything about Harry Connick Jr. (apparently you don't) is that he grew up around African Americans and his greatest icons and mentors growing up were those within the black community that took him under their wing and coached him musically. He is a huge advocate for equal rights and pays utmost respect to those who influenced him as a boy, where he learned to play jazz and other forms of music under the direction of various members within the black community. This is not a politically correct video but something that is close to his heart. It would help if you wouldn't accuse or jump to conclusions.


    @Ally Rathernotsay

    First, let me say that I appreciate your irenic tone Ally. Civility is a rare trait these days. However, no one should be expected to guess at Harry's personal background issues when viewing a song-video. And even if they were aware of such neither should the whole world be expected to be treated to Harry's self-indulgent "racial-socialism" mentality. You see Ally, I am white. The nation  I was born into was 90% white, 10% black, less than 1% other. The culture and the nation's institutions reflected a European/American tradition and were directed according to  European/American hegemonic control. Today, whites comprise about 62% of the American populaton scheduled for 49% in 25 years (likely LESS). The nation has degenerated into an uncivil, polyglot pigsty. This may mean nothing to you. You probably don't remember it being otherwise. For you it appears a "normal" state of affairs. But I know (remember) otherwise. 50 years of relentless, remorseless brain-washing through the cultural-Marxist media and anti-white American govt. and the transmogrified American institutions have created an alternate, ruined, non-nation globalist state. I am not happy about this Ally. And I am sickened about it for my grandchildren's sake who have no future in this God-forsaken former Christian nation of a PC, anti-white mad-house. Now you know IN FULL why I have no appreciation for Harry's wretched, self-indulgent video. Did very much like the song, as I say, but now ruined for me. I'm glad (sorta) that you continue to appreciate it. If it means anything to you, Merry Christmas -all the same.

    Ariana Booker

    Are you seriously mad that there are black kids in the video? Seriously? This is why you’re mad? You’re mad that there wasn’t enough white kids? 🙄 get over it. Black people exist. They can be in music videos.


    Wow.  I never  new he can sing..... Where have I been....;). Sweet

    Brendan-Kailer Lieb

    +SONJA FOLSKA Take a look at his past. He released his first lp when he was 18. He is a great musician. :)

    Allison Anderson

    He put out his first album when he was NINE years old.

  51. Biel2619

    Google:  Harry Connick Jr Weston Connecticut.  Learn about this FRAUD!

    Ally Rathernotsay

    +Biel2619 Troll - you're on all the other web pages as well. Don't know why you are trying to waste the time of others.

  52. Steve Roumell

    Buble's good, but not this good nor distinctive

    Lucia C.

    Exactly!! Why is Connick so underrated!!

  53. Ruth Ann Doyle

    i love the song it is so beautiful!!!!!

  54. Telmo Nájera

    Most women commenting here need a dildo urgently.
    That's just a Christmas song, not a bachelorette party.

  55. Kayla Rae Colgan

    He's so sexy!!  Holy Crap!!  <3  :D 

  56. Daniel Buentello

    Awesome record, a sure thing for the season!

  57. Alison Cusenbary

    one of my absolute favorite songs

  58. Michaela

    Oh the nostalgia... I love it

  59. powder puff

    He could easily be taken for, Frank Sinatra's son.....looks/voice x

  60. Dana Ali

    I hope to find someone like you 💖

  61. Sammy Nadeau

    I never knew you song this song...I love it!!!

  62. Douglas Norcliffe


    Douglas Norcliffe


  63. Chad Richard

    how fuc*ing hot is this man?? @ 0:35

  64. susan529


  65. Sandy Griffin

    He has great hair like my boyfriend does...xo

  66. Sandy Griffin

    Amazing.......He's classic......

  67. Tim A

    Best Christmas album ever.  Will sometimes listen in June.  Some songs are just too good for one month out of the year!

    Joel Jacques

    Five years late, but I'm right there with you buddy!

  68. Claire DeLand

    I won't attack you. I agree completely. My late father-in-law was with the Dorsey Brothers band when they "acquired" Sinatra and my FIL always thought Sinatra was a bit sleazy.

    My biological mother was "in" the Hollywood scene and she had a crush on Sinatra, and I'm still trying to figure out why.

  69. PeaceGirlMusicFan1

    CONNICK rather!!

  70. PeaceGirlMusicFan1

    Love this song and video among many other Harry Conniving Jr songs! 3

  71. Marcos

    i was thinking it was a Paul Anka sounding voice but i can hear some Sinatra also.Either way very very cool song and very groovy voice.

  72. Amy Cosner

    Valentine eyes...

  73. Ryan Atwood

    Thanks for saying it. I'm a huge jazz and swing fan and have always had a healthy respect for Sinatra, but the guy gets so much credit and there are so many other guys who did the same stuff better. Connick is sooooo much better.

  74. Lori Seitz

    Love this song as well as I Pray On Christmas by him. He does have a smooth voice and a great musician who you can tell loves what he does! And he's super gorgeous....

  75. Marie Ferrar

    goshhh he's so good looking and very nice voice !!!!

  76. MGNZAL

    he writes all of his talented

  77. ken davis

    I play this every Christmas for my friends. This is an awesome version from a very gifted artist

  78. Debbie Guest

    @Bhotard40 Your right! He has all the qualities of Sinatra, and a distinct voice. He is Very good looking indeed.

  79. Barry Johnson

    Love Harry. So much heart and soul, Merry Christmas Mr. Connick. I play your Christmas songs every year. Thank you.

  80. Sameh Strauch

    His phrasing, intonation, timing and everything are so like Sinatra's that he clearly modelled himself on him.

  81. janet Herbert

    He is all that and then some , he was born for a time like this to sing songs that really
    has meaning and Oh My what a voice that cannot be duplicated he is GOOD
    He is the only one i think that can bring the past into the future when he sings like that

  82. MikeSings82

    lol this is such a weird video. but great vocals.

  83. lotos242

    This is one of my all time favorite Christmas Albums. Just love every song. He is just so talented!!

  84. Kailan McGee

    I love him!!

  85. gayjay34

    this guy voice just melst my heart just like this song i love this song

  86. zombie_PromQueen

    so it begins! CHRISTMAS SONGS<3

  87. Brit Vette

    Love this song and album!!! The best, I'm listening to it now!!

  88. Elaine Ch

    Thank U ,baileegirly just see your answer.Do you believe that feel happy with that?
    Have a beautiful new year!! :)

  89. hurg07marmar

    @Kani71854 U have right dear...i wish also a gift like thiis under the tree :))

  90. Kani

    Oh ur eyes , ur eyes make me melt . Wish i would find him under my tree !

  91. j03yrul3z

    when i heard the song , i thought it was Sinatra too lol. awesome song!

  92. Consuelo Henriquez de Pólit

    @ohger1 its true. The new Sinatra.

  93. Elaine Ch

    Ok i dont know him,he has blue eyes and I dont know if he is gay (the most nice mens is gay in our times). That I want to tell is that he has warm voice ,and
    remindes(?) me american old movies (30s,40s).That is beautiful.Wish him the best.Merry christmas to all of you!

  94. Christian Scott Thomas

    LOVE HIM, LOVE THIS!! I can listen to him every day and his Christmas songs are purely touching and magical....I only wish I found Christmas Dreaming on here : (

  95. rainydaze1212

    Looks like he needs some Blistex.

  96. PoliteTia

    OMG. Those eyes and that voice! WOW! Thank you so much for this post

  97. jotezahh

    hee hee.... he looks like a girl X-)

  98. Angelique Field

    I just Love Harry Connick Jr. and him singing Christmas songs is really the best. I rank this song up there with Nat King Cole's The Christmas Song and Bing Crosby's White Christmas =D

  99. DiandraOfElmSt

    Harry's CD and Mariah's CD were my childhood Christmas memories.