Connick, Jr., Harry - One Fine Thing Lyrics

When I'm walkin… I see you
And I'm wonderin what it must be like to be you
You're a sunrise, you're heaven
You're the reason that God rested on day seven

You're one fine fine thing

When I'm dreamin… I love you
And I know that there is just one version of you
Can I have you? I need you
If you tell me where you wanna go I'll lead you

You're one fine fine thing

I want you now in a real bad way
So what do I have to do?
I could somehow have a real good day
It all depends on you

Well I've flirted… I've dated
And I'm thinkin single life is overrated
So I'll loiter and linger
And I'll try to get a ring around your finger

You're one fine fine thing
You're one fine fine thing
You're one fine fine thing

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Connick, Jr., Harry One Fine Thing Comments
  1. Sunny K

    I love that he wrote this for his wife ♥

  2. Kathleen Bennett

    Thanks ,whoever keeps sending this GEM!
    It's on my YouTube every single time, I turn on my phone? LOL :):), HAHA :):) PERFECT, I love this song!!!!

  3. Beta Lantun

    wonderful music & amazing voice. Harry should win Grammy awards for this record. Harry, thank u for your music

  4. steve chandler

    One fine fine talant

  5. Bernetta Morton

    Loved Harry's serenade to his wife, Jill. It was very romantic and special. She even said, Wow! That was magical because he meant every word! Every woman needs to feel that special! Beautiful song! Just heard this song. One of my favorites! Amazing lyrics, melody, and interpretation! 💖💖💖💖💖

  6. Sisi Susilawati

    Singing with a simply it..

  7. Rochelle O.S

    What a truly beautiful song. Harry wrote this song for his wife. Such a Romantic soul 😍❤🎶🎵🎶

  8. Sylvia Escudero


  9. Lisa Crowe

    Yes! Love It!

  10. Diane Ellis


  11. ellen thayer

    This heavenly romantic song just causes me to melt... so fortunate to see him perform this number at dpac in 2015 ...he and his fantastic orchestra delighted the audience that evening with all their magic but THIS song ...the title says it all...

  12. GEMMA Didit

    This song sends me into bliss...imagining the right guy telling me all this... I must be ONE FINE THING!

  13. Do Ray

    When I first heard this 1 face popped in my mind. My red string girl.
    How I miss ya :(

  14. stevers62

    Great song! They should do an edit without the dancing woman, and just Harry. She really gets in the way.

  15. Rose Agaatsz

    Love your songs and music Harry Connick! 👀🎤🎧🎼❤️

  16. Anna Lisa

    Message of this song is: appreciation of self-possessed Woman . And thankfully a songwriter noticed and a man sang it. We need more men to feel this way and act accordingly.

  17. Rosemary Howard

    Love him as a singer not a actor

  18. Nila Lanneaux

    Love this man! He has a wonderful voice and great delivery

  19. TheSongWriter

    So this is so good in many ways. It's traditional - yet modern. Been a fan since When Harry Met Sally.

  20. Kenzie Tong

    I fell like you are the guy from dolphin tale

  21. Gwendolyn Porter

    This is one song that makes me say, "YES!!!"

  22. Delena Gale

    My God, this has to be the sexiest song I've ever heard! ❤️

  23. Tracey DArcy

    Know you wrote it for your wife ... so romantic and charming. One lucky lady! 💕🎶

  24. Diana Dawn

    I LOVE this Song! It's so sexy, dreamy and mesmerizing... I remember the first time I heard you sing this song at The SF Davies Symphony Hall, you made me and every other girl in the room feel like you were singing the song to her. I hope you come back to San Francisco and Sonoma County to do another Show soon!

  25. Phillip Dawson

    I love you!!!!❤❤❤❤❤

  26. Jason Ingram

    High class talented entertainer.

  27. Barbara Edelmann

    Oh my, l love this,!

  28. Barbara Edelmann

    Oh my , I love this. Sooo good! 😍

  29. Barbara Edelmann

    Oh my , I love this. Sooo good! 😍

  30. Garyl Gibson

    One fine video :)

  31. Ignacio Del Corro

    The best

  32. Carla Owen


    Arnold Ramson

    hear you carla baby bet your'e one fine, fine thing

  33. Janice Hellzen

    OMG is about all I can say.

  34. Lawanda Henderson

    Still Listening in 2018

  35. IG V

    Keep on coming back, he is one fine ... fine thing. Mercy!!! 2018

  36. Waylon MM

    I always have to come back to this at random times because I'll get it stuck in my head out of nowhere.

  37. anselmo lemos silva

    Very, very Good

  38. bigraven55

    If I could sing, I'd want to sound just like Harry! Great voice, great song, great style!

  39. S. Marković

    Anyone found my panties?

  40. Nate Kyng

    This song is so sexy

  41. Lumpy Space Princess

    This is cool till you smell like the east river

  42. S K

    so humble and beautiful

  43. S K

    already know you are one fine fine thing

  44. Dandy Chiggins

    This man is so ultra-smooth! His talent's just like wine..u know the rest!!!

  45. Kenny Watkins

    Anybody who doesn't like Harry is just plain jealous

  46. Randy C

    Go on take the $$$, and run!,who!who!who!

  47. Massimo Conselice

    Sound incantevole bello... Sembrerebbe "I so pazz'..." del mitico Pino Daniele

  48. Laurence GARY

    Trop bien (et en français le commentaire)!!!!

  49. Fanta Cee

    I love this song .......

  50. Yours Reydhen

    No wonder Grace Adler fell in love with you, Leo. Sooo sexy! 😍

  51. Michael Holmgaard

    I've only seen him in "Will & Grace" American idol and different talkshows.... never knew he was such a talented musician :)

  52. sharon hilliard

    I absolutely love this song. Harry Connick, I love you as an actor as well as a singer, and not to mention the fact that you are "One Fine, Fine Thing". You have a very lucky wife.

  53. Arnold Ramson

    fell in love in love with this cut the very first time i heard it a year ago, and i,m still in love with this shit

  54. Rex DiPietro

    People just don't get the style of this music, and think he's not singing, but Harry is singing alright.

  55. Vera Mcclellan

    Harry is the chest LOVE him

  56. Greatest Ever

    Okay these comments kill me.
    Listen up you uneducated dipshits.
    This guy has been around for a couple of decades. Hes a pretty big star.
    Yall acting like hes some random nobody that put a song on youtube which is far from reality. He was a child prodigy when it came to music, particularly jazz.
    If its not to your ear, fine. Don't listen to it. Go back to your overprocessed pop or shitty metal bands. This guy has more talent in his pinky than all of your Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj types combined.


    Edit: And I don't even like jazz. Im more of a fan of his acting.
    Yes. Hes an actor and has been in movies with some big names, like Will Smith.
    So shut your holes.

  57. Shango Sankofa

    I thought I picked my Harry Connick Junya Track Of The Day... But I honestly need more than one. Ok so, I'll take this one too!

  58. Li Enyang

    came here from his house got blown up

  59. myTheus

    Preacher brought me here, not disappointed, RIP xD

  60. Trisha Dishing

    Harry, I love this song and I love it more that you wrote it for your amazing wife of 27 years! My hubby and I just had our 25th anniversary in June, but couldn't afford to go anywhere this yearr, so we dedicated this song to each other and danced. My husband is a pastor and a great man of God, we have 3 beautiful children and we are blessed to have our health and lots & lots of love!

  61. Jocelyn M

    This song is so much better if you don't have to see the video.

  62. Christn 13

    Smooth !!! Momma loved her piano jazz "like young" she would of loved this one

  63. Chris C

    awesome harry!!

  64. Conseula Jackson

    Beautiful song love it but you're one fine fine thing Conseula Jackson

  65. TGF Goffster Goffster

    Her butt is grotesque!!! Looks like she has "Fix A Flat" injected into her butt!! A bubble bee on steroids!! You can look at it and tell it's fake! If you were to take away the weave and makeup, with the fake eye lashes you she would look totally different!!!

  66. Traci Van Velsor

    Mrs. Harry connick jr is a very fine lady and a lucky gal

  67. Carol Henry

    Harry you are the finest thing!

  68. Marge Schroeder





  70. Anait Avetisyan

    Когда я хожу ... Я вижу тебя

    Ты восход, ты небо

    Ты причина того, что Бог отдыхал на седьмой день

    Ты один прекрасный прекрасная вещь

    Когда я мечтаю ...
    Я так люблю тебя
    И я знаю, что есть только одна версия тебя
    Ты мне нужна

    Ты одна ... Одна такая - прекрасная !!!

    Ты одна такая !!!
    Ты такая прекрасная !!!
    Ты одна, ты так прекрасна !!!

  71. Yvette Evy Eve Garrett

    I'd rather have liked to see Jill is your videos. I don't care if she's aged. She is gorgeous!

  72. tm enos

    Uh, holy holy holy.  Haaawwwwwt.

  73. Yvette Evy Eve Garrett

    His videos are best when Jill is in them.

  74. Frank Youngblood

    Wow this is actually good music with a feel that's good for this generation

  75. Michael Koehler Music

    Red Heads are Fine! Enjoyed the song!

  76. παρασκευη Μαν

    fantastic very good

  77. Sharon Abend

    Just listened to DeeDee Bridgewater's version of this tune--hers is more "intense"...but I like Harry's "smooth" rendition as well.

    A Matherne

    He said he wrote this for his wife.

  78. zackirk411

    ... back it up' music

  79. Always In my heart

    I loved it after the first beat!

  80. Anthony Stephenson

    Such a joy to hear.

  81. Tamur Qutab

    great guy

  82. Donna Frost

    what a joy to meet you today!

  83. Dana Muma

    This man is truly divine. Inspired by the spirits of the greatest. Harry, you are a god!

  84. wearethesocialclub

    Paulo come to the pub

  85. moonlight Lucilla

    WOW !!!!

  86. nightman253


  87. Killien Der Gamer

    Is he trying to chanel amy winehouse!?

    Dyson Gunn

    Frank Sinatra

    Music Styck Arnis Kiyta

    um no he's a jazz musician it has nothing to do with amy nor frank.jazz is his style.hes always stayed true to that style.he was out way before amy


    You do know he's nearly fifty years old, born and bred in New Orleans (the birthplace of American jazz icon Louis Armstrong), musically trained by the legendary Ellis Marsalis, and has been a jazz musician for over three decades, right, lol?

    There are some cool documentaries on jazz and New Orleans music right here on Yt if you'd like to learn more. Check 'em out! It'll open a window to understand where some of the younger artists like Amy and even Gaga learned what they needed to become incredible vocalists that could bring this music and American Songbook standards to a younger generation not familiar with the genre. I come from a jazz loving family, and have heard it since I was in my mom's womb, but I can say that when Harry was in his teens and early 20s, he did the same thing as Amy and Gaga for my generation and those not familiar with the roots and timeless nature of jazz music.

  88. judy beeson

    go Harry- You have it all, goodlooking, great voice,master of the ivory, from N'awlins, you are fabulous, can't wait to see your new shoe, a fan now and for many, many years, YOU are FABULOUS!!!!! PS Great Actor genuine!!!!! Love your southern Voice.

  89. Alejandro Irausquin

    It has been a very long time since Memphis Belle!

  90. Maggy Frog

    holy smokes... how is it that this song isn't crazy popular by now?

    Maggy Frog

    but there is room for high-caliber artists. winehouse, buble, norah jones, adele... i'm just saying.

    Greatest Ever

    Because its not overprocessed pop that talks about getting fucked so hard you waddle. -_-

    Vic Herbert

    Your absolutely right, if it's not filth it's not gonna be popular to the public. Preach

    Jason Ingram

    It takes CLASS to appreciate something CLASSY. The view count represents the degradation of society.

    Anna Lisa

    Because people are NOT sophisticated .

  91. veritybanks

    I can't decide if I like his acting or music better... he's incredibly talented at both.

    Sarah Aikey

    I know right. I would die to have his talent.

  92. Haley Gold

    Sounds a bit like Thomas Sanders.

  93. Pierre Marthe

    Dean from Iron Giant

  94. Nicholas Sternon

    I saw his Concert in Georgia and he played this song and went into the crowd

  95. Mr Mr

    Just heard him for the first time ever. I'm working one if his shows tonight and now I'm pretty excited

  96. Alex Duper

    Never thought Dean would go from a scrap yard to a Jazz singer

  97. Selena Abraham

    His voice is just heavenly 😍

  98. Sophie K

    I got to hear this live last night in San Antonio. Even though I'm only 17 years old this is my absolute favorite song in the whole wide world right now 💖