Connick, Jr., Harry - Maybe Lyrics

Maybe far away, or maybe real near by.
He may be pouring her coffee,
She may be Straightning his tie.
Maybe in a house all hidden by a hill,
She's sittin' playin' Piano,
He's sittin' payin' a bill.

Betcha they're young.
Betcha they're smart,
Bet they collect things like ashtrays and art.
Betcha there good.
Why shouldn't they be?
Their one mistake was giving up me.

So maybe now it's time,
And maybe when I wake,
They'll be there calling me baby,

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Connick, Jr., Harry Maybe Comments
  1. Biel2619

    Google: Harry Connick Jr Weston, CT. He's not a native of New Orleans and he's a product of rank nepotism. Also, his live concerts really blow. Remember his appearance singing live on American Idol after he was so miserable to contestants who sang much better than him. lol

  2. SchweigerGunther

    He knows how to treat a song properly. Maybe the only artist ever who can appreciate the lyrics and interpret them musically. Thank God for HC! What a gift to the world, he is.

    winny Sands

    details....of this lovely song....??? I think I got it, but do I?

  3. Prinsessenboontje

    Perfection, it calms me in the most beautiful way.