Connick, Jr., Harry - Here Comes The Big Parade Lyrics

Step aside
Step aside
The krewe's gonna take a ride
Better stand behind the barricade
Here comes, here comes, here comes
The big parade

So make way
So make way
That's what the captain say
Down St. Charles and Esplanade
Here comes
The big parade

"Throw me somethin mister"
I wanna dance with your sister
Brass bands marchin by
Throwing notes to the sky

There goes
There goes
Second-liners and flambeaus
I'm feelin even better
Than the day was made
Here comes
Here comes
Here comes
The big parade

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Connick, Jr., Harry Here Comes The Big Parade Comments
  1. Beta Lantun

    I really lov this rhythm. this is from SHE album. thank u for all your wonderful music, Harry

  2. jstuart1980

    I love this song so much. Got to see him in Portland, ME 6/22/18 and I highly recommend seeing him live.

  3. Joseph Amato

    Does Harry play the piano solo on the studio version? Its awesome

  4. Lilou

    Just so sexy ... ❤💋

  5. I Smell Poop

    Remember, his real father - not the old guy from New Orleans who fronts as his father - is or was one of the bigwigs at Sony Music and a stockholder in Sony Pictures! Boo fraud! Boo nepotism!

    kkk drums

    can be, but the talent can not be made with money

    I Smell Poop

    Tanya, He's a mediocre talent a best. You're right about money being unable to purchase talent, if it were possible this fraud would sound a lot better. Ask yourself, what's my favorite Harry Connick Jr song? That's a fair question. Thanks for the interest and best regards.


    I disagree with both of you. I first heard Harry, on TV, back when he was about 10 years old. At that time, he was studying with the great older musicians, in New Orleans. He trained consistently, from a young kid, at least until the release of his album 20 (when he was 20 years old).

    I can understand, if you don't like/ appreciate his style of music. However, for those of us with New Orleans roots, it sounds like home. His music has a strong cultural influence.

    What I like about music, is that it is eclectic. There are styles, genres, bands and artists to suit every taste. What I like, you may not, and vice versa. However, that doesn't mean either taste is bad, just different.

  6. gustafsone

    It really pisses me off that "She" and "Star Turtle" were both heavily panned by music critics. Their main reason was it was too much of a deviation from his previous Big Band works that everyone knew and loved so well. Such crap. I love me some Harry Connick, Jr. big band circa Blue Light, Red Light, but I've seen Harry in concert many times over the years and the most fun I ever had was when he had this funk band together touring for these two albums. Absolutely amazing and I doubt he would ever consider revisiting this chapter of his music since critics (and even "fans") at the time were so harsh towards him for trying something different. I'd give anything to see him go back on tour with another funk band. It felt more like NO street music though which is Harry's real roots.

    zeb vanzandt

    One of the best albums of my childhood!

    I Smell Poop

    Didn't the critics get it right? I can tell you that even people who knew him personally before he became famous, due to nepotism, of course, have never bought any of his music and only laugh when his name's brought up!

    zeb vanzandt

    Your still cruisin his clips showing everyone how Butthurt you are. WTF did ol' HCJ do to you,...? What ev's it was he must've got ya good!

  7. tjtrombone

    This is absolutely awesome! I just discovered this song and I will learn it on my horn!

    Mal Anders

    Best comment on here!

  8. lmaohays

    Really nepotism? Back it up with facts please


    His real father - not the pretend father from New Orleans - is or was one of the top guys at Sony Music and a stockholder in Sony Pictures. His real father himself had a career in show business where he appeared under the stage name Frankie Vaughan. The best place to find any facts is in the Weston, CT public school yearbooks from 1970-1982, because he's pictured in all of them. In the 1982 edition, you'll note that he's pictured under the name of Harry Connick Jr but without a date of graduation. Connick Jr had to receive a high school diploma from the Briggs Vocational High School on Main St. in Norwalk, CT, which has lower academic standards than the Weston School system. That's where the facts lay on this fraudster!

    Pouty Brat

    lmaohays step aside the crews going to take a ride here comes the big parade, I wanna dance with your sister.

  9. Biel2619

    Connick Jr learned to flush in sixth grade, when he was finally able to wipe his butt, after a famously funy incident from 4th grade, or so his manager/first flunky to me!

  10. Biel2619

    Yuck, yuck and yuck. He's a fraud and a product of rank nepotism!

  11. Carl Baker

    Hello Harry Connick Jr Fans! Visit my Youtube page and look up my Classical Drawing of Harry Connick Jr.! I'm sure you will enjoy it!

  12. Adam Humphrey

    my song for my concert

  13. CrystolW88

    Oh my. Is it hot in here or what??? Holla!!

  14. jennifer leitz

    I love me some Harry .... he is so frigging awesome

  15. William IV

    Happy Mardi Gras Y'all! I won't be home with you this year, but I am always home with you in spirit! XOXO

  16. Marvin Pullom

    Throw me something mister... I want to dance with your sister... Classic

  17. William Carr

    H.Connick--- baddazz---- I was in New orleans in 2004--- at the end of the "touriesty" part of Bourbon St. was a bar that had music---- I went in and it was FANTASTIC--- it is a hang out for cops and musicians ---- I almost puked when I used the "outdoor" restroom, a toilet with a canopy over it, apparntly nobody flushes in N.O.--- but the live music and the people were GREAT!!!

  18. shelly smith

    @dewdropsnsnowflakes I really didn't talk to him - just watched him with others. He was very friendly and engaging to everyone. I really didn't have much to say so I just watched him with everyone. It was a fun video shoot.

  19. shelly smith

    I got to work on this video ;-)

  20. bloofan06

    Wouldn't it be awesome if Harry sang this as the Saints have their victory parade after the Superbowl!?!!!

  21. noooo noooo nonono

    not many people know about this song but its easily the catchiest song i have ever heard