Connick, Jr., Harry - Hear Me In The Harmony Lyrics

The city don't even matter
I could be anywhere
I don't care
There's a whole lotta hard workin people
That could take my place
And it's easy to leave
When nobody knows your face
Just close your eyes
You can hear me in the harmony
I came up in New Orleans
Fixin what I could find
To peace my mind
I gave what I had to the winners
Just to get along
But it's really hard to sing
When nobody hears your song
Just close your eyes
You can hear me in the harmony
I thought I learned from getting burned
I bought a suit of armor and a silver cane
I found a little man who'd be proud of me
But he had to get up early
And I had to get back to my pain
I guess I'll keep on livin
One day they'll ask for me
I'll be free
And if there's a heaven
I'll be ready for my life to begin
But I wonder if I call
If they're gonna let me in
Open your eyes
You can hear me in the harmony

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Connick, Jr., Harry Hear Me In The Harmony Comments
  1. Beta Lantun

    star turtle. wonderful musoc. I hav the album & lov it. Thank u for your great music, Harry

  2. Amy Hintz

    God I loved this album when it came out and I haven't heard it forever! So fantastic! And so was his performance in the movie Bug!

  3. Nelsi Flores

    Te vengo a conocer diez años después de esta canción!!! 🥰

  4. charles s. sturdivant

    Nice song.

  5. Joshua Pfahning


  6. Tonya Moony

    u r a bad ass mr harry!

  7. maguy cattaneo

    WOW 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍🎵🎶🎵🎶🎼🎵🎶♥️🙏

  8. Laurie Elliott

    ah. my love always - too bad you don't have a twin, Harry :) <3

  9. Traci Van Velsor

    This is good music

  10. BethPaige

    One of my favorite songs.

  11. Kelly Roberts

    One of best jazz songs from him. ♡😀

  12. rociogac

    Star turtle and She are extremely good albums. Harry is a genius.

  13. Walter The Musician

    I love this! I've just added it to my Youtube New Additions playlist! I'll have to figure out where to place it later.

  14. Traci Van Velsor

    sexy, talented and I just love listening to HCjr

  15. Andy Van Engen

    Must be the Radio Edit, B3 solo is missing at 02:50.

    Totally agree w/ everyone -- love this album & She -- totally underrated!

  16. Jonas Schelkens

    Is it me or do I really look like him?

  17. gtrdave

    I have "She", but Ive never heard this record before. Looks like I'm going to the used CD store tomorrow to see if they have a copy.

  18. Nnikman Mahadi

    just cried . yep Lol

  19. Te Toka

    I fucken love this song. I don't know why but it always brings a tear to my eye. beautiful


    Te Toka metoo

  20. Biel2619

    Don't forget to hear this fraud sing "I Do Like We Do" live on American Idol. That's what happens when he doesn't use auto-tune!

  21. frank begbie

    The She album gets no publicity.

    His best stuff.

    Jarutat Snidwongse

    frank begbie agree man. this was my fav high school listening. I think it was ahead of its time. even ahead of my time.

  22. Jérémie Kerguelen

    only 170k views ? world s gone to sh*t

  23. Dakota Jones


    Harrilyn Samson

    Most underrated CD along with She

    two w

    I could not agree more? It was my portal of entry into HCJr music. Aside from this one, Just Like Me is a showstopper

    Eddie Easley

    Because so few of us appreciate good music.

    Afel Nemes

    I've got the turtle since 1997.

  24. DaniBass

    Does somebody know who plays the bass in this album?

  25. Ruthie Little

    this is a GREAT song I love it RLittle SC

  26. King Of The Mountain

    What an underrated album (Star Turtle)... it puts Harry Connick Jr. in many different musical situations that we're accustom to hearing him in in which he shines... If you don't have it get it you won't be disappointed...

  27. sarâ dorable

    il est trop top

  28. Smith Js

    Unrated song ever! No many heard this i suppose.

  29. spainishgirl

    Sing it ...Mr.Connick:))... My southern brother.

  30. Travel

    Still the main song I know from him.  Just saw him in Dolphin Tale 2

  31. Joy Middlemas

    Such a great song and voice!  You kill it Harry!

  32. Joan Wile

    I generally like your work, but this song does not "send" me.  It'll probably be a big hit, though.

  33. suscpay

    I love this song & Love you on American Idol Harry.  You really perk up the show :-)

  34. Cathie Jones

    Ah .,, I will hear you however you want to be heard! 

  35. Marilyn Ladd

    Oh sweet Jesus I love this man & his music!!! Both are just too hot for words! Lol!

    Malo Mama

    very true

  36. Kasha Jones


    Traci Van Velsor

    Michael would have loved it. but he could keep up with Harry when it comes to Jazz

  37. LJ Hemsher

    best song ever

  38. Robin Byas

    I love his voice in his song!!

  39. LadyAnneBoleyn1536

    I want to be the stool that holds up that sweet, sweet bum! One of this hunk's best features as always been that sexy butt!

  40. shsgrad

    Oh wow really? That's sad. I love this song.

  41. Biel2619

    You'll be a whole lot sadder when you learn this guy is a total fraud!

  42. Jenny gerber

    I graduated in 1996. I listened to this tape over and over and over and over, LOVED it!

    Harrilyn Samson

    That makes the 2 of us!

    Mario Ramirez

    3 of us.

  43. egineginegin

    I love him! Love him! Love him!

  44. Suzy Kaufman

    I found the CD this is from, STAR TURTLE, at Logos Books & Records in Santa Cruz, CA where I single mommed my gymnast daughter. Listening to StarT. many times over, I identify w/much of it 'n appreciate greatly the authenticity of the entire work, esPECially this song. I wish Colombia might have promoted it more, but trusting that everything happens for a reason, I believe it was fortuitous for HCj that they didn't. G-d only gives us as much as we can handle. We turtles move slow and understand.

  45. Steph Fenimore

    I soooo love this song!!!

  46. Paul Austin

    incredibly beautiful... and filled with irony (listen for the harmony!)

  47. Josh

    OMG. That lady at 00:11. On the left. It's Grace Park from Battlestar Galactica. Who would've known :O

  48. Jaymes W. Parker

    great song...stuck with me all of these years. I always come back to this place...the harmony calls...

  49. Twofry

    @bustachong i was thinking that too

  50. scentedsoul

    my fav of his! ... he's so sexy ;)

  51. Larry Talbot

    OUTSTANDING......!!! Just saying...:))))

  52. Tink2127

    This album is my #2 fav ever. The first being Carenco by Marc Broussard....

  53. Marshmallow

    1st time hearing this, love it.

  54. Mandy Ortiz

    definately my favorite song of his ever

  55. marcelo ospina


  56. scentedsoul

    doesn't matter what he sings, I love hearing his voice.. I also like his movies & shows he may be in.. ☺

  57. kladivous

    @ambbrynic This was on Star Turtle. This really takes me back.

  58. ambbrynic

    What album is this from?