Connick, Jr., Harry - Every Man Should Know Lyrics

Not every man can build his dream house
Not every man has big words to say
Able men keep this world turnin
For the rest of us making our way

Not every man can write a love song
To sing to the one that he holds so true
There are things a man can try learning
There are things he should know how to do

Every man should know how to love her
Every man should know how to care
Every man should recognize what she’s saying with her eyes
And help with her burdens to bear

Not every man can be the hero
And ride to the sun when he is through
But it’s not the hero returning
At the end of the work day to you

Every man should know how to love her
Every man should know how to care
Every man should recognize what she’s saying with her eyes
And help with her burdens to bear

Sunsets make was for the evening sky
Nighttime makes room for the day
Treasure her love ‘til the day you die
And never give it away

Every man should know how to love her
Every man should know how to care
Every man should recognize what she’s saying with her eyes
And help with her burdens to bear

Oh every man should know how to care

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Connick, Jr., Harry Every Man Should Know Comments
  1. Rev Wolf

    Thank you to Harry Connick, Jr and Michael Bublé for doing their best to bring back crooning 😎👍

  2. Carol Henry

    Can Harry teach these other men???

    Rev Wolf

    Only if they want to learn.

  3. 7bcity

    sounds dutch Harry Coninck

  4. Iliana Guadalupe Villegas

    Para los que llegaron aquí sin querer, espero aprecien uno de los tantos talentos que los medios no promocionan ya que es un estilo jazz, gospel, sinfónico no apto para los ordinarios del hip hop o regetton.

  5. Sasha Sequea

    Im here for Amy

  6. Ana González

    What does it mean Michael?? We wanna know!! :33

  7. Ana González

    Mystery?? I believe...

  8. Jose Marquez

    Quien mas esta aqui por la lista de reproduccion de michael jackson?

    Tonka Apablaza

    +Mr. Unico si! quiero puro que se sepa la verdad :(

    Cris nose cuanto

    Nunca se sabra:( detras hay una conspirancion que queria asesinar a michael.. nose si haz visto el video de robert conors que habla sobre el tema eso aclare bastante, aunque es mas Balanceado para el lado que dicen que lo mataron pero hay demaciadas pistas que dicen que fingio su muerte por lo mismo, el miedo a la conspiracion, es todo tan raro😞

    Jose Marquez

    +Mr. Unico ya vi el video, concuerdo contigo

    Tonka Apablaza

    +Mr. Unico si, si lo e visto..... amaria ser una policia o de la fbi y averiguar a profundo todo esto

    Ana González

    +Jose Marquez Presente. :C X3

  9. Robert Ruiz

    Estoy aquí por la lista de reproducción de michael jackson.

    Iliana Guadalupe Villegas

    Pues llegaste al rincón de unos de los grandes de la música jazz. Lástima que como siempre, el hip hop tiene a la mayoría de las poblaciones de cabeza.

  10. R T

    How is it possible that this awful sounding man record Muchless give advise on American idol??

  11. Остап Бендер

    My hero

  12. Остап Бендер

    Every man

  13. Jennifer Moore

    Absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for posting!

  14. Critical Point

    Even though I'm not a man, I still feel it. WOO..

  15. Estella Dawn

    Beautiful song, beautiful man! 

  16. Ritchie Weinstein

    One great Singer

  17. Betty J Dombek

    OH I love how you sing this song and every song. love the words. love you Harry

  18. Pamela Rowe

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy Harry's music and persona. He brought me back to American Idol :) I have spent a lot of time trying to find him and Keith doing Arden Lo's plenty fiyah water. LOL
    Love you much. God Bless !!

  19. Izzuddin Jamalie

    Damn love it. ;'( *crying 

  20. Jessie Cahoon

    it's a shame every man couldn't be like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the blue penguin

    no less a shame that every woman can't be like the object of his lyrical affections... it takes two to make it work, it takes two to make it not.

  21. Biel2619

    His lying about being a native of New Orleans is one of the many easy facts to research about Harry 'Fraudster' Connick Jr.

  22. Olly Jayzee

    love this song so much

  23. endah ks

    I listen Harry's Music since Junior High School and it was 25 yrs ago!! what a man what a talent, what a human being. I love him inside outside. still a fan of him

  24. Brandon D

    I'm up 3-2

  25. Biel2619

    If you want to know who Harry 'Poop-Pants' Connick Jr really is: Check out Harry Connick Jr... I Smell Poop...

  26. Javier Vásquez

    Nice anda beautiful song, makes me wonder abot my "dreamed girl" the one tha makes me fly and put an eternal smile on my face

  27. Carl Baker

    Hi Harry Connick Jr. Fans!!! Want to see a progress CLASSICAL DRAWING of Harry? Visit my Youtube page! Thank you so very much!

  28. Doreen Maxwell

    Loved the Love it now!

  29. Jenn fisher


  30. Jenn fisher

    This man and his music!!! God I love him. I don't care who you are. This is great, soulful, well written and orchestrated music!!!!!

  31. Denise Craig

    About it all! A man can be his families hero.

  32. Helena Manganelli

    Beautiful song ,beautiful singer ,beautiful man

  33. Kevin McK

    No, Buble' sounds like him. Connick has been in show business nearly twenty years longer than Buble.'

  34. Sarah Stone

    Sweet he hits it all! SWEET <3

  35. amovement01

    I'm from Metalcore/Alt Hip-Hop stuff and man you're so damn right !

  36. Amy Carmichael

    WOAH. he sounds like Bublé.

  37. Arden Borres

    True as what he meant for all man.realize man dnt know .

  38. Debra Barrington

    Such a lovely song. . .

  39. Earlean Belcher


  40. Erich Xrta

    Every man should know how to build a house from a bucket of rusty nails O uu woo
    Every man should know how to treat his women even if she gets out of line O uu woo
    Not every man can recognize, what the hell shes saying when shes got a mouth full of pork O uu woo
    But every man can recognize when his women is about to go off " O uu woo " because of the switch blade in her right hand O uu wooooo and the fact that shes calling you an a-hole O -u O-u O-u wooooooooooooo.

  41. Robin Hamilton


  42. Laura Honore

    This is beautiful! Simply beautiful!

  43. kaija huguley

    i found this song fom one of the annoying adds youtube post but i can honestly say im glad it popped up wow

  44. Kinsman

    I loved this song. Simple yet beautiful.

  45. juanjo rodriguez

    love your music man. congrtulations.

  46. fauxmosmexual

    dat throwback vibe

  47. WyseOne

    Excellent!! Another great song by a great an talent man. You rock, HCJ!!

  48. Muriel

    Merveilleuse chanson, que du bonheur, je vous aime Harry Connick Jr ! Muriel.

  49. sho123am

    Thank you crustina

  50. tiaracrown27101

    Christina Aguilera brought me here

  51. Suen Tsz Ching

    Michael Jackson brought me here3

  52. J&A Newman

    `liwakerboizboiz toknchi let obne rul e it5hpompur poiunple

  53. homof fightrs

    Christina aguilera brought me here <3

  54. Michael Santos

    I am in the same vein as Ryan C. I have been a fan for over 20 years and have all of his albums. Every crooner that came after Harry, doesn't even compare!! Can't wait to get this album!

  55. Dolores Eidson

    Very mellow and truthful words. Beautiful voice!

  56. Lettie Baybee

    beautiful :)

  57. The Adult Contemporary Music Channel

    Harry, Very sentimental and truthful. It's too bad reality isn't like this.

  58. vicky hadley

    loved u 4 15 +yrs n omg u get me with every new song!!! but dang!!!! got me crying again with this new baby damn awesome Birmingham fan it!

  59. rene resurreccion

    very meaningful song, most especially for the woman, if only every man knew what to do.

  60. Sixteenth and Main

    Hated you in American Idol as a mentor. That is all. JERK!!

  61. 2nexttopmodel120

    I love live version :D

  62. Michelle Thompson

    Beautiful! I know I am the BIGGEST HCJ EVER! I just melt ever time I hear or see this man. I heard his voice when I was 20, and I will be 46. What a true talent!

  63. CarolAnne1000

    Well, I like your reply very much! You hit on very important issues and if all thought the same way, our families would not be falling apart from adulterous affairs leading to divorce which devastates the children. People seem to leave marriages at the drop of a hat. Our society is so suffering b/c of this breakdown of family life but few who will admit to it. BTW, do you have any single brothers??? LOL

  64. TriniSingsdeBlues

    I've always loved Harry when I first heard him sing. I heard him sing this song on American Idol and my heart melted. I've been listening to it over and over ever since. Harry you know how to truly love a woman. Thanks for this song <3

  65. Crow Princess

    Boring. ew

  66. Kecia Hyde

    Awesome song...could not say it better than He did! YOU ROCK!

  67. Kate Fields

    Oh they do...

  68. abraxas

    TY. It's nice to see that you're aware things can be just as ugly on both sides of the gender equation. I'll admit, there are plenty of lowlife men who don't own up their responsibilities and lack of good values themselves. I'm not perfect by far, but I do my best when it comes to the basics (being honest, not cheating, keeping up with any financial or familial responsibilities, trying to be attentive and emotionally supportive). Other folks just want to have their cake & eat it too, I suppose.

  69. abraxas

    You mean WOMEN, as not many of them find any worth in traditional values today. Or they see relationships as disposable, think of marriage as an untenable bondage situation and find the idea of being relegated to homemaker as totally repugnant (god forbid they end up raising good children who become HONEST MEN). Speaking of which, there's plenty of us who've committed ourselves, our lives, to monogomy... only to get kicked in our asses, and left for Cosmo magazine's promises of greener pastures.

  70. SchweigerGunther

    Right :P Like men like this exist. Get real.

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  72. blondedbythelight703

    Most men today are either Douchebag Cheaters or Lying Schemers. The type with no backbone what so ever. They stand for absolutely nothing!

  73. CH Habs

    lol ta une vie mouvementer quand même ou sérieusement charger... tes un dieu pour fair de la musique

  74. CH Habs

    manque de punche

  75. CH Habs

    ah la je te reconnais

  76. NaPua73

    album pre ordered :) <3

  77. NaPua73

    I was just thinking the other day how we needed NEW HCjr music :) love the vid!

  78. Bảo Quốc

    your right! this clip pumps me out AND.. peeps are using this to get it on your pod ->

  79. Karley Stineman

    This is a great song. I will be looking forward to June 11th to listen to more.

  80. BreanneAnd Dominique

    Amazing!! LOVE IT!! :D

  81. Shari Johnson

    Awesome Harry! So very beautiful. I cant wait for the full album and tour! These words are very true to the heart.

  82. Brad McNett

    Awesome! Can't wait for this album and the tour to accompany it!