Connick, Jr., Harry - Between Us Lyrics

Took a midnight train
Headed way back east
Left behind some pain
In hopes of finding some peace
Fortunately caught one
Bound for my old neighborhood
Either way, between us, it's good

They're building a bridge
Links Manhattan with the heartland
It's called the California ridge
The country needs to expand
Saw them lay the first stone
It was made of wood
Either way, between us, it's good

In an age of greys
When wrong won't become right
Let's life the haze
And scale the heights

set my shoulders straight
Took a deep breath
This meeting I anticipate
Unlike impending death
Strode on to the platform
And there you stood
At worst, between us, it's good

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Connick, Jr., Harry Between Us Comments
  1. jong rak kim

    great album

  2. 신재형

    Great man

  3. John Emerick

    Took a midnight train,
    Headed way back east.
    Left behind some pain,
    In hopes of finding some peace.
    Fortunately caught one,
    Bound for my old neighborhood.
    Either way, between us, it's good.

    They're building a bridge;
    Links manhattan with the heartland;
    It's called the california ridge.
    The country needs to expand.
    Saw them lay the first stone;
    It was made of wood.
    Either way, between us, it's good.

    In an age of greys,
    When wrong won't become right,
    Let's life the haze,
    And scale the heights.

    Set my shoulders straight,
    Took a deep breath.
    This meeting I anticipate,
    Unlike impending death,
    Strode on to the platform.
    And there you stood,
    At worst, between us, it's good.

  4. Biel2619

    Google: Harry Connick Jr Weston, CT. He's not from New Orleans! He's product of nepotism and fraud!

    zeb vanzandt

    You again, get the fuck over it ya fckn 'tard!


    Harry Connick Jr. was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. His mother, Anita Frances (née Levy; later Livingston; May 22, 1926 – July 1981), was a lawyer and judge in New Orleans and, later, a Louisiana Supreme Court justice. His father, Joseph Harry Fowler Connick Sr., was the district attorney of Orleans Parish from 1973 to 2003. His parents also owned a record store. Connick's father is a Catholic of Irish, English, and German ancestry. Connick's mother, who died from ovarian cancer, was Jewish (her parents had emigrated from Minsk and Vienna, respectively). Connick has a sister, Suzanna; the siblings were raised in the Lakeview neighborhood of New Orleans. Connick is a first cousin of both Jefferson Parish District Attorney, Paul Connick, and State Representative Patrick Connick (of Harvey, Jefferson Parish).

    Connick's musical talents soon came to the forefront when he started learning the keyboards at age three, playing publicly at age five, and recording with a local jazz band at ten. When Connick was nine years old, he performed the Piano Concerto No. 3 Opus 37 of Beethoven with the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra (now the Louisiana Philharmonic), and later played a duet with Eubie Blake at the Royal Orleans Esplanade Lounge in New Orleans. The song was "I'm Just Wild About Harry". This was recorded for a Japanese documentary called Jazz Around the World. The clip was also shown in a Bravo special, called Worlds of Harry Connick, Junior. in 1999. His musical talents were developed at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and under the tutelage of Ellis Marsalis Jr. and James Booker.

  5. Dex F

    My favorite Harry Connick, Jr. song.  Magnificent!

  6. anne hanks

    soo silky smooooth!!