Connick, Jr., Harry - (I Could Only) Whisper Your Name Lyrics

Somebody was spreading rumors
'Bout better days a comin
Why was I hummin
As if I knew
One and the same
But I just whispered your name

Somebody was sayin something
'Bout there being an end to tyranny
But when they asked me
What would I do...
If that day came
I only whispered your name

Everyone got their own opinion
And protects their own dominion
No doubt for them it's true
But I tell them what I really believe
My only worry is protecting you

No one should ever be lonely
We'd all find somebody to care
Ask me if I dare
To answer who...
Could carry that flame
I'd just whisper your name

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Connick, Jr., Harry (I Could Only) Whisper Your Name Comments
  1. Joey Mitchell

    My wife plays piano: I'd never listened to you much, Mr. Connick, until Pandora made a Harry Connick, Jr. channel for her. Good stuff but I wasn't really captured til I heard this one. I'm more of a rocker fan and this one has a Little Feat whang to it. Not surprising since Little Feat adopted New Orleans ( maybe Paul Barriere is from there..). I'm not saying who sounds like who, or which sound is more authentic N.O.: I think each one would be proud to be associated with the other! In fact it sounds like you and Bill Payne should be real good friends.

  2. Beta Lantun

    I have SHE album. its amazing & still my favorite jazz male in the 90s. o how I really lov the album. Harry, thank u for your music

  3. Kenneth Lee

    My favorite HC Jr song. The 90's were my decade. So much hope and optimism. I love the line"Somebody was saying something..... about there being an end to tyranny."

  4. charles s. sturdivant

    So good.

  5. Леонид Холкин


  6. Stephen Whiteman

    A Real Funky version probably the best

  7. Shileen Lange

    I'm in this video at 2:45 lol 😂 good times and good music! Nice Burberry! Surely can't fit that anymore ha!

  8. Scootland Braunskies

    Can anyone tell me what this song's about? A free like for anyone with a good explanation!


    I can groove with this to JESUS, AYE,AYE,AYE YEAHHHH DOIN THA 'TWIST' TODAY'S STYLE👍😁🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎤😁👍YEAAAHHH👅😘

  10. Emliy Chu

    Somebody was spreading rumors,
    'Bout better days a comin'.
    Why was I hummin',
    As if I knew,
    One and the same?
    But I just whispered your name.

    Somebody was sayin' something,
    'Bout there being an end to tyranny.
    But when they asked me,
    What would I do,
    If that day came,
    I only whispered your name.

    Everyone got their own opinion,
    And protects their own dominion.
    No doubt, for them, it's true.
    But I tell them what I really believe;
    My only worry is protecting you.

    No one should ever be lonely.
    We'd all find somebody to care.
    Ask me if I dare.
    To answer who
    Could carry that flame,
    I'd just whisper your name.

  11. fireflydorion

    awesome mask song a classic loved the film and this song....way up here in montreal

  12. Laura Hause-Funner

    Love This Song

  13. aor_music

    Hadn't heard this in many, many years. Never realised before how much this sounds like it could be a Stevie Wonder song until now.

  14. Logan Fravel

    You what's weird,You know that song bounce around by Tony toni tone?
    Well I can't find it anywhere, it's no where to be found, I tried checking pandora but they didn't have it,its like every trace of that song has vanished.?

  15. Ruben Diaz

    Linda cancion fuerte, con mucho ritmo genial

  16. The Friendly Goat

    Some great shots of the quarter in this video

  17. Mojo Jaye

    I will always love this song

  18. Melanie Flynn

    Love this song 😍

  19. 정재목

    Somebody was spreading rumors,
    'Bout better days a comin'.
    Why was I hummin',
    As if I knew,
    One and the same?
    But I just whispered your name.
    Somebody was sayin' something,
    'Bout there being an end to tyranny.
    But when they asked me,
    What would I do,
    If that day came,
    I only whispered your name.
    If Everyone got their own opinion,
    And protects their own dominion.
    No doubt, for them, it's true.
    But I tell them what I really believe;
    My only worry is protecting you.
    No one should ever be lonely.
    We'd all find somebody to care.
    Ask me if I dare.
    To answer who
    Could carry that flame,
    I'd just whisper your name.


    If Everyone got their own opinion,
    And than protects their own dominion.
    No doubt, for them, it's true.
    But I tell them what I really believe;
    My only worry is protecting you.
    No everybody should ever be lonely.
    We'd all find somebody to care. where
    Ask me if I dare.
    To answer who
    Could carry that flame,
    carry that flame,
    carry that flame,
    I'd just whisper your name.

  20. Gemalacahaya Purnamashanty

    I remember I'm so in love with him because of this video clip I was 17 back then

  21. Alexandra Krystynia Rowles

    I love this song

  22. gygy Diab

    بجد والله برافو على كل اللي تقول فيديوهات المستعمله انا بتفرج عليه لغايه ما تبس طمنكم طب انا بحبك جدا و بعمل تلاقي كل كرب

  23. Traci Van Velsor

    Sexy, wonderful, righteous and moving! Harry rocks the jazz

  24. cs512tr

    how am i now older than he is in this video?
    time flies!

  25. Kit Richardson

    Incredible brass arrangement that really makes this song.

    Kit Richardson

    The base is sloppy as shit sounding unfortunately no definition whatsoever.

  26. Bayougirl78

    I may be biased, being a south Louisiana native, but I just LOVE him!!

  27. neongrace

    I've had this song in my head for a week now, and I have no idea where I heard it from,..but glad it found it on the first try!! Now I think I love it :)


    This song is catchy as hell, definitely "ear-worm" material, lol! Harry is great at adding some dashes of jazz and blues into his songs... Being a New Orleans boy, he can't help it :D


    It's featured in the 1994 film The Mask with Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz.

  28. Sheryl Simmons

    I always loved this song. His talk show is good too. He still has so much charm.(:

  29. Artist


  30. Tramell Patterson

    This entire 1994 the mask movie soundtrack is awesome, this and space jam had 2 of the most timeless soundtracks of all time.

  31. Paul unknown

    I love the way Harry embraces his wife at the end of the video. They'll be celebrating their 24th Anniversary in the next week and a half from the time I write this, which will be on April 16, 2018.

  32. Savannah ray

    Who’s still watching this in 2018

  33. hadfield80

    All I can see is Darryl Lee Cullum

    Venetia Huffman

    I had forgotten he was in that creepy movie with Sigourney Weaver.

  34. S K

    i watch your show daily and don't like when you eat gross stuff....animals are to be treated well and not eaten

    Davida Krappenschitz

    What show do u mean? What gross stuff does he eat? Just curious.

  35. Werner Hamilton

    Love this video! I just can't get enough it! It's great to see people coming together and sharing a celebration.


    That's New Orleans, TOTAL party town. We will throw a festival or parade for anything, lol!

  36. Davida Krappenschitz

    Fantastic whirlwind of instrumental geniuses and Harry's talented, fine ass shaking at the same time..good god..EDIT:[email protected] look on little old lady's face 2:25..why didn't I notice it b4???


    props harry!

  38. Alexander The Great

    This song is SSSSMOKIN!

  39. J.M

    Thank you Harry Connick Jr for one of the most iconic songs of its time.

  40. Jenn Dysart

    My Favorite Harry Connick Jr song! Its so hard to find! <3

    Tess W

    I agree I LOVE this and also "She".

  41. Surah Online

    🎬The Mask 🎬 I never knew there was a video for this song lol I only knew it from 'The Mask' 😊💖💕 x


    Same it's featured after the Who's That Man song by Xscape.

    Classic film and one of my favourite movies with Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz.

  42. Traci Van Velsor


  43. Brian Harris

    What's the time signature change during that coda where it really starts to groove. I can't begin to figure it out.

  44. J Madrid

    This is giving me No Doubt vibes somehow

  45. Tyler Buck

    This song is in the 1994 movie "The Mask" at the end credits the movie

    Blake Woods

    Underrated soundtrack


    Yup sure is. The Mask had such a jazzy 1940s vibe about it. Such an underrated film with Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz.

    karl luppold

    @Disney65Fan It was in fact, Cameron Diaz's first movie


    @karl luppold knew it


    Technically it comes from his album "She"first but yeah the movie made it into a minor hit.

  46. Yvette Evy Eve Garrett

    Jill is so unbelievably beautiful! 😳


    So is her distant cousin, a wannabe model named Cindy Crawford.

  47. whitney

    My uncle is Jay Fallo, he's in this music video. He's the one in the green plaid shirt at 2:57

    Harry Boyd

    Whitney Fallo sweet

    Lucas Zamoner Brandini

    Thats nice! wow

    keira jane

    nice whimsy

  48. Kai

    i dont remember this song played in the mask tbh


    absolutely was not

    FESTIVALRECORDS.INFO - A Guide To Music Festivals Worldwide

    It was played during the credits at the end of the movie


    It played after the Xscape song Who's That Man at the ending credits of the film.

  49. Jesse Robinson

    1:46 Since when did Hulk Hogan do music videos?

  50. Jean Michel Mamers

    hey ure bruno mars harry héhé !!

  51. C-SuiteConnections

    My sweetie in my heart❤️😂

  52. Ginger Gulsby

    How about a revamp of this video? With all the original featured musicians and dancers!!!

  53. V4AR

    The Mask!!!!!!! 1994

    Alexander The Great

    @Disney65Fan Have you seen my video yet?


    @Alex Aceves On what?

    Alexander The Great

    +Disney65Fan Aladdin Vs Jafar aka Rumble in Agrabah crossover.


    Never seen it. Might watch it later.

    Shane Sokoluk

    Harry Connick jr. Should've also played a role in that movie 🎥.

  54. Thea Bryant

    to me from me

  55. TheRexmoon

    Style and charism...great artist..!!!

    Trevor William Davis

    +TheRexmoon Yeah, Harry ought to do a contemporary album continuing where he left off in this genre!

  56. The First Pharoah TV outreach program

    How could they not show more of the drummer.

  57. The First Pharoah TV outreach program

    The drummer makes this song no dopt. it don't need to be no faster.

    Real Estate

    +Michael Ali Yesa! he certainly killed it...


    The First Pharoah, I always love the drummer!

    Mojo Jaye

    The First Pharoah TV outreach program that bass line tho

  58. Savannah Romaine

    Favorite music video ever!!!! I watched Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2 and now I love CMA and I want to work there. Plus I want to do trainer for a day. Anyway I saw "Dr. Clay" and I decided to dig a little deeper. Glad I did!!!!

    Gregg Masuak

    +Savannah Romaine Good to hear! I directed that - can't believe it's over 20 years old!

  59. Biel2619

    That's his wife then.  You should see her now.  She could make a good buck being a Mama June impersonator nowadays!


    😂😂😂 ur wrong for that!

  60. gökhan yarat

    awesome drummer ( Whisper Your Name )

  61. Melissa Howze

    A True New Orleans Boy! Amazing voice and man!! I've always loved him!

  62. Sue Davies

    yep the mask, love the film and the music from it

    Shane Sokoluk

    He should've had a part in the mask also.

  63. Omenefarious .Cyrinic

    The mask

  64. Anna thomas

    I luv me some Harry Connick

  65. Angelique Tate

    That was awesome! :D

  66. Angelique Tate

    He is so cute! :)

  67. Henry McKean

    Not to mention his wife is beautiful!! Harry you are a lucky man. :-)

    I Smell Poop

    She may have been beautiful then, but have you seen her lately? She's aged poorly. In truth, Jill's so far over the hill that she fell off the cliff. Little wonder, Harry was slobbering over J-Lo on American Idol. Still, J-Lo fans have little to worry about. You can read on the internet how J-Lo couldn't stand him and only spoke to him through intermediaries. I take it she found him a bit creepy!

  68. Henry McKean

    HCjr is awesome. Just knows how to rock a piano. This guy is the real deal

  69. Justin Withers

    the last 100,000 views are people watching american idol wondering who this guy is.

  70. agenttheater5

    Click like if you think that this is a million times better than "Blurred Lines" it's way less offensive anyhow

    California Pizza Kitchen

    That has nothing to do with this song

  71. Summer Breezes

    I went to his concert in Greenville, SC & it was quite a show. He can put on one good show.  This is one of those feel good songs.  I am glad to see him on American Idol as judge.  He knows what talent & music is about.

  72. Weston Huffman

    Wow! I Remember This Song. It Came Out in 1994.

  73. Biel2619

    Too bad he had to lie to the whole planet about being a native of New Orleans.  Remember, Weston, Connecticut!


    Who cares?  Only the people who will be defrauded when they buy tickets or a CD believing they're getting a 'native' of New Orleans.  Shame on him!

    Danny Flynn

    Where do you people keep getting that from? His father was the DA of New Orleans for decades and his mother was a judge there before she passed. The albums he recorded in his childhood were Dixieland albums with New Orleans musicians and the photos were taken there. There are countless videos of him performing there as a kid.

    This defamation nonsense has to stop. It seems like it's a few creepily obsessed weirdos. Get a life.

    Even regardless of where he is from, the man is a brilliant musician. Absolutely brilliant. So who the hell cares?


    @Danielle Flynn So, who cares?  How about the contestants on American Idol who are judged by a FRAUD.  That makes the show a fraud...


    +Biel2619 What are you on about? Do you even know what "native" means? He was born and raised in New Orleans, and he lives in New Canaan CT now.


    I know that he's pictured in each and every one of the Weston Connecticut Public Schools yearbooks from 1970-1982.  That does not make him a 'native' of New Orleans!

  74. jesdadotcom


  75. chesseenespanol

    More hype than quality, but still entertaining.

  76. Harry Boyd

    who can blame ya

  77. Harry Boyd

    as played in the mask

  78. mitsubishidiamante

    yes she's @ 0:47 2:23 2:40 3:18 3:36 and 3:46
    her name is Jill Goodacre former Victoria Secret Model
    you're welcome :-)

  79. username1nmillion

    Which 1 is she in this clip?

  80. mitsubishidiamante

    Harry's Wife damn..

  81. Linus Ford

    I first saw Harry in concert in 1990. He was getting popuar due to the "When Harry Met Sally" movie soundtrack he was an absolute joy to see hm ....he is an outstanding piano player and has never got the cedit he probably deserves.....

  82. Yaba Daba Do !!

    Bought this cd in 94, and I was 14 haha!! Its like fine wine only gets better with time!!

  83. therealbrethren

    I remember this song at the ending credits of the movie "The Mask" with Jim Carrey

  84. Suzanne Maria Jones Rosa

    still <3 this song

  85. AngelicSpirit Lizabeth

    Nope I see it too :)

  86. Deborah Hogan

    No wonder Jill loves this man!

  87. TheItalodancers

    Wooow,summer 94' good memories

  88. Connie Severino

    am i the only one that thinks everything about him is soooo incredibly sexy? ;) <3

  89. Yvette Evy Eve Garrett

    Harry, you need to have Jill in more of the video. She is Gorgeous!!! I saw her at one of Harry's concerts & I couldn't stop starring at her.

  90. cs512tr

    i find this offensive...

  91. MinisterAilingTongue

    Is that HC's wife in the video?

  92. sylvie bernier

    @posae86 ya fuck yourself

  93. saintmaster22

    @LordLiamo92 yeah, thats a bitch, but vevo keeps youtube free

  94. Tristan Ménard

    @MrJaybozo don't, the sound on vevo videos is awesome...

  95. stephanie Norton


    You shouldn't compare two things that are nothing alike...

  96. Sommelier97

    Not catching any fish with this stinky bait huh?

  97. WondersNassiri

    TREME IS EVERYWHERE HCjr IS. That's all I'm gonna say.

  98. Reytakang

    @conniechop Would you happen to be able to recommend any more songs like this by him? I'd really appreciate it! I've loved this song since I was a kid! Would love to hear him do some more like it!


  99. Marvin Pullom

    They should have put this in the movie, not in the credits at the end