Conley, Earl Thomas - Your Love's On The Line Lyrics

You've never cheated, you've never lied
You've never had feelin's that you've had to hide
For she's got you thinkin' of somethin' so different tonight
It's too late to worry what's right or what's wrong
And you're a little too crazy to leave it alone
When you're lookin' at somethin' that's too good to push it aside

Boy, she's got your head in the clouds
And your heart in a bind
How come you're feelin' so proud
When your love's on the line?

You still think your 1st love's the best in your life
When you know you should hurry, but you can't say goodbye
And you know you can't go back and feel like you're where you belong
Now the sweet taste of freedom is hard to control
When the touch of a woman's so tender to hold
She won't even let you remember how long you've been gone

Boy, you've got your head in the clouds
And your heart in a bind
So how come you're feelin' so proud
When your love's on the line?

Boy, you've got your head in the clouds
And your heart in a bind
So how come you're feelin' so proud
When your love's on the line?

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Conley, Earl Thomas Your Love's On The Line Comments
  1. Cameron Deal

    Earls brother on bass?

  2. Kent Lawson

    They all have that look on their faces...."Yeah...we're good! and this is a great song! and we know you love it" !! And their right ! God rest your wonderful soul Earl !

  3. Kent Lawson

    My gosh!! It's like I just found this gold!!! I always loved "Holding her , and lovin' you" but man! I didn't realize he had so many fantastic hits! What a joy to listen to . I just hope his life was filled with the same joy it gives me to listen to his music . Rest in Peace sir ! What timeless treasure!

  4. Ronda Norris

    Man, do I miss him....

  5. Cary Elliott

    I built large speakers in my high school wood class and this was the first song they heard.

  6. Tanya Keifer

    Man was he sexy!!

  7. GeorgiaBoy1961

    It was very sad to hear of the death of Earl Thomas Conley, a criminally-underrated singer, songwriter and musician. At his peak and performing his best songs, there was no one better.

  8. David La Faber

    One of the BEST that ever was! Rest In Peace ETC... 🎸🕴️

  9. googoos4you

    I got to see him in concert three times. I wish it could have been more. I lived his music.

  10. Johnny LAW

    Miss you brother

  11. Wes

    Thank you sir for providing us fans something that few others could match. What a voice, and what a man.

  12. Vicki Katba

    Such a great performer and so under appreciated. I hope he knows how much he's loved and missed.

  13. Bill MCGEE

    We will all miss your music and
    thank you !!!!! And bless you because we all know you are
    singing in heaven !

  14. jburke1034

    So darn good. Real country music!

  15. charles bissett

    wow. I'm. impressed. Earl. Thomas. Comley. wat. a. strong. voice. powerful. N. loud. Rip. brother. the. Lord. blessed. you. with. a. beautiful. voice

  16. Roberta Brayton

    Will always remember you ETC!!! Will never be another like you!

  17. charles bissett

    Earl. Thomas. one. of. the. greatest. point. blank

  18. M H

    Ohhhhh,one can only wonder what beautiful music we will never hear because this wonderful man isn't here to write and record it.

  19. jerami101

    Earl Thomas Conley was the first person I seen in concert. It was in 1983 in Houston, TX. He opened for Hank Williams Jr. I was a fan of Earl's music before I seen him in concert and have remained fan. RIP

    William Harvey

    I saw ETC open for Hank Jr in Raleigh , NC . 1986 .

  20. charles bissett

    Earl. Thomas. Conley. one. great. singer. n. artist.

  21. Korey Millar

    RIP Earl Thomas Conley...awesome singer...awesome angel

  22. Peggy Shumar

    Oh another great song of his music and his singing...😊❤️ His music will always go on...

  23. Terry Dickerman

    RIP ETC. You changed many peoples life's with your amazing sound. I will always keep your music turned to 10. Hopefully we can meet up stairs one day and crank this song!!

  24. Mike Marchant

    He could have sang the phone book and it would have been a hit. Has to be one of the GOAT

  25. eric johnson

    Great song RIP ETC

  26. Glenda Hobbs

    One of my favorite song his voice and words to his songs....great lost here an angel there!!!! RIP Earl Thomas.

  27. H. Snider


    Patricia Sullivan

    He certainly deserves it. What a talent. Love some of his expressions when he sings.

  28. Greg Henderson

    AND He is not in the Country Music Hall of Fame ???

    Greg Henderson

    Along with Gary Stewart, Gram Parsons, Johnny Horton, Cal Smith. David Allen Coe, Vern Gosdin , shall I go on ????
    Keith friggin Whitley ???

    KGS 1925

    @Greg Henderson Not to mention, George Strait and Conway Twitty were never inducted to the Grand Ol Opry! Makes NO SENSE!

    Greg Henderson

    @KGS 1925 Conway is in .....George is not yet !!!

    Greg Henderson

    wrong ...Conway inducted in 1999 and George Strait ..2006 !!!!!

  29. MrHgavino

    Rip Earl Thomas Conley

  30. Paula Croy

    RIP Earl Thomas Conley. 10/17/1941 - 04/10/2019 Thanks for ALL the GREAT music and songs you left for ALL of FANS to listen to.

    Ham Castillo

    Had alot of memories when I used to go to high school and practice after school at rodeo school too with other guys and gals. So thanks for your music Mr E,T,C. RIP you are not for gotten.

  31. Paul McWilliams

    Rest In Peace Earl Thomas Conley.

  32. McKenna's Walt Disney World Life

    RIP Love all his songs

  33. Velma Kitchens

    No ever like him

  34. Linda Lyles

    Dead at 77. Stop smoking now.

  35. Anthony Prince

    Thanks for your memories best I love in country

  36. Jon Sparks

    My all time favorite

  37. Tracey

    Your music lives on..👼

  38. Melissa Wilson

    Another one of the greats gone, RIP my precious

  39. Jackie Jenkins

    RIP Earl God Bless God has truly gained an awesome Angel


    Amen! 💔🙏

  40. doris ritchie

    Love this man and his music, miss him.

    Margie Johnson

    I love his songs,I miss him

    Nileene Waggoner

    I don't know if he's married or not but he has a Daughter

  41. Stacy Thomas

    He's a great man and a great singer, I'd sure like to know where he is now and how's he doing. I miss him


    Sadly he just passed away today. RIP ETC

    Paula Croy

    Earl Thomas Conley is in HEAVEN with our GOD now so there's no DOUBT in my mind that he's doing FINE now.

  42. Patricia Sullivan

    does he do concerts if so where can v I see him

  43. Craig Alan

    What is that Goonies or Lucas Corey Haim with the big glasses on the drums hahaha 2:25

  44. Kitrell Heiden

    Ahhhh the 80’s

  45. Alice Fleming

    Love His Voice.

  46. Wendy Robins

    Is he married????

    Wendy Robins

    @doris ritchie he has a ring on is left hand

    KGS 1925

    He was living with a long time lady companion when he passed away.

    KIm B

    Yes, he was married and had two children. I’m not sure if he was still married to her when he passed. She was mentioned in this article back in the late 90’s.

    Anna Weidner

    Wendy Robins he said he loved his wife more after she died

    Kayte 0207

    He was not married when he died. He and his first wife had two children before divorcing. Then he had two children with Carol Scates, who he lived with for over 20 years, but never married. He was still with Carol Scates at the time of his death.

  47. Leblon56 mardini

    this reminds me how good country was back then. Nothing like the trash we have today

    Keith Clark

    Straight up

  48. Brian Hill

    Such a great song.. He does such a wonderful job on it. Whoever wrote it, lived it.

    Kyle Dykes

    He wrote it. He wrote almost all, if not all of his songs.

  49. Michael Laman

    incredible performer--never got the recognition he deserved

    Wade Randall

    Yes and that is a shame

    H. Snider



    Isn't 21 straight top ten hits considered recognition?

    Kyle Dykes

    @Fruehauf8090 No. It's success. He never got the recognition from the industry like her should have. King George couldn't touch him in the 80s

  50. Pamela Knowles


  51. Roberta Brayton

    Love his music forever!!!

    Richard Charney

    You got that right!

  52. raulantonio65

    Excellent song.

  53. Craig Nowak

    Whatever happened to a young younger bro Fred on backups? God this is such a good song btw.

    jeff hicks

    @MrHgavino yes it is

    Craig Alan

    I mean today

    Lori Hensley

    I would like to know also?

    jeff hicks

    @Craig Alan i saw him post a few things on fb ,when Earl died he is still around

    Craig Alan

    jeff hicks ol back ups Freds FB ?! Kindly hand it over friend