Conley, Earl Thomas - What She Is (Is A Woman In Love) Lyrics

There's a lot of nice things
That he never told her
And he forgets to hold her
When she needs him sometimes
The promises he made her
He never got around to
Still the thought of leavin'
Never crossed her mind

What she sees is only what she wants to
What she has, she thinks is enough
What she does is just look at the good things
And what she is, is a woman in love

He forgets to call her
So he keeps her waiting
He's always breaking the plans that she's made
There's so many good things
That he never gave her
But it never mattered to her anyway
'Cause what she sees is only what she wants to
What she has, she thinks is enough
And what she does is just look at the good things
And what she is, is a woman in love

And he's just an ordinary guy
Like you and I
And she's looking at him with her heart
And not her eyes

What she sees is only what she wants to
What she has, she thinks is enough
What she does
Is just look at the good things and what she is
Is a woman in love

What she sees is only what she wants to
What she has, she thinks is enough
What she does is just look at the good things
And what she is, is a woman in love

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Conley, Earl Thomas What She Is (Is A Woman In Love) Comments
  1. Linda H

    I was not aware of Earl Thomas Conley passing, loved all of his songs. ❤️

  2. Robert Smith

    His songs helped me with a bad time in my life God bless Earl Thomas Conley Amen

  3. Dan Jacques

    i like beating off to this video.

  4. Diana Hayse

    I love you baby

  5. Juanita Buron

    12/16/19 ❤you dad&mom17:54

  6. Lisa Freeman

    RIP, ETC he was a good country music singer all times hands down .

  7. MLT

    Grew up listening to him and the others who really put out true Country music 🎶. I am still bummed he wanted no funeral and asked for his body to be donated to Science. I wonder about his wife he never divorced while living with his girlfriend Carol Scates who he had kids with. Alot of his music makes more sense now.

  8. Gerry Jones

    I can't believe you're songs there are all my life my whole life in your songs that you sang . It's Me and My Life it's something else I can't believe it you know that you are from my hometown Portsmouth Ohio Lucasville do you know that your father was a conductor on the train there and I rode that train up and down for Mingo County West Virginia to Portsmouth Ohio and on to Lucasville I just cannot believe and every song that you have sang it's me every song it's like a miracle or something I can tell you my life and every song that you have sang do you know me please let me understand this some way please write me back tell me what I should think about all this

  9. Gerry Jones

    That song is me when I was young and dumb. I married the wrong men because I only look for the good and I didn't look at the whole picture and my life was miserable but I still hold on thinking that they love me but they didn't and I married him and made big mistakes in my life

  10. Joey Gagliardi

    Wow does this Hit Home,, ETC,, you were so God Gifted, and never given the credit you deserved,, you were and still are Loved by so many that it does not matter,, Am here listening and always will be,, RIP

  11. Sherrlyn Charlton

    Pure Golden Silk singing wrapped up in Talented Brilliance 🤩🤩☝️👑👑😍😍

  12. Martin Pols

    It's sad that he has died just as Glen Campbell in 2017. but if in heaven he will recognize again the lyrics and might sing some songs.

  13. Suzanne Campbell

    We lost a truly talented man. RIP Earl.

  14. Rose Willis

    I’ll be with you some day I pray we fly together !

  15. Sherri Wilson

    I just found out- He was one of my all time favorites back in 80s and 90s his style and voice were unique to Country- heartfelt songs- so sad, The end of an era!!!!

  16. Debbie Atchison

    I wishi love my husband like this, but after 29 years I can't.

  17. Caden Monier

    By the way earl Thomas I miss you
    Caden Monier

  18. Caden Monier

    Earl Thomas your country is so much more comfortable to me than today's generation
    Caden Monier

  19. Liz McElwain

    I MISS YOU!!

  20. Jane Woods

    R. I. P. Great Song here. Thanks for singing it. Yes we do see what we choose. I see a great man,I was BLESSED to be able to call my friend.

  21. Gardy Desormeaux

    RIP earl Thomas ur the best now and forever 😭

  22. Terry Quesenberry

    And What I am is an ETC Fan in Love!

  23. Joseph Holmes

    Can't put a price on talent like this. We've lost another REAL one. RIP

  24. Sue Hardaway

    R.I.P. you will be missed!

  25. shawnoandrew

    Another great writer, singer, and artist gone. One of the greats.....

  26. Lydia Robertson

    *I'll sure miss you, Earl Thomas, thanks for the songs forever, fly high...Wed. April 10th, 2019 RIP...*

  27. even stevens

    RIP, ETC. Best voice in country music. April 10, 2019.

  28. nemesisgenius

    R.I.P Earl Thomas. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with all of us. Your legacy will forever live on. May you sing with the angels in heaven.

  29. Michael Hart

    RIP Thanks for the Songs
    Next Life Hope I can get Front Row Seats to your Show!!!

  30. Thomas Woods

    RIP.. You were one of the Greatest..

  31. Heather Stacken

    RIP what a voice

  32. Rena D

    SO HOTTTT!! I’ve loved him forever, broke my heart hearing of his passing in NashV earlier today.. He could bring it, such a beautiful, distinct Voice, silenced wayyyy too soon. Fly High ETC, you’ve earned it honey!!

  33. terry abernethy

    Earl was and still is the greatest country music singer and song writer. He will be missed. We love him and his music very much. Terry and Joyce

  34. Rock Hayes

    RIP, real country singer right there,not crap they got out since 2010 calling it country music.

  35. Daphne Dedrick

    Rest in peace. You had a nice soothing voice.

  36. Michael .Konvicka

    A great country song by ETC who passed away today-I have all of 33 vinyl records

  37. Bessie Bell

    He had one of the prettiest voices I've ever heard...he will be missed...beautiful music

  38. crochet Makes me happy

    So sad to hear of ETC passing. May his family find some peace and comfort during the days and years ahead of them.

  39. Alberto Miles

    Rest in Peace Earl🎶💙🎶

  40. MrHotroddoc

    Rest In Peace Earl Thomas Conley.

  41. bezerker99

    RIP Earl Thomas Conley

  42. David Matthews

    Nothing is more beautiful than a woman in love with one man. Nothing is better than a man appreciating her for the rest of his life.



  43. Gerry Jones

    I'm from Portsmouth I don't know if you got my other message or not I've had to erase some things of my YouTube so I didn't know if you send a message or not I threw up there with my cousins to downing's and I was at Downing and , I lived on Rosemount Road I don't know if you know where that is out there about a car lot not a car dealer in a long time I don't live there in a long time I got family and Lucasville your songs are beautiful I don't know where you lived in out there but I'd like to know see if I remember you from school I know you're about my age just send me a message back if you can I just can't believe you're from Portsmouth small world huh no I was born in went in West Virginia and Mingo County I moved the porch with with my cousins and my grandmother I'm a girl not a guy your songs are so beautiful they make me cry sometimes because the one song is very much like my life I don't know if you read the message or not I was in love with a man that I love more than anything in the world and it's been 40 years I still think about him when I dream about him I can have that old feeling back you don't never want to leave them you just can't stand for somebody to get out of your sight when you're in love it's a horrible feeling sometimes to love somebody so strongly I never got to see him that much I guess that's why I felt that way when he was near and I left my husband for this man didn't have a car and a house or job even though his family and went to school at a college and he was 27 years old try. It was the wrong thing to do so I went back to my husband it wasn't the money it was just that my upbringing told me it was wrong I live the life of Misery after that all I did day and night was think about him it was horrible and I never was with him again only in my dreams and I dreamed he wants me back it makes me think about him again and then I listen to your song but I never heard the car in that strange my life is so busy I train police dogs for 20 years and worked at a computer company and raise for kids and now I'm trying to put my life forward with the Lord I lost my husband last year an agent orange send me a message back if you're not too busy I know your life is probably really busy I live in Florida now I don't know where but I'd like to hear from you and how your life has been if you're not too busy

  44. Alan Smith

    All classic don’t get any better

  45. Parkour Kid

    There are no women like that adays its all glitter and stuff.

  46. Mike Lei

    A great talent taken way before his time.

  47. bacsi19461

    That girl is just stunning. Wonder who she is.

  48. bill d

    Woman like this are a thing of the past...unfortunately.

  49. Bruce Baur

    Are there women alive today who possess the overall mindset revealed in this song? Many of the feminine gender would lash back and point the finger at me for asking such a provocative question, but I think it is a valid one. We're not all selfish beasts, ladies. We just goof up now and then.

    - - - - Maybe even more often than that.

    Richard Troupe

    I possess this outlook of course ive pretty much lived my life before. I went from city born and raised to pure country .I'm marrying my man in May


    The absolute greatest song ever written!

  51. Shari Crocker

    Music can really heal ones soul...😚

  52. Willis Greene

    Do a SEARCH on "ETC"... He was born into POVERTY in Portsmouth Ohio 23 miles down the Ohio River from Flatwoods, KY where I was Born and Raised... IMO He is a "SELF MADE" Extraordinary Singer/Talent...  I would say "Once in a Blue Moon" is my Favorite but I like all of His Songs...

  53. Jennifer Stancil

    I love his voice

  54. Pamela Knowles


  55. Marcos Adriano Chicatto

    Great song...

  56. Dori Hatch

    Love this song just wish he loved me


    By far one of the greatest songs ever written!

  58. Tim Lewis

    And thank God she still loves me

  59. John McCormick

    There will only be one ETC ,, #1

  60. Janell Child

    Who is she poor thing lmao

    bill d

    Janell Child only a woman would make a comment like that

  61. Ramiro Perez


  62. bacsi19461

    The very best singer of the decade in my opinion. He had the most n.. ones of any male singer in s 10 year span.

  63. Teddie Stayner

    This is my granddaughter Alesha.

  64. Eric Mwandla

    Can you please upload Dobbie Gray's version as well

  65. Anthony Pollock

    Love the song whated I'd say

  66. connie munoz

    I love this guy his voice is so gentle

  67. Ramrio Perez

    I luv u Ramiro PEREZ

  68. Patrick Callaghan

    I think every man can relate to this song. We all had that one girl we were absolutely in love with and would have given the world for. But....she always had her eye on someone who would take her for granted and break her heart. Thanks ETC for hitting the nail on the head.

    Sharon Brackenridge

    Patrick Callaghan I have to disagree with this statement

    Patrick Callaghan

    @Sharon Brackenridge you're allowed to disagree...

    amartin 23964

    I beg to differ. My husband of almost 17 years always had my eye. I'm very fortunate he fell in love with me and married me. He's always treated me like a queen and I have always treated him as my king. He's my soul mate, and I have eyes for no other man other than my husband, my soul mate, my dragon slayer, my knight in shining armor, my prince charming, my world, my everything! He's all I have ever wanted and thank God daily that He gave me my husband!

  69. Beverly Mathews

    living in the shadow of doubt

  70. Linda Lambert

    He was great Country!!

  71. michael S

    great song

  72. Steve Parr

    ETC probably has one of the most underrated voices in the country music industry and never got notoriety he deserves.

    Jeffrey Glass


    Eric Schindeldecker

    I agree also such talent what a voice ETC a legend as far as I'm concerned


    He was highly rated, you must be a dumb fuck.

    Kayte 0207


    Eva Lehde

    Steve Parr I agree he was great. He was not under rated. To this day, the greats, still list him among the Greats!

  73. Debbie Atchison

    great song,even though I have not heard this in awhile.

  74. Alexis Jenkins

    good. :)

  75. Debbie Atchison

    I wish I could be this way towards my husband.

  76. Greg M

    What she does is 'only look at the good things.' I wished we could all have that frame of mind. There would be more than enough and love for all.

  77. Alexis Jenkins

    I try, so hard. living on a prayer. This song tells so much for myself. It can only get better with time. I, promise it does. :)

  78. Plant-based Grandpa

    The guitar is beautiful.

  79. Amy Beamon

    Love. Earl. Thomas Conley. sonvs

  80. Eric Mwandla

    Great song, but can you please upload Dobbie Gray's version as well.

  81. gerald myers

    beautiful video

    MiAmor Channel

    Thank you for watching.

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    MiAmor Channel there's NOTHING to WATCH on here. it's LISTENING not WATCHING. You don't WATCH AUDIOS

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    gerald myers this is NOT a video

  82. Tony Stephens

    One of my Favorites! A BLESSING in my Life is to be able to have the history of playing these songs with Earl when they were fresh on peoples ears!! Classic voice!!

  83. Janet Lubumbe

    Rekindles wonderful memories.... thanks for sharing.

  84. amcpacer100

    beautiful lyrics

  85. cassidy thomas

    Blind Love

  86. Daryle Rico

    I have not heard this song in ages and had forgotten how much I love it. Thank you for sharing.

  87. MiAmor Channel

    thank you for watching.

  88. Dj Gerry - SPECIAL Videos

    Great Song Excellent Video....

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    Dj Gerry - SPECIAL Videos AUDIO not VIDEO

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    Dj Gerry - SPECIAL Videos Making Fun Of You When I Type This You Know The First Letter Of Every Damn Word Ain't Gotta Be Capitalized Right

  89. foci3173

    you know Ms. Nemz...actually wala na pong gaganda pa sa'yo....indeed!

  90. UrMsSandy69

    Mia, such lovely images that spokes volume even without d lyrics...and i like d lyrics...agreed also:") btaw, coz "a woman in love will understand... and needs only one man"...super-love:") have a great day Mia, xoxo!

  91. Titirttinen

    yes..nice song ☺♪♪

  92. Ecothrust

    So beautiful song! Amazing vid! Thanks my dear friend!

  93. MsBertday

    hello nemuahhh....ngaun ko lang din nadinig song na to and yes kaboses nya si KR :")
    beautiful song mz N...thats true love i guess :")
    simple video pero ang ganda nya...million klaps!!
    happy weekend nemssss!! tca

  94. MonsterlyInLove2

    ka boses nya c Mang Kenny R. :) first time to hear this song.. beautiful lyrics so inspiring and ganda ng mga images.. thanks for intriducing this song to us friend Nemz! thumbs up!