Conley, Earl Thomas - What I'd Say Lyrics

Talkin' to the mirror
Whisperin your name
Just like you were here, you'd think I was insane
I hold these conversations in the silence of my room
Rehearsing all the things I'd say should I run into you

How's it going might be what I'd say
You broke my heart you know
Or it looks like rain today
Or maybe god I missed you since you went away
Your lookin' well
Or go to hell might be what I'd say

There's times I feel so angry I'd put my fist right through the wall
Then there's times I've come so close to giving you a call
I love you and I hate you all at the same time
I pray that you'll come back to me before I lose my mind

How's it going might be what I'd say
You broke my heart you know
Or it looks like rain today
Or maybe god I missed you since you went away
Your lookin' well
Or go to hell might be what I'd say

Guess you'll have to wait until that day
To find out what I'd say

God I missed you since you went away
Your looking well
Or go to hell
Might be what I'd say

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Conley, Earl Thomas What I'd Say Comments
  1. Yvonne Jarman

    I would say 'Nobody will ever love you like I did'

  2. Jason Atkins

    Dedicated to my ex wives.

  3. kayla pellom

    Still a favorite

  4. Jeff Batton

    This song hits my life to a T. I would say all

  5. Tina Rogers

    Your looking well or go to hell might be what I'd say !!

  6. Todd Nash

    Ohhhhhh the memories. This came out shortly after my divorce a lifetime ago. Knew it well. Lol. Truly miss the good yrs of country. Rock. And Motown. Music now just is not as good. Actually nothing is a good as we had it in the 70s and 80s. Great time to grow up. Lol.

  7. Paul Rosevear

    Rose-colored glasses

  8. Pauline Ludwig

    so sad we lost him

  9. Michael Ashcraft

    Who's cruisin' tonight listen to the real CLASSIC Country like ETC ?

  10. Steve Smith

    Another Legend that does not get enough credit

  11. Joey Rodriguez

    ETC was among the best!! Truly missed 😔🎶🎶

  12. Brian Henderson

    When I trying to find country music on the radio, I ask my self what am I listing to. It's not country music at all.

  13. Red River

    It gets absolutely NO BETTER than ETC! What happened to music? Why are there no singers of this quality anymore? Or are there and I just don't know about it?

  14. John Graves

    Thanks .

  15. David Johnson

    what a man, gave so much of his money to feed the hungry , my greatest respects to you, etc, what a great man.

  16. Michael Davis

    Such a great singer who I always felt never got the recognition he deserved..E.T.C was one of a chosen few who could paint a picture with his words and make you feel them everyone...R.I.P

  17. Jason Nanooch

    ,q a

  18. Justin B.

    Sad truth.

  19. Franklin Warner

    So Nice.

  20. Franklin Warner

    Good Song.

  21. Wayne Swicegood

    I rarely ever even turn a radio on anymore. Hick-hop garbage doesn’t interest me in the least. Real music lasts and shallow noise is considered “played out” after a few months.

  22. Michael Williamson

    RIP Earl Thomas Conley ...

  23. jennifer Warner

    Rip now he is with his brother Keith Whitley

  24. Brandon Garcia

    Been searching all day for the perfect song to explain exactly how I feel about my ex. This song is Definitely it down to a T!

  25. Johnny LAW

    Portsmouth Legend = to keith whitley ,verne gosdin, greatest voice!true gentleman grown mans music here boys!

  26. ashley weathers

    This music is so good and so fine. When we lose singers like this they cannot be replaced.

  27. Elliot Hagen

    1 of the best country songs of the 80's

  28. Country music Cattlerest-

    Love the song Thanks for the memories!

  29. Debra Singleton

    Still love him and i can relate to this song.

  30. T Larrissa

    "I pray that you come back to me before I lose my mind"..... Felt that. 💔😭

  31. wylie shifflett

    damn good music

  32. Leslie Nail

    Silhouette the best

  33. Leslie Nail

    Serious song

  34. Martha Haywood

    One of the greatest of all time ETC !!!

  35. Daniel Barger

    One of my favorite singers. I seen ETC in concert many times, and always loved his music. R.I.P Earl.

  36. Shawn Lusby

    Beautiful, heartbreaking ballad. Hits real close to home. I've had these same conversations in my head about what I'd say if I ever saw my ex wife again. R.I.P Earl Thomas Conley. A true legend, gone but never forgotten

  37. Terry Quesenberry

    God I Love this Singer!

  38. Dennis Snider

    This was when country music had heart touched ya to your soul! This one hits home for me because I'll always love her no matter what wish a woman would come along and make me that happy again or she would come back

  39. Rosalie McFarland

    So beautiful but so sad. Love can be so cruel and wonderful.

  40. sarahstacy81

    This is what made country music "Country". Simple songs about real life situations. Nashville, take note. This is what country is. And what it should be. Timeless.

  41. amyjohg

    Most honest song ever...

  42. Mike Sisley

    He was a real original! I am sad that he is gone and cannot continue what could have been a legendary career. Earl T C was a poet. I liked his melancholy. Nobody did a sad song better, period.

  43. Jerrold Garrison

    Back, of those days. Changing of the seasons, I guess. We all have that ONE that still stops us in our tracks and makes us wonder "what if..." :"What if's will drive a person insane! RIP ETC Ya had the gift of verbalizing my heart

  44. Todd Williams

    Rip peace a living legend

  45. Roman Gallardo

    Sad part is you spend all this time thinking of what you'd do, when in reality, if they gave a shlt about your feelings they'd not be gone in the first place.

  46. Janene Adkins

    What would you say John?

  47. Walter Dennis

    Definitely would be ,go to HELL.

  48. Armando Caceres

    You're looking well or go to hell, best line in this song!

  49. West Coast Sis Young-Si

    I loved and played all of your beautiful songs..Thank you for the melodies...Rest In Paradise

  50. Daphne Hapne

    Enjoying a nice evening listening to the cricket's and my favorite song. Hope you are enjoying yours too.

  51. Parkour Kid

    Growing up listening to these songs as my dad and i hung out. Wow..the moments these old songs recall.

  52. Bryan Terry


  53. AngelLadyinSC

    "God I've missed you..." Lord what a song!

  54. Joe Abshire

    Living this right now

  55. Michelle McDougall

    I hope you say that you missed me and you want me home again. Praying for us everyday.

  56. Terri Spence

    Love that song

  57. Jeff Sutherland

    Tiff... since you moved to Utah I took this 3300 mile road trip on my motorcycle to TRY to get over you. It ended up being 3300 long lonely miles thinking of you and everything we did. I miss you but it doesn’t change anything. You’ll always be my favorite what if ... always yours



  59. Parkour Kid

    David Ball, "When the thought of you crosses my mind"

  60. Parkour Kid

    I have immediate flashbacks man..I remember these songs, the places i was and that era. Wow..its like it was a different dimension. The music, the people and the times were different. Iys wasn't about the music but the story. These songs kust make a person think

  61. User 3-12

    I hope you got that chance, Mr Conley.

    Rest In Peace, sir.

    And thank you, Miss Dandelion, for sharing with us. I hope you've mended now and that you've found a new love who keeps your heart safe. God bless.

  62. Randy Miller

    I won tickets in 1984 when I was 15 yrs old on 95 WKSJ here in Mobile Alabama to see Hank Williams Jr in Pensacola Fl...Earl Thomas Conley opened for Hank.
    Me & my best friend...MY DAD went to the was the 1st concert me & Pop ever went to together...THAT WAS A GREAT NIGHT & CONCERT!!!.I sure do miss Pop!!!

  63. Adam Crabtree


  64. Joe Harris

    I would have like the group Shenandoah to do this song. Sounds alot like some of there music. But ETC does a great job with song.

  65. bahe2010utube

    love broken, hurting song.

  66. Steve Wennerstrom

    Very sad to hear of ETC's passing.....such a great country artist.

  67. Ms Austin

    Man.. that's deep. We've all been here..

  68. Shaun Selman

    Thought of this song today because of my past relationship. Then I got sad because I knew Mr. Conley died last month. He's probably the most underrated singer of the 80's. R. I. P
    Earl. They don't make them like you anymore!

  69. Todd Williams

    Go to hell might be what I'd say

  70. Rickey Engle

    what would you say,,

  71. shawnoandrew

    Still will always listen to ETC and value his contributions to the music industry.

  72. MLT

    How sad no funeral or tribute - nothing in his honor. While it was supposedly his wishes per his live-in girlfriend, not his wife (yes he was still married) it just is sad that the public was not able to say goodbye. The words of this song really mean alot today.

    Lawrence Bowen

    What a wonderfully sweet comment.

  73. Caden Monier

    Earl Thomas I'm glad there is your country being played on several classic country stations out there
    Caden Monier

  74. Michael Willard

    ETC you were great. I will play your music forever.

  75. Janie Harston

    One of the greatest country singers!! RIP

  76. Roger Flowers

    I like to this man sing I grew up listening to the best like him he was one of best

  77. Pauline Ludwig

    so sad best singer & songs saw him in 1988 at morgantown pa, carnival sonny delawre

  78. Jonny Zye

    One of the best songs of all time.

  79. Donna Spradlin

    rip for ever loved and missed

  80. Kelley Norris

    will be missed RIP

  81. Leray Bojangles

    Talkin to the mirror
    Whisperin your name

    Just like you were here, you'd think I was insane

    I hold these conversations in the silence of my room

    Rehearsing all the things id say should I run into you

    How's it going might be what I'd say
    You broke my heart you know

    Or it looks like rain today

    Or maybe god I missed you since you went away

    Your lookin well
    Or go to hell might be what I'd say 🎶🎼🎤

  82. JoshCourts

    Can’t believe he’s gone, RIP Earl


    His sound was ground-breaking in the late 80's and early 90's. Hate my idols from my youth are dying. Makes me feel old...

  84. Anna Clark

    My mom likes this song and didn't know that he had died. :(

  85. Julie Mont.


  86. P Jj

    what kinda troll down thumbs ETC....💩💩💩💩

  87. Melinda Gardner

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ loved him

  88. Jim w

    Great song by a great country artist. Country radio has abandoned us country listeners, but I have you tube I can listen to.

  89. Ed Ford

    RIP ETC!

  90. GALAXY WOLF will not be making videos

    Love his music and this song is word for word how i have felt towards the love of my life if i ever seen him again.

  91. Terry Newman

    So sad he's gone R.I.P

  92. christph3118

    This man is a legend..amazing voice and talent