Conley, Earl Thomas - Love Don't Care (Whose Heart It Breaks) Lyrics

I'm a lonely rider
She's the sole survivor of this love affair
But she don't care
She's a real heartbreaker
And I can't find a taker, no, that can compare
'Cause she's so rare
She never let me hurt for love
She gave me all she had
But that was only long enough
To go from good to bad

Oh but love don't care whose heart it breaks
It don't care who gets blown away
If it all falls through as a bad mistake
Love don't care whose heart it breaks

I can still remember
Every time I see her, I go back in time
And lose my mind
Yeah I'm a good pretender
I just can't believe her heart's no longer mine
It's so unkind
She never let me hurt for love
She gave me all she had
But that was only long enough
To go from good to bad

Oh but love don't care whose heart it breaks
It don't care who gets blown away
If it all falls through as a bad mistake
Love don't care whose heart it breaks

No, love don't care whose heart it breaks

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Conley, Earl Thomas Love Don't Care (Whose Heart It Breaks) Comments
  1. Tony Montana

    80s country was the best!

  2. The Haunted Library

    Miss you man! Miss your music! They'll never be another ETC. These songs are so deep and catchy.

  3. Gene Doyle

  4. Jared Clawson

    Yep, one of the nation's finest, especially the Navajo Nation. Left us Treading Water, thanks for ALL the great tunes and memories.

  5. Chet Ludwig

    Love his songs ❤️

  6. Lisa Freeman

    Good country music

  7. Lucas McCain

    This brings back such great memories. I miss the 80s!

  8. Swankdaddy

    ETC was bad ass in '89 ... just because he was. 30 years later his songs are still bad ass ... and have a lot more meaning.

  9. Jerry Huffar

    One of the best artist hands down in the 80's. Terrific songwriter too!

  10. Tanya Keifer

    He deserves to be in CMA hall of fame

  11. Teresa McMeans

    He was so handsome!!😍

  12. Clayton Batten

    18 people pushed the wrong thumb 👍🏻. RIP

  13. charles whitmer jr

    I always crushed on this chick in the video lol. RIP ETC and Country music.

  14. Edward Martinez

    that's a fastass bitch

  15. Joseph Bragg

    We miss you ETC ,Rip

  16. Joey Gagliardi

    Now we are Talkin'' Music,, I listen to this Gifted Man's Voice each and every day I am driving.. Nothing better,, so sadly missed, This is all when Country was The Real Deal,,,, Still here in 2019,, RIP,, you do see you will never be forgotten,, You are The Top Notch my Bro.

  17. Greg Maddux

    RIP to the GOAT

  18. Backroads Bandit

    He is one of the GREATEST COUNTRY MUSIC SINGERS ever!!!!!!!❤

  19. Nathan Sharman


  20. Bam Warren

    Country at it's best, RIP

  21. diane Bishop Ogden

    Love always RIP

  22. Bill Levins

    There is something about this video that makes me so sad and reminds me of how short life really is. You see this guy here about 35 years ago and he looks so cool and full of life and singing great songs. Sadly earlier this year he died at a hospice at age 77 in very poor health. We need to enjoy life more and remember that we will all get old one day and it's not fun.

  23. Terry Quesenberry

    Vance Joy!

  24. Roger J Silva

    One of my favorite 1985 songs along with George Jones "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes". Nobody will ever fill in ETC or The Possum's shoes are they are legends forever!

  25. deidra albertson

    I could set here and listen to his songs all night they bring back memories of seeing him in a lot of concerts i singing these
    him and Keith whiltey were my favorite singers I miss them both

  26. Terry Quesenberry

    Vance Joy stole thiz video

  27. Jane Woods

    R. I. P. Love is never a bad mistake. If it gets misguided,it's because we mess with it ourselves. Not because it comes from God that way. Remember this God gives it,He is love. We humans interject our defenses into it with our own ego problems. Besides,I learned from it. To feel that place that God Himself instilled deep inside of me again. Without this journey with you,I'd never found it. And,you found something too there. We together found something. I love you forever!!!! When you need a true on me...I'll be straight up with you!!!!

  28. Debora Walker

    My favorite song by ETC

  29. Aranz Hale

    Etc had the voice that no one can match. You truly will be miss r.i.p

  30. Mike Marchant

    These so called country music singers should take some notes on what a real country singer sounds like. He was as good as there's ever been and probably ever will be.

  31. Peggy Shumar

    Beautiful song...boy he had great his music...will be miss.😊🎶🎸👢👢

  32. Pamela Doyle


  33. Gardy Desormeaux

    RIP Earl Thomas ur the best now and forever 😭

  34. William Dunlap

    Earl Thomas had one of the best country voices. RIP

    Victor Mendoza

    William Dunlap I 100% agree, and I love his awesome style too! Hes on top of my list , just like Eddie Rabbitt, these two are legends in my heart

    Larry England

    William Dunlap yes he did, one of the best voices ever

    Vince Barnett

    Absolutely, always been my favorite

  35. Roni L. Miller

    It’s totally understandable why he was so loved . That voice ...

  36. Angela H.

    RIP Earl thank you for great music growing up on good decent 🎶. You won't be forgotten!

  37. Debora Walker

    One of my favorites, fell in love with his music and him !

  38. Terry Quesenberry

    She let me hurt.

  39. Omar Rodriguez

    loved his music growing up and still do. Its ashamed all the good and REAL country singers and song writers are slipping away. ETC rest in peace. Your music will live on forever.

  40. gjmaztr7

    what a masterpiece of a song., about a past relationship that can never go away.

  41. Sheila Mckinney

    One of the greatest. God bless you E.T.C.

  42. James Kimball

    One hell of a singer rip Earl Thomas Conley

  43. dntamu76

    What a voice. We will miss you ETC. Rest In Peace.

  44. Jennifer Shirer

    Rip dear man...

  45. Pamela Knowles

    Awesome, RIP .will never be Another!🙏🎸🎶💕


    Pam Knowles I concur

  46. Sherrlyn Charlton

    R.I.P Earl .one of the greatest ever voice in County music history 😭😭😩😩

  47. James Brown

    R.I.P. ETC …."Heavenly Bodies"

  48. Jleed989

    Hit after hit after hit ❤️

    Jason Buis

    He was HUGE on the radio in the 1980s

  49. Karen Freand

    Just setting here listing to earl thomas conley what a singer he was rest in peace I know your up in heaven singing your heart out with all the other great singers you are sadley missed every day

  50. Primrose Haran

    Fantastic singer rip

  51. Tom

    Rest in peace ETC. You will be remembered.

  52. Hope's SRM

    Rip Earl🙇🌹

  53. Myra Moore

    I'm going to miss you Myra

  54. Signalstat Steve Douglas

    Rip to the greatest country singer ever.🌹🌹🌹

    Myra Moore

    I love earl. I'll. Miss him he wàs the best. Myra. Wv

  55. Jeremy Kuhl

    RIP ETC your music will never be forgotten.

  56. Liz McElwain


  57. shane Brasher

    RIP I love all your music praying for family


    Brokenhearted that you're gone!😭🙏

  59. Mic Tactical

    RIP you cheesie bastard.

  60. Arcticfox36

    Tonight, it is our hearts that broke : (

  61. firejohn151

    My favorite from ETC. Good sir, you will be missed. R.I.P.

  62. Brittony Fay

    Rest easy ETC

  63. Scott M. Franklin NC

    R.I.P Mr. Conley. An era of great musicians are starting to come to an end. He will be added to a list of deeply missed

  64. Rich Mckee

    he passed away today

  65. Carolyn Nabours

    Oh, what a voice you had, and still have, singing with the angels in Heaven. Will miss you dearly.

  66. H. Snider


  67. Kendall Demastus

    RIP! Your music will live on forever💙

    Ronnie King

    I agree! My band is Rustic Sounds and I will continue to sing his stuff untill I can't ..... RIP ETC!!!

  68. Gary Spurlock

    friends we have lost a great pure country singer today i loved ETC rest in peace. earl

  69. william black

    What happened to our country music?

  70. Sarah Vandenberg

    Another great voice is silenced today, rest in peace ETC🎸


    Heavenly Choir now

  71. YO MAMA

    RIP EARL! Sorry to hear the Sad news today! Way too young! Alot of folks dying so young these days.

  72. Michael .Konvicka

    Will you miss you Earl Thomas-I have all of his 33 vinyl records in my collection

  73. Stacy Thomas

    Another great country legend taken away from us, R.I.P Earl you were a great man and singer and you will surely be missed by me and many other's .

  74. ken mcfarlane

    RIP Gone at 77. Sad


    I learned several of Earl's songs, he had a great voice and great songs! R.I.P Earl...…….

  76. devie anderson

    Heart broken today Earl...hearing you slipped away from this life to the next...You left a mark in Country Music as an artist that is most unique and say the least....One of a kind....timeless....RIP..

  77. Mike Greene

    Ahhh I spent many of nights dancing @ ladies night to this kind of music. Good stuff

  78. Brent Woods

    Love this song real country music

  79. Jeffrey Hendricks

    BTW RaphialTobias1, bless whoever they are's heart. complaining about audio. I raised up with single speaker radios here in the south (Central town and Central side of Six Mile). And yes if anybody reading this I go by 'Roper'. Y'all know me.

  80. Jeremy Kuhl

    Could you please upload Shadow Of A Doubt!

    Philip Martin

    They did but they blocked it. They haven't uploaded Heavenly Bodies yet.

    Jeremy Kuhl

    I wonder why they blocked it that sucks?

    Philip Martin

    UPDATE: Heavenly Bodies is now on ETC's VEVO page.

  81. Carlis Thompson

    painful makes me think of my ex left me cause she choose drugs

    Mark Ellsworth

    That sounds familiar! My experience is that if it's ever gonna be a choice between the guy and drugs, they're always gonna pick the drugs.

  82. Myra Moore

    I think girl Thomas Conley it's the best singer in country music

  83. Todd Taylor

    I love country music I wore your cassette out and the CD it just don't get better than that when it comes to country music

  84. Neil Tipton

    On any given night in American Country 80s Radio. There were great artist and great songs being played. from ETC to Ronnie Millsap. From Kenny Rodgers to Conway Twitty. Those were the last real days of country music. And if you grew up in those days. You were lucky. Those days were the last good days. The 80s was the last great decade.

    Mike Sisley

    When George Strait retired it ended.

    Lucas McCain

    I was a country DJ in the 80s & it was the greatest decade for country. 70s & 90s produced some great music too but for country it was the 80s. I am retired now but love going back in time by listening to these great artists.


    @Mike Sisley Stapleton, Pardi...

    Irene Macias

    Neil Tipton Amen to that 🙏

    Matt Selvy

    Wannabe "Country" stations don't play this anymore because they state it's not in with the times. Yeah, we certainly know that by the GARBAGE they claim is country now and by the new crap that they play. Neil, I totally agree with you!

  85. Kim Scott

    Love EarlThomas Conley !!!!

  86. TobiasRaphael1

    Sound quality could be better. Some of the backround instruments are more muted than in ricola2727's version which is now blocked. Maybe you could have worked with them to get their version... it was much more beautiful sounding... could hear all the backround instruments richly. Video here is not as vivid as ricola 2727's either. If this channel is the official one, your quality should be the best. Please fix!

    Nick Doneilo

    Stop bitching and just enjoy.

    Myra Moore

    I think Earl Thomas Conley is the best-looking and the best singer is country music he could get anybody he wanted 1