Conley, Earl Thomas - Holding Her And Loving You Lyrics

It's the third hardest thing I'll ever do
Leaving here without you
And the second hardest thing I'll ever do
Is telling her about you

She's been good to me
When things were going rough
How can I tell her now, good ain't good enough
Oh, the hardest thing I've ever had to do
Is holding her and loving you

If she'd give me one good reason I'd be gone
But she ain't done one thing wrong
So don't expect me just to walk out of the door
I still love her, but I love you more

She's been good to me
When things weren't going right
She made my days long before you made my nights
So the hardest thing I've ever had to do
Is holding her and loving you

Yeah, the hardest thing I've ever had to do
Is holding her and loving you
Girl the hardest thing I've ever had to do
Is holding her and loving you

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Conley, Earl Thomas Holding Her And Loving You Comments
  1. Ken Perk

    Rest in peace to Muscle Shoals songwriter, Robert Byrne who wrote a lot of his number ones and a salute to yet another Muscle Shoals songwriter who wrote Holding Her and Loving You, the great Mr Walt Aldridge and he's still got the Midas Touch.

  2. Derrick House

    Imss the music so bad and the times also!!

  3. Coriz Shawna

    Still in love with this song 2020 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Nancy Gray

    Wow he awesome singer sad that he is gone other good old country sing gone

  5. Owen Boatright

    You see a hear the pain in that man

  6. Owen Boatright

    Well you know the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do...

  7. Paulette Clark

    ETC nothing like him! Hummm...

  8. Mary Betz

    A beautiful beautiful song. Love his music.

  9. Starlia Marks

    Who's gonna fill their shoes?

  10. Tom Hauner

    story of my life holding her -loving you

  11. Mildred Waddell


  12. Will Anderson

    This is when music spoke to people. I miss this stuff.

  13. Invista

    New year...? Yes, it will be. Although it is just 30th Dec 2019, I know I will be listening to this for years to come..

  14. Ike Harris

    Wish country music was still good like in the 70, 80s

  15. Ms Emc Clark




  17. Nancy Weeks

    All I can say is omg

  18. Ron and Marg Williston

    one of the best songs ever wrote me thinks

  19. Helen Sullivan-Doucet

    Love this song brings back a lot of memories .....December 26, 2019

  20. Rosscoeginncoe Lake Havasu & Orange County

    Tonie and Ross fucked up a great relationship 💔😢

  21. Lenora Begay

    When it's complicated !!
    Lol 😊

  22. tiredlawdog

    My God, I just saw where Earl passed away this year. I never had heard, fantastic artist, he will be missed by millions for sure. RIP Earl.

  23. Tommy Jack

    Smmoooootttthhhhh vocalist

  24. Victor Jones

    Dec24 2019 anybody else?
    She’ll never truly ever know.

    Michael Butler

    Happy new year!!

    Kogie Kogiepillay

    Happy New year. I will always listen to this song I S.A.

    Gloria Salsman

    Victor Jones I am listening to Earl Thomas Conley how sad we lost another great singer,

    Victor Jones

    Gloria Salsman yes it’s very devastating but he’ll always be remembered and never forgotten!!!

  25. Julia Davis

    Just love this song by earl Thomas Conley. I try to quit playing it but I cant.
    He was a legend in his own time
    He was one of the best artist of
    His time. Along with his band..
    I'm always at loss to see greaartist pass away,but you know heaven
    Is awake listening to all these
    Great legends.
    I just loved earl thomas Conley's
    Voice. It was so mellow and songs
    Sung with passion.

  26. Gloria Ludrick

    my favorite song

  27. Brenda Conley

    I love Earl Thomas Conley sorry he is gone

  28. BAMA 2019

    And that kids is how you sing with emotion to bring the song can even see it in his eyes

  29. Buddy Scout

    Now this is country he was a classic one of the best!!! 🙏🙏💔

  30. Jennifer Patton

    Such a 👨❕I bet the 👩 were wild about you.

  31. Billy Marshall

    Now this is real country.that crap they play today sucks big time

  32. Connie Dunn

    This was supposed to be a real song about him etc.

    Naomi ali

    Tell me more

  33. Teresa Michelle

    I miss you Stuart Arvin and I'll always love you ❤️ ❤️❤️

  34. Teresa Michelle


  35. Jennifer Patton

    He looked so good in a pair of jeans & boots. What a hell of a 🧔.

    Jennifer Patton

    How good men of the 80 so long ago. They don't, make men like that anymore.

  36. Austin Clarke

    Beautiful song...great voice....RIP Earl Thomas Conley.

  37. Tanya Keifer

    Love this man😢

  38. Bert Clayton

    Too bad this is a cheating song rather than a love song.

  39. Michael Ashcraft

    Man that song hits me where it hurts, damn.. Doc Mike USN

  40. Scott A.

    Country, by gawd.

  41. Whenthehammer was t Thomas

    I remember my mom playing this on vinyl when I was a kid. I'm about to be 41. I dont know if I'm just sentimental, or if this really is the best country song ever written and sung by one of the greatest to ever perform this type of music.

  42. Debbie Clark

    I love old country music

  43. Trucking Annie

    Love this song

  44. Shawn Pratt

    It’s hard to find a song better than this one

  45. John Morrison

    Just dont

  46. Beverly Davis

    yeah this song makes alot of goddamn sense


  47. Chris Perry

    The emotion on his face really brings to this song to life.

    Delores Finn

    Yes it does it a beautiful song

  48. Jytte Thykjær

    I love this song so much. Dec. 2019

    Diane Atkins

    Jytte Thykjær me too

  49. Susan Stone

    He was one of the great singer songwriters of any generation and why he is not in the country music hall of fame I will never understand he’s a legend in the eyes of his fans so his music will live on god bless you

  50. John Hazelett

    This isn't Garth Brook crap

  51. timothy davis

    You can tell he put his heart into this song he almost was in tears

    Christopher White

    Well said!

  52. Nita Stolns

    This man has a really great voice. Only one to compare him with is George Jones of this era or Hank Williams from the 50's. Rest in Peace Earl. You will truly be missed.

  53. Theresa Dupuis


  54. Magne Høiberg

    This is some gold, never will this come back, the time has past, and i was there.

  55. Victorious Maximus

    When country music was awesome! I sure miss these guys and all of the great country singers of 80's and 90's

  56. Calvin Upshaw

    He needs to be in the hall of fame

  57. Patricia Taber Bolding

    I love this man and his music. Real Country

  58. Lutian Murphy

    Super, super voice and talent..miss you !

  59. William Summerson

    RIP to a legend

  60. Michael Mills

    what i wouldn't give to hear this type of music again..

  61. Gloria Ludrick

    That's my favorite song back end day Rest in peace 🙏🙏🙏

  62. Paul Goodier

    what a cunt of a man you are

  63. Lion Ness

    Real country music. His voice 🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤❤❤

  64. Terry Quesenberry

    She made my Days!

  65. Keri T

    Doesn’t it look like he has Teary eyes?

  66. Crystal Bales

    Love you GLM. R.I.P.

  67. Terry Quesenberry

    Good ain't Good Enough!

  68. ray M

    So much better than the CRAP that passes for “country” music now-a-days!!!!

  69. richard bensen

    Rest In Peace my dear friend

  70. John Larsen

    If you dont like ETC, well you dont have a clue what good music is. Im so glad that i was raised on this!!

  71. Brian Watson

    Chill bumps

  72. Cindy Hutchins

    I sure miss you. Always love you !!! thank you for the memories

  73. Cathie Kysar

    I miss your voice.

  74. Slim Lett

    He was one of the greats RIP and Thank You for all you hit songs

  75. Sandy Evans

    When country music WAS really GOOD. These were the best years!!

  76. Alex

    Jack black playing guitar @2:30

  77. Nelson Inman

    That's one of the best singers ever

  78. Emory Epperly

    If you ain't old school enough what would be

  79. Ryan Jones

    2019 anyone

  80. Sara Serrano

    The hardest thing Ill ever do is leaving here with out you!! Im feeling that right now.. They dont make good country music like this anymore.. this can cure a broken heart!!

  81. Chris William

    Acorn Tree service News Flash Acorns are 🐿️ Food we need 🐿️'s to keep snakes and other varments away from are House's so you can take your Nutella and tell it to take a hike off a cliff somewhere,

  82. Ray Bolen

    O how it takes me back hearing this man lord where the years went

  83. Lorrie whitley

    I wonder what was the hardest, I guess it the fact, that I stopped being in love with you, and I paid you back ten fold..... you deserved it all..... you had a choice and you made it, I chose our son over you, and I will never have any regrets for that..... nor will he

  84. Robbie Frentz

    My second favorite country song. I can listen to anything he sings

    Uhlamae Spurgeon

    What was wrong with Earl Thomas Conley what did he die of.. next to Conway Twitty Earl was my favorite

  85. IB raunchy

    Been there and done that , he aint lying

  86. John Tracy

    Old story about a shitty dude fucking over a woman was by his side the whole time.

  87. Jan Patton

    One of the best songs, one of the best artists!!

  88. Rickey Bullington

    Such a great singer.

  89. Gloria Ludrick

    My favorite song rest in peace

  90. Tony McGuire

    amazing vocals one of the GOAt's

  91. Edmund Gabryelski

    They are all gone with The Lord.

  92. Dave M

    How could 974 people not like this? Seriously.

  93. Kyrik Kyrik

    I was country when country was cool

  94. Mike Seals

    You can see it in his eyes....He felt this one

  95. Paul Moore

    That's pure country in its finest,,,they dont make them like that anymore boys and girls,,,,surely miss those great legends

  96. Norma T

    I love his singing.

  97. Gaming guy

    I've been a fan of this man's music for quite sometime now.Ive lost alot of relatives that were a fan ETC.That is the reason why I hold in such high regards because of the beautiful music he created.❤️❤️❤️✌️

  98. Rose Marie Leonard

    Love this song, souvenir...