Conley, Earl Thomas - Angel In Disguise Lyrics

You were just another pretty face in the crowd
I was just hangin' out
I wasn't ready for love when I looked in your eyes
You took me by surprise
You weren't supposed to say that you loved me
You were just gonna stay for the night
I never held a hand that could touch me
And leave me with stars in my eyes

Oh angel in disguise
You're just an angel in disguise

Almost made it too easy for me to believe
That love could happen to me
But you're not afraid to show me how much you care
And prove your heart is there
You weren't supposed to say that you loved me
You were just gonna spend the night
I never held a hand that could touch me
And leave me with stars in my eyes

Oh angel in disguise
You're just an angel in disguise

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Conley, Earl Thomas Angel In Disguise Comments
  1. Kelly Moyer

    One of my ten favorite male country singers and my favorite song by Earl Thomas Conley. So very sad he has passed. I have all of his albums and Cds and have seen him in concert in 1983 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and he was excellent. I sing and play guitar and have performed a few gigs and at a county fair free stage for a few years and have played another one of his number one hits and that's Love Out Loud. I was sad and heartbroken when he passed away, but this country legend's music will live on forever and I will always play and listen to his music. Rest in peace my friend you will never ever be forgotten. One of your biggest fan, Kelly Moyer.🎸🎵

  2. Paradigm Shift

    I came here from ballgreezy...didnt kno he jammed like this...whoah...

  3. governorscott

    These beautiful ladies are probably all grandmas now.

  4. Anne Cohen

    My second favorite song of his.......I’m silently crying....

  5. Tuco Cat

    My wife Renee

  6. Sherry Miller


  7. Lucas McCain

    I was a country DJ in the 80s and ETC was a huge success. 80s country was the greatest. So many great artists: Alabama, Steve Wariner, Ronnie Milshap, Don Williams, Oak Ridge Boys, Conway, Barbara Mandrell, Kenny Rogers, Charley McClain, and on & on!

  8. Blondie 1132

    Wow I didn't know Earl Thomas Conley passed away. That breaks my heart R.I.P Mr. Conley we love you. Another legend gone but never forgotten

  9. Mickey Bowser


  10. Eddie Mays

    ETC, you don't make it easy for me (2nd fav song of yours) to say goodbye. I would still like to talk about this video in Heaven. Say hello to my Dad, Merle and Charlie. God Bless.

  11. Teresa McMeans


  12. Kathi Berry

    RIP Earl, what an influence you made in my life.

  13. mkl62

    A #1 hit for Earl Thomas Conley on the Country & Western charts. It was the 713th #1 C&W song of the Rock Era.

  14. James Nagelmueller

    Asom song

  15. Robin Patty

    RIP Earl Thomas Conley! God has another Angel to sing in his choir!!!

  16. elfreda Hammitt

    RIP You will be Miss ......

  17. D. D. Nance

    You will be missed ETC! I started listening to country music back in the 80's and he was and still is one of my favorite country singers. I have all of his songs on 45's. I'm listening to "Angel in Disguise" as I write this comment.

  18. Karie Hollingsworth

    ETC the great does it again......

  19. April king

    Just found out one of my favorite singers growing up has passed away so sad RIP

  20. crydun2004

    can't believe he is gone. we are losing so many. You will be so missed in country music..

  21. darla sonnier

    Beautiful song

  22. eyoung2289

    ETC was one of the real deals..

  23. Sherry Sofka

    Dang, I just found out after hearing Blake saying he had passed. Loved all his songs, early 80tys & early 90tys. After Keith Whitley died, another awesome, singer. Fell in like with, Earl, T C. Great memories ❣️

  24. Tee Grey

    does anyone know the guitar player or players for ETC? whomever he or they are,they play some mean guitar

  25. reg profant

    Listening to singers who have recently died ,my being 75, makes me wondering when my turn is coming.

  26. Miles Elder

    I always liked the song, but I didn't know angels smoked.

  27. Anthony Beesly

    just now heard...Rest in peace

  28. nunya nunya


  29. First Responder1985

    He died exactly 4 years to the day after my mom died.😢

  30. David Chihanick


  31. Gerald Namin

    Man o man earl Conley what lost God bless him and Kenny Vance forever in my heart

  32. Jackie Hartman

    Seen him in Newport tn man what a singer one of my all time favorite you will be sadly missed love your music always

  33. Randy Nahkai

    rip ETC !! I got to see you in concert ... thxs for the great REAL country tunes !!!

  34. Parkour Kid

    Sad but death comes to everyone eventually. This era was a part of my life and its like a piece has slipped away

  35. bessie Morris

    i loved his music they dont make them like this anymore we are loseing all of the greats of my time Mr Conley thank you for all the great music you gave all of us you can now sing to the angels r.ip

  36. Joel Mosier

    Courted wife by songs by ETC. Must have worked. Been together 38 years. RIP. You were GOOD.

  37. Mike Daniel

    Never is a good time to go. But it was your time. Thank you for the wonderful songs and memories.

  38. Phillip Lee

    Thank God for radio the old ones never die

  39. Jackie Smith-Russ

    Rip Earl Thomas Conley you will never be forgotten heartbroken

  40. Marty Isbell

    One of the best..RIP ETC!!

  41. Rene Wagoner

    You married the wrong freaking woman. Three and a half years after he married that cont. He was found dead and then she stood around thinking she was also f****** great. Watching him fall never had him to get help that old b**** needs to rot in hell. Had a kid by him and thought she was f****** Jesus Will guess what mrs. Morgan father X crawling up your old ass. And you won't be able to run away. He got away from you you just helped him along

  42. Tuco Cat

    Story of my life after I meet my wife.

  43. Jacque greig

    Another good one gone. RIP my friend

  44. Pamela Doyle


  45. Blaine4life

    So glad I got to see him in early 2000. He put on one hell of a show. Played all the classics.

  46. Lisa Anders

    RIP Earl Thomas Conley🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 one helluva a voice !!! Sing with the angels 😇💙🙏😢😢

  47. Kent Kleiser

    So many Great songs! You will be missed E.T.C. R.I.P. 🙏🏻

  48. Ray Moerler

    Always liked him. I sang Hardest Thing and What I’d Say at karaoke Wednesday night. Thanks for the great songs Earl, Rest In Peace.

  49. Wilford Redsteer

    I will always love this song and I will always miss Earl Thomas Conley...... a true country singer in my heart.... R.I.P......

  50. H FISHER

    Glad I got to see him perform live once several years back. RIP Mr Conley.

  51. S. S.

    You are truly missed, my 1st favorite since I was a boy .I send my condolences to the family. God bless you

  52. donnie gaus

    R.I.P. Earl. Thanks for the gift of your music.

  53. ItsRich07

    RIP Mr. Earl Thomas Conley. Your music touched many and will continue to do so. Heaven gained an angel without the disguise.

  54. Joshua Brooks

    4-10-19, the day Earl gained his Angel wings. Fly high buddy!

  55. H. Snider

    In the 80's I kept a spare cassette tape of ETC on hand ! Played them SO much that I wore them out !

  56. oasebiru

    I never thought I'll say this, but Gwen Stefani's IG brought me to this video. What a wonderful lyric and what a wonderful singer

  57. William Fryou

    Another Great Country Singer Gone but Not Forgotten... Rest in Peace Earl....

  58. Tango Bango

    We lost a real country legend. R.I.P. Earl Thomas.

  59. Samuel Stahl

    RIP ETC You were one of a kind?

  60. Margaret Smith

    My Heart is Breaking, ETC, RIP Earl Thomas Conley

  61. jowens7896

    Now your an Angel ETC RIP

  62. Tammy Walker

    rip great so singer

  63. Paula Croy

    RIP Earl Thomas Conley
    10/17/1941 - 04//10/2019 Thanks for ALL the GREAT music and songs you left for ALL of FANS to listen to.

  64. nemesisgenius

    So sad that ETC is gone now. He died from dementia. Today, I'm taking the time to remember his beautiful music, like this favorite of mine. #1 Billboard country hit 7-28-1984. R.I.P Earl Thomas. You are missed.

    missy Franko

    Thanks for the info.I wasn't sure what he died from.

  65. TribalSkyes

    R.I.P.... E.T.C....

  66. Alice D

    So very sorry..Rip Earl Great singer..

  67. Wade Womack

    Needs to be in the Country Music HOF. 18 number 1's in the 80's. Long overdue. RIP.

  68. Mary Benjamin

    You will be missed #angelindisguise💧



  70. Tee Grey

    one of the greatest country singer ever,,ETC,,,RIP

  71. Rena D

    Ohhhh my!! Bless his heart, he could def do it, always HOTTTT combined w/that beautiful, distinctive Voice, I loved him, silenced wayyyy too soon. He was my all time fav, over anyone. I sure hated hearing of his passing yesterday in NashV, very sad. Fly High ETC, you’ve earned that honey!!

    jeff hicks

    Definitely one of a kind !!!

    Rena D

    For Sure!!! I listen to him ALOT, nothing compares, Bless his heart

  72. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Good song!

  73. Garrett Kessler


  74. Blue

    Earl Thomas Conley's songs play out there this weekend

  75. ShyAnn Williams

    R. I. P. Earl Thomas 🕊
    Your music will live on forever! Thank you for sharing your talent with us all.🙏🏼
    You will truly be missed!💛

  76. Ruby Shipman

    He's gonna be missed

  77. david byerly


  78. zane haywood


  79. Alvin Gravley

    R.i.p to a true legend

  80. Andy Coleman

    I sold 🍉 at my granddaddy old country store when was 11years old to buy a earl Thomas Conley tape first one I bought it had my favorite song of all time no body fall like a fool

  81. Vintage Ben

    R.I.P you legend

  82. Tony Colvin

    Your music will live on rip sing to the angels

  83. Carol 4652

    Music is the wind chime of memory.RIP,how I miss those days

  84. 72olds350z

    rest in peace Earl thank you for all the great songs including this one

  85. Todd Maynor

    RIP, E.T.C.
    You were one of a kind.

  86. Lee Chandler

    One of the best ever no matter what anyone says.

    Doyle Strock

    Rip ETC love your songs still

  87. Bradley Sherman

    RIP 😭😭😭

  88. eyoung2289


  89. Kyle Major

    Rest easy my friend.

  90. Michael Tucker

    2 years younger than my dad I'm sad was a really good artist

  91. Adriano Gene

    rest in peace my old friend thank you for all the music you put out. A lot of memories i have when i hear you music. and i can’t believe it but i’m still gonna listen to you. 😢

    Bob Bittner

    May your soul be in piece! Thank you for the great songs and voice. Lasting memories abound. Thank you again Earl.

  92. LeAnne Smith


    Nate Star

    I wasn't ready for love until I looked in your eyes you're just an angel

    jeff hicks

    Yes he was

  93. Miles Elder

    RIP, ETC.