Concrete Blonde - Your Llorona Lyrics

Last night I saw her,
Your Llorona
Sitting alone at the back of the bar.
Through the smoke & tequila
Tears & mascara
Hopeless & haunting the
Hotel Cesar

Your Llorona.
Will remember forever,
Oh, your Llorona,
Still waiting, still weeping,
Still alone.

I didn't know what to tell her,
Your Llorona,
She was watching the boys
Come & go all night
She was looking for you again,
Your Llorona.
The one in the corner
Dressed in white.

She was asking about you again,
Your Llorona
So what should I tell her, so
What should I say?
She things you are coming back,
Your Llorona
She swears you are coming back to her one day.

Your Llorona
Will remember forever,
Oh, your Llorona
Still waiting & weeping
Still alone

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