Concrete Blonde - Tomorrow, Wendy Lyrics

It is complete, now
Two ends of time are neatly tied
A one-way street
She's walking to end of the line
And there she meets
The faces she keeps in her heart and mind

They say, "Goodbye"
Tomorrow, Wendy you're going to die
Tomorrow, Wendy you're going to die

Underneath the chilly gray November sky
We can make believe that Kennedy is still alive
And we're shooting for the moon
And smiling Jackie's driving by

And they say, "Good try"
Tomorrow, Wendy you're going to die
Tomorrow, Wendy is going to die

I told the priest
Don't count on any second coming
God got his ass kicked
The first time he came down here slumming
He had the balls to come
The gall to die and then forgive us
No, I don't wonder why
I wonder what he thought it would get us
Hey, hey, goodbye
Tomorrow, Wendy is going to die

Hey, hey, good bye
Tomorrow, Wendy is going to die
Tomorrow, Wendy is going to die

Only God says, "Jump"
So I set the time
'Cause if he ever saw her
It was through these eyes of mine
And if he ever suffered
It was me who did his crying

Hey, hey, goodbye
Tomorrow, Wendy is going to die
(Tomorrow, Wendy is going to die)
Tomorrow, Wendy is going to die
(Tomorrow, Wendy is going to die)
Tomorrow, Wendy is going to die

Hey, hey, goodbye
Tomorrow, Wendy is going to die

Hey, hey, goodbye
Tomorrow, Wendy is going to die
Tomorrow, Wendy is going to die
Tomorrow, Wendy is going to die

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Concrete Blonde Tomorrow, Wendy Comments
  1. Mike B

    Bless your dad!

  2. Taime Uppe

    lost two really good friends who were awesome people.. to hiv

  3. Phill Alexander

    Words aren't enough here, beauty, quality. Music at its most moving.

  4. Blue

    I cry each time I hear this magnificent song.. I know the story behind this and its so heart breaking..

  5. Donna Thedead

    I know this song is about suicide, but for reasons I may never fully understand, its also sexy af.

  6. Steven Hager

    I remember listening to bloodletting over and over. Such a great album with outstanding vocals and lyrics. This bad never got the proper recognition they deserved. Tomorrow Wendy is such as sad song. Its hauntingly beautiful.

  7. tangelai0111

    What is the picture of the girl from? It’s haunting but beautiful and fits with the song so nicely imo


    It just found it on Google... it's by ~~ I thought it was absolutely gorgeous. <3

  8. leftcoaster67

    Depressing song, but uplifting at the same time. All of humanity in one song.

  9. Benjamin Drasin

    This song is about someone dying of AIDS (real person, a friend of Prieboy). Its quite dark but I'm afraid it really captures the horror and despair of the HIV/AIDS plague in the late 1980s-early 1990s. Back then there were no HAART medications and so there was really nothing to do but watch your loved ones die slowly and horribly.

  10. me Godspeed

    These days I've known 2 of my peers are died. Talking with my roommate, we both feel sorrowful. At the age of about to graduate, we have no time to think about the meaning of life, only to maintain. Then when to consider our meaning of life? Maybe tomorrow, but tomorrow Wendy is going to die.

  11. TG Special

    I'm Bipolar. It's just a matter of when before I do it. The ultimate power trip. Take your own life. Life is a waste of time.

  12. t jones

    "...Wendy you're going to die." "Wendy's going to die." Changes the context.

  13. Tricky Nicky

    This is the most powerful song I have ever heard. 1991 I remember sitting in front of my CD player listening to this over and over drinking champagne. It was a song I could completely lose myself in and escape from the pain in my life.

  14. Terres Assunção

    Essa música é um presente pra os meus ouvidos...

  15. Vinny Barberi

    Music is so much different now it sucks ! Glad i got to live them days up. Everything was so much better. Even movie love to hear real instruments. Love it

  16. steve kloky

    Perfect song..

  17. The true blue American

    I heard the song for the first time in 91 at working midnight shift at a company called fernco in Davison Michigan. It is definitely alternative music..


    I love how certain songs can zoom you right back in time to particular memories. <3

    The true blue American

    @peacedogdesigns definitely alternative music and it seemed like back then a lot of college students listen to this band

    The true blue American

    @peacedogdesigns I like it better than Mexican Moon..

    The true blue American

    @peacedogdesigns sometimes when I played some songs on once I get sad because it reminds me of where I was at when I was playing I hate that

  18. Biggs Bunny

    This song reminds me a lot of the time I used to spend with my dad. He used to play his gutiar and sing it to me as a lullaby when he'd tuck me in. As I got older, I started going with him to a couple shows he'd do and I remember one time he let me get on stage and take care of vocals,seeing as I was still pretty young it wasn't a masterpiece, but it was still time I got to have with him. As I got older he found a girl and her kids, I was forgotten about and I'd ask him every night to sing this song to me only to be shut down so he could go spend his last 15 minutes of the day with his girlfriend and her kids. Its hard for me to listen to this song now, but it really is great.


    ouch the end he showed he wasnt a man at all

    Biggs Bunny

    @jaymmzzs I suppose you could draw that conclusion in the end, but I just think that he didn't want to be alone anymore. He was alone pretty much his whole life, romantically at least (from what I could see), and I guess he thought that if he didn't spend every minute of every hour with this girl (although any trained professional would have called her psychologically abusive towards me had I been allowed to talk about it) that she would leave like everyone else had. In the end, no matter how much he screwed me over, I still love him, he's my dad, has been for 15 years and still will be 15 years later when I'm 30. I've forgiven him, not necessarily moved on, but I don't hold anything against him because it really just hurts me in the end.

  19. Blake Reed

    Does anybody else play this to hear the ending for the first, then 2 minutes in you're like, "nope, can't listen anymore."

  20. D Brand

    For those of you that don't know the story, Wendy was a real person dying of AIDS and chose to commit suicide. There's beauty in sadness.😪

    David Weber

    She was actually a prostitute who led a very hard life and, yes, contracted AIDS through her work. She was a friend of the writer, Andy Prieboy, who wrote the song in her honor.

  21. Larissa Barta

    i love this artist. she has a great voice and a great band. it wonderful.

  22. Omni Guy

    One of the best and unknown singers in one of the best and unknown bands of all time.

  23. Tom Davis

    No psychologist can help you with that , and that's just , me I honestly wish there was a book on death explaining how to handle loss ,

  24. Tom Davis

    I've seen much family death ,,all natural, it's still hurts

  25. Tom Davis

    The band is great and always will , but I tell ya ,when first herd this song I dropped to my knees

  26. S C

    Embryonic emo. Change my mind.

  27. Anthony De Los Santos

    This song was written by Andy Prieboy during the height of the AIDS epidemic. He was one of the first to say that these are people that we know and love. He said no one deserves to die this way. Powerful, sad, but yet a beautiful song.

  28. Mark Kane

    Watching someone you love die is one of the most introspective experiences you can have. Seeing it happen because they just can't can't trust the people they care about is beyond horrid.

  29. Fibonacci Code

    I heard this song back in the 90s and loved it in. The pure emotion that's in the song really tugs the heartstrings.

    Mark Kane

    Amazed to see comments here this new. And yeah, especially if you lost people in the epidemic, this song plays as soundtrack to some nightmares

  30. Chris Hudak

    Simultaneously one of the bitterest, and yet one of the most beautiful, moving 'modern rock' songs I can think of; I mean, just, GodDAMN. o_0

  31. Thomas Meagher

    J. Napolitano, apparently a genius; hope she's ok, and that guitar wizard, too.

  32. Ebon Asura

    This song deserves a choir and an orchestra. Love to hear it with a cello.

    Evan Hodge

    That's a beautiful plan.

  33. Joah Chavez

    😀 I shared this song w/ my friend Wendy.

  34. Ebon Asura

    Wow. I love this. So haunting. First time listening.

  35. bunkhouse

    Facing of our own deaths will be the most personal and difficult moment of our lives regardless of who is there with us to help us along. There have been some moving songs about the subject like “Death Letter” by Son House, “MIA” by 7 Year Bitch, “Bad” by U2, and “Don’t Need This Body” by John Mellencamp, but none have shaken me to my core; made my bone marrow quiver like this song. Legendary and haunting at the same time.

    Lang 34

    I hear you. Fucks me up

  36. The Hate Factory

    Holy shit

  37. Shaddoe

    My neighbor across the street and over their property fence was blasting music one day. This was one of the songs. I had no idea what song this was. I recorded an audio (poor quality) of it, and finally found out now what song it was. Thanks to an audio searching app.

  38. tarheel8494

    my brother died of AIDS in '91. this song captures a lot of the emotions of that time, both personally and in general. (btw, this song was inspired by the AIDS crisis then).

  39. Blue

    Heartbreaking and incredible song..

  40. Vantablack Images of the Sky Matrix

    So weird seeing my overly photoshopped face.... WTF

  41. Minister Peacefulpoet

    While listening to this I wrote this:

    Another Helpless Sorry Sad Song
    When Every Thing Seems Wrong

    Bird in the sky is telling a lie
    The sun don’t tell why
    and the moon just cries

    I grew up believing
    Cut down by deceiving
    Blood drained barely living
    Oh come on miracle
    Waiting on a sign
    From the sky
    What good is it to be high
    What happens when we die
    Not going to lie
    A lot of my faith
    Has gone goodbye
    Standing on one leg
    Against a wall

    Barbwire protects me
    Be careful
    It might stick you
    Don’t feel alone
    I’m stuck too

    By Minister Peacefulpoet - word witch didn’t write this - 2/19/19

    I wrote this poem because I’m really sad. Doctor put me on some new blood pressure medicine. Works real well but makes me feel really sad. I need help, I should call somebody

  42. Adam Turner

    Seriously addictive ..

  43. Ten Second BuickGN

    I was attending the Ohio State University when I heard this song. This song was a real force against the grain. It was a sobering song that temporarily pulled you from the bliss of partying and idiocy. I remember being ridiculed for listening to it on several occasions because it didn't fit the party animal narrative to those around me lol. I just remember being so moved by it.

  44. gunnergrunt69

    I got Bloodletting back in 1990. First time I had ever heard of Concrete Blonde. I was stationed in Germany and my unit was getting ready to deploy to Desert Shield/Desert Storm. I wore out the cassette before we came back in late June.As soon as we rotated back to Germany I hit the PX and got the CD! I love every single song on Bloodletting and no one else can sing these songs like she can!

    Brian Williams

    First time I heard this was in 1991 at Ft. Drum. I was laying in the barracks sick as a dog and my next door neighbor had it playing. I could hear the bass coming through the concrete walls. I found out who it was and Bloodletting became one of my all time favorite albums.

  45. Tiffany Taylor

    Love this song

  46. dboy6400

    Along with the emotional content as a technical listener I was mesmerized by the lushness of the heavy reverb. Only Enya can also use such richness to amplify the beauty of the sound.

  47. Tim Shoebridge

    Definition of talent. Pure and simple

  48. ixtasis

    Why is she crying tears of blood?

  49. savage potato

    *memories". Sorry,a bit drunk here in Tampa.

  50. savage potato

    Oh, Chistopher! That's awful. I don't have the same m movies at ALL. My best friend in high school popped this into the cassette truck and things just started happening. She's still a wonderful friend, I'll always love her.

  51. Matthew Place

    I wish i met someone named Wendy... just so i can play this song to them to freak her out


    Well... I don't know how I should respond to that! (*LOL*)

    Matthew Place

    Theres a japanese place in our local malls foodcourt called Tarafuku.... makes me wish i didnt like someone named tara as well


    You've got names all around you, huh? (*LOL*)

  52. Christopher Mchugh

    This is a classic. When you want to be alone

  53. Wendy B

    As a Wendy, I’m scared...


    I'm a Wendy, too... <3

  54. Hobbs LockPickerofThievishBookSmarts

    "Oh, there is something about the fall...". Yeah, the in-sink- erator with the doll in it about to be fulfilled. All harmonize. At least Google has chess. Spilling gas? To a drink a day! With ring from my own mandrel I wed thee to disharmony.

  55. rickahale

    Near 30 years on, Johnette's version of this still brings tears to my eyes... Thanks for making the effort in the creation of this video.. Deeply moving, & worthy. I was also lucky enough to have witnessed Concrete Blonde be joined onstage one night by Andy Prieboy (Wall of Voodoo) who wrote this. ~ CB... what a monumental, and under-rated band commercially. I've seen them several times, both in the States and in Australia.. but sadly not enough. There will never be enough opportunities to see Johnette and James onstage .


    Thanks for the lovely comment! :) Lucky you that you got to see Concrete Blonde joined by Andy Prieboy onstage!

  56. Stonesmithable

    Excellent lyric video to a deep song!!!!

  57. Raven Whitechapel

    this song is my favorite in life it says so much of what I feel especially about religion and I got to tell you this and the arsons lullaby absolutely speaks my life and I have to add... I just want you to know who I am all those songs speak about my life

  58. Greg Orian III

    The Real Story of Wendy. She was sacrificed in the blood letting ceremony.

  59. root loggins

    This would be a good one to well I better not say. Anyway love this song

  60. Carter DeSoto

    Legendary Johnette Napolitano, so many great songs. Get her in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame already.


    Carter DeSoto Unfortunately, the fossils that run the RnR HoF are stuck in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s (not that that music wasn’t great) and have no idea what to do with the deserving bands from the 80’s’s to today. It was easy to put Nirvana, RHCP, etc.... in. Unfortunately bands like Concrete Blond, Midnight Oil, The Pixies, L7, SonicYouth, etc... will probably never be considered. But yet Ringo Starr is in as a solo artist. But I guess it doesn’t matter, we know the truth.

  61. Chris Pantoya

    Songs like this helped me get over being divorced. Those were some dark days. In the end, it was for the best.


    As they say... things happen for a reason...? :) Sometimes that doesn't make things feel better, but somewhere down the line, it usually makes sense. :)

  62. kootenay womon

    This band was a big part of my coming out period back in the day. Glad I found your upload. Thanks

  63. Tonya Keldsen

    So growing up it was Pat Benatar, Heart, Quarterflash etc. this band somehow eluded me. How am I just hearing of them by accident now? I am 51 and I am sorry I missed so many years that I could have been enjoying them.

    Kerri Wilson

    Monroe Avenue but isn't it delicious & exciting to realize there is still good music to discover? That you didn't already know EVERY song with value 10 years ago already?

    Tonya Keldsen

    Kerri Wilson YES!!! So many artist and songs from so many places. Treasures and to just think we would know so few if technology did not make them so available to us. 🦎

  64. Christopher Robson

    I was in a very dark place when this song came out. Loved the song though.

  65. Bella Bella

    Song still sounds fresh today!

  66. Steve murgaski

    Reading Stephen King’s 11 /22/63, and I keep hearing “Underneath the chilly grey November sky...” in my head. I’d forgotten most of the song but the picture she paints there stuck.

  67. Byron Wolters

    One of the most hauntingly beautiful and poignant songs ever! Almost every time I hear this song - especially with headphones, in the dark and with my eyes closed - I have an out of body experience. Incredible!

  68. Joseph Ginder

    It's strange. I love, love, love this but Im not a fan of the original and I otherwise can't stand concrete blonde

  69. sinnerpeace

    This song still scares me. This song still breaks my heart. This song still is so brutal it's beautiful and tragic all in one blow..wish that Wendy didn't have to die...


    I love that. :)

  70. ggallag7

    The song was written by Andy Prieboy of Wall of Voodoo. See Johnette even guest sings on it. Both versions are great. BTW, Concrete Blonde's live version of this song is excellent --- you can find it on the CB compilation "Still in Hollywood"

  71. tanray ponicappo

    such a sad painful song but it is a cool song

  72. Bernie Madiro

    the medics on the way.
    does she posess the cure.
    no she doesn't remember. then let's extract it. .
    you sure. pretty sure.
    then I'll marry.
    I'm on the pill.
    only rocks and rolls. smc

  73. Alissa Oldham

    Listening to this with my family on the road and love this song

  74. R. Chris Gomez

    Never gave them a try until now, awesome music indeed.

  75. Levi Graham

    I was only 2 years old when this was made, and I'm now 30 listening to it. I wish I were there for Wendy.

  76. steven mercer

    I have seen Johnette. I do not know her but love the lyrics and music she and her band has made over the years. Some stuff that is recorded really does last forever. A lot by this band.


    It's timeless, for sure. :)

  77. s s

    Good bye Wendy.... Anthony rip

  78. meche montalban

    muriendo es como se nace a la vida eterna.

  79. meche montalban

    que bella canción.

  80. David Trammell

    I lost a friend to suicide it will be 8 years in November I remember losing my day November 23 then found out my friend kill herself in the same month last time I heard from her was on my voice mail and I should of call her back never did til I need it her but she needed me for help

  81. TD Miela

    I'm posting this video in a group, because my dad just passed away. I happened to see the very end of this video. I'm sorry, I know it's been a couple years but I'm sorry for your loss.


    My Dad passed away in 1990, so it's been quite a long time since he left; I never miss him any less, though. Thank-you... and I'm very sorry for your recent loss. Losing your Dad (or your Mom) is never something you really get over, but it does get easier over time and as it does, only the good & happy memories prevail. :)

  82. mark thomas

    First time I ever heard this song I was driving to school down lake shore drive in college. I had an awesome stereo in my car and this song just blew me away.

  83. Jeremy Peele

    Im sad I’m alone, but I’m ok

  84. Greg Gorman

    Fantastic song!!  Nice job putting the lyrics in there.

  85. Jeremy Peele

    We are so complacent in our selves that we don’t know how to feel anymore, that’s why kids are killing others is cause we don’t know how to be sad.feeling sad is ok

  86. TheMozzaok

    "Nice Try", But Andy's version is unquestionably better. This is very good, but his is definitive. Can I have an Eclair?

  87. tolstoy143

    As someone who remembers this song when it was new it's nice to see that Johnette's lyrics and powerful voice still resonates with the younger generations... I recommend you listed to all of this album (Bloodletting) as its truly awesome in ins entirety!

    Shane Jackson

    So right there my friend, and this is my favourite song.

    Patrick B

    The song was written by and originally performed Wall of Voodoo in 1983. She did provide backing vocals on the track.

  88. rick neal

    For some reason I always thought this song was about a woman who killed her abusive husband and was about to be executed.....

  89. lebarosky

    Great song, great vid. I just discovered Concrete Blonde on YT a few weeks ago, and this vid does the song justice.


    Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it, and that you discovered this amazing band! :)

  90. Ken Weser

    This song is so sad, haunting and beautiful. It quickly became one of my favorites and I listen to it all the time.

  91. Rogent X

    I'm sure most know the story behind this song, and judging by all the comments below suggests that many in fact, do. Andy Pierboy version was good but it seemed he sang it just as another song. Johnette Napolitano version, however, she really put emotions in the lyrics, and pardon the expression, but put in the voice of a suffering ghost (Wendy).

    The Darkness Came

    She knocked Leonard Cohen's " Everybody Knows" out of the park too.

  92. Tom jr

    Eternamente marcando minha vida, muiiiiiiito bom !!!!

  93. stephopal opal

    Such a talented musician❤..true& beautiful soul!!Thank you for sharing!! Inspirational to me since lil girl& being a musician too!!..Greetings from New Orleans Louisiana Music& Peace ☆♡☆Opal

  94. Rachel Brudenell

    great track

    stephopal opal

    Rachel Brudenell Very true!! Peace & MUSIC ☆♡☆Opal

  95. sosketahero

    when i'm ded, they fkkng gonna play this on my funeral. Were i will sing it together with Wendy.. Yahh

  96. Dumb Fuck

    This song always makes me think of my dad. This is my favorite song but it's so hard to listen to.


    I totally understand -- it's the same for me. Reminds me of my Dad, and it makes me emotional every time I hear it... :)

    Dumb Fuck

    It really sucks when God is a bullet is stuck in my head at school sense he used to tell me and my sister when we would listen to music together it was his favorite concrete blonde song


    It's mine, too. He had good taste. :)

  97. Mason W

    I was in the car with my dad and this came on from his Spotify. It was the first time I had heard it and it sent chills down my spine. So haunting and sad. I love it!


    Glad you got to experience this song... it is amazing. :)

  98. Samantha Blight

    Such a sad but beautiful song

  99. John Hedges

    I love this shit bye bye ,90's