Concrete Blonde - Memory Lyrics

Fill another glass for me,
Another one for you.
The lights are blinking red & green
The sky is finally turning blue oh
So dear to me as I am here with you.

We let ourselves get close only to
Finally pull away
We lose ourselves in time & then we
Realize today's today oh
Memory, like melody,
Softly plays.

Hours into days & years
So misty & so sad,
Like a beautiful young ingenue
Gone slowly quietly mad oh,
Memory, like a melody,
Softly fades.

Pour another glass for you,
Another one for me
The night is dying
We're alive
& happy to be here
Creating melodies
& memories
Life is so very rich
& made of these
Oh, memory
You will always be a part of me
So welcome home.
Welcome home.

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Concrete Blonde Memory Comments
  1. Adam Turner

    This speaks to all tormented and tired souls ...

  2. zombieplick

    Johnette is amazing her voice is hauntingly beautiful!