Concrete Blonde - Joey Lyrics

Don't get crazy
Detours, fences...
I get defensive....

I know you've heard it all before
So I don't say it anymore
I just stand by and let you
Fight your secret war

And though I used to wonder why
I used to cry till I was dry
Still sometimes I get a strange pain inside
Oh Joey if you're hurting so am I

I've got the money

All is forgiven. Listen....listen...

But if I seem to be confused
I didn't mean to be with you.
And when you said I scared you
Well, I guess you scared me too
But we got lucky once before
And I don't want to close the door
And if you're somewhere out there
Passed out on the floor...

Joey, I'm not angry anymore

And if I seem to be confused
I didn't mean to be with you.
And when you said I scared you
Well I guess you scared me too...

But if it's love you're looking for
Then I can give a little more
And if you're somewhere drunk and
Passed out on the floor...

Joey, I'm not angry anymore
Angry anymore, angry anymore

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Concrete Blonde Joey Comments
  1. KoDeeZ x

    Who else is here from Season 4 of Mr.robot ? I sat there listening to that scene over and over again trying to piece the lyrics together just so i could google the songs lyrics to find it.

  2. John Lujan

    Always liked this song.

  3. June B

    Make more music Jhonette!! You are the best singer. I love your bass licks!! ...

    Wouldn't it be cool if she responded???

  4. Joseph Ingledue

    This reminds me of my mamma, funny im a Joey, so mamma if you're reading this i love you.

  5. Steph Québec,Canada

    06 February 2020

  6. Eisonhawk

    "My name is Joey and I am an addict."

    gone fishn

    I gave up for my wife ( exwife) and two daughters.
    18 years later as a 47 year old man with two beatifull daughters and 1 Grandson trust me its the best desision i
    ever made.

  7. Gabriel Villarreal

    Mr robot.

  8. Taime Uppe

    man i was young when i bought this CB cassette

  9. twist7799

    Sometimes even the love of a women cant save a man.

    Nyaree Allen

    Never a truer word spoken 💔

  10. IrishLuckyStrike

    Local H does this song way better.

  11. siegfriedo brabender

    What year is the video?

  12. siegfriedo brabender

    She's a Babe!

  13. Jason Dark

    Excelente!!! De los 90's

  14. john fuzesi

    Feel everybody's pain, my sympathys to all, but, listen to the whole album, it's music to make you feel good. Not sad

    john fuzesi

    Don't be so depressed. Life must go on.

  15. Tammie Japs

    Actually it's none of your business. About any of there hits

  16. sarahstacy81

    True masterpieces never age. This album turns 30 this year. A 30th Anniversary Edition,should be issued. Still heartwrenching after 30 years.

  17. Fernando Lora Solano

    I have discovered recently this jewel from the 80_90s. It made me cry...i LOVE it

  18. Christy Locaspino

    Been there done that!!!! Been sober 2 years.

  19. Paul Garcia

    I'm a 90's kid but I heard this song in a department store and I had to buy it. I love the 80's!

  20. Dot Donahue

    Number one favorite song since I was a kid.

  21. Kathy Kuehn

    I love this!!!❤❤❤

  22. Cristal Deaton

    this song will always remind me of my ex husband whose name is... Joey. But damn this song fits

  23. Koning Container

    I'm sober now for almost 1 day...

  24. NightRunner417

    Anyone who lost someone to addiction or is going through a private hell trying to save them from themselves: you need to understand that it isn't your fault. It isn't your fault that they are that way, and it isn't your fault that you can't or didn't fix them. You have to live it yourself to really understand... the world is too loud, too mean, too bright, too rigid, too frightening, too real, too fake. Unless you honestly believe you can change an entire planet, you can't but help only so much. Even if you could "fix" it, what would that even look like? Some of us, we just go on and on forever feeling trapped here, and it's too much vastly more often than it isn't. If you need comforting while standing by and watching them slowly disintegrate, take it from this - you're probably one of the only things (if not THE only) in their world that feels good and right. Everything else is full of poisonous thorns to them. Take your comfort in that you provide them something that isn't horrible, but actually beautiful and warm. It isn't perfect, I know, but it means more than you can ever know. Just because my kind are shit at expressing that, doesn't mean it isn't very, very real to us. We know how special you are.

  25. granulosum1

    try and live a life of joey and being the saviour nevertheless great song

  26. Lisa Hudson

    This song reminds me of my son, Joey. Who has always saved me. He's bossy, and I wish he wouldn't be so bossy with me cause it never works. We've been all around & have seen lots of things.
    He doesn't make decisions with his emotions. He's an Aquarius. He uses logic. And he is right. He saved me a lot of $$, on my last escapade. He nailed me to a burning cross. And he never threw it in my face either. Not once. Everything he said, he was right. I bought him a new car today. 😂 He deserves it.
    I love my Joey.

  27. paul macek

    Man could she pick that bass!!!

  28. Phoenyx Petersen

    Anybody else here because of Mr Robot?

  29. Lorne Hodgins

    so sorry lapis it was and still the best song from the 90s

  30. Clint Mullins

    What happened to Joey's ankle?

  31. Big Guy’s 45’s

    Absolutely brilliant song. Love this one so much!

  32. Alex

    I learned about this song through Mr Robot and I love it so much I listen to it everyday. Very underrated band

  33. Chkhitoooo

    "Hold on now, that's my car!" 🎅😂Mr. Robot S04E04

  34. Robert Ron


  35. Robert Ron


  36. Robert Ron


  37. Lighten UpFrancis

    I cry every time I hear this. To those lost to addiction!

  38. Péter Kiss

    Darlene and Tobias....

  39. Apollo Geerman

    This song made me realize the struggle a dear coworker was going through. It was very hard to get her husband off of alcohol but they succeeded.
    Sadly, a week after his daughter was born, he died in an accident caused by a drunk driver who rear ended him while on his motorcycle

  40. Bow Legged

    I kept hearing this song at work for years, I’m just now listening to it on my own. I love it.

  41. Mauro Samarelli

    Who is here for Mr Robot 404 Not Found?

  42. Da_PorkChop Xpress

    What a [email protected] track!!!!!

  43. Joey the toner guy

    this song is mine that is what I want to think any way thank you concrete blond and vevo have a shot on me

  44. Brian Fantana

    Joey really wants to crack that bottle !

  45. Mr. Jones

    We got lucky ounce before, and I don't wanna close the door, And if your out there some where passed out and on the floor Oh Joey Im not Angry Any More. Kills Me!

  46. Claude Cabanes

    super groupe genial

  47. Robert Bessette

    Who else is still listening . to their Amazing Music in 2020

    frank connelly

    @Eric Theriault the lyrics speak of what i have gone through,and the life of confusion,but there is a good ending coming,its not much longer now

    john fuzesi

    Me man, once a classic always, a classic

    john fuzesi

    Excellent voice, underestimated.

  48. Janek Zawierucha

    Mr. Robot? :)

  49. frank waters

    is that The Great Paul Thompson on drums?

  50. EnterTheDragon

    I wish we all understand what this song is about

  51. Sixxkagan

    Anyone here for the Mr. robot moment? that was one heartbreaking episode...

  52. EyesOfFrozenMeat

    The guitar is actually what makes this song.

    Marco Plo

    it's a whole thing as a whole. every part is executed to perfection

  53. James Reynolds

    Never heard of her or the song.. But wow love her voice

  54. Gary Grant Caplin

    Its so low volume...cant really blast it..there is an updated remastered version..its pretty good..!!

  55. jimmyrocks

    In today's music enhanced by auto-tune, it's refreshing to see the level of talent

  56. Cheryl Fitzgerald compere

    For someone who passed and now is in heaven I love you always. Miss you so much

  57. Robert Gantry

    I really love her voice.

  58. Laura Påiz

    Iniciando 2020 con esta mega rola!!! Ponganle bozal porque esta muy perrona! 😬😂🎧🎶🎵😍

  59. Sandy Vasquez

    I'm not angry anymore

  60. Adriano Alves


    CG/MS 🇧🇷

  61. Angel Lion

    Here in 2020. Still gives me goosebumps.

  62. Hany Abed

    3 years and 3 months today

  63. Dead Parroting

    Johnette Napolitano has an AWESOME voice! She ought to do a duet with Pat Benatar.

  64. Fioyl

    Am I wrong or did plastic masher by the Pixies sample the first part of this song?

  65. Uncinematographable Screenshot Cinema

    haha look at how beautiful Joey is. Explains alot about who you think you are for most of us ugly sons of bitches.

  66. Red

    Absolute Brilliance 😩🤩

  67. Bill Myers

    Pisces / Scorpio, comfortably numb

  68. aubree flick

    I lost the love of my life to an overdose. We were together 16 years, friends for 21. He was my world. My absolute everything. No words can describe the pain of losing him. I played this song for him once because it hit home with our relationship. Listening to it now breaks my heart in 2. If only we could go back in time my sweet william. If only we could have fought off those demons that were haunting you. I'm so sorry I couldn't save you my darling. Until we meet again I love you now and forever. 3.8.1. 💔

    Mr. Jones

    May the Good Lord Send you The Comforter, And Bless You Aubree. I myself was dragged through drug n Alch, abuse, But I survived I dont know why. But God willing I read his word daily.

    aubree flick

    @Mr. Jones thank you.

    Mr. Jones

    @aubree flick , Aubree you are so sweet. Im just an old man, But Iv seen alot, But losses not anything close to yours. What ever you are doing its working. Or you wouldnt have thought about replying to some one like me, Grab you a Bible and hold on. When I was young there was a Band called Bread they made a song called Aubrey. Another song was "sweet surrender". Im sorry these songs are love songs But they are good Listening. Bread has a lot of good songs God Bless You And yours. Larry.

    Mr. Jones

    aubree flick, You are Loved Aubree. I prayed for you.

  69. Carmen Linnea

    Listened in 1990 and still listening ‘19-

    Dean Gomez

    Big facts!

  70. Joseluis Hernandez Sanchez

    Fabulosa canción!!!!

  71. Michael Parkinson

    Say what you want, but I do find it comforting to know that my band plays to the same sized crowds as Concrete Blonde if you go by this video.

  72. Mr.Cracker BOOBDANZA

    Something about this song hits really close to home when your name is Joey

  73. Monica Martinezthere will never be another Prince

    Damn Girl! What a great voice.

  74. billy young

    to my nephew joey whos going to prison sorry things did not work out when you stayed with me

  75. terry mise

    Beautiful song, beautiful performance. Came across it when looking for music to put in my iPhone. I remember this song from I believe the 80’s, so glad I found it.

  76. thumperpaul

    Joey, I’m not angry anymore. RIP Joe, July 26, 2016...

  77. Bluebell 8

    Still one of the best songs ever!!!

  78. Steve

    I have been singing the lyrics wrong for 29 years!!!!!

  79. detective bastar

    Ppl named joey here

  80. Mrs J 02

    Once upon a time, I was Joey

  81. JB Allen

    The zoom in and out of his face and the bottle to emphasize his alcoholism, yet the bottle is completely full. I'm not even half the alcoholic Joey is and yet even I would've already knocked back a third of that bottle! You do the math, kids!

  82. Guit Meister

    My name is Jody, my friends all sing this from time to time with my name, very nice.

  83. JoeyGC

    Legal de mais

  84. Mike Point

    Being a native Canadian , both my folks were big time alcoholics , After being dry myself for 4 years I broke the cycle and found a life I never new of , thanks to my GF her and I with our boy travel this amazing world every year.

  85. Howtech

    Who's getting sick and tired of seeing the "who's listening in 2019" comment?


    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish people would stop crying out for attention and affirmation. Get over yourselves.

    Shane FIELD

    As pathetic as the MeToo movement and BlackLivesMatter

  86. Andy Diaz

    First time I listened to this song man what awesome song!

  87. Scott Martinets

    One of the rare songs that just stops me in my tracks, no matter what I'm doing and makes me reminisce about so many things. And wow, it's also rare because it sounds even better live. Just a wonderful masterpiece of music


    thank you for making a song about me love you too

  89. Sang Hun Jung

    One of the most underrated vocal and group. but keep playing all over..

  90. Constillate

    Thanks Mr Robot

  91. Rambo P. Brown

    This song is like a coincident for my band it's about our late ex bassist his nickname was Joy, who was a heavy-drinker, woman-beater who enjoys bating and abusing his mrs and even asked her a lot of money for grog but the sheila insisted to keep loving him and forgiving him and stay with him despite all the abuse and shit. One day we decided to kick him out and a week later or so i got a text from his mrs said that Joy wasn't home for last 2 days and she asked me to check if he might somewhere out there drunk and passed out. 2 days later we found him dead in one of his friend's flat with his liver swollen like a rugby ball.

  92. Xiao Chris

    Johnette Napolatino 嗓音很有感染力

  93. Louis Tenore

    I often think of my ex girl friend when i hear this

  94. Celeste Woodhead

    This goes out to my raging alcoholic ex boyfriend, Kirk. This song always made/makes me think of him. He finally succumbed to his personal demons 9/20/17 🖤

  95. Don Richard

    Great song from the past and is still a great song today

  96. billy jack

    All is forgiven... that's all I wanna hear from everyone I've ever hurt

  97. billy jack

    Im joey