Concrete Blonde - Carry Me Away Lyrics

Today I went and bought myself a bottle
Like we used to do
Reminded me of you
Today I saw a train roll by the river
Blowing off the steam
Reminded me of me

That's when I threw the bottle in the river
That's when I started running for the train
There's nothing that you need I can't deliver
Carry me away
Carry me away

Make it seven-oh-nine California time
Whoever said it was a small world was either a liar
Or a fool
'Cause it's not true
And any promise we make is as easy to break
As the plastic people on your wedding cake
So says you
But you know, I do

I hear you thinking
From far away
If you keep on lying and crying and trying and drinking
I'm gonna carry me away
Carry me away

If you think about me
From far away
I hope you find it with me or without me
Carry me away
Carry me away
Carry me away
Carry me away
Carry me away
Carry me away.

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Concrete Blonde Carry Me Away Comments
  1. Rob Banks

    I will never forget how I used to play this song over and over and over and over and over again to a woman that I was renting a room from and her name was Barbara Corey and Huntington Beach California and we used to get shit-faced faced drunk

  2. Rob Schaffert

    Indeed...we used to listen to this album on tape. The one that got away...

  3. Astro Pillars

    Music does not even come close to this today

  4. Higzy Teflon

    An open letter to that one that got away...

    I must have really enjoyed taking the poison you gave me. I immersed myself in it again and again
    It was long ago, but I still look back with fond memories of the good times, though, they were too few
    Time and again, these words have helped me to see it for what it really was. And once again I am reminded

    Reminded... that the one that got away was me and not you. The best part is that I know it, but I am just loving the fact that you finally know it too

    Thank you, Johnette