Concrete Blonde - "A" Road Lyrics

Judy Judy valentine
Couldn't walk a straight white line
She brought a lizard home to stay
He hissed and licked her every day

The "A" road is an old road
The "A" road is a long road
The "A" road is an old road
The "A" road is an old road

Judy Judy friend of mine
Sweet and crazy concubine
She'd love to talk but she ain't got time
She's a hot pink minx, she's a Frankenstein

The "A" road is an old road
The "A" road is a long road
The "A" road is an old road
The "A" road is an old road

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Concrete Blonde "A" Road Comments
  1. J Mang

    Had the music in my head and could not figure out where it came from . Then BAM ! Concrete blonde. LOVE this song !!!

  2. Lesleigh Hart

    this is some trippy stuff - it it Concrete Blonde, but even more so!

  3. trfesok

    In my CB playlist. Thanks for the upload!

  4. John Phoenix


  5. zheart67

    Mojave was a great album imo. Lots of moods, styles, but many tunes with that "desert" feel to it, so definitely an appropriate title. I just saw them live in Oct 2011 and they only did one song from it though (Ghost Riders...). If everything else they DID play hadn't been so fucking killer I might've been a little disappointed. Cool video though... I like "Because I Can" best of all... Johnette. Sigh.... Johnette. Wow.

  6. SuzanneM333

    Johnette Rocks!

  7. zstevens7

    Mojave is probably my least fave CB album, but it's still better than 99% of the crap put out today.

  8. stardaddyo9

    the most under rated hard rock band ever

  9. jfayiii

    thanks for this - so underrated - never forgotten

  10. Eduardo Bracamonte

    the quality never dead

  11. solwolfpunk

    great song. "Judy Judy valentine. Couldn't walk a straight white line." LOL.

  12. jfayiii

    one of their best, from one of the most underappreciated bands/duos in the history of music

    in another life i want to play like james mankey

  13. CyndyKated

    i would to comment...but I ain't got time......

    Cyndy Kated

    I commented on this 12 years ago!!